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Saturday: very quiet, stayed at home, a certain amount of chat with partner.

Sunday: went to my aunt's to gossip and watch GBBO and Frasier. This was put on pause when Infamous Cousin, his girlfriend, and two friends showed up to pick up Boat.

Boat is a dog. She's a German Shepherd (perhaps a mix?) with one constantly upward-pointed ear and one ear that mostly flops but sometimes flaps and points when she's doing radar-ears about something. She is 70 pounds of complete love, love that wants to hug you without your permission and share your peanut butter. She's also dog-reactive, got separation anxiety, and has recently learned how to climb 8 foot wooden fences. (Her rear legs were off the ground and front legs were over the top, according to my aunt.)

My aunt very much misses the poodle.

Monday: also quiet, wrestling with sleep schedule and preparing for Fishie's visit and chatter with partner (always). Plus some undignified laboratory homework.


Today: whooooo boy. Aforementioned lab drop-off, then I picked up [personal profile] quartzpebble and we went all the way out to the back of beyond to talk with the sleep neurologist who wasn't Dr. Asshole.

Appointment went okay. This doctor wasn't at all sure what to do with a patient whose depression is rapidly and *extremely* worsened by sleep deprivation (she inquired with some urgent concern whether I was feeling like that now, as she'd have to report that; I was not; she recommended that I see my psych crew to get that taken care of, which MISSED THE POINT ENTIRELY, that if I follow her instructions I'd probably need to be taken inpatient, and if I don't try to fuck with my sleep schedule, I'm pretty much all right except pretty fucking disabled due to the level of difficulty I have maintaining a modern business type schedule), and whose AD(H)D interferes with any and all "sleep hygiene" things that amount to "just get fantastically bored and you'll go to sleep", and whose budget does not presently include a CPAP. (Also, the mouth appliance thing costs more than a CPAP, and stuff in my mouth when I sleep is a hard limit after the misadventures of 1996/1997.) And there's some advice (not all of which can be followed and keep me sane), and there's a CBT class (cognitive behaviour therapy, not the other one), the contents of which I will be running past my Top and perhaps also my morail, as they are among the safeguards against me putting stuff in my head which needs to not be in there.

I only cried a little.

Soooooooo... compared to the appointment with Dr. Asshole, this went astonishingly well.

F and I had a few misadventures in finding a place for food. We settled on a diner. Lumpy's was closed already, since it was a Tuesday. Digger's was astonishingly difficult to find. I refueled, then we finally located it. The sign is not night-friendly, and very stylized.

Food was good. One of the great things about a diner that plays oldies and classic rock -- very little chance of getting the Wham!

The drive back was pretty much uneventful. Except now [personal profile] quartzpebble smells enough like Purple that I kept getting the "Oh, there's Purple!" pings in my brain. THIS IS WEIRD.

My partner called when I was on the way home, and we talked about stuff. Logistics for some things are difficult.

I talk to my (prescribing) psych tomorrow, and I'll probably poke Purple for dinner. Whee!

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Jul. 5th, 2015 12:08 pm
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Yay family!

This weekend has involved some pretty wacky sleep schedule things, although I have also managed to catch up somewhat on dishes, take out some trash, do some laundry, get a little bit of vacuuming in, and modify a skirt which really required a slit up the side in order to be wearable.

There was also the S-themed family dinner, featuring Guide Dog Aunt, Woodworking Uncle (who has located a distinguishing hobby in addition to the fishing, skiing, and tangoing), Tay, Tay's Young Man, and a cameo appearance of Infamous Cousin. The poodle and Sharkface also attended, with the guinea pig wheeping from his enclosure. The menu wound up including, among other things: salmon, strawberries, sourdough, soft cheese and savory snacks, squash, salad, soba salad, and satsuma marmalade. (No soft meat crowns.)

Since dinner involved cooked salmon, Infamous Cousin scrammed before it went in the oven, but not before happily bonding a bit with Tay's Young Man about delicious sushi.

Tay has been back in town about a week, and is happy to have hit at least the end of tomato season, though sad to have missed the local avocados.

I realized that Tay has not yet met JD and Teshi! At some point we must fix this. I also mentioned that a few of my #cupcake crowd from work are musical and it would be nifty if they happened to get along with the musical members of my family. Purple is a synthesizer kind of guy. phone does computer stuff and plays live bass. At this, Tay's Young Man did a bit of a double-take. Apparently there are not that many people in the world who go by phone. They are vaguely acquainted. And I realized that I sort of register #cupcake as family now.

Guide Dog Aunt let in Sharkface, who was very happy to see everyone. Since everyone did not make much of her (as we'd been warned) she kenneled up and settled down quickly. After a while she came out and flopped on her mat next to the couch.

