12/8/17 22:17
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I feel very much like I'm talking about the things that don't matter, but the things that matter very much are private and inward and delicate, and to share such things widely would not be the done thing.

So: life bits, in passing.

The freezer (the thinner, left, door of the two-doored refrigerator) has had ice on the bottom -- at first just a little bit, and a few cubes that had fallen out of the ice maker -- for a while. We've had "de-glacier the freezer" on the to-do list for a while.

This morning (I think?) it hit critical, while I was -- ah, yes, it was this morning, because I was retrieving the frozen vegetables that I'd use in lunch -- searching around for something that turned out to be in the bottom drawer.

The drawers in this freezer are wire baskets with snap-on (and fall-off) plastic fronts. The bottom drawer was blocked from pulling out because the ice on the bottom was too high.

I grumbled, laid down the kitchen utility towel (one of the old ones with fraying and maybe a hole or two) and grabbed a knife for ice-pick duty. (My partner was unavailable for help, on some other unspecifiable but definitely important mission of internet mercy. Godspeed, friend.) Anyway, it would probably not have benefitted from two people. So I whacked at the ice for a while, and got it mostly on the towel. I tugged at the drawer.

The drawer shot out with surprising ease, given the big chunk of ice still attached to the bottom. I had words. I went for the cooler-bag.

It turned out that the ice sheet was attached to the basket by only a few wires, and once I figured out how to get it in the sink at the right angle, I was able to use hot water to get the ice off those wires. I left the larger sheet in the sink to thaw and drop its inclusions all over the sink, like boulders on a cleanly carved valley.

The ice had come out in one piece. There was still a little coming down the slanted surface of the bottom back, and a little more below the vent that disperses cold air or something. I swiped it out with a different kitchen towel that was due to be washed soon anyway, and reported back to my partner (after they emerged from their task).

The stuff went back in, a little more organized than it had come out, with a few things put in the fridge to thaw.

A generous double handful of the frozen mixed vegetables went in the frying pan, along with some bacon and potato. It would be slowly cooked into glorious lunch with cheese. A proper weekend brunch sort of item.

I found the strawberries I'd put aside when I got the big thing of them, frozen into a sullen frisbee sort of shape in the bottom of the round container. I pondered, tried chopping into it with a not-big-enough knife, then the brainstorm hit. I retrieved the largest of the melamine bowls (the ones with the lids) and popped the disc in.

Then I shook it.

A whole bunch of frozen strawberries make some gawdawful noise, being rattled like rocks against a hard surface, but it does tend to break them apart quite handily. I liberated a few to chuck in the food processor (an attachment for my stick blender, which I finally found at some late point in the packing, so it went in my Bachelor Kitchen Box) to turn into dust to grace the top of the lemon jelly. (Lemon jello plus shreds of frozen strawberry? RECOMMENDED.)

I also got some mending done this morning. There are some shirts that need their necks re-hemmed, plus under-layer shorts that had started blowing out at the crotch but were still otherwise in good shape. I had found one of the dismangled (a typo, but I'm keeping it) pairs of shorts, and sacrificed it for patches.

I will need to either repair my sewing machine (I dropped it while trying to get it set up) or locate the Sidewinder. The sewing machine still lights up and stitches, but something is awry in the bobbin winder. This is the second sewing machine that I've jacked up such that it won't wind bobbins anymore. Additionally, something else is wrong with the actual bobbin nest -- I believe some plate fell out. So it's harder to load, but at least it does still sew.

Kitten has decided that I am an acceptable surface to sleep on/against, and has started doing just that. It's cute, until I need to move, at which point she meows accusingly. Sometimes she settles back against me, and sometimes she stalks off and sits in her accustomed place on Partner. (Partner sleeps on their back, face up, sometimes guarding their bladder area with their hands against kitten massage even as they sleep.)
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My partner got one cat in the breakup, the cat who trailed them through the shelter while they were looking at different cats, and who lap-kittied at them the first chance she got. (I suspect that my partner got this cat by dint of having made sure to pack her along with the other important things when they fled the household of abuse. The ex took all the other pets, including the second cat who adored my partner.)

