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azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
Woke up, called the one place and waited on hold interminably to get a price check, then meandered down to the other pharmacy to ask for a transfer. I of course got in the wrong line, so had to queue up twice. However, the prescription should be ready tomorrow, eleven or noonish.

I saw a message about weird roped-off stuff in the parking lot, followed a while later by the actual parking lot, which was alarmingly full and buzzing with valets. There were also more people than usual around, much to our collective confusion.

Got in to work; saw in #cupcake backscroll that R was back from GHC and had wandered up to the top of the hill for lunch with Purple. As he'd gone idle with no lunch ping, and it was a good twenty minutes after, I realized that it was unlikely that I'd get there and get food in time to join them, they were due some 1:1 chat probably, and my team was due custody of me as well. So I had lunch at the team's new preferred table, overlooking the duck pond. The Commandant and I strategized about stuff, too.

I showed Huckleberry Designer the button-making machine. Whee!

I've been having troubles with OWA Thick Client for Windows (2013). I suppose at this point it's worthless to complain about it, because OWA Thick Client for Windows (2016) is in the pipeline and I'll be getting it at work at some point. However, some ass at tier 1 helldesk assigned my rantfest about the thing to my building's desktop support, the long-suffering and overworked Chip. Never mind that this rant included the sentiment that this was not a user education issue, this was an issue that had a needlessly complicated workaround, the user was self-educating, and their software needlessly hides the email address which is a PROBLEM WHEN THE PERSON NO LONGER WORKS THERE, IF YOU WANT TO FIND SPECIFIC EMAILS FROM THEM WITH A COMPLICATED SEARCH. *kicks LDAP in the database*

I chatted about my costume plans with the evening janitor. He doesn't do Halloween but he knows that I do. My costume comes down to a sort of gory shenanigan which has some body horror, and the thought clearly squicked him some. Alas.

Purple was ready early-ish, and we wandered out into the evening. We discussed the flagged-off area, and how it is probably too early to have anything to do with the planned Halloween shenanigans. I asked whether I could bum a wristband off him or whether all his were spoken for. He's going to give an external friend first refusal.

My plans for the evening involved laundry.

Tomorrow, I plan to:
* Reconnect my chat clients if the outage lasted past their reconnect limit
* Close the window because gutter washing
* Drop by my aunt's to pick up the cheese I forgot
* Drop by the bank, maybe
* Pick up my prescription
* Hope I'm not late for lunch

(And then I slept through the entire night after Comcast crapped out, so I'm posting this in the morning.)
* Attend a duck pond appointment
* Attend the button-making party
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It's amazing how much time I have in a weekend, now that I'm only asleep for 33% of it, not 50% of it.
I can, in fact, survive (computer-wise) for an entire weekend on only mobile devices, provided that one of them is an iPad. Although technically a laptop is mobile.
D is a precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. I fear for her. #BSG S1
The Jacket of Holding will not pack itself. There are things that go in its pockets.
Don't forget to take or bring your pills in the morning, despite the presence of that pill fob on your keychain. That's there in case you actually forget, or get stranded overnight somewhere.
We already took out the trash, but it wouldn't hurt to put a bag in the kitchen trash on the way out.
The envelope is in your bag; please try to go to the bank if you're up early enough.
Check outside the door, to see if there are any other suspicious-looking spiders trying to take up residence.
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To do:
* Take out trash from little bins
* Take out the Very Large Bag
* Take the bag of bags to the car and put it in the boot
* Vacuum the hall leading into the bathroom
* The sex toys are sufficiently hidden, I think
* tidy the bed so it looks like a bed and not a heap of something
* there is laundry everywhere. make the laundry be only somewhere.

(Tomorrow "the investors" are coming through. I can't wait.)
azurelunatic: "I've got A.D.D. and magic markers. Oh, the thrills I will have." Pile of uncapped bright markers.  (magic markers)
Cards Against Humanity
The Middleman (first container)
garbage to the garbage bin, and possibly recycling
address of the place
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If the thought of chocolate-covered strawberries does not at least faintly please, then go back to bed if you can.

Your jacket is in the car, we're pretty sure. Saturday was a bad knee day.

Clothes are laid out.

You can probably stuff the strawberries in a bag with paper towels or something? idk. Or take the big plate, it's okay if it accidentally gets broken.

If you get in early enough, sneak in to Purple's office and leave strawberries.