The evening's entertainment, after dinner, was baking crackers. Guide Dog Aunt had mixed up the dough before dinner, but hadn't prepared all of them by dinner time. So there were shenanigans involving the pasta-roller, which is also useful for crackers. I sang the roller song, which surprised Tay. (There are a lot of little songs from our childhood, and shared context makes them hilarious. Perhaps I will get around to recording some of them at some point, just for history's sake.)

Sharkface decided that my hand was delicious and licked me and my cardigan sleeve all over. Sharkface is a guide dog puppy. This means that her come-when-called is a little different from most dogs. Most dogs will stand in front of you and look at you expectantly. A guide dog needs to do something else to make sure that their person will realize they're present and waiting. A guide dog sticks their head between their person's knees, generally. One of the things that Sharkface will grow out of is the tendency to wallop people in the crotch a little bit. This head-knee training also sometimes results in a phenomenon that Guide Dog Aunt calls "up-skirt nosing". That was about when Sharkface decided that the backs of my knees were delicious. Since she was not sharktoothing me, this was fine, if tickly.

Next time there will be another lettered theme, which should be delightfully wacky. At some point I'm to hang out with Tay and Tay's Young Man up in the city. He'll let me know when they're playing the tavern, also.
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Work was work, and scheduling rooms in Outlook still sucks.

My aunt invited me over for bomb-testing the guide dog puppy. Sharkface is still adorbs; Sharkface is indifferent to the bright lights, but the loud noises had her quite determined to Be Elsewhere. Not in a particularly rude or noisy way, but she was trying to Hide Behind and mostly Leave. Which is a sensible reaction.

The neighbors came over with sparklers, which are the new and sort of wimpy kind that involve less red-hot metal and more difficulty in lighting. My aunt had gadget envy over the neighbors' nice long bbq lighter.

Before that, R had proposed Happy Hour with some of the guys. After figuring out what that meant in terms of timing and placing, I was amenable. It wound up being R, the Other Guy, Purple, me, and the Tennis Manager, an old buddy of most of the rest of the gang who was fairly recently promoted. The Tennis Manager showed up more than an hour after everyone else, manager-time being what it sometimes is. The Other Guy has some more things to not google. (Purple and I are the people who know about Horrible Things From The Internet. The Other Guy is the one who we tell to not google it. R is happier not even knowing. Sometimes Purple knows terms that I don't, but usually when I google them, I knew about the concept but not that name.) R shared pictures from her trip to Canada to hike on glaciers. Purple and I made terrible jokes and jostled each other in mock protest.

If I do hit up the Berkeley shenanigans tomorrow, I'll text R, who will be there with a friend who has Small Children.

My aunt had a bag of cherries for me. Om nom nom.

There is a bag of peanut butter eggs lurking on the little shelf by the comfy chair. I am ignoring it for now, although I am curious where the next one (I assume there may be a next one) will show up. It will be a fun search!

It's rare that I'm able to use Ev's Mom as the good example anywhere, but in the case of Andythanfiction, Ev's mom is the good example (I think). Mostly because Ev's mom doesn't seem interested in starting a cult and scamming the whole damn internet, just controlling her whole family.


May. 26th, 2014 12:26 am
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So Guide Dog Aunt took Deacon for his last trip to the vet last spring. It has been very quiet, and rather lab-less, around her place since then.

Meet Kit, aka Sharkface.

Sharkface is a female black lab guide dog puppy, currently about 35 pounds, with her feet currently nearly in proportion to the rest of her. She has hobbies that include wagging her tail, upskirt nosing, launching herself face-first into people who stare at her and coo about what a good little puppy she is, chewing on things including rope, rawhide chews (hers and the poodle's), hair, and cane tips. Also she occasionally makes a noise that is close enough to a meow to utterly delight and confound my aunt.

The poodle is jealous and will steal her rawhide chews given the opportunity.
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Apr. 17th, 2013 12:20 am
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It's been a bit of a rough patch.

My aunt's wonderful old black lab Deacon, who had been raised as a guide dog puppy but washed out due to cataracts, had his final vet visit last week. Before spending time around him, I'd had a phobia of dogs entirely justified by spending my childhood in Alaska with lots of part-wolf sled dogs that might accidentally eat a small child. He was a good dog.

It's actually amazingly hard to get your hands on the same bit of reliable consumer electronics over the course of a few years. This I learned when I tried to replace my lost bluetooth headset. It turns out that the Plantronics headset with the little loop on the speaker fits my ear, when the Jawbone unit with a similar loop does not. This is because the Plantronics loop is flexible, and the Jawbone one is mostly rigid. The process of trying to track down the device that I wanted involved two retail outlets and an inordinate hold time. Also, I am not willing to compromise on the requirement for voice dialing. My phone allows voice dialing, so all the headset has to do is to get out of the way. You'd think that this would not be an esoteric requirement.

I would like to go to YAPC:NA, but I have yet to figure out for sure if I can. This was the particular thing last night that led to some notable moments of woe. I had let myself get my hopes up, you see, and then reality in the form of my budget intruded.