Miss Air Raid Siren had two types of notable damage when she was adopted: first, she had been front-declawed, and second, she is quite food-insecure. She cannot just be left to free-feed, and I gathered that it was a bit of a production to feed all the cats in such a way that everyone got their fair share. (Another of the cats had been a bit of a vacuum-cleaner himself, so it wasn't just her.)

When the ex's regimented schedule had demanded that my partner be home at the appointed hour every day to feed "the kids", all was well ... at the expense of my partner's labor, and my partner's ability to have an actual social life and do things with friends.

Now, this cat does appreciate being fed. She's earned a few names on account of her increasingly vocal demands to be fed, typically starting about an hour before feeding time. (Most of them are even printable.) And if the feeding is late -- oh, my. (Everyone has come to the understanding that while an hour late is no big deal ultimately, it's probably better for whoever is present to feed her, if it's anything beyond that or if she appears to be in any actual distress. And then tell the Human In Charge, because she will cheerfully make as though she's Never Been Fed, Ever when a food-giver returns home. Even when she's already eaten.)

So when my partner was living with Host Family #2, they borrowed some wet/dry automatic feeders (with ice pack) in service of being able to be out & about and spend the night away, without overly distressing the cat. This worked reasonably well.

Then they returned the feeders. They then tried to replace them.

Friends, do you know how very goddamn many nearly identical compartment feeders with a rotating lid exist on places like Amazon? A very bloody lot, as it turns out. And not all of them are up to the challenge of being worked at by a determined and highly food-motivated hacker-kitten.

Candidate Feeders 1 and 2 had a spring-loaded lid. Hacker-Kitten dug at it with her little blunt pussywillow-paws until the lid crept back, then held it there (somehow) and stuck her little face in, and ate extra portions.

Candidate Feeder 3 looked like the loaner feeder, but Hacker-Kitten batted at the protective plastic cover on the brain/engine core, and broke the manual advance button by standing on it, then dug it open despite the lack of springs and claws. Subsequently the thing didn't work at all.

Candidate Feeder 4 was the same model as 3, but I'd taped down the core's cover in a way that defeated the attempts to open it that way. After the evening meal, I put it up out of harm's way for the night, and put it down again in the morning. She ate her breakfast on schedule, but come 5:30pm or so and she'd dug the top around to the next meal, early.

This morning when my partner put it out again (only dry food, this time) loaded with today and tomorrow's meals, a little past breakfast I saw she'd opened the dinner compartment just a little. So I put it up, and sent my partner the link to the (not cheap) feeder I found that will do 1/8 cup increments of dry food and uses an entirely different mechanism. I'll put it down when I leave for my event this evening, then see what she's done to it by the time I return...

We're hoping that Feeder 5 will do the trick.

It would be ideal to be able to give her both wet and dry food on a timer (and keep the wet food refrigerated, naturally) for 2-3 days. But failing that, just dry food will keep her fed well enough that she won't be yowling and desperate if an evening out goes longer than planned. (Usually we feed her early if we think we'll be out significantly past her dinner. But that doesn't always work.) Provided she doesn't eat it all early...


2/8/17 14:34
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So stuff keeps happening.

The temp gig was in Redmond, helping people who might sing a certain Barenaked Ladies song at this particular big-Borg workplace for the duration of a several-day event. The task was: helping them sort their garbage into the recycle bin, compost, or landfill. (You would think that members of *this* Borg would not have trouble with the proper use of the recycle bin, but you would think wrong. Liquid does not recycle. I ended up bodily guarding the recycle bin against mostly-full cups of some sort of weird lavender-colored, and perhaps flavored, iced beverage.)

