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Tuesday lunch: hmm, it's noon-thirty, and Purple's gone idle. I wonder -- nah, he sends the lunch ping, I bet he got caught up in a meeting. *proceeds with inbox*
"So uh, I forgot to send the lunch ping... we've only been sitting down for 5, 10 minutes..."

Sudden rush of warmth. I ping Mr. Tux and waltz off to join my friends. I am wanted, and ultimately not forgotten.

Purple's been working late hours. I am sympathetic, but can't do much other than share my pomegranate. He's typically not a pomegranate kind of guy, but I've been finding unexpectedly non-bitter ones to share. Today's was bitter-er (I warned him, he tasted and was all "yup", so I didn't offer more).

On my way in to work, the sun hit the nails I'd polished last night. "That's bathing suit color!" I thought, inexplicably.

Hilarious misunderstanding with the Dean over a venue. My group is in fact doing two large-group things in quick succession, so the two tickets were fully legit.

I had a weird succession of dreams last night. The first, and fully printable, one was about a hackerspace situation Read more... )

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Jul. 1st, 2015 12:07 pm
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
So I woke up to realize that the very pleasant dream that I had been having involved a comfortable bed, something like a ski lodge (and the bed was on the slope or something? it wasn't quite clear) and being the little spoon with a large teddy bear of a fellow.

The dream omitted realistic but unfortunate details such as waking up with a mouthful of hair despite precautions having been taken. I am pretty sure that if he and I ever share sleeping arrangements, his hair is going to become inappropriately intimate with places in my face that won't appreciate it, given what happens when we hug wrong.

I am to hope that my subconscious is taking the clue that things like banging are not actually on the menu in reality. I doubt that platonic napping is likely either, but it's a brain-step in the right direction. If perhaps harder to explain when it will *sigh* inevitably come out in conversation.

Favorable comparison involving emotionally abusive ex )
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I was someone who felt like Cecy or Kate, and we were in a hotel where something untoward was happening, and Sherlock was on the case. (No sign of John.) I feared my brother had become entangled in the mess. suspense, violence )
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Dreamed about traveling to a conference with my manager. On the way, I made a patchwork tale of my dream of a Harry Potter AU where Hermione is being helped by Snape's ghost (who is in a bowlful of tiny sugar skulls that can cure poison) inside someone else's project. I expected she would cut it free once I was done, but she didn't even though she was frowning.

The conference turned out to be some sort of Apple recruitment event. I was trying to call attention to little low level staff created sexist events in violation of the code. A recruiter was going to teach me the secret to getting favorable answers but I woke up. It was to ask for what you were already going to get.


Mar. 17th, 2013 01:38 pm
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Those were some interesting dreams.

First, there was some sort of ... field day at the museum? Or something? It seemed to be up on West Ridge. There was a very large tank of water with something taily and jawsome (like an alligator, except more prehistoric and thinner in the snout, and also taller in the back; I think its tail was permanently raised), and then something slithersome and coily, and not as smart. Both were covered in algae. Both were spiny. Both were smiling at me. I was [livejournal.com profile] theferrett, and I was going to go in the tank with them for some Very Good Cause/display of machismo challenge. The zookeeper drained the tank and was hosing the algae off both of them (the "alligator" had white scales; the "boa" had black ones) and talking to them. They both had the light of understanding in their eyes. She told them: "Ferrett is responsible for your safety while he is in there." They grinned wider, not taking their eyes off me. Then she continued: "Just as I am holding you responsible for his while he is in there."

They looked very disappointed in that, as clearly they had been hoping for a toy, and then a snack.

I never did get to find out what happened with that, because I was someone else, and a bunch of girl scouts (except I think they had blue uniforms) had released ferrets into the museum.

Later, there was some sort of writing contest that involved planting things. Read more... )
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"I'm leading a cheese parade,but no one likes cheese."


"With cheese and a flamethrower."

"I think I see why."

I have no idea who had this conversation, but I woke up with it in my head.
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I hope that by including the relatively rare phrase "Egyptian Fayoumis", as in the lovely, talkative, paranoid, flighty chicken, that it will come up handily when I search for it later.

