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Physics and I are on a break until I forgive them for ejecting the egg carton from the refrigerator door.

Whereupon I called for assistance, Alex unloaded the fridge, Silver picked up egg with a series of implements and ointments, and I put away dishes so the sink could become useful and otherwise tried to stay out of the way.
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Wednesday afternoon, it was made abundantly clear by my workplace and department that everyone who could stay home Thursday, should. Plus it was not the greatest money week, and I needed to refuel before another 60-mile commute. So home I stayed.

I am a little uncomfortable with being considered indispensable in the running of an event which is supposed to be infinite and not tied to any particular person. I suspect that in my absence, people could bumble through my notes about what we did. I still want people to be aware of this better.

That said, the meeting about the thing was good, and I called into it. Yay.

Helldesk software is being helly. Thursday was the day when my quasi-helpdesk-level access to the thing went away. I tried to follow the instructions to subscribe myself to arbitrary tickets, during the course of trying to sort the tickets from lb's Overlady's list. The process drove me nearly to tears.

And then, of course, I discovered that the high winds had at some point in the past 24 hours knocked out the pilot light on my gas fireplace. As a matter of course, I do in fact keep my patio door open a few inches and have an exhaust fan running while I'm at home. I didn't smell gas near the fireplace, nor did I smell a difference when poking my head outside, nor did I have a headache, nor had the CO alarm gone off, nor was my skin any redder than it ought to be. So I opened the panel under the unit, looked at the control, Google image searched for something similar, followed it back home, did some further search refinements, and eventually got it first turned off and then re-lit. Which was excessively exciting.

By the time that was done, I was no longer feeling up to the emotional ordeal of beating myself against the docs until I was in High Dudgeon and then calling helpdesk in that state. I had also had a conversation with Tay which in retrospect I should have seen coming, but the alternative was not taking her at her word, and I'm really bad with certain kinds of evasiveness. She'll be headed back to Seattle imminently. I'd been getting used to the idea of having her around, and I'll miss her.
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01:23 Friday, 05 December, 2014
Purple, Wednesday: Why is there sugar in your office?
Me: Frosting.
Purple: Ohhhhhh.

Manager, Thursday: Is that sugar?
Me: Yes. The lemon frosting for those cookies.
Manager: Ohhhh, and there's the lemon juice right next to it. ... I don't think anyone's ever made frosting at work before.
Me: Using breakroom butter!
Manager: *breaks down giggling*

22:40 Friday, 05 December, 2014
Today was the A-Team lunch to get briefing from some of the various facilities team. It happens quarterly. I had a few questions regarding the helldesk software. The new manager may be able to kick ass and take names.

I had been unable to find the festive headdress I was thinking of, but I did find another one. The one I was thinking of was sort of offensively festive. This one is merely very, very, very assertively festive. So much so that various people at work told me that I should start selling them. They have not, I believe, seen some of my other hats.

I may, in fact, have a bit of a hat problem. *eyes no fewer than three hats on top of the bookshelf*

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Laundry is in the dryer, and the indigo is seeping out of the shower cap and down my back. I will be as green as an Orion dancer by the time the night is over.

I'd intended to wake up early. Purple asked me how it went. "When my alarm went off. At 10:30." He indicated that there might be a wee problem if I'd intended to get up earlier, but my first alarm was much later. I explained the previous two alarms, and made sound effects indicative of my miserable status at various other times in the morning.

Today was not a late-dinner night, because Purple had other plans.

My Overlady's upcoming conference occasioned the packing of a small office supply care package. I know that there are many times when I have been in need of some scissors and a length of string while away from my home base, and by including these in the package, I hope to avert any such incidents. (Also included: a gracious handful of the requested clear pushpins, some tape, some deceptively strong small magnets, some binder clips, a few rubber bands, one of those outlet-to-USB power adapters, and probably things that I am forgetting.

No further update on yesterday's Outlook problem (mine). Some further update on yesterday's Outlook problem (my friend's). The update there involves being up shit creek with no paddle and some ex-lax brownies until certain dependencies which the Collaborate This team sort of handwaved were met. Microsoft may be involved.

Virtual Hammer is a large enough gorilla that we do have Microsoft support cases. I'm sure there's a fantastic budget that goes with it.