Apparently last year the waste streams got super jacked up, so this year the janitorial contractor hired subcontractors from various temp agencies to help out. I really enjoyed the task -- I can play an extrovert, and since I got put on the magical sleep meds, I am getting enough rest on a regular basis. (Re: sleep meds, a chunk of people apparently get hangovers from trazodone. I am one of the lucky ones who shrugged off the hangover within a week.) The main supervisor was a delight, one of those people who has the gift of making everyone she interacts with feel like the most special person in the room. (Slytherpuff, I think, with Hufflepuff ascending.)

In terms of physical location, I am no longer even pretending to live at Bohemia.

Partner regained possession of their house about two weeks after I arrived, and I spent that weekend helping them return it to a habitable state. Open Source Bridge followed. I spent a good chunk of the time after OSB helping, when I wasn't making sure my post-move paperwork (car and such) was sorted.

The parking situation at Bohemia was both dire and pretty typical of Seattle -- 2 hour parking between the hours of 7am and 6pm except on Sunday, which practically meant that I had to leave by 9am and couldn't re-park until 4pm. (I could have spent the day moving the car around, but having been moved to an active anxiety attack at having spent 20 minutes looking for a parking space, I ... did not find this to be a suitable hobby.) Instead I took to spending my days at a public library. That was nice, but also ergonomic hell.

After my partner got their house back, I did wind up sleeping over a lot. They live in Suburbia; aside from what would be a walk that I would struggle with when my mobility is bad if I needed to take the bus somewhere, I like it.

Assorted neighbors have met both me and the metamour. Daddy Neighbor supervised as Smol Neighbor waved around a sparkler, and then decided that this had been enough for Daddy's nerves this glorious 4th. (There is a Mommy Neighbor and a very friendly Pibble Neighbor; these are the ones to the immediate north.)

After some discussion, I am now their lease-signed, rent-paying, month-to-month tenant. When the work situation stabilizes, we both expect me to find somewhere less with them, so we can get used to being in proximity without actually being in each other's pockets all the time. (Frequent sleepovers are still anticipated.)

The cat likes me, and has identified me as a food-bringer. Thus I also get the mewing and head-butts when Miss Kittan thinks it's time for food. (She is food-insecure, and cannot be left with more than one serving of cat food at a time, or she will eat all of it.) She of course starts to think it's nearly food o'clock about an hour to an hour and a half before it's that time.

Hacker-kitty has defeated two different automatic feeders so far. We may go with one of those puzzle-feeders; she'll hate it but it may provide her some occupation.

Names used besides her name include:

Kitten (she is a full grown cat)
Loud Child
Miss Air Raid Siren
Miss Fire Siren

Last night I took a fly away from her. Unfortunately, between the time I went "Drop it!" and got a tissue to clean up, the fly realized it was still alive and started buzzing the carpet; it quickly recovered. No word as to whether the Mighty Hunter, Slayer of the Fearsome Red Dot actually caught and ate it afterwards, but I did catch her staring at a shelf with unnerving intensity. Because cats.

Things are still weird and unsettled and needing adjustment, but it's no longer the full-on frantic "OMGWTFBBQ" every day.

And I am so happy to be sufficiently geographically convenient with my partner that when someone has had a terrible day -- or a wonderful one, or has a stubborn itch *right back there on the shoulder, no, lower!" -- that we can be there to console, commiserate, congratulate, or scratch.
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I have a lot of hair. I wore it loose for large parts of today in honor of the holiday. Today was also Very Hot, resulting in more stacking of my hair on top of my head when not otherwise occupied. It was a lot of mode-switching. It's currently insufficiently blue.

I wished Purple a happy Beltane. He wished me one as well. Then he asked me what exactly the holiday entailed. "Fire, flowers, and ... other things," I said.

"...Bunnies?" he said, with his eyebrows also.

... yes.

So that resulted in me telling him about the bunny pie incident.