I dreamed about my Calico. San Francisco is starting to edge its way into my dreams, as I have a new dream-universe setting: a cross between the guys' street and the driveway to my garage: it's got the houses of their street, and is straight like their street, but instead of an intersection, it's got the steep hill and various greenery from around my place. And for whatever gosh-derned reason, I was hanging out there in my car. Calico was in the car.

There was no anxiety over pet-in-hot-car (this season is too cold to worry about that), it was more anxiety over loose-hen-in-untidy-car, and she was *all over the place*. Oh, chickens. You do not make ideal travel companions. Not even in dreams.

(I plan to lock this entry once site index has picked it up, for testing purposes.)
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2:47 AM 5/26/2010
Being part of the intended audience is important to a reader.

3:50 AM 5/26/2010
All the photos I'd seen of Nine looked fantastically ugly. I'm pleased to note that while stills do no justice to his face, he looks much better in motion, very much himself. Now interested to compare the actor to the character, see how different they are. (For example, Gillian Anderson, in the few bits I've seen of her being herself, came off as a perfect ninnyhammer and also possibly high as a kite; I adore Scully like nobody's business.)

4:46 AM 5/26/2010
Things that I have said today that make me happy:
Read more... )

12:49 PM 5/26/2010
Dreamed about the early days of the zombie insurrection, and had to remind my character to stay in character, when we didn't know that animals could get it too. Trying to secure a basically indefensible house in the outskirts of Fairbanks, with not as many zombies as you might think, no tests but checking friends and neighbors for the signs of amplification. Dogs in the house. That was the hard part, not reacting when I should have been treating the great big black labs with the utmost suspicion. Somebody's mother was having a romance with a MythBuster (Jamie or Adam, not sure who). (I think it was Seanan's mother.)

1:31 AM 5/27/2010
Went for walkies with aunt, poodle, and lab this afternoon; went to Trader Joe's after that; followed this up with dinner and continued computer funtimes at the house of JD and Ryan.

Walkies, with attack mist and Dog Incidents )

I shortly found myself headed over to the boys' for dinner (I brought the rest of the bread) and computerfuntimes. Cooking. )

A dramatic reading of a book summary; some body parts ought not to be haunted. (NSFW.) )

Computerfuntimes )

Tomorrow: Farmers' market, TV night, and probably errands. Also re-reading The Demon's Lexicon so I can approach The Demon's Covenant with all appropriate preparation.
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12:41 AM 5/25/2010
Enjoying supper, tasty tasty supper: asparagus lightly boiled in chicken broth, with pepper, Canadian steak seasoning, mushrooms, and alfredo sauce, with macaroni, cubed cheddar cheese that sort of melted, and fried sausage. There will be leftovers.

1:27 AM 5/25/2010
Dessert: cherries. *bliss*
Non-bliss )

5:55 AM 5/25/2010
As if the leashes for my scissors weren't enough, I crocheted a ... thing ... onto my rice-sock. The rice-sock is navy blue cotton, and thus hides really really well in my bed. I added a long dangly thing in screaming magenta, with two tails and a handle. The idea is that the screaming magenta bits will be visible from within the confusion that is my bed, and that the two long tails will trail in whatever direction they so choose, this being a direction that might actually be visible, at least one of them. The handle is there for kicks, and I was feeling slightly like I was crocheting a Thneed when I decided to add it.

6:00 AM 5/25/2010
There was radio, and thus there is earworm. I will go down with my ship. There will be no white flag above my door.

3:58 PM 5/25/2010
Dreamed something bizarrely science-fictiony that involved a weather satellite that was inhabited with lots of whiteboards, visitors allowed, gravity, and strange rules about bathrooms, and then dogs on the beach. Also semi-dreamed that I found the concentration point in my mind to press to turn pain from "it hurts" to "sensation". (I very emphatically decided that I did NOT want the "turn pain to arousal" button. NO. DO NOT WANT. Maybe for specific moments, but not as a fulltime thing.)

