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Belovedest has mentioned a few times that it's hard to get your hands on a nice meat pasty around these parts. I contemplated the matter and asked a few questions.

At length, it seemed like it was a good day to try.

My reliable source for understanding the principles behind what I'm cooking is Serious Eats. So I read through the pie crust stuff again. (Incidentally, the site is a clickbait hole for DELICIOUSNESS.)



2 1/2 cups (12.5 ounces; 350 grams) all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons (25 grams) sugar
1 teaspoon (5 grams) kosher salt
2 1/2 sticks (10 ounces; 280 grams) unsalted butter, cut into 1/4-inch pats
6 tablespoons (3 ounces; 85 milliliters) cold water

I looked at the amounts involved.

There was no way that I was going to be able to fit all that flour and butter into my food processor, which is an attachment to my stick blender. I looked closely at the amounts.

It so happens that the ratio of cups of flour to sticks of butter is 1:1. So I decided that I could make a test batch, one cup and one stick. The salt and sugar is less important, and in fact the sugar is kind of not what I wanted for a pasty dough.

I put 2/3 of the flour together with the butter and a bit of salt, then added a little water and more of the flour. (Probably not how I should have done it.) Then I mixed it in a larger bowl with a little more water. My hands are rather hot, so I tried to cool them down with ice.

I wrapped it up in cling wrap and let it cool off in the refrigerator. I pulled it out a few hours later, and quartered the dough. I saw that it had distinct stacked layers, like a good steel blade. I was thrilled.

I rolled it out in the best tradition of my mother, between two sheets of parchment paper. (There is no rolling pin in this kitchen. I used a glass.) I stuck it back in the refrigerator, still between the sheets, to wait while I prepared the filling. (Parchment paper and waxed paper are easier to handle than cling wrap, for this.)

This was not a Cornish pasty. [personal profile] wohali said something about a chicken curry pasty, and I went "Oooo!" and she advised that you can use pretty much any chicken curry recipe, just dryer than usual.

I went for it.

My basic chicken curry is chicken plus a brick of golden curry sauce plus assorted vegetables, and oil as needed. This time I decided to cook the chicken thigh meat so it would be easy to separate from the bones in my multifunction fancy rice cooker, along with some spiced oil left over from a previous recipe, and some dry onions. I cooked the vegetables and the curry brick separately, only combining them all (and some potato flakes to sop up water and oil) at the end. My partner is much better at handling chicken meat in all its phases than I am, and stripped the meat from the bones before I mixed them together.

I did roll it too thin, and I let it get too hot when filling it.

Despite the holes, I stuck the crust together with egg wash, and egg washed the outside. (I used the leftover egg wash to make a little bit of curry scrambled egg, which my partner ate on top of their salad.)

I'd wisely said that if the food was not going to be ready by 10pm, we should eat something else. The pies came out of the oven just as we were finishing chicken nuggets, but we still had enough room to test half a pie each.


I will be making these again. And the dough process is relatively simple with the tools at hand, so my partner (who can follow a recipe, but isn't yet the cocky ass in the kitchen that I am) may wind up learning the process too.

I put together a bit of sweet pie dough just now, and it's chilling in a ball in the refrigerator. I'm thinking that some fruit pies might be in order...
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Eurovision was yesterday! That was certainly an experience...

In honor of that, my traditional contribution to the party: chocolate covered strawberries.

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So there I was, sitting with my dinner of ramen and spiced vinegar cucumber salad, when this big rooster decided to join me. Nice large fellow, a lovely Blue Laced Red Wyandotte that they said was named Spiderman. And he hops up next to me, regards my dinner, and before I can really do anything, reaches into the salad bowl and grabs a slice or two of cucumber!

Yes, Peter Parker pecked his pick of peppered pickles.


(Hat tip to [personal profile] exor674 for pointing out my original joke was missing the Peter bit. I really did have the ramen, and I'm finishing my second serving of delicious, delicious peppered pickles.)

Japanese-inspired cucumber salad, or, Azz cooks to taste without a recipe again:

Salt (I used smoked salt)
Sugar (I used raw sugar)
Vinegar (I used rice vinegar with a splash of balsamic)
black pepper
black sesame seed and salt (possibly found next to the seaweed sheets)
Grater & slicer

Rinse cucumber. You don't know where it's been.

Run the cucumber lengthwise over the grater so the rind comes off in strings. You can leave some on if you want. Keep the strings, as they're an excellent garnish.

Slice cucumber thin enough to be transparent. This is why you want the slicer. Removing the rind makes it less likely to jam. Don't slice your fingers.