Hipster Researcher: So [study details] and we're giving the users cafe vouchers, and [logistical details]... what am I missing? *)
AzureJaneL: So are you going to need me to get those cafe vouchers for you? How many do you need and what denomination?
Hipster Researcher: Oh, [department of product] is taking care of that for me. Unless you want to ... ?
AzureJaneL: Oh no no no, if they've got it under control that is absolutely 100% fine by me!


Hipster Researcher: So... about those cafe vouchers? How do you ... ? This many. *holds up fingers*
AzureJaneL: I hate to say I told you so; let me just poke the catering department with a chunk of cheese.
Hipster Researcher: Yay! *)

*) I thought I knew all the variants of smiley-face and had picked out my least favorite. Now I know I had been mistaken. *)

Apparently my wiki-based rants about the new helpdesk software have been an immense improvement to the life of the Non-Boring Manager, as he'd been panicking about it and then the Stage Manager gave him the link. Yay! Based on that success, it was time to shove all the catering knowledge that I'd been gluing together in my head into a thing. Plus there's Second Thursday coming up next week again...

It is possible for me to be immensely smug about having whipped cream on my coffee at work. Even when said coffee is unexpectedly strong as fuck.

I'd asked Purple to ping me when he was heading out, so he did. This time I did not get distracted on my way to the bathroom. I had all my gear. He turned off the Beacon. We identified the divergence point. I was still distracted by some of the wackiness in my brain when he gave me a quick hug. We cursed about our mutual traffic expectations, then headed off.

I pulled over at the park-and-ride when I realized that I didn't have Drew's number in the quick-dial shortcuts on my watch. It turned out that I did not have that number at all! (I think I may have gone through and deleted it when it came up 404 at some point.) Drew called me, and we chatted. The new headset is not as comfortable as the old one (a bit too big for my ear) and not as loud (the noise funnel doesn't always align with my ear tunnel). Furthermore, when I try to adjust the position, I'm at risk for hanging up, as the entire front piece is the button.

When I got home, I ate, then started laundry, then put indigo all over my hair (and also on my fitbit). The fitbit was not killed by this process. I then spent a substantial amount of time trying to see if I'd actually posted an entry during the summer of 2007 that mentioned a particular hilarious little quirk of JD's. And I seem to have not.

At the time, JD was spending a good amount of his leisure time playing Katamari Damacy. This often involved being sprawled out on his belly in front of the TV, rolling up endless roses while sipping Coca-cola. JD also has ADHD, which can result in monofocus. Now, combine gaming monofocus and quite a bit of coke...

Unlike the LF, who also had ADHD-fueled gaming monofocus around age seven or so, JD did not have any embarrassing accidents. Also unlike the LF, JD did not require grown-up intervention to periodically break the trance in order to do a somatic check.

What did happen was that JD would go from prone on the floor to sprinting from the bathroom with no apparent intermediate steps. One moment, gaming. The next, there was this JD-shaped blur zipping down the hall. No word on whether he ever actually collided with any walls as a result of speed...

My search through my journal archives did result in a bit of back-tagging. There were some bits I couldn't read, even seven years later. That was the year of Strikethrough, of a lot of Potter fandom insanity, a lot of LJ-related angst, and the year when Darkside had that very painful and very necessary talk with me. Also the summer when I took in a cat as a favor to a friend-of-a-friend while he was getting his feet back under him after job loss and a breakup (in an economy that was not yet in the toilet), and then we couldn't keep her and she was having elimination-related health problems. And writers group stuff. And. And and and.

Despite all the journal-trawling, I got off the computer and into the shower at a sensible hour. And that's where things started to fall apart. I spent a bit longer than usual getting the indigo out of my hair, and then getting my hair un-knotted after attempting to braid it resulted in the wet bottoms of the braid coming together in a reverse-braid, and then not being amenable to un-knotting without the application of a lot of conditioner. And the prolonged shower is probably what convinced my feet to start yelling...
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Music, writing, LJ-meta, agoraphobia, apartment complexities. )

5:56 PM 3/2/2010
Reading fic, and that got me stopped on the fic and started reading up on the different types and applications of safewords.
Safewords. )

Housecleaning with a roomba. )


Sep. 15th, 2008 11:03 pm
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When [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna came home today, Nibiki greeted her with songs of displeasure and annoyance. In my wisdom as Keeper of the Roomba, I had released him unto [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna's room, and there he did suck, and roombonk, and otherwise make his presence known to the carpet and its perimeters. Nibiki had been sitting tucked up in a corner of the room, watching him with great interest and mild suspicion. He came roombarrelling across the room on a sweep, directly at her. She stared at him. Oblivious, for the glare of a cat is not a Virtual Wall, he sailed onward, forcing her -- her! -- to step aside. Thus her displeasure was noted, and then voiced when the appropriate party returned.