12:19 AM 5/26/2010
Well, that was entertaining.
Computer repair and cooking. )

Glee was good; I usually find Glee good. I'm not specifically fannish about it: it's solid entertainment and I'm along for the ride they're taking me on. Spoily. )

Computer repair and my brain. )

1:27 AM 5/26/2010
*googles* Well huh. http://www.cybertechhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80336 Yep, sure did have a USB stick in the port there, and indeed Ryan was fucking around with the boot order; looks like if we yank that out, everything should work as badly as before. *headdesk* Heh.

1:41 AM 5/26/2010
So [personal profile] fairlight said something on Twitter that made me realize that perhaps I've been bitching about computer problems but haven't necessarily gone into detail.
Detail. )

2:21 AM 5/26/2010
Congratulations to Mrs. and Mrs. Rah and Sarah, as of yesterday! :D :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
They were married in a small civil ceremony with a few friends, and their Proper Big White Wedding will follow in ... um ... a while. There are *wavyhands* links around, from people who were actually there. *flappyhandsqueeeeeeeee*
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12:12 AM 4/21/2010
Tonight during Glee, I traumatized IRC with a Luc Valvona song. :D :D :D :D
(Most of the Fishies know what I'm talking about here. Some of you may not. Heh. Heh.)

Perhaps it is a bit windy outside. I hear some banging. Earlier, there was hail. (Hail now makes me smile sweetly and look distant, due to the "DO YOUR WORST!!!" incident. Sweetie, if you yell that at the sky, I don't care if it's Arizona, your ass deserved that hail, darling.) (Insert linked memory of Voltaire-related shenanigans here.)

12:16 AM 4/21/2010
My head is a broken search engine. Tonight, Madonna's "Borderline" made me giggle inappropriately, because my head has associated "Borderline" with a song by a different band, and now the word itself has ... connotations. TURN AROUND AND TAKE MY HAND.

7:27 AM 4/21/2010
So last night I had a long and complicated dream involving god knows what-all. As I was waking up, we and everyone were at some kind of show, and there was some kind of danger, and people (again unspecified, but some were) were thinking about the best way to get the word out, and it turned out that the best way to get the word out was via the Mythbusters. Adam was there, and Jamie was there too, and Jamie had a secret Twitter account that no-one was supposed to know about.

See, we'd just apprehended this guy who had met Stacey at a sushi restaurant, took one look at her general beauty and her legs, and fell for her and (because he was also crazy) basically started stalking her, Read more... )

8:23 AM 4/21/2010
There was apparently another power outage Read more... )

12:25 AM 4/22/2010
I should mention the state of the current Dog Issues. Deacon (the black lab) is still somewhat creaky, but when properly medicated, he's mostly ok except for distance and stairs.

Dazzle (the poodle) was at the vet or somewhere ... the day before yesterday? ... and they noticed something in his mouth that might be nothing and might be some sort of cancer. They removed two things from his mouth. My aunt is quietly freaking out. And the poodle is resistant to being given pain pills, yet he needs them at this point.

Today's events included no walk, because it was amazingly windy (I love the wind, but my aunt does not), Read more... )

Even more meta is brewing in my head. You have been warned. :-P

Tomorrow: farmer's market.
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Vitamin C and face-goo. )

Distrusted assholes make for bad dreams. )

Oh, agoraphobia. )

2:00 PM 3/28/2010
Hey, people who use Facebook? If you want Facebook to never show you a particular person again, block them. Go to the profile you never want to see, and click the link or button or whatever it is to block them. The X in the corner of the suggested friend only closes that recommendation for now. It does not stop Facebook from recommending that person to you again. Bonus: when this person is someone you know but don't like, that means that they can't contact you.

Sadly, there is so far no way to block a particular person on your Facebook friends list from sending you fan page recommendations, nor a way to block a particular fan page from being recommended to you. I am confident that this is an oversight on their part, and that multiple other people will also send in suggestions to fix this oversight.

2:17 PM 3/28/2010
Called aunt. She's having trouble getting out of bed, let alone the door. Rescheduled for tomorrow. \o/

2:04 AM 3/29/2010
Earwormed: IT'S A GOD. DAMN. ARMS. RACE!!
And speaking of earworms, it's mostly me and [personal profile] cadenzamuse top-level in [community profile] earwormhole these days. DW users! DW users who get earwormed! Go forth! Share the earworms! You don't have to do it up all proper like I like to, share away!