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I hate my stupid hormones, which caused me to entirely delaminate for a while last night until Pandora played my song, which convinced me that maybe the whole universe was not entirely horrible, and then I did nice things for myself to aid in recovery.

I dropped by my aunt's tonight, to see how she was doing and let her borrow the book I'd just got done with. My aunt was glad to see me, and my thought that the book would be better sooner rather than later was spot on. She has been re-reading Pterry. I left her a few author recommendations as well. Macdonald Hall, anyone?

Tomorrow morning, early-ish, I have a meeting with the devs building the thing that I swear at more loudly and less frequently. We have a list of demands asks entirely reasonable requests. They have provided labor estimates. Based on the actual woe, the labor estimates, an assumption of the hours of labor we're going to get, and some very valid questions, I have sorted the list thus:

Red: Priority 1
Yellow: Stretch goal
Blue checkered: What the blue-checkered fuck

Some of the blue-checkered items are also red.


Dec. 27th, 2012 03:43 am
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I worked on the Solstice, as I was half expecting (there was stuff that needed doing), and then went on semi-Epic Shopping with Tif, which was fun although exhausting as usual. I crocheted on a project that I was trying to finish in time.

I proceeded to sleep through most of Saturday and Sunday, having done something to my left hip that it did not appreciate at all.

Guide Dog Aunt proposed dinner & games on Monday, with my Infamous Cousin; that was fun. My cousin updates us: "We wasted $20 of silicone putty because it dried too quickly." Alas. Deacon is getting older and creakier; he no longer so much lies down as positions himself over the target spot and collapses, as his rear end has mostly gone out. Sometimes the poodle is in the target spot. My aunt has a goldfish and a guinea pig too now. My aunt has the printout version of Cards Against Humanity, and the holiday pack now too. I crocheted; I did not finish in time, alas. The Wheel of the Year turns...

Tuesday was quiet, and I continued attempting to sleep off the ow. Played phone tag with my parents a bit. At length I limped off to see the Hobbit.

Wednesday (today by my reckoning, as I haven't slept yet) I was back to work, though my sleep was crappy and interrupted. I put a hot rice bag on my fucking hip, which straightened it right out. About fucking time, and I should have done that on Saturday at the first peep of trouble. Then I went off to [personal profile] emceeaich and [personal profile] cynthia1960's open house by way of Trader Joe's. That was enjoyable. There were games. I crocheted. We watched the Dr. Who Christmas special, with many comments from the peanut gallery.

My spoilishly favorite. )

After that, I headed to work, whereupon I found out that there is a Problem involving the system I'm supposed to access, and my access to it. I have one last idea which may solve everything, but for now I've filed tickets with both of the places that could have input into fixing things, depending on exactly what is b0rked on the back end. Woo.

Thursday and Friday, I shall be tucking in loose ends at work to prepare for the first two weeks of January, when I'm Out Of Office, Really.
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Azz: Aaa horking poodle :(
voksen: my dog horked at the park last week
voksen: it was gross
Azz: Bark bark blue dog, have you any shit? Yes, miss, yes, miss: three bags of it.
HopefulNebula: Yep. That's about it.
Azz: One by the staircase, one by the tree. One that I shat while you ran from that bee.
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Friday, November 26:
So I was rushing home from Thanksgiving (with sleepy dogs) because I did need to get some sleep before Black Friday. I got enough to basically keep me safe, and then I was dressed, awake, way too fucking perky, and off to pick up Tif. I realized (just in time, before going to bed) that my earlier plans to wake up at 4am were bad, because I would have to pick her up at 4am. Woops. So I got up at ... it may have been 3:30? And we were off to a Black Friday sale where she'd located an external hard drive that she'd been keeping her eye on for some months, at a 50% discount.

We got there, and there was an epic, epic line, wrapping around the building. It was rather fucking chilly out. We chattered about this and that. She was concerned lest the drives get sold out. I was poking at my phone, and shared an important bit of intelligence: that I was only the third person to check into Foursquare there, which was not a certain thing, but a general indication of the tech level of the line. Tif was amused, as this was the first time Foursquare had been useful for her.

When we got in, she located the drive just fine. We were about to go out, but I said I wanted to poke around. I located a display of promising-looking electronics, and had an instant moral dilemma. It was within the little stretch of my budget, and would provide me with a substantial amount of entertainment for some time. So I did wind up getting myself a tiny, portable-sized, TV.

The crowd was actually not as screamingly horrific as I would have thought. There were a bunch of people, but I was propped up on caffeine and nervous energy, and they weren't pushing or screaming or broadcasting bad vibes, so I was able to go with the flow and not become hypervigilant. And then we headed home.

The rest of the day was split between napping, seeing to the dogs, and various internetty pursuits, including the watching of old MythBusters episodes (hooray for Netflix).

I went to bed at a decent hour, but to find the poodle in the bed where I was supposed to be. I ousted the poodle. He looked affronted, then trotted upstairs.