Slightly thereafter, I noticed that R. Daneel was trailing a loop of something, although he did not appear to be stuck. I grabbed him and flipped him over, to his startlement (and the amusement of Her Nibs). He had sucked up [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna's iPod charger cord, and had the two plug ends tucked into his brushes and the cord itself dragging behind, with no apparent harm to either him or the cord. I liberated it.

After he got himself charged up again after that romp, I put up the laundry basket, the trash basket, the box o' debauchery, the yoga ball, both rugs, and the desk chair, and invited him in and shut the door before leaving to go watch Mythbusters and anime with Darkside. I thought that I'd give him the chance to roam around my room without having to negotiate the desk chair (as it's a little unwieldy to get past the bookcase and around the corner to get out the door and out of my room) while I was gone, minimizing the inconvenience to each of us.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Upon my return, I saw that R. Daneel had made perhaps two passes around the room before making a beeline to the corner of my altar with the trailing cloth, and had started to gnaw on a corner. O roomba. So I disentangled him and started him up, enduring the roombashing at my desk chair as I caught up on the rest of my day.

Looks like he's a sucker for music and religion.
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  • 05:52 Writing prompt from back in the day: Write about what you know. Write about what you don't know. Tie them together in a dazzling conclusion. #
  • 06:11 Reading fic reminds me that I have always wanted someone with whom I have a large useful coded vocabulary in case of unlikely emergency. #
  • 07:28 Weeding through notepads with meeting notes from a job that doesn't exist anymore. #
  • 09:30 Laundry is done. Also put away. Am I a pod person? What have they done with the Real Azz? #
  • 09:32 @semanticist Didn't LJ *build* perlbal? :-P #
  • 09:37 Yes, they're fixing LJ. Hang tight. #
  • 10:42 @ursamajor Failgoat! tinyurl.com/6ebcup #
  • 11:06 Places from the Epic San Francisco Run: www.asakichi.com #
  • 12:02 @gameboyguy13 Not necessarily -- but the website was on the plastic bag, and I wanted to make sure I had that before I tossed it. #
  • 20:06 I really need to steer exceptionally clear of areas where I know there will be a high percentage of anti-gay-marriage LDS. #
  • 21:03 ooo wow not feeling good. suspect I need about 14 more hours of sleep (did not do much besides sleep this weekend). #
  • 22:23 Still feeling lousy (a little less so now) and called off from work. Time for some more horizontal. #
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  • 02:32 Got to see a far-too-stir-crazy Darkside. Anime. Talked game. Confessed my deepest fears re: Mary Sue (not what you'd think). Feel better. #
  • 04:18 Hauled an entire IKEA bag full of objects of sometimes dubious utility out of Vash. Next step: detailing. #
  • 04:22 I have to wait at least two and a half hours before I can vacuum. I feel bizarrely disappointed. #
  • 06:30 @youlovetam Morning! It's almost bedtime! Whee! #
  • 07:08 @youlovetam For me! I do the nightshift thing. So I'm out of sync with my continent. #
  • 07:09 My nails are all sparklypolished now! This makes me happy. Also, noodle soup and sourdough bread for whatever meal this is. #
  • 12:13 There are glaciers in our icemaker. #
  • 12:42 Stayed up way too late again, but vacuuming has been accomplished. Finally. #
  • 12:43 THRILLED TO PIECES that development/implementation things that might involve controversy are being RUN PAST SUPPORT for feedback. #
  • 12:46 Her Nibs now investigating the opening possibilities of my closed closet doors. Foresight is my friend. #
  • 18:39 ...holy FUCK. Dude is getting shit DONE. (wake up, read backscroll, it's like Christmas.) #
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If either of my roommates should happen to see them somewhere, please put them near my keyboard? I have backups, but they're a little out of date.
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OMG sweet! I don't know if it's in all styles, but at least in [livejournal.com profile] trollprincess's style, when you hover over a comment time, it tells you how long after the journal entry the comment went up, and sometimes at what time the comment poster's time, too. That is awesome. (Is this beta? I can never tell, these days.)

