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Feb. 19th, 2018

azurelunatic: Cartoon Azz with messy blue hair in a bun, without their glasses, in a nightgown. (Azzsleep)
I am still alive! Work is delighting me (it's the stuff I do naturally, except with details and guidelines) but there's a lot to learn and sometimes my brain gets full. Fortunately, they are a great believer in lists, and since the list tool is shared, I don't have to prepare reports full of Things I Have Done.

There was a dishwasher incident: a clogged drain led to so much spraying around with the sink, out of the air gap fixture. Fortunately, this was a thing I'd encountered before, so I knew pretty much what to do, just not exactly who to report it to. So I emailed everybody (building management and my chain of command) and those were the correct people. It was handled in a jiffy or three, and I got to practice my graphical skills in making a "please don't dump your mac and cheese down the drain" sign. Stuff like the dishwasher incident energizes me in the moment, rather than exhausts me, but I do get drained afterwards.

The commute is pretty gnarly, but since I am taking the bus rather than driving, it could be worse. The last few miles between the express bus and home are the worst bits; at the times I'm connecting, the close bus is pretty much hourly. Fortunately, my partner's and my schedules align well enough that they can drop me off and usually pick me up.

This does mean I'm leaving home around 6am. Thanks to the current meds lineup, this is possible, rather than bitterly laughable. And the express bus is an hour of mostly dark and quiet, so I can snooze or at least chillax a bit.

I am getting to know the people there, and was invited to join the engineering contingent at the lunch table. That conversation reassured me that while they may not be fully up on the latest best practices in gender relations in the workplace, they're basically on the right side of history. This is a relief that I didn't realize that I was holding my breath for.

In other news, the kitten has decided that the kitchen counter (and the stove!) are places where she should totally be walking, and she licks the sink and tries to help washing dishes. Cats.


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