I was well on my way to sleep within ten minutes, which was about the time the poodle saw, heard, smelled, or telepathically felt something, and decided that it was worthy of a full-on barking explosion of panic. I leaped from the bed, aware that I did not have a bonky flashlight to hurt anything with, and feeling this lack keenly. Only when I was in the entry hall looking about me with general panic for a possible intruder did it occur to me that why yes, Mr. Poodle often does just randomly explode for reasons like a cat walking through the yard.

Mr. Poodle came tearing downstairs, saw me, started smiling, and then came over and WAGGED AT MY BED.

I cannot suspect Mr. Poodle of pretending to freak out for the sole purpose of waking me up, but I would not put it past him to work himself up into a tizzy on purpose.

Saturday, November 27
It rained. The dogs were not sure what to make of me writing vigorously like that.

I drank something very, very blue:

A can of blue Tilt, and a coffee cup with a small amount of virulently blue liquid at the bottom, and several blue stain rings on the inside.

Sunday, November 28
I may have been hung over from the blue stuff. My aunt and uncle came home, with relatives in tow. I escaped back home quietly. My word count was not so good. I did, however, set my hair on fire a little bit.

Monday, November 29

Tuesday, November 30
I already covered that chaos. Hot damn.
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10/20/2010 Wednesday
Spirit day! I changed my Twitter avatar to the purple version, and made a purple version of my Facebook face too. I changed my LJ and DW defaults to my "Queer as a $3 Bill" icon, which is an old favorite of mine. I got the concept, and then I had to track down an appropriate $3 bill image. The one I found that was workable was very nice on the bill art -- but it had a Michael Jackson picture. *sigh* So I cropped it so the face wasn't part of it, and gave it a nice pink-through-purple rainbow effect in the GIMP.

I changed my icons up because I did not actually wind up venturing forth that day into places where I could be seen by other people, but my icons are all over the internet.

8:22 AM 10/23/2010
It's cool enough this morning that I slept almost 10 hours, and I turned the fireplace on, upon getting up. And since Google appears to not have the version we sang in the Shapenote group in Fairbanks:

His hoary frost, his fleecy snow,
Descend and clothe the ground;
The liquid streams forbear to flow,
In icy fetters bound.
(It amused some of us young punks to sing "sweaters" instead of "fetters.)


He sends his word and melts the snow,
The fields no longer mourn;
He calls the warmer gales to blow,
And bids the spring return.

Now, the other verses were either absent, or deemed not appropriate for Alaska, so our group wrote some new ones. These were written in the mid-90s, the collective effort of the Fairbanks Hidden Hill Shapenote singers.
The mud descends and covers all,
The ice drips from the eave,
The rivers thaw and flow once more,
And daylight we receive.

The sun doth shine both night and day,
Earth's green mantle springs forth,
But God decrees that night must come,
And cold creeps from the North.
And from there we proceed into the first verse again.


In which [personal profile] elf goes line by line through Elizabeth Moon's screed, pointing out the problems as she goes: http://elf.dreamwidth.org/362415.html (There are some sections which are snipped, "someone with more formal scholarship can explain where she scrambled those parts".)

11:07 PM 10/23/2010
Today: dogsitting. This included my aunt locating [livejournal.com profile] raranax's David Bowie wig, and us taking photos of it on both dogs.

There is a limit to the things that Mr. Poodle will put up with. on Twitpic

Lab much calmer about David Bowie cosplay. on Twitpic
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8:06 AM 9/3/2010
Apparently I've been having more undocumented days than usual! Let us reconstruct, then.

My sleep schedule has been absolute ass, after getting sick, and things have not been improving it much.

Aunt-Fayoumis visited over the weekend of the 28th and 29th, and it was very nice to see her.

Tuesday the 31st, r69 came out, with its complement of general upsetness. I had a phone interview, resulting in an in-person interview for the 9th. r69 wound up dominating my friends page and therefore my brain.

So on Wednesday there was a Silicon Valley Google Technology Users' Group meetup at the Googleplex. I picked up Tif (which had its own set of hilarity, because it's a new office and the directions assume that one is going to park in the garage, not pull into the dropoff zone, which is in the opposite direction at the final turn), and we arrived in time to partake of dinner and do a bit of chattering with various folks there. They have you say OK to an NDA before they print your visitor badge sticker. Just in case you should happen on something interesting while visiting. Campus is lovely, buildings are nice; this is the future workplace we were promised. Complete with the ability to flop down on the floor and let someone run a wooden train set over your head as you process that random thing. Also there was hilariously geeky graffiti on the cardboard part of the buttgasket box in the lobby bathroom. Someone had scratched out the "protection" part of "provided by the management for your protection", and wrote in "Paranoia". Someone else commented, "Paranoid Android?" Yet a third person commented about that pain in the diodes...

After that, Tif and I did Target. Target: still not a playground!