I am still coughing and sneezing, but mostly functional. I'm still trying to swap my schedule to nights, which is going to be some really fun stuff.

Today I'm trying to do assorted housekeeping tasks, most of which haven't actually been cleaning yet. [livejournal.com profile] suggestions has been tagged. I changed the "comment e-mail" tag to "email notification", because that is a better umbrella.

I am searching for the bloody USB wireless sticks. They have to be around here somewhere.

I have swapped default icons, from "offices are why" to the immovable object/irresistible force one.

Haha, because I waited too long, there was another batch of suggestions coming in! I've gotten all of those tagged and tracked so far, though. There are a few of note in this particular batch that may deserve attention from ye olde friendslist.

At work yesterday, someone wanted to make their website all .pdfs. "As an internet citizen, I can't find words strong enough to express how bad of an idea that is," I finally said, after I got done gaping.

Fun stuff!

Feb. 14th, 2008 04:52 pm
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http://deathboy.livejournal.com/1082404.html -- In general, there are some facets of Anon that unnerve me, but it's good to see them taking on someone deserving.

http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/02/13/email_pen_dscribe/ -- shiny.

http://community.livejournal.com/lj_nifty/157118.html -- animated userpics, text. NaNo addicts, take note.

I am working on perfecting microwave bacon. I do believe that under the current setup, 4 slices take 4 minutes and 10 seconds to perfect.

As of the current moment, I do believe that my room is officially cleaner than Darkside's. This is some sort of score in the unofficial competition we have about darn near everything.

I got wished a happy holiday by random people at work. I brought in a bag of those mini boxes of Nerds for my team; figured it was apropos for both the holiday and the workplace. I spread my new website around, and it's propagating throughout the workplace.

And some love for all y'all... <3 ;)
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...For a weekend, that is. I have been more or less on the computer all day, but I have been making little lists to myself, of things to do. The results are productivity. I like this kind of productivity. My desk is relatively clean again. I am adhd-type enough that I almost have to keep a to-do list, and I have to put everything on there. And then when I'm bored and have to find something to do, I can pick something from the list, because odds are I'm going to want to do something. And I put down the dependencies, too, because I can't very well donate my old glasses if I don't get new glasses first, and I can't very well do stuff with the computer if I don't plug in the mouse. Et cetera.

I have done laundry. I have put some of it away. I have thrown out underwear with blatant holes, and I have new underwear on my list of things to buy. I have created room on my desk. I've even watched some animation, because I promised. Nigel is the best-animated, and unfortunately, the best-written 'ship of the series is William/Tamara. :(
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  • 05:24 Breakfast is suspicious. It is a Monday and I am awake. Hooray for Monday; hooray for work. (I think I need caffeine.) #
  • 16:34 Collapsing briefly. That was a bit of a heavy box. (My stamina is shot.) #
  • 20:31 I spoke too soon. There is another ocean in Ecchi-chan's ceiling lamp. WTF, folks. #
  • 21:26 Just hit level 50 on the new word pack for freerice.com -- didn't cheat, either! #
  • 21:41 I did some situps. Now my up wants to sit a little harder than I am comfortable with. Hi. I am not a good example. #
  • 23:11 Comparison I made in comment elsejournal: being an atheist in the US is probably sort of like being an LJ volunteer at a MySpace convention. #
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Hip to be square!

Today at work was a day at work. My last call was hilariously delightful; it was a woman on the other end of the line, and we bonded over technical difficulties and what we-at-CTY might have termed "technicalities" had we been thinking in terms so advanced. (As opposed to "details", which are not in the least artificial.) I came home to hysterical scrollback, which is now in the qdb for thems who knows how to ask Anna for where it is. ;)

Update on the light that Ceiling Cat peed in: still wet. (!) Update on the dryer that [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna was trying to dry her clothes in: too dry. (As in, there was an evil plastic-melty smell, so she pulled the plug.)

I've been making good headway in reading the RPG-of-choice. ♥ Which leads me to one of my shower-insights: I am really not the person to ask about relationship things, not unless I'm in serious Priestess-mode, because I am a romantic at heart, and will sweetly and wholeheartedly hope for a couple to work out well after they've both decided that things are really going to hell in a handbasket and they'd best part ways. I won't push them, but I will sweetly hope for them.