Yesterday I discovered that a particular goddamn 32-bit program didn't even want to let me sort 10 rows in a 40,600-odd row table. I upgraded to the 64-bit version, which incidentally was also three model years (one whole version) newer. Since those programs come in clusters, I was also treated to the center-bulgingly flat version of the current email reader. We'll see what I think of it in a week, but it managed to touch off my sense of something being terribly wrong, and also ugly.

Purple complained about the switch to flat-and-ugly on a recent iOS update. I'd also seen that switch, and had been unimpressed but not aesthetically offended. This, at least at the outset, aesthetically offends me. Re-tuning the display helped some, but not as much as I was hoping.

There is a current vigorous debate about both figurative and literal transparency in the workplace, manifested with those with (newly frosted) glass conference room walls throwing stones. (It's not buttercream, and therefore I disapprove.) Purple grumbled. Designer Sparkles posted to not!Facebook and told me that I needed to 'like' it. (I 'like'd, and then shared it with that group with known strong opinions about frosting, #cupcake.) Mr. Zune 'like'd. Purple screeded a bit. (Good man.) My manager was tactful in her words, and emphatic in her sudden @ of one of the number one folks from HR. A facilities upper-management type appeared in response to the summons and 'splained a bit.

Mindful of my status and my desire to not rock the wrong canoes, I muttered a bit in private chat with Purple, mentioning that these were some of the things that I might not say due to my status. He allowed as how he might (giving Designer Sparkles the chance to do so first).

Intending to give him carte blanche to echo my concerns as his own, I said the following: "you are welcome to strip-mine my back-channel for anything useful, dear engineer" -- before realizing exactly how that sounded.

We have not yet received notice of the date of the impending move, which sets us back at least a week. Purple thinks the other half of his department may be moving after the Maker Faire weekend, because some people in his destination building are moving the week before Maker Faire weekend.

It is very hot. Did I mention that it was very hot? It hit 94 in Palo Alto.

I accidentally knocked my glasses into Purple's doorframe, and he teased me a bit about it. I was amused. We got into the topic of cats and the "I totally meant to do that thing" thing. He explained that there was also the "if you laugh at me I'm going to hurt you" mode -- most of his childhood cats were the sort who would come up and swipe at you, rather than hork in your shoes or pee on your bed. But many things are forgiven when you scritch a cat behind the ears. Many things react well to being scritched behind the ears! he said earnestly.

It turns out that if you scritch an engineer behind the nearest ear, first the engineer may lean into it, then other factors may catch up and he may look at you sort of funny. (It was, in fact, downright hilarious.)


1/8/08 22:03
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Midway through this afternoon, I woke up and bumbled my way into the kitchen (sans glasses) to get more ice in my water bottle. I discovered [ profile] myrrhianna there, preparing chicken. As I bumbled my way back, I saw Ryoga's distinctive silhouette sitting just behind Myrrh's computer chair. I chided him for not being out in the kitchen, and went further in to go shoo him out --

-- and found I'd been talking to her purse.

Evidently, I have pulled a Dom.


20/7/08 14:35
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Writers retreat fun.

Brought booze. Spent time in water recreation area. Lazy river sounded fun; went several rounds vs. the inner tube before succeeding. Arm is scraped from concrete upon being flipped. Almost lost glasses. Finally succeeded at inner tube. These things have no steering. Small children need to stay the fuck in their inner tubes and not almost get run over, or actually run over either for that matter.

Had sleep (not much). Got unexpected email. :D

Did dinner. RA sushi in Scottsdale next to the Scottsdale bars has Scottsdale barflies and too much very loud music. Good food, though. [ profile] azwriter is learning things she never knew existed in the world. Came back to hotel.

Attacked computers; set up ad-hoc wireless network and internet connection sharing, as hotel had no wireless. I am proud of myself.

Hung out on balcony with everyone but sleeping [ profile] hcolleen. Booze was had, gossip was had, and we totally out-"WOAH!"ed those people in that other suite. Oh, and cheese.