My sleep schedule is fucking up on me again. Thursday was a wash, aside from the farmers' market. Friday was a Shopping Day, and picking up Tif was an Adventure -- traffic across the bridge is worse Fridays, apparently, but that was OK. We did IKEA, some random office place (and we learned that now all three of us: me, JD, and now Tif as well) have compatible chargers, so now we can line up based on whose device has the lowest battery whenever we get to someone's home or someone's car or someone's laptop. I was Made of Ow by the end of it.

Saturday involved my aunt's dog training endeavors. Not much to say about that -- there was some dog silliness, and the dogs were doing loops around two folding chairs. My uncle is re-painting. The computer room downstairs is this offwhite color that tends in the direction of pink. That room's just about done. Last I heard, he was doing Cousin the Younger's room, and then Cousin the Elder's room will be next.

My aunt wanted to have a nice walk, but I was falling on my face asleep, so I went home and crashed.
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3:01 PM 7/31/2010
Was alerted to [personal profile] heresluck's Translations from the feline: the flying mouse affair in IRC by [personal profile] synecdochic. Hilarity abounds.

Next stop: my aunt's, to see Deacon's new trick, and to check in pre-dogsitting. I am a good last-minute dogsitter.

12:19 AM 8/1/2010
Had a lovely evening with aunt & uncle. Dressed up a bit before heading over there, with my new belt and eyeshadow. The occasion was: I have a new belt! also eyeshadow! We are easily amused. I was not as made of ow as I thought I would be from when I woke up in the middle of the night and needed my cane to actually walk to the bathroom (I tucked it into bed next to me after that fun discovery). I should be back to normal tomorrow.

Saw Deacon's new trick (fetch-the-scent-cannister), gently overhauled the business cards, chattered away, had dinner, chattered more, and watched two episodes of MythBusters off Netflix-on-the-computer.

Now, having finished reading what the internet was up to in my absence, I'm for bed.

Dog update

Jul. 27th, 2010 10:28 am
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I got a very reassuring email this morning.
They did x-rays that showed no bone tumor (which the dr. was pleasantly surprised about, considering the amount of pain and acute onset). There was mild hip dysplasia and evidence of inflammation. He felt it was probably due to a severe sprain of the major ligaments, treatment being rest, narcotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Last night Cody was pretty wobbly- not putting any weight on the right back leg, and stumbling badly with the other legs (probably due to the sedative given for the x-ray), and very out of it. He didn't even wag his tail when he saw us. It was pretty disconcerting. This morning he is much better, even tried to jump when I fed him breakfast.

azurelunatic: Rock in the sea, captioned "stationed forever on a far-distant rock" (Housewife's Lament)
Today was entertaining! I had been dogsitting since Wednesday, for the same couple I've been sitting for off and on since May -- their kid went to school with my youngest cousin (the little brother of my AWESOME cousin). They have an elderly black lab mix, and a brace of invisible cats. Sunday afternoon, the dog started favoring a leg -- but as soon as I grabbed the leash, he was acting all perky again. But dinnertime rolled around, and he didn't even want to go outside to pee. I didn't push the issue, just curled up in bed and waited until I heard him click-clacking over the kitchen floor to get up and offer the open door. And then in the morning, he was still curled up on the floor next to my bed, and didn't cross the kitchen floor heard the food hit the dish. Usually he's at the dish before me and bouncing up and down when I open the container. Then he took twice as long in the yard. All this resulted in another alarmed e-mail to the people. They were, very fortunately, returning today.

The prescription for NSAIDs was 5 years out of date. They got him an appointment with the vet. By the time of the vet visit, he wasn't putting any weight at all on the leg hardly. I drove him there, since they were still about an hour out. They met me there after the initial vet look-over. There will be x-rays and bloodwork. It could be as innocent and straightforward as an arthritis flare-up (he's 12, with a history in other joints) or it could be ... a number of things, including possibly a bone tumor. Crossing my fingers. He's a good old dog.

When I saw the direction things were headed with his mobility, I stuffed a small handful of kibble in my pocket. My aunt uses that trick: set aside a portion of kibble from the next meal (or reserve it from the previous meal) and dole it out as rewards and bribes (and general treats for being a good sport). This was the first time I'd done that with him, and he got a lot lickier with me than usual. M. laughed a bit and said no wonder he liked me so much. I have good role models!
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2:47 PM 7/24/2010
Other than locking myself out today, and the earthquake yesterday, things have been pretty quiet.

2:29 AM 7/25/2010
Don't you just love it when you're walking the dog at 2am (because you were dead asleep at the more civilized hour that you'd planned on walking the dog) when the dog gets the (god-damned) retractable leash stuck in the crack under the taillight of one of the cars along the road, as he's trotting onto the lawn you were trying to keep him off of, and while you're trying to extract the (fucking) leash, he is sniffing around the lawn, and just as you have the (unprintable) thing loose, he starts to poop? And then he runs back off the lawn (and out into the street) so you have to wander around (on the lawn you were trying to keep both of you off of, at 2am) looking for the pile of poop with your (tiny) flashlight (with dying batteries) so you can pick it up with the (impossible to tear free) doggie bag.