Do your hours as soon as you get in, if you're not rushing off to a meeting first.
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Clothes and water are the priorities here.
Grab fruit bars on the way out.
Sleep now.
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Locate something to eat: yes, there will be lunch, but it's also the thing where you don't want to fall over before lunchtime.
Coffee is often a valid life choice. Rinse the tall blue cup and use the flat cap that is on the isthmus.
Choose one: coffee or caffeine pill. Both will leave you wired and possibly feeling vaguely ill.
Have food as soon as you have coffee. 10 out of 10 Lunatics recommend it.
Clothes are in a pile near the backpack.
Please bring the bag which is about to have that thing of chocolates and that safety orange safety scarf stuffed in it. Ecch. Caramel loose in a tote bag is so far from an optimal experience. Let's not experience that again.
There is a map to the restaurant in one of your bags. Which one is left as an exercise to the Lunatic who looks for it in the morning.
File hours as first priority once arrived at work.
azurelunatic: "beautiful addiction", electron microscope photo of caffeine (beautiful addiction)
...running across the yard like so many dinosaurs.

Surprise! It's a reprise of the 2nd Thursday meeting! Aren't we lucky!!

Skirt is piled under cardigan. Wear that skirt, because it's island-themed bash in the evening, and you wear tropical skirts instead of tropical shirts. The coordinating hat is already at work.

Bring fruit with. It will be a long day.

Car has fuel.

If you feel like it, you can do something for system administrators' day. You don't have to.

Caffeine is often a valid life choice.


Jul. 16th, 2014 02:06 am
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
Haul things out of car.
Do not forget Scarily Floral Bag or umbrella.
Wear tights.
Auto shop for tires.
Detail if there is time.
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This entry is the start of a packing list so that things I meant to bring might not get forgotten. Suggestions are welcome.

Read more... )
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
First I complained about things I needed to do for work. Then I sat down and did them. Also, sometimes when you say "Good engineer!" the engineer will meow at you.

Things which might result in me not hating tomorrow:
There are blueberries in the refrigerator. They are juicy and round and sweet. They should come to work with me.
I should bring my coffee cup with me.
I should get coffee in the morning.
I should see about cupcakes or something.
I have picked out some clothes.
There's no need to do a full face worth of makeup, but it might be fun to wear lipstick.
Socks are an affront to many things, but there's a pair in your purse.
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
* Eat food.
* Locate purple yarn.
* Put on clothing.
* Render my stuff somewhat more comfortably portable.
* Conventional entertainments.

I've been having fun with the little stampy thing that I have in place of pre-printed business cards. I have pages in a little notebook pre-stamped. It's a fun low-tech thing that tends to result in "ooo nifty" rather than making me look like a tool. I hope.

Day was fun. Panels. Crocheting. Dinner. A rapid dash for the BART station when I checked the time. Whee!
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The oracle of the internet has spoken, and here's the recommended clothing:
long black skirt
black socks (yeah, you gotta wear socks)
black v-neck of some description
a scarf (probably turquoise)
hair wrangling equipment
dig around in the box o'shoes to see if there's something fun you can bring along that might work

Laundry has been done. All the things are clean, except the ones which were stuffed in the depths of the laundry cart until too late.
Talking to Kat is yay. Yay talking to Kat!
Do email Darkside, eh?

Coffee is a yes only if you remember your lactose pills (remember your lactose pills) (okay I stuffed some in the purse)
you'll be happier with a nuked burrito than a sausage muffin

Order of operations:
Ask Helpdesk about post-migration tags first, because that's just typing a thing into a form.
Set up Outlook and the other bits second, because that's wrangling time and you'll be in the queue.
Cling tightly to your Thunderbird backup and unplug the ethernet cable third, after sobbing hysterically to your manager.
$PROGRAM remains a verb, and it will indeed be verbing me mightily.
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We are to hope we've slept. The alarm should have gone off. There may or may not be clothes laid out.

There might be edible things in the freezer. Please turn the kitchen light on.

Headphones and shit are in your purse. Please grab your cane.

Let's try for the train today, eh?

At work, we will have our favorite, crunchy data analysis with a side of random sauce and mailing, and just a little event planning.

At work, we will also have our other favorite, a lack of Lannister. Also, The Junior Researcher needs a new nickname, because he's kind of less junior now.