Crashed out early. Woke up early. Exchanged a large number of emails with Darkside, being very very silly with each other. Cleaned up and checked out.

Her Nibs tagged something in the living room to express her displeasure. *sigh* Such is life with cats.

Dr. Horrible is excellent, and mocks the misogynist superhero genre delightfully.

Headed over to hang out with Darkside (and Slayers) as soon as I figure out where I put my clothes.
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  • 14:03 Nibs ate Myrrhianna's cookie. Cats. #
  • 15:15 Last night's nightmares involved my husband (some NPC who I think was from Dresden Files) shooting me through the heart. By mistake. Lots. #
  • 17:06 @eng1ne It's just you. #
  • 18:16 Son of Disk Copy Project! Now with more of my own disks! #
  • 19:06 I am now addicted to Girl Genius. Thanks, guys. #
  • 19:16 Two strikes, Shadegg. My cellphone, not your town hall, and no viable opt-out. #
  • 19:31 So Cox shuffled off the pivot phones to Sprint again. Yay tech support hell to get ... oh, and I can't get the fucking number blocked. FUCK. #
  • 19:47 Dear Congressman Shadegg, your town hall is spamming my cellphone. Already sent email. This time called office with my number to remove. Grr #
  • 19:50 Via M -- all politics should be like this! #
  • 20:48 Bookmark: #
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  • 02:32 Got to see a far-too-stir-crazy Darkside. Anime. Talked game. Confessed my deepest fears re: Mary Sue (not what you'd think). Feel better. #
  • 04:18 Hauled an entire IKEA bag full of objects of sometimes dubious utility out of Vash. Next step: detailing. #
  • 04:22 I have to wait at least two and a half hours before I can vacuum. I feel bizarrely disappointed. #
  • 06:30 @youlovetam Morning! It's almost bedtime! Whee! #
  • 07:08 @youlovetam For me! I do the nightshift thing. So I'm out of sync with my continent. #
  • 07:09 My nails are all sparklypolished now! This makes me happy. Also, noodle soup and sourdough bread for whatever meal this is. #
  • 12:13 There are glaciers in our icemaker. #
  • 12:42 Stayed up way too late again, but vacuuming has been accomplished. Finally. #
  • 12:43 THRILLED TO PIECES that development/implementation things that might involve controversy are being RUN PAST SUPPORT for feedback. #
  • 12:46 Her Nibs now investigating the opening possibilities of my closed closet doors. Foresight is my friend. #
  • 18:39 ...holy FUCK. Dude is getting shit DONE. (wake up, read backscroll, it's like Christmas.) #
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  • 04:49 Her Nibs is *glowing* at me in the living room. (Nibiki-chan is to be spayed later today, and is angry in the cat-carrier.) #
  • 05:36 Exhausted like a hammer to the head. Cat still mad, but with dawn comes less disconcerting glowing. Have nightgown, ice bottle, bed. #
  • 14:37 Post-taxes, got scolded by roommate for not doing taxes sooner. Getting refund in any case, yay! #
  • 15:01 @afuna is there not a 'choose items randomly' checkbox on your iPod sync screen in iTunes? There is in mine... #
  • 15:50 Have looked into queue. Queue has looked back. #
  • 16:09 I am stubbornly refusing to cave to air conditioning, despite 80°F+ temperatures. We'll see how long this lasts. Ice water ftw. #
  • 18:50 @afuna I enjoyed & read it for entertainment during slow moments at work. #
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I type in the community name as if it were a personal journal name, knowing LJ will redirect to from that. is painful and hilarious, and involves tea.

My sleeping habits have not been so good lately, but I'm working on that.

At the writers dinner on Wednesday night, I managed to completely win at whipped cream. We were sharing desserts, and I wound up putting some whipped cream on M's finger, and licking it off. Now, [ profile] rhea_windrider had just done essentially the same. I am a competitive type, and if I have skills in an area, I do want to be able to showcase them. So, I wound up doing a very skilled job at removing the whipped cream from the finger.