9:47 AM 3/29/2010
Surreal dreams. )

2:42 PM 3/29/2010
Age of Sail anonymous kink meme ahoy: http://age-of-sail.dreamwidth.org/31366.html

Day, silliness, coffee. )
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9:47 AM 2/19/2010
I have been awake for a bit, but there was the necessity of breakfast and all. Have powered through much of my inbox. Setting up filters to automatically label things of like categories that can be dealt with in quick succession, and then searching for label:X in:inbox, and turning on the keyboard commands, means that I can quickly skim a high-volume e-mail list, zip through the night's action from certain developers and see if there's anything from them that I need to address in my Suggestions, deal with all the BACN at once (for I have cunningly set up filters for all the BACN (such a tasty name for something so unappealing, but it's not spam) to be labeled the same thing), deal with all the notifications of my own comment replies, and then get down to what's left over. It works quite well.

1:26 PM 2/19/2010
Read some, then fell the hell over (pretty much while I was reading) for some cramp-laden sleep. Also, when waking up this morning, I kicked the wall. Not enough to damage either the wall or my foot (and it was the ball of my foot in any case; it's hit the ground harder) but I fear the neighbors may have been startled by the thump. Also, overnight, I dreamed about attempting to ascend into the atmosphere for the purpose of descending on a parachute, in a craft composed of a blacksmithed circular frame, and a sturdy fabricated-cardboard-and-other-things-but-mostly-cardboard shell, with four jets on the bottom. No window. Despite the lack of window, I was bringing a book in mine, to curl up around. (The book I'd not quite finished reading last night.) (In case there was light. So I could read.) It was in my parents' front yard, the "front" facing the garden access. It did not get far off the ground before it malfunctioned (on the order of maybe three, four feet) and let me pretty smoothly back down.

Read more... )

10:28 PM 2/19/2010
Back from hanging out with aunt. Went for walk. Went to Trader Joe's. Had supper (pot roast, rice, salad, tea). Worked on design for afghan. Not sure I can make the four-stripe-square, eight squares per side, plan work -- aside from the infelicity of the numbers if one is atevi, there's what I think will be too much mirroring in the pattern.

Nora has helpfully shared "Not in Your Butt" with [community profile] beginningcocks: http://beginningcocks.dreamwidth.org/10108.html (my favorite is the vaseline, which was on the WRONG SIDE OF THE JAR TO DO MUCH GOOD, YO).

12:16 AM 2/20/2010
Should suggest a baseball bat or 2x4 labeled "Attitude Readjustment Tool" for a vgift. ;) Should also stress that this one should be not given to volunteers to do with as they please (at least not in unlimited quantities).

8:02 AM 2/20/2010
It has been wakey-wakey time for a bit. Oh, how I loathe the female biology, and in light of last night's "fun", I see why I was so attached to last evening's pot roast.

8:17 AM 2/20/2010
Did some updating of http://wiki.livejournal.org/index.php/IRC_tools for common commands needed by new denizens of #lj_s and its environs. (LJ people, if you see anything obvious that's missing, feel free to add it if you have access, or poke me if you don't. Needed: more clients, with commentary/recommendations/cautions.) (Not-LJ-people, feel totally free to skip this bit.)

9:19 AM 2/20/2010
http://thingswithwings.dreamwidth.org/99675.html (Kevin Smith)

9:35 AM 2/20/2010
oh god, someone was in search of a classic X-Files fic ...
... and I recognized it. (I don't remember the name, but it was on Gossamer. Enter the malfunctioning soulbond.)
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Dreamed Monday that there was a crazy on the internet that had connected my California-based online presence with my legal name (I had more of an online presence with my legal name in the dream) and my Arizona-based face to face presence with my online name by matching up a userpic or piece of flair I had with some witty saying or other, with a bumper sticker on my car. (I don't have any such stickers on my car.)