Less chatter, more sleep. We are really happy with the way we got out the door in the morning this morning, and with the general stamina and getting things done.
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
There are clothes.
There is pizza in the refrigerator.
Bags are packed.
Don't forget iPod and headphones, or the bus fare in the little floral change purse.

A shopping run after work would be a shopping run that will then ride the bus. This is not recommended.

(So, the car situation? They're going for OEM parts now; the parts are expected to arrive Sometime Monday; due to the logistical stresses of attempting to get back to the mechanic before they close at 6pm, plus the way the driveway's getting resurfaced, I'll just pick 'im up Tuesday, assuming they're finished by then.)
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There are breakfast-like items for the morning.

Clothes are laid out. Yes, pink underpinnings plus green shirt plus wild carnation extravaganza skirt clashes in theory, but it's got a certain harmony plus you'd kick my ass for remaining awake long enough to sort it all properly. You can find your own substitutes if you're that awake.

Yes, take your goddamn pills.

Bus fare is in the same bag with the iPod and headphones and scarf.

Look, we took half our lunch in naps yesterday; that is not anyone's idea of fun. And we have to get that print job up.

Candy corn oreos remain an abomination.

*insert cute meowing noise from Night Vale kitty here*
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Dear future self,

Clothes are laid out over the chair. No need for socks today, I'm assuming.

iPod is charging or something, idk, maybe I put it back in the bag.

You switched bags. It's the black one and also the little grocery bag stuffed inside it. It has the other water bottle and the fruit. You will likely need both: fruit is delicious, and two water bottles is just about right for one of those epic bus trips.

Headphones are somewhere in the bag. Please try to not cry on the bus. Night Vale sometimes does that to you.

Chargyblock is plugged in by bed. If you feel like pills from the regular box, great. If not, I have helpfully stuffed the single-day case in your bag. You're welcome.

Good night, Miss Lunatic, good night.

or. um. er. Good morning?
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Good morning, Reverend Lunatic!

Yesterday was very decently handled; I approved of the decision to set the alarm later than optimistic, so waking up a half-hour before the alarm went off was a really nice touch. The transit was handled reasonably well, though the Caltrain could have gone better (the shenanigans with the express and going back were not particularly appreciated).

Bring your bluetooth headset.
If we can, we'll lay out clothes, but don't expect much.
Breakfast is sometimes a valid life choice. Caffeine is going to be a valid life choice.
No special equipment this morning, just get up and go. If you're early enough to grab some fruit from the store, that would be great, but it's not strictly needed.
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
Clothes are laid out.
There are granola bars by the door. If you feel inspired, you can microwave a burrito-shaped object.
Please remember your keys, your change purse, your phone, your mp3 player, your cane, and your headphones. Fill the water bottle and stuff it in your bag.
Pretty much everything else should be set up in your bag already.
There is no need to read anything, because you have your phone, and also enough chargers to taze a Norse god.

Sleep is often a valid life choice, and I hope we got enough.


Jun. 26th, 2013 02:32 am
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Joy or sorrow? The colors of sunset and dawn herald this, they say, but tomorrow will be determined by a handful of people in a big marble building, almost three thousand miles away as the raven trudges.

Either way, it's probably going to be raining. Find your umbrella. The rainbow one would be best, but the cloud one will do. They should both be in the back seat of the car.

Please wrap the handle of your sign in the clear duct tape before you attempt to do anything else with it. Everything it touches will thank you, either for the lack of splinters or for the reduced amount of neon pink paint. A garbage bag will do to deal with the top half.

The spare power brick is plugged in and charging, in accordance with the prophecy. Please don't forget it. It will probably mean the difference between less and more cranky.

You are probably still menstruating like -- oh god, what the ever-loving HELL just came out of my uterus. brb. -- right okay new rule. While writing, we must never again bear down just to see what happens when writing a description of what we're menstruating like, if we're menstruating like this. Ten minutes, a shower, two ibuprofen, a new pair of underpants, a new pad, and new shorts later -- yeah, tomorrow's going to be interesting, and disposable pads are not just allowed but mandatory. With backup shorts.

Try to get to work by some sort of hour that's still ante meridian. Bring the big blue bag (and sign, and charger block, and hat, and all the usual accouterments) with you. An extra water bottle wouldn't go amiss.

The best route there is probably going to be the 28 to the M. Going back, it's the L or the M to Montgomery, and then BART.

Good luck. May love prevail.


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