Cover in salt and sugar, add vinegar. Let sit a bit.

Add a scant grind of pepper and the sesame seed. Fish out some of the rind strips and a few slices of cucumber to make the ramen look pretty.

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For some reason I thought this would be a good idea.

6oz each of orange and lime jello
way too much caffeine and taurine powders, on reflection (I did measure them so I'd know what was up)
16oz boiling water
24oz each Mountain Dew (the good kind with real sugar) and citrus-flavored (in this case) vodka
Mixing vessel
28 x 3oz paper cups

Dump powders in bowl. I should have mixed but I didn't. At first I was going to only use half the jello, but after adding the first bit of water, it was way too fucking bitter from the caffeine (a whole energy drink's worth of caffeine in 1 ~3oz shot is Not Recommended) so I went whole hog. (I used a fork for tasting - stir with fork, open mouth, hold fork well above mouth, don't prevent the brew from dripping off the tines into mouth, and there's a teeny-tiny taste of what's going on in the cauldron.)

I took the hot water straight from the kettle into the measuring cup, 8oz at a time, so all the powder dissolved in the hot water. I must thank the good folks from the Ultimate Jello Shot project for the Science!! so I could just sort of muddle along.

Next I added a 12oz can of Mountain Dew, and topped it off with vodka (4oz). Then I measured out 16oz of vodka. Then I realized that a) another 16oz would be a lot more vodka than I was figuring on, and b) I didn't have enough left in the bottle. So another can of Dew, and another 4oz of vodka.

I mixed it all up. Next the pouring. In ideal circumstances I'd have been doing this on a large work table, with a tray on which I'd lined up the cups and could just transfer smoothly to the refrigerator once I was done, perhaps a nice large sheet pan. However. My kitchen is first tiny and second generally a complete mess. I lined up a few cups at a time on a plate (to catch drips, mostly), then transferred them into the refrigerator one at a time. Before each round of pouring, I'd stir the bowl again, to avoid any case where something that was perhaps not quite evenly distributed might end up all in one cup (really not desired).

In the end I had 28 little shots all lined up. They're chilling right now. And then I did the math.

Each ~3oz serving (one shot is one serving) contains:
~114mg caffeine (discounting the caffeine that's coming from the Dew)
~90mg taurine
~.86oz Mountain Dew
~.86oz or vodka

Tomorrow's going to be *interesting*. (No, I'm not planning to have them all myself. That would be, how you say. VERY BAD IDEA.)
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I have been making cocktails for myself! Specifically, last weekend-ish, I cut up some stone fruits (nectarine and apricot) and set them soaking in vodka and sugar for cordial. Thus, some screwing around in the kitchen later, and we have:

A bit of orange juice concentrate. (I was raised on that, so I'm fine with it. Others may not be. I drink orange juice rarely enough that one thing of concentrate will do me for a while.)
Fizzy water.
Some of the apricot-nectarine cordial.

In accordance with the name, it should be garnished with a preserved hibiscus flower, but I haven't tried it that way yet.

In the proportions I mix it, it is neither so strong nor so sweet as vodka-and-orange, but yet fruitier.
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Having seen them about, I finally did buy a Buddha's Hand citron on one of my excursions with Tif, and then I got around to the business of dealing with it. They smell lemony and fantastic, and I do not recommend reading SGA fic while you're working with them, for reasons that should be obvious to most bits of fanon.

I treated it basically like that: cut, cook with sugar, boil down, drain, refrigerate. It is tentacular and delicious.

I happened to have on hand some strawberry popsicles (I think there's still one of mine left, but there were also the ones from Whole Paycheck). I had an inspiration, and tried the little cubes of sweet and tangy candied citron on the strawberry popsicle. I recommend this. Actually, what I really recommend is the really good strawberry sorbet with the home-candied citron, with a spoon, but what I had was popsicles.

It is persimmon season. I tried persimmons previously at my aunt's prompting, and while I could take them or leave them by themselves, I tried them in tea and it was good enough that I wanted to repeat it. Plus they're cheap fruit when in season, and I'm all about the cheap fruit.

[insert 10-minute break to watch "Persimmon Diet" -- Margaret Cho, bodily functions, and most of the humor is in her facial expressions]

So I boil up a kettle of water and brew some very strong black tea. Then I chop up some persimmons and put them in. The tea gets fruity, the fruit gets tea-y. I added some cinnamon this time. A pitcher lasts me a few days in the refrigerator. I don't recommend using persimmons that are too ripe, because that leads to a pulpy tea. The ones that are firm enough to stay in neat slices are the ones.