11:56 AM 7/25/2010
My sleep schedule has been entertaining again, and now the muscles on the left side of my neck have started to lock up. Again.

6:18 PM 7/25/2010
Some things were not meant to be snorted.

Dog was limping; limp abruptly diminished upon seeing the leash. Heh.

6:58 PM 7/25/2010
Lunch was ramen with some of the limp leftover corn sliced off the cob into it, and leftover rock-hard sourdough. It was amazingly good, enough so that I repeated it for supper.

Chatted with several people today: Dawn, Kat, best friend. Good times.
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2:33 AM 6/24/2010
One of the things I like about the White Collar fics that I've been reading: El is enjoying herself with her men, and no one, but no one -- not her, not Peter, not Neal, not the authors -- think that she should be ashamed of herself for wanting what she wants and getting what she wants and getting what she hardly allowed herself to dream of wanting.

Now *that's* the kind of escapist porn I like.

5:01 PM 6/25/2010
Adventures with an elderly black lab mix: apparently that loaf of v. tasty Trader Joe's sourdough was not far enough out of harm's way, as harm dragged it off the counter and chewed on it while I was out retrieving the laptop, which I'd forgotten at home in my clatter to get out and here. Heh. I just hope that harm's digestion is not adversely affected.

5:48 PM 6/25/2010
Called parents early this afternoon, chatted for nearly an hour. We think in quite a few of the same ways, a lot of the time.

6:44 PM 6/26/2010
Harm's digestion seems fine. Spent part of today over at my aunt's for dog supervision. The other day Dazzle and Deacon were playing, and Deacon fell and went down hard, so they can't play unsupervised anymore, given Deacon's rear end failure.

Then I came back, got a bite to eat, walked Harm (not his actual name), fed Harm, let him out, let him back in, and talked to Kat, who is having Gutter Woes. ND folks, she could use a hand getting Mr. Gutter and Mr. House talking again. [A helpful neighbor helped her out.]

Sounding: you're doing it wrong. If you are not aware of "sounding" as a sexual practice, this link will inform you. May be scarring to babyfish (in other words, my dear babyfish, do not click this).

9:57 PM 6/26/2010
So, on Twitter, one of my associates wanted to know who would make the best human vuvuzela. I obliged by putting my brass training together with a circle made of thumb and forefinger, and a voice post.

11:31 PM 6/27/2010
Today involved Pride. Sometimes public events with great huge crowds of people are my thing, and sometimes they are not. Given that my left knee is feeling more gimpy than usual, and since I am dogsitting I do not like to leave the dog home alone for any significant length of time, that was a not-my-thing-this-week for me. I did, however, enjoy myself, as there was a late-afternoon-into-evening-into-night mini-marathon of MythBusters episodes on the Discovery channel, and I called the best friend and we giggled at each other and made bad puns back and forth (as per usual). Advised him of my Geek Walk of Shame, and the Towing Horror. There are some things we don't agree on, but some things we very much do. <3

12:18 AM 6/28/2010
"7 things about #mythbusters that science can't explain" (from http://linkbaitgenerator.com/index.php via @MrsGneissGirl) sounds like a fic title.

My brain is making me expound upon stuff. It's stuff that isn't quite finished, and in any case it would be lolno timing (entirely by coincidence, actually), but my brain is saying things upon it, and so I write, and eventually it will emerge. Although I repeat that I am not Denys Nye, even though my files are ... maybe starting to look a little like his in places. But still. NOT. (Please don't give me the replicate of a mentor of mine to raise. That would be a bad plan.)

OH DEAR GOODNESS. The next one I got? "6 depraved sexual fetishes involving the MythBusters" PLEH PLEH PLEH RUNNING FROM MIKE NOW PLEH PLEH.
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2:47 AM 5/26/2010
Being part of the intended audience is important to a reader.

3:50 AM 5/26/2010
All the photos I'd seen of Nine looked fantastically ugly. I'm pleased to note that while stills do no justice to his face, he looks much better in motion, very much himself. Now interested to compare the actor to the character, see how different they are. (For example, Gillian Anderson, in the few bits I've seen of her being herself, came off as a perfect ninnyhammer and also possibly high as a kite; I adore Scully like nobody's business.)

4:46 AM 5/26/2010
Things that I have said today that make me happy:
Read more... )

12:49 PM 5/26/2010
Dreamed about the early days of the zombie insurrection, and had to remind my character to stay in character, when we didn't know that animals could get it too. Trying to secure a basically indefensible house in the outskirts of Fairbanks, with not as many zombies as you might think, no tests but checking friends and neighbors for the signs of amplification. Dogs in the house. That was the hard part, not reacting when I should have been treating the great big black labs with the utmost suspicion. Somebody's mother was having a romance with a MythBuster (Jamie or Adam, not sure who). (I think it was Seanan's mother.)