The rest of the people at the table tell me that M was about one step from needing some private time.

I win at whipped cream.

The grocery store on the corner is evidently closing. Alas! This means bad things for the household. It's not screamingly horrid, but it is not good either. If I did not have a car, it would suck hardcore. There are enough people in this apartment complex who do not have cars that it will really suck being them.


6/4/07 02:55
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1) I am bossy as fuck. There are times when I'm perfectly willing to go along with whatever's going along and it's all good, but there are also times when I make statements and then things happen.

2) Me going all bossy as fuck tends to coincide with things going badly in places that are under my influence.

3) You might be surprised at some of the places I consider "under my influence".

4) Nachos. Served doggy style. (One of the good concepts to have come out of AK-47 night!)

5) Cats normally have very sharp claws. I keep forgetting this.

6) Hermione-cat is unusually cooperative, and requires only one-hand restraint while clipping said claws.

7) Cutting chicken-claws is less delicate work than cutting cat-claws, and runs you less general risk of getting mutilated.

8) Indoor cats should be subject to an arms embargo.

9) [ profile] shammash is an unusually cooperative cat in general, and [ profile] eris_raven cooperated for me because I'm me and she's her.

10) [ profile] ailetoile, [ profile] stevieg, and [ profile] luminairex move this weekend!

10a) I have not yet made fudge. :(
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Hermione-the-cat has emerged! [ profile] trystan_laryssa predicted that when Hermione stopped freaking out, she'd come out and want to be petted. And she did! I saw her streaking past, a black cat in shadow, and held out my hand so she could sniff me if she wanted to. And she wanted to. Then she wanted to be petted! So I petted her.

Nice cat. Yay!
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There were the sounds of meowling from without. After it kept on for a while, I popped out to see what was up. Downstairs popped out. Turns out that Thomas, the cat of next door, had gotten off the (upstairs) balcony and down onto the lawn. (There are conveniently-placed trees so a flying leap and then a climb down is not out of the question.) Downstairs's next door neighbor popped out. I went out the front and around.

So there were the three of us in our pajamas trying to herd this cat...
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Stuff On My Cat, my place reading back through
[ profile] pornish_pixies: "Wanking Material" -- in which Draco attempts to publish bad!fic and Harry stops him.
[ profile] dot_poly_snark: The Bad!Poly Bingo Game! (I am Compersion! and Smugly Happy, with a side order of TL;DR.)

Lemming: Rate my Life )


19/10/05 14:08
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I was thinking about bed when [ profile] figment0 called. When we converse, we converse -- and we stray all over the map of possible topics. Things wound up with me talking to a very worried half-twin sister about specific issues about our particular biology, and experimental cures for PMS. I'm not even sure I followed myself...

My apartment complex is doing the annual apartment maintenance budget planning inspection Monday and Tuesday (that's later today and tomorrow), so I've given the place a bit of a once-over as far as cleaning is concerned. Still somewhat messy, but that's unavoidable. It seems as if just as soon as I've gotten things reasonably tidy, something happens to make not enough space to store things again. (I suppose the next thing is unpacking books.)

In any case, I am seeing floor. Well, rugs on top of carpet, but still.

I went down to the office after getting home from work. I left a maintenance request, or tried to. The person in the office was an ancient woman with too much eyeliner in a color that did not match, complement, or enhance her existing eyelashes. She looks (in my memory) to have greying ginger hair, and correspondingly pale eyelashes. The darkest one would sensibly use would be a brown of some sort, and that sparingly. This woman? Black. Unevenly. It looks like a five-year-old took a Sharpie to her face in a sort of reverse red squirrel effect. I would probably not harsh her makeup choices so severely if she were in fact effective at what she was supposed to be doing. Unfortunately, she got lost at "double pole double throw", and told me that I would have to make an appointment to speak with the maintenance staff so I could tell them myself. (And she couldn't just take down my words, even if she didn't understand them?)