The NaNoWriMo "NaNo-isms" forum is for quoting hilarious things found in one's drafts. At some point, "permapermissions" (to quote the hilarity elsewhere) became "permapersimmons".

So this is permapercinnamon tea. Tasty.
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I'm still figuring out my process here, but I thought I should document, for myself, the potential edification of others, and assorted envy from [personal profile] tajasel and [personal profile] rising. ;)

2 potatoes
Frying oil (my preferred is bacon)
Spices (my preferred: Montreal Steak Seasoning, dill, bacon salt, TJ's Fajita mix)
Spare cheese (what was lying around in my refrigerator turned out to be chevre with savory herbs and spicy marinated mozzarella)
Hamburger (I had 3/8lb on hand)
Gravy (I had Trader Joe's turkey gravy)

Slowly fry potatoes in nonstick frying pan with oil and spices frywise.
When fries are getting closer to done, season both sides of the ball of meat with the Montreal Steak Seasoning, and spread it as flat as you can get it in the pan.
By the time both fries and meat are done, you should have scared up a vessel to put them in. That Corelle shallow pie plate looks handy!
If you were thinking faster, you'd have already heated up the gravy. Oh well. Heat it now in that convenient frying pan.
While the gravy is warming up, liberate some cheese. Check the expiration dates. It's not cheese curd, but it should be all right. Put on top of meat and fries.
Once the gravy has started to demonstrate convection patterns in the pan, with a few bubbles, pour it overtop the fries and cheese.
Decant some of the gravy for the next batch. Oh, foresight.
Devour while watching MythBusters.
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2:33 PM 7/27/2010
Today I am recovering from the week of dogsitting, having a bit too much soda, to cope with the sore throat that comes as a result of having inhaled a bit of pizza and the uncontrollable coughing to dislodge the thing from one's lungs. I'm also doing random administrative/housekeeping things, and waiting to see if my aunt is up for a walk later.

5:17 PM 7/27/2010
(later) Looks like no walk with aunt today. Alas!

6:47 PM 7/27/2010
Cheerful knitting chatter in #dreamwidth tonight. Sinister ducks. Having demolished ... oh dear, the better part of two liters of Dr. Pepper ... I have switched to ginger beer. (The soda thing is not particularly normal for me, but at least the sore throat is feeling better now. Pro tip: avoid inhaling your pizza, it leads to coughing, and coughing leads to sore throats.)

1:36 PM 7/28/2010
Don't argue with an ibex. Ever. I don't know if he's what you call a professional, but... just don't. It sounds like he's trying to get a good take with him discoursing with the ibex, but it's just not working out very well. (The comments to most supposed English "translations" say that it's political questions, and that the "translation" is meant as funny but don't mention that they're joke translations rather than real ones.)

4:03 PM 7/29/2010
Last night's recipe was caused by too many mushrooms and a sudden hunger.
Recipe! )

Today so far: woke up after a nice 8 hours of sleep, did Farmers' Market stuff with aunt, went to Target, went to Trader Joe's. Got a few frozen meals based on the concept that if I like them, I can look up recipes for them, because I've been curious (various curries) but if not, then I won't have gone to the trouble of cooking. (Cooking and I have a mixed relationship until I know a recipe well enough to do it effortlessly.) Got fruit. :D :D :D Eating leftover fruit from last time.

I have been suddenly consumed with the mental image of Temeraire attempting to add some glittery popstar to his horde (or to his crew) based on the sparkliness. This of course is an amazingly OOC AU sort of crackfic bunny.

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4:48 PM 4/28/2010
This has been earworming me for the past little while, due to it being featured on the radio so much:
One Eskimo, "Kandi" Lyrics

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4:50 PM 4/28/2010
Baking bacon. JD got hailstones and I didn't. JD says I should bring over some bacon. :D

10:06 AM 4/29/2010
Dinner last night involved artichokes. Since I was cooking them, I figured I might as well write down my recipe. It's here: Artichokes for the Terrified: Boiling
Anyone who has another preferred recipe can feel free to do other parts of the series if they feel up to it.

1:06 PM 4/29/2010
I won at Farmer's Market again. Half a dozen eggs ("Getting a dozen is cheaper!" the helpful lady told me. "They last for weeks!" "I might not use all these by then," I said ruefully. I got half a dozen last time, only managed to use four, and then when I tested the remaining two the other day, they floated in fresh cold water. D: Soooo time for new eggs.), three baskets of strawberries, two pounds of sugar snap peas (the kind JD does not like unless the delicious pods are stripped from them), some mandarin oranges, a miniature lava cake, and kettle corn.