He was really crazy. It was really scary.

Dreamed today that I was part of an organization that did stuff regarding the demons and such in and around San Francisco. (Some of the computer screens we used to do our job were reminiscent of Bejeweled in some way.) There was a vampire who told me in a dream (within the dream) that he was coming for a little inoffensive clerk who was not particularly well-guarded, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was a slightly-better-guarded higher-level clerk. The dream thing seemed sort of like instant messenger. The dream terrified me, and I tried to get to the other clerk to warn her and get her out of danger, but I was having trouble getting there, in the running-but-going-nowhere way, and he was coming and it was very dangerous and even though I got the 40th book off the shelf in the library (the bottom shelf; the cover was red and velvety) it was still not enough, and he either actually abducted her right out of my arms or he came very close. It was perhaps scarier than it sounds. He had a lot of very sharp teeth (think Jagermonster except less jovial) and was secure and gloating in his power over me.
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So I dreamed.

Underwater photography -- there was a great big cruise ship docked near the shore, and people were swimming around and I had a camera or something, and there was a flag on the ship with all sorts of flags on it, going from an international one to a national and state one, and below that things like the skirt of Draco Malfoy, and other essential fandom properties.

Said essential fandom properties were the property of D, who began taking them down from the line and stuffing them in a laundry sack (a nice heavy-duty naval laundry sack of canvas with grommets and rope and about human-sized) in preparation to go ashore.

Going ashore evidently meant flinging the laundry sack off the side of the boat with a rope tether, and then going down a rope ladder into the sea (which was nice and warm). In the sea, I could look at the moon. From under water, I could see lights on the moon.

I flagged down someone (I knew them in the dream, and I am sure I knew them in real life somewhere in my past; it may have been my elementary schoolmate Galadriel?) and tried to point out this thing. It was not really pointable, but each time I went underwater it was getting more and more brilliantly lit up, with patterns sort of like a biohazard symbol. However, this may have been just a side effect from the water and my binocular vision. I had a digital camera that I had been using on the foliage at the water's edge (from in the water) but I could not take it underwater. I begged my companion's camera, which was film, and tried to snap the moon from under the water, but it was not showing up so well, and the angle was wrong due to the changing time of day. I was frustrated, but OMG, it was gorgeous, and I wondered what/who was on the moon -- not so much OMG ALIENS or OMG COLONISTS but I DID NOT THINK THAT WE WERE UP THERE YET IN SUCH LARGE NUMBERS?!

The scene shifted, and I was trying to take photographs of plants and such, seemingly-casual shots that were part of a larger session, with a couple and perhaps berries? or were they flowers? In any case, their hands and the plants and their faces and all such lovely artlessly artful moments.

And that shifted into a street corner (near the shore) and this gang headed up by Shawn (the high school best friend, not to be confused with my current best friend) was leading a crew, and I dropped back into the Shawn's-Secretary position I'd held so many years, and we went to a Halloween shop for proper makeup, decorations, and costuming, and somehow the shopkeeper and Shawn decided that they wanted to see me in a blonde wig, blonde like Joni Mitchell, but there were no wigs of that sort, just white and yellow. So I wound up wearing a blue wig (it was a string wig, of fine navy blue string) and it looked awesome on me, almost indistinguishable from my own hair (in the dream) except blue, like my hair was streaked, not like I was wearing a wig.

I'm sure there were other bits after this, but that's all I can remember at this point.
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I have the most interesting dreams when I get woken up in the middle of them. The dream was picaresque fragments that don't even make much sense when stitched together.

So there I was at some institution of higher learning or other, wandering around the grounds and going to classes and helping the security staff set up for events by applying the decals to be signs by doors with disclaimers about stuff. And all was going well. And I saw Savil and we caught up on stuff. And I was having trouble with the tilt on some of the paths, and I asked for help (and saw Figment) and the person I'd been walking with who I thought was going to help me said to wait and he'd get the expert, and ran and got Figment, who explained that I had to do some technique, which I thought I'd had to do, but he was telling me as if I didn't know, even though I'd figured it out already. And the place I was going was class, and there was some interesting role-playing stuff going on, where we were pretending to be cowboys to get into character for how much studying we were doing. And one of the guys was talking, and he had something pressed on his knife in some weird material, and the hinged blade wouldn't bend (it was like a pocket knife with an extra joint sort of like a bird's wing, and you could see a vague outline of bird's muscles on it). Whatever the role-playing was, we were doing some exercise where we went around and stepped through gaps in the shelves of a long library bookshelf in the classroom.