1:31 AM 5/27/2010
Went for walkies with aunt, poodle, and lab this afternoon; went to Trader Joe's after that; followed this up with dinner and continued computer funtimes at the house of JD and Ryan.

Walkies, with attack mist and Dog Incidents )

I shortly found myself headed over to the boys' for dinner (I brought the rest of the bread) and computerfuntimes. Cooking. )

A dramatic reading of a book summary; some body parts ought not to be haunted. (NSFW.) )

Computerfuntimes )

Tomorrow: Farmers' market, TV night, and probably errands. Also re-reading The Demon's Lexicon so I can approach The Demon's Covenant with all appropriate preparation.
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12:36 PM 5/18/2010
Unhelpful but evocative phrases: "Fell out of the ugly tree, and hit their face on every branch going down." (Sometimes certain people and I should not be left to talk with each other; we are a horrible influence on each other.)

1:05 PM 5/18/2010

[18:13] remark> or magic.
[18:13] remark> CHANNEL POLL: would a faraday cage serve as an effective shield against avada kedavra?
[18:13] woggy> Negatory.
[18:15] mathsnerd> double negatory
[18:15] exor674> just cover yourself in live rodents!

In which my artichoke recipe makes a difference )


[23:01] jld> JDC is totally huffing the angel food cake.
[23:03] JDC> it smells good dammit
[23:03] JDC> *_*
[23:03] JDC> pastry bliss.

Azz's grasp of physics comes into question )

3:01 PM 5/19/2010
Have been installed in office of $dogsittees' home; have figured out the right combination of things to buttonmash on the remotes with a bit of guidance about what needs turning on and that it was the two separate remotes (if I ever get a system of that complexity, you bet your ass there's going to be whiteout and highlighter, and corresponding colored dots on pieces of equipment), and the all-important Discovery Channel located (Comcast in Pacifica, it's channel 15).

Dog is friendly, waggy, half-deaf, 14, a Black Lab mix that's going white on the muzzle and on the feet, and hasn't wanted Outside when I've offered it. There will be walkies later. For now, I think it's time for a nap.

8:28 AM 5/20/2010
I should probably officially mention that I've set up a ... actually third ... Twitter account, but one that I'm using more often than the second. I'm normally @azurelunatic, with a second account that I don't publicize. That one is for easily logging time and such details as I see fit to share about my magic/religious practice (I don't follow anyone on that account, nor do I check its replies, so there's no need to add it if you're reading this journal). Now I've set up @squeemachine so I can chatter as much as I like while still showing consideration on my main account for my followers who aren't fannish about the same things, and/or are avoiding spoilers.

10:33 AM 5/20/2010
I have been in an amazingly good mood this morning, starting from when I first set foot out of bed, even before I took my meds. Coming home with OMGYAY from the farmer's market has just made this better. I think lunch is going to involve a fry-up and garlic toast.

My haul: )

11:41 AM 5/20/2010
On my checklist for mental health: radio. Because canned music gets too repetitive after a while, though sometimes it's the perfect thing. But the silence wears on me more than I thought it does.

The Logical Song just came on, and I spun around the kitchen floor kicking off in my slippery stockings. Though to be fair, I started dancing when it was "Carry On My Wayward Son". (103.7 FM, for locals.)

Fanfiction as reaction to the creation

12:19 PM 5/20/2010
The phrase that came into my head some while ago, "Help me crate the rooster of the night", which was of course to the tune of a well-known Andrew Lloyd Weber song, and illustrated by Ursula Vernon, with two people in heavily padded protective gear attempted to stuff a stroppy Black Langshan rooster into a large cat/small dog crate, has started echoing around my head again, with bonus backstory starting to trickle in. Oh, I wish sometimes that I was just able to let people into my head to see, because translating it is sometimes a bit of bother. Oil pastels, I think, or maybe acrylic, and a graphic novel.

I have no idea why night-chickens even exist, or how, or what relation they have to nighthorses [probably none, not even in the same universe, but it may be chicken:night-chicken::horse:nighthorse], but the universe has the feeling of a black velvet painting -- lush and slightly sleazy.

Read more... )

9:39 PM 5/20/2010
Speech about sex and drugs, also accomplished. I shall reproduce/paraphrase the bulk of it here, although I imagine that there are not so many people I know who would be in need of it. This is, uh, rather less nuanced than many lectures on same; this is aimed at the spots I personally found lacking in public school education in the mid-1990s.

Read more... )
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Assorted. )

2:16 PM 5/11/2010
Chatter in Syne's journal about modesty, skill, and the difference between applied skill and teaching; my meta is starting to go off here

5:23 PM 5/11/2010
Yay chatted with the LF in between cleaning. (OMG EV, he's *younger than you*.)