I agree with [personal profile] rydra_wong that perhaps there should be a comm for sharing what one's winnings from this game are this week.

3:24 AM 4/30/2010
SPN spoiley,ish
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11:53 AM 4/30/2010
There's a call out for LiveJournal beta testers:
It can be very fun to poke and try and break stuff, and poke and see if stuff still works right.

Quote/earworm: WAR IS A SCIENCE )

2:31 PM 4/30/2010
Looks like ProPay pulled a PayPal on Literary Underworld:

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4:26 PM 4/30/2010
5a) It is inconceivable that, in 100,000 years, absolutely no humans developed Neanderthal fetishes.
Not Up to the Task, a Sailor Jim short on time travel.
There's discussion going on in parts of the greater pagan community about an ethics statement in which sexual abusers attempting to shelter their abuse under a sex-positive pagan umbrella are kicked to the curb. Because we don't roll that way, yo.

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Horribly scary weeping angel icon can be found here. Seriously, I had to scroll up so I can stand to still have that page open. Those things made quite the impression on me.

1:28 PM 5/1/2010
My hobby is sometimes very interesting.

Last night's shopping )

Stuff was carried up. Due to actual parking, I could hang out for a bit, and thus we watched Mythbusters "No Pain, No Gain" as Tif put stuff away. This was the episode I'd tried to volunteer for. Sanjay their medic got some screen time!!!! He is *awesome*, even from just the five minutes I got to interact with him while being screened out from volunteering.

Due to cryptic statements on Twitter in the days leading up to the volunteering, I actually had a good idea of what was in store for the volunteers. Spoilers. )

One of my LJ associates volunteered, and did go through the whole rigamarole, but (alas!) they didn't use her footage in the actual episode.

It was still amazingly fun to watch, knowing that I had a tiny part in the whole thing.

And happy Beltane!

DOT DOT DOT. I will NOT have sex with @jonathancoulton today. @donttrythis Great. I guess this new Jamie Hyneman mask was a complete waste of money.
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[This time, the secret meaning to the "bomb tech" icon is that I need a proper Mythbusters/explosions icon. Though I suppose the XKCD Bad Idea icon comes close.]

7:04 AM 4/18/2010
Have joined [community profile] bunny_support, though mine come in CRACKY FLOCKS sometimes.

7:15 AM 4/18/2010
Okay, I have no idea what these little gummy things are, but they're not actually penguins. See, penguins do have eyes, and little stubby wings, and feet, and cute little bellies, but penguins have *a beak*. They do not have a nose and a great big smile. Perhaps it's time for another bewildered letter about accuracy in packaging.

They're sweeter than your average gummy bear.

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6:12 AM 4/19/2010
Some crankiness kicked off by reading
crankiness )

10:23 AM 4/19/2010
Writing an author's note in the form of a FAQ file for the back of Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor, Read more... )

12:25 PM 4/19/2010
Located fascinating comm. Introduced myself. Introduced lubenotlube. Pulled some of the examples found there and put them into the base.

Crankiness continued. )

1:22 PM 4/19/2010
(edited for relevant and context)

[13:22] thewhiteowl>
[13:22] thewhiteowl> don't try this at home, kids
[13:31] Azz> oh dear, now I have this mental image of Adam Savage (@donttrythis) trying to write with one of those (in silver, on blue paper).
[13:31] exor674> Azz: while on fire?
[13:32] Azz> while on fire.
[13:33] Azz> (the marker on fire, not Adam)
[13:33] exor674> aw but flaming adams sound fun
[13:34] Azz> one might get a flaming Adam *from* that, but he wouldn't start out on fire, the marker would.
[13:35] thewhiteowl> 'flaming Adams' makes me think of Adam Lambert
[13:37] SporkyRat> Owl: He's def. flaming.
[13:37] Azz> ... great, now I have an AU in my head where Adam Lambert is the Mythbuster, and Adam Savage is the Idol.
[13:38] Azz> THANKS GUYS.
[13:38] sofiaviolet> Azz: I love your brain.
[13:40] Azz> and Mythbuster!Lambert is famous for setting stuff on fire (flaming in more than one way!) and Idol!Savage loves pyrotechnics...