That was frustrating, but maybe I'll get results. I have left sticky-notes stuck to the thermostat and the bathroom door, explaining the two major problems, should the maintenance people come by when I'm out (yay Murphy).

I called V and checked in that she was still alive. She was on her way to her first destination, and having a lot of fun. The yard sale last weekend disposed of almost all her worldly possessions, and the rest are in her car, or something. She set out Sunday morning.

When I went to take out the trash, the sky was utterly clear, but I could taste the water in the air. Monsoon season is fun for those of us who have working climate control and do not have to be out in the heat for any great time. (It's been causing deaths for those who don't have working climate control and/or don't have anywhere to come out of the heat.)

The late-night hour and my general sleep-deprived state conspire to make me feel drunk.

Mama called earlier in the afternoon, waking me up from a short nap in a nicely timely fashion. The blueberries have been epic this year. They were at Virtual Aunt's bog-meadow picking some just recently. Dad combined blueberries with the good vanilla ice cream and had too much fun distributing it to friends and associates at the Farmers Market on Saturday.

I haven't seen the little white kitten with the black trim for a while. I hope it found a home with a suitable human. The dark cat who lounges by the pool was presiding over the Game there when I went down with the trash. I'm human and therefore don't understand the rules of play very well, but it seems as if s/he is master enough of the Game that s/he can choose an obvious central spot and still play effectively.
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Last night was one of those Phoenix dust and wind storms where the rain that's supposed to hit the ground goes back up because it's too damn hot, and the trees are being ripped about by the wind and you can hardly breathe for the damp and the dust.

I pushed my way home from the bus stop and my encounter with my bondmate. As I neared my own door, I saw a long pale cat cowering near the pool. At first I thought it was the little kitten, but as I got closer, I recognized it as an older cat I usually saw sprawled out on the inside of the windowsill of a nearby apartment. She wove around, clearly desperate to get inside.

I tapped the knocker gently twice.
"Who is it?"
"Is this your cat out here?"
The door opened.
"Baby, get in here!"
Baby hesitated at the doorway. I reached down and shooed her in.

I nodded to Baby's humans and went on my way.


17/1/04 07:33
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"Pornographic mermaid" makes perfect sense in the context that you were promising us mermaid sex if we wrote you some, and I haven't seen any yet, so it's obvious that you're still deviously crafting it.

But then, I've been woken up at a time that I do not prefer by a former tomcat with an existential crisis (the one that involves, "There's a very hot lady out there, and I have no balls, and anyway why are you locking me up so I can't see her? Huh?") so I suppose I'm sleep-depped enough to understand.
And he's still yowling out in the living room. I put him back out when the moshing got too bad.

If I can, I think I'm going to try to go back to sleep. Doubtful. But I just am tired enough. I hear the hummingbirds waking up; they're making their little metallic twap twap twap noises.
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Bedtime: 2 in the morning. Not bad.

Wakey-time? 7. Why?

M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow?

[ profile] shammash was having some existential crisis or other, mostly composed of the element I didn't learn about until the second round of this, little miss half-siamese outside the back door. I opened up my door, he came in, he got a snack, he wandered back out, I shut the door, thinking that the issue had been the munchies, and what but the m'yowling doesn't start back up again. I scoop up Raver-girl, head out there, and oh, there's the miss outside. So I scoop up the Mosh and bring him in my room, and of course now he's asking me, "M'yow? M'yoooooooo? Meep-meep mrrrrrr?", followed, of course, by crashing as he plays with Eris and moshes into things, especially trash cans.

[ profile] shammash is used to having access to the entire apartment, and he complains when he doesn't. [ profile] eris_raven is used to my room.

Now Mosh is hyper, and when he's hyper, he makes Eris hyper.



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