1:05 AM 5/12/2010
Yay Glee was fun. Picked up Tif from work, ran by Trader Joe's, had dinner with the boys, watched Glee (oh, Puck, you embody the fail sometimes; oh, Finn, you do too), took Tif home.

Someone stumbled into my journal a year later and asked in comments for some updates to the Differences between LJ and DW entry; I made with the wall-o'-txt. There were a whole lot of great LJ feature upgrades during the last year, not the least of which was the a la carte userpics. I didn't go through the code tours in dw_dev as much as I might have in the process of making same. Maybe I can later.

1:45 AM 5/12/2010
Got in an argument with Mike last night about zombies. He thinks that I have not issued him sufficient zombies, after he read Feed. I think he may be ON FUCKING CRACK. Pleh. HOW IS THIS MY LIFE. (This is, by the way, the Mike who exists in my head and in the Cracked Phoenix trilogy. The fictional one.)

3:55 PM 5/12/2010
If you are out drinking with your friends, if your friends let you drink enough so that you pass out, you may need a better class of friends. (I recognize that opinions differ on this portion.)
Pranking drunken/sleeping/passed out friends is an old and noble tradition, but these pranks really ought to be basically harmless, or you need a better class of friends. (Opinions may differ here too, but I'm not actually listening to anyone's arguments from here on down.)
It gets worse, and potentially triggery, fast. )

9:49 PM 5/12/2010
Perhaps Wednesdays are now down on my biological datebook as "let's sleep the better part of 12 hours today". I curl up with a book, and WHAM.

4:08 AM 5/13/2010
Spoily for song )

4:45 AM 5/13/2010

3:35 AM 5/14/2010
Perhaps I have not mentioned it lately, but [personal profile] jd is effectively my little brother. I mention this because Drewface hadn't realized it.

10:19 AM 5/14/2010
Last night: first there was the season finale for SPN, then there was Iron Man 2.
Read more... )

Iron Man 2:
It still thrills me that I can see Russian in the wild and sometimes pick out a word or two. (Now to see if I can ever level that up...) Whenever there was Russian text onscreen I was peering at it to see if I could sound it out or read it.
Read more... )
Should probably send email to best friend inquiring about how he actually let me go on this long without watching the first Iron Man movie.

11:43 am Saturday 15th May
http://community.livejournal.com/note_to_self/1085398.html (remote to what now?)

5:30am, 17th May 2010, Monday
Been dogsitting. Yay dogsitting. Yay dogs. Sleep schedule = kerblooie. Those what follow Suggestions can see that I was entertaining myself. Those what follow my Twitter updates (on Twitter or the LJ archives of same) will see random dog pictures. Been afk of my primary computer & therefore not in IRC much.

Best friend's response to my perfectly sane query re: movies: "I AM IRON MAN:P" Never change, dearheart.
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12:12 AM 4/21/2010
Tonight during Glee, I traumatized IRC with a Luc Valvona song. :D :D :D :D
(Most of the Fishies know what I'm talking about here. Some of you may not. Heh. Heh.)

Perhaps it is a bit windy outside. I hear some banging. Earlier, there was hail. (Hail now makes me smile sweetly and look distant, due to the "DO YOUR WORST!!!" incident. Sweetie, if you yell that at the sky, I don't care if it's Arizona, your ass deserved that hail, darling.) (Insert linked memory of Voltaire-related shenanigans here.)

12:16 AM 4/21/2010
My head is a broken search engine. Tonight, Madonna's "Borderline" made me giggle inappropriately, because my head has associated "Borderline" with a song by a different band, and now the word itself has ... connotations. TURN AROUND AND TAKE MY HAND.

7:27 AM 4/21/2010
So last night I had a long and complicated dream involving god knows what-all. As I was waking up, we and everyone were at some kind of show, and there was some kind of danger, and people (again unspecified, but some were) were thinking about the best way to get the word out, and it turned out that the best way to get the word out was via the Mythbusters. Adam was there, and Jamie was there too, and Jamie had a secret Twitter account that no-one was supposed to know about.

See, we'd just apprehended this guy who had met Stacey at a sushi restaurant, took one look at her general beauty and her legs, and fell for her and (because he was also crazy) basically started stalking her, Read more... )

8:23 AM 4/21/2010
There was apparently another power outage Read more... )

12:25 AM 4/22/2010
I should mention the state of the current Dog Issues. Deacon (the black lab) is still somewhat creaky, but when properly medicated, he's mostly ok except for distance and stairs.

Dazzle (the poodle) was at the vet or somewhere ... the day before yesterday? ... and they noticed something in his mouth that might be nothing and might be some sort of cancer. They removed two things from his mouth. My aunt is quietly freaking out. And the poodle is resistant to being given pain pills, yet he needs them at this point.

Today's events included no walk, because it was amazingly windy (I love the wind, but my aunt does not), Read more... )

Even more meta is brewing in my head. You have been warned. :-P

Tomorrow: farmer's market.


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