7:24 PM 4/19/2010

8:45 PM 4/19/2010
Also freedom of religion in the US, oh ha ha ha:

7:59 AM 4/20/2010

8:35 AM 4/20/2010
[personal profile] ase has has invented a hilarious game called "Beat the Bus".

8:57 AM 4/20/2010
Safe-To-Eat Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

2:23 PM 4/20/2010
Today has been caffeine and various forms of housework.

11:27 PM 4/20/2010
I managed to escape the wrath of JD and Teshypants by not actually singing aloud to the episode, since it was all Madonna songs, which means I had a fighting chance of having them memorized. (And when they switched up the arrangement and had different lyrics in different places, it tripped me up.) So I was lip-synching, with full diapragm action. The result? HIGH AS A FUCKING KITE MAN. (OH GOD I THINK I'M FALLING / OUT OF THE SKY / I CLOSE MY EYES / HEAVEN HELP ME...)

So wouldn't it be hilarious to dance a first dance with $spouse at your wedding to "Like A Virgin"? :D :D :D :D (oh Connie, get out of my head, sweetie, your squee is sometimes not helpful.) (that's does-not-exist-in-this-universe Connie, not [ profile] intrepia, heh. :-P )

Beef Stew

2/8/09 15:21
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Yesterday, I made beef stew to share with JD and Teshypants. I wrote up the recipe to share it with the internet and [community profile] boilingwater.

I have leftovers. Hooray!
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I got an e-mail from [ profile] xinef with a recipe exchange. The idea of the e-mail exchange is a nice benign small pyramid scheme of recipes, although unlike the traditional pyramid scheme it doesn't actually entail laying out cash.

Since I have moved away from e-mail as a mass communication tool, it strikes me that this is a great LJ meme, and one can also play link hopscotch if one links back and forth to entries. So. Adapting from the original e-mail rules:

  1. Share a recipe with your friends list. It should be something quick and easy and without rare ingredients; ideally, it should be something you already know by heart because you've made it often enough. If you're comfortable doing so, post public.

  2. Post a link to the entry where you ran into the meme.

  3. In the comments to the entry where you ran into the meme, share your recipe and link to the entry where you share it with your friends list.

  4. Invite your friends to share their quick and easy recipes.

  5. Explore the recipes posted in the comments to your friends' journals as well as those in your own.

The following is an upgrade to canned soup. Not swanky by any means (and definitely not kosher!), but it's tasty and quick.

Bean With Bacon Soup (upgraded)
1 small can Bean with Bacon soup
1-3 slices cheddar cheese
Your favorite kind of sausage or similar meat (I prefer summer sausage; I've used pepperoni or ham), a few slices
(optional) Tabasco sauce
Bread or your favorite kind of crackers

Dice meat.
Slice or grate cheese.
Heat soup, meat, and cheese until soup is hot and cheese is melted.
Sprinkle with dill.
Add Tabasco sauce to taste.
Serve with bread or crackers.

Serves 2, or 1 very hungry person.
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I started off with this recipe, but made some modifications: doubling the chicken-and-asparagus to pasta ratio, with less salt, fresh pressed garlic only rather than powder (we didn't have any), whole wheat penne, using chicken thighs instead of breasts (it was half the price), and with a splash of white wine in with the asparagus.

Resulting recipe: )

Rave reviews means we'll have it again, I think. This served 6 with one or two servings of leftovers. (The extra 2 were because [ profile] raranax had some friends over for a game.)
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My cousin and I are toying with the idea of making bacon ice cream. Possible limiting factors include:

My aunt will not be all about that
There is no ice-cream maker
There is not much room in the freezer
The original recipe my cousin was thinking of has vanished from the forum it was in
I have never made ice cream before as one of the cooks

However, there is bacon, we have recipes, and we are resourceful.

If bacon ice cream happens, there will be pictures, and since I suspect [ profile] tupshin would take a dim view of these things happening in his jurisdiction without sharing in the bounties, we'd have to save some and schedule a visit to LJ Central.
azurelunatic: A glittery black pin badge with a blue holographic star in the middle. (Default) -- this cake looks good and has not got flour.

If you haven't already, please go vote in the [ profile] lj_election_en election; there's about an hour left at this point. [ profile] legomymalfoy got a death threat. This upsets me. I'm sure that proper channels are being followed to deal with this, and it had better be some random kook stirred up by all this mess, but omgwtf.