At some point in this, class was about to be dismissed or something, but we were still working with this powdered-small-chunks material obtained from some portion of the knife? and there were papers that were dipped in it, rolled-up papers, and the substance looked sort of like slightly crushed sea salt. It turned out that the guy with the knife was a zombie of some sort, and that was his zombie salt (there may have been a better word for it) and it was a way of controlling things. And things were actually getting weird, and the professor was not looking too stable, so I grabbed up the small container of zombie salt (it was in a mortar for being-crushed-easily purposes) and babbled something that sounded sensible but that observer-me knew made no sense, about a zombie suffering from depression, and how if a zombie's zombie salt is used to treat papers regularly so that the zombie feels useful, this may be effective in treating Seasonal Zombie Depression. And with that babble firmly going on, I swept the professor and the zombie with me (I was more worried about the professor than the zombie, as the zombie seemed to be more in control of himself) in the direction of someone who was presumably better-educated in the ways of controlling a rogue professor who has access to six-shooters that shoot Florida Presidential Coins and zombies and doesn't know he's a rogue.

I wasn't me, but the zombie sure was [livejournal.com profile] mayerman.
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Weird-ass dreams.

I dreamed we (for certain old-family-type values of 'we'; the Virtual Aunt and so forth) were living on the side of a particular hill (the one that Dad's obnoxious friend and Mama's old best friend lived on) but the valley was a bay instead of a valley. And my best friend was trying out for some jobs, and was taking a bath, and I had been taking a different bath or something when his mother showed up? And I was talking to his mother, and talking to him, and it was interesting and no little weird. And bath salts or bath bubbles and big bath towels. We were trying to avoid the seeing-each-other-naked part.

And part of the place on the lower end of the hill was a gas station with a bunch of pumps and a concrete pad, but it was mostly or entirely used for family purposes, though others could buy -- it was just so out of the way that no one came there.

Then there was an earthquake or something, a small localized one, and some of the power poles had catastrophic failure, and they fell down and there was some fire. However, we still had some light for some reason; clearly they were not directly affecting us (or there were solar panels) but the road out was very definitely blocked.

In the bay, there were whales, and the whales were talking and there were hippos and the whales were playing with the baby hippos and you could watch what was going on through the clear clear water, and I was trying to remember so I could write it down because it was important observations, and there were loud and slightly drunken guys commenting and they were distracting.

There were also earlier parts of the dream involving my elementary school, its gym (which was being used as its secondary purpose, just a big room, at that time) and people who seemed at the time as if they should be important.

WTF, head.

Apr. 9th, 2009 04:35 am
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I just dreamed that Dad told me that he'd seen a particular childhood nemesis of mine posting to LJ. Which, yes, that's a Dad thing to do. And he told me what he'd seen the fellow posting. And when I googled it (? maybe? or maybe it was on my friends page?) it was a hundreds-of-comments fandom-related flamewar, with an angry but professional Cassandra Clare saying that ok, she was done with this, and while she and Tupshin had had a bunch of laughs cleaning this up (?!), it was hitting the point of no longer funny/very old.

And at the same time there were two ladies from my survey job that were entered in a contest through a casino that I was participating in, just as I'd subscribed to notifications on the whole blasted event. We were trying to win a car or something, through sheer persistence. One of them did, although we were the last three left.

I was still debating about telling people that Dad had told me that the anonymous person behind this hundreds-of-comments wank (at least the volunteers and Tupshin, if not Fandom Itself) was likely to be the childhood nemesis, and then I got swept in to dinner with some people ostensibly from Work1. We had several tables, and there was some craziness with who-sat-where. Someone at the table with me (who was someone high-school-popular and blonde and I have no idea if she even corresponded to a real person or if she was just a composite) was being a real bitch, and that made things nasty.