To lighten the mood and bring the sanity level back near something OK:

LJ Fudge

14/3/07 23:13
azurelunatic: "Food Pr0n", cherries.  (food pr0n)
6 cups sugar.
3 sticks butter (real, not just bread lube).
12 oz can of evaporated milk.
Boil these until it hits 234°F or thereabouts.
Promptly realize that you have not yet broken the Trader Joe's 70% pound plus bar (what's left of it after the schadenfreude pie) into pieces. Panic, do so, stir vigorously until the stove is spattered but the chocolate is really and truly dissolved and melted.
Notice that the fudge is starting to fudge.
Stir in two jars of marshmallow fluff, even if they have been sitting around for a few months and have started to separate.
Stir until almost completely mixed, but not entirely, as it still retains pretty swirlies.
Leave a few minutes. The fudge will have started to become fudgey and stiff. Use tip of spoon to press a pencil design into the middle of the swirl.
Leave covered at room temperature overnight.

Share with Abuse team. Devour.
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I went to bed at nearly 6 in the morning, due to staying out late and related matters of Mountain Dew, and then just not going to bed. I got up correspondingly late, only slightly after noon.

Once I was dressed, I contacted the Blonder Half. He was cranky, due to staying up Too Late the night before also. (I was sort of expecting this, given that his dad said he was Out With Friends when I called Saturday night.) We talked for a little while, then Darkside sought Naptime. Darkside has dibs on my weekends, but once he's exercised his dibs, it's all fair game.

So when [ profile] myrrhianna mentioned that she had stuff to take to Goodwill and no practical way to get it there, I bounced at the chance to get Out and Do Something with a friend, and eventually made my way over there. The drop-off was really simple and quick. And since it would be a shame to waste a good Day Out, and [ profile] myrrhianna does not have skill points in grocery shopping, I dragged her to Trader Joe's with me. Fun was had. I wound up getting plants as well as assorted juice. [ profile] hcolleen now has a potted heather plant sitting in her under-bed cave. I have miniature roses (again), and I'm going to bring one of them to work with me; maybe I'll have better luck there.

We went back to her place and I got to meet the cats. We gossiped cats, and then cattiness, and then I made the mistake of attempting to pick up Nibiki-chan. An antibacterial wipe and some blotting with tissue later, I admitted that perhaps when someone tells me that attempting to hold a half-feral cat with sharp claws, a cat who believes that anytime is a good time for good fun, is not a good idea, perhaps I should heed this warning. I think I'm too used to very mellow cats armed with butter knives. And is it not written, "Touch not the cat [without] a glove"?

I went in a homeward direction around that point, and was all set to make us some meatloaf, until I discovered that the meat I'd gotten for meatloaf had decided to have other plans. When you stick a sharp thing into the plastic-wrapped log of meat, and hear sounds more often associated with the opening of a carbonated beverage, that meat had better not be used for meatloaf. So I went and got more meat. And since I was mightily distracted throughout the whole performance, I returned with not only meat, but other random foods and objects.

I talked with [ profile] amberfox. That was fun.

Meatloaf was accomplished at length, though it did take a rather long time in the baking. This version is somewhat experimental, given that I've never cooked with ketchup like this before.

Meatloaf. )

Other than the covering part and the ketchup-in-the-loaf part, this is the recipe I've been making for ... well, it is years at this point, now. The vegetables were an innovation that happened in the "I won't eat my vegetables!" phase of my virtual nephew, the Little Fayoumis. I figured that it didn't matter whether the vegetables were in or out of the meatloaf, since they were going to be cooked to death anyway, and he might as well get them on the sly so it would happen without a fight. (Then I discovered the wisdom of serving the salad course first, and letting him eat his raw carrots with ketchup as well as ranch, and we never had a fight about vegetables again.)
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Propz to that hilarious icon of [ profile] grifyn's for the subject. I adore that icon.

My Headphones of Oblivion are doing their job nicely, I think. I have Pandora on. Firehose’s “Locked In” sounds like R.E.M. from their early years.

I crunch on ice because it has negative calories and fits the bill for a crunchy snack. Don'’t look at me that way. It’'s soft ice. Just as loud as chips, and better for me.

What am I doing, finding crap in here? All this should already be completely troubleshot. I should not have to go through and find these things. Just not on. OK Go’'s "“A Good Idea At The Time"” is my high school years, I think. I have a new favorite-listed band.

I might have logtime nailed. Then, I might not. I've been writing things between queries. The note about the nightmare drew out tears, which means it was right on. I had to write out quite a lot before I got anything coherent.

It's nice having dinner. It worked really well with the frozen chicken-and-rice. I should do that more often. That'll mean cooking every now and then, but that's a very simple recipe that works like crazy-good, and freezes well.

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