And then I was upstairs at my parents' house, and downstairs, and outside, still somewhat discussing the hundreds-of-comments wank, and someone was trying to build a house, and they had thousands of bricks stacked up in readiness. And they were shifting the bricks. This somehow led to Mama's pottery shop rolling down a hill, some roosters involved in fanfiction, the stove being on fire somewhere down the hill, and other completely surreal items.

I woke up, and the only reason I knew that the Childhood Nemesis wasn't being an anonymous dickwad on the internet was because I knew I actually didn't have the subscriptions in my inbox.
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So when I crashed back out because it is the weekend's end and I seem to be stuffing as much sleep as possible into the weekends just because I can, I was in the airport (generic) flying to go see Guide Dog Aunt!

...And after Mama had left, I realized with absolute horror that I had forgotten my purse, which had money and cellphone in it, not to mention ID, leaving me stranded and helpless.

It was the last flight of the night, which put a time crunch on things (including me). Therefore, they did not do the security screening, letting the lot of us on the plane without a trace of X-Ray or pat-down. One of the airport people made some quip about the flight attendants quelling any sign of riot with shotguns. Glad to know that airport people in my dreams have a sense of humor, even if it is a rather dark one.

In my frantic run about the airport, I saw the Harry Potter cast coming down an escalator, and (still stunned) greeted them casually. Then I saw someone who I knew to be a Listee because of the shirt they were wearing (contained an unspecified List joke) looking anxiously up at the escalator. Herself descended, although my mind doesn't have such a good picture of Herself as all that, because clearly Herself is not a wizened old crone half my height and doesn't have that haircut, but you couldn't have told that to my sleeping mind. After finishing my conversation with the Guardian of the Escalator and establishing that it was unlikely as there would be a long line at the only free phone option I was likely to find, I hopped on the escalator (which was now somehow going up instead of down) and zipped up to the inside-security food court level.

For some unknown and bizarre reason, I was distracted by a display of fake fingernails. In buckets, like silverware. No, I don't know why.

I reached in my pocket and discovered that somehow, I had $12. This was a vast improvement in the situation. Then I realized I did not know when my flight was boarding, but it had to be soon, and I was unable to interpret my boarding pass. I had flagged down some random airport employee (somehow the flood court was still lively and occupied) who was mumbling and not making much sense when I woke up.
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I dreamed that I was going from Place A to Place B, and there was stuff about a school and a fleet of cars all with the same three letters on their license plates, all white, and there was stuff in the school building, and I was selling my car. And somewhere in there, we were driving along these twisty roads, and we had to go through this passage. A building had been built, it was sort of mall-like (are malls the new, poorly defended, castles of the age?) and contained the passage.

This was a very local thing, although strangers also technically had to go through it. Because the phenomenon of the passage was so poorly understood by those who weren't specialists in it, the main gate had been barred off, and there was a taboo against the true experience as it was evil. I was trying to get a look through the barred door, but there were non-locals there who started hissing stuff about me for being too interested in it, so I wandered off, disappointed.

There were two ways to go through the "tourist" one. But there weren't any instructions, so I started going through the place. There was someone with me, another woman, and she started having a hard time as we were walking. The area was a great big long room, with its end out of sight; I think the room twisted and had hills. It was divided into sections with different colors and views as you walked through, with flexible iron chain mesh descending from the ceiling. Each separate area triggered a different set of emotions, skills, and memories. I was struggling too, and my companion was finding it hellish. Exhausted, we staggered out, into the employee break room, which was occupied by several chattering and smoking locals.

They let me know that yeah, we'd survived it, and there was a separate hallway skirting the actual active area for those who couldn't handle it, we'd gone through backwards, and we'd actually had something tougher than the version that the locals typically took, because we hadn't gone in prepared for it, and yeah, if you weren't prepared, the emotional wringer would seriously fuck you up for a while, and that was why it was considered evil. We went through again, better-prepared, and properly, and in order, it was still a Significant Experience, but it was not Terrible.


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