This is in direct contrast to my own romantic outlook when things have gone bad. Read more... )
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  • 17:43 @museumfreak: that sounds like a waffle job lead. #
  • 19:14 Three out of four screws in the direction of having proper curtains on my unshaded large window. I hate heights, did I mention? #
  • 19:25 Curtains, yay. There is a vast expanse of Blue on my wall. When I have regained some stamina points, I'll install the other two. Somewhere. #
  • 21:02 Stamina++. Balance--. Confidence++. Judgment--. These are the things that one has to consider when considering curtainhanging post-drinkies. #
  • 21:04 In summary, using a hammer to install screws is a stunt best done a) not on a stepstool and b) not while cocktail++. #
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Jan. 8th, 2008 11:31 pm
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http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/009804.html -- political screenshot. Non-partisan, universal for everywhere that "Congressman" means "political creature" and Google ads exist.
http://community.livejournal.com/metaquotes/828511.html (some things were not made to be spell-checked.)

Got my supervisor hardcore with that shaggy dog story.

No progress yet on the dripping light fixture. No bukkit. [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen did re-arrange her room, though.

I have roses. They were cheap and easy. I think I will buy myself flowers from time to time, because it makes me happy. And speaking of happy, and the need to be same, my blood pressure is problematic. (I'm enough in tune with my body so that once it was suggested, I can tell that yeah, it's up over what it should be.) I will work on that. Once it gets back down into the sane zone, I may have to start giving plasma again for my health.

Reminder to self: reserve Friday night! Glad my mind was not the only one thinking along the same tracks. Hooray for the season of zomgcrazy slowing down. Though work is about to pick up. Whee!

Called Dawn tonight. Shared story. Shared story of Mr. Img Src and his relative addressing. *pain* !hooray refugees. :( Poor Dawn. She had a crazy-evil customer from frickin' Hades, some rude bird with problems. Oh, and I must tell Darkside and/or his mom that the newsletter-thing arrived, just got stacked elsewhere. (Which makes me irrationally pouty, because I suppose Darkside didn't dig up my address or anything. In any case, note 'irrationally' and play it from there.)

I am one screw closer to hanging my curtains. There is a total of 12 screws to be screwed. All in high high places. Speaking of screwed...
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  • 20:42 Water should not drip from overhead light fixtures. FYI. #

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So SCO is bankrupt?

I'd only read 1/3 of this poem aloud before Heather made me stop. Via [livejournal.com profile] sraun.

That career meme:
My results. )

TMBG is going to be in Tucson! Hmm... Except that's right in the middle of Prime Moving Time, dammit.

Wednesday: Took a look at the place that M found. Whatever the woman's motivations in picking out the spot, her instincts were dead on. The place seems fabulous, and a great fit. It's a coffeehouse/gym/art haven/stuff-shop/retreat kind of place, by and for the LBGTQ population. It's well-lit, well laid-out, has wi-fi (keyed), and has the most comfortable and sheltering aura of any place I've walked in to short of my best friend's room on a day when he's feeling especially protective of me. I'd be comfortable moving right the hell over there next time, but this is something for the group to decide. Group was small that night; I wound up half in IRC, half ripping Circle of Fire into shreds and rewriting it tighter and better, and half present for the plotting, gossip, and medical woes catchup session. Fruitz is a blessing -- I can be listening to my music without stressing out my laptop even more.

Happy New Year, by the way, for those celebrating.

Thursday night was again minus the traditional dinner, because that night has become not the best night. Negotiations are in progress about a good replacement night. I'm reluctant to suggest a work night, because of how early we have to get up in the morning. That'll become a little better once we get moved out thattaway, but it's still not an easy timing.

I wound up with the His Dark Materials trilogy in omnibus form, and commenced reading that as soon as I finished off Born to Rock. In the bookstore, I had found the books in shiny new release form, in connection with the movie coming out soon. I wandered over in search of Born to Rock. In the YA section, I observed an employee letting an older couple know that the book down there had the book that they wanted, but it was an omnibus with the rest of the trilogy. My ears perked up, and I wound up swapping the omnibus they were holding for the trilogy I was holding, and we all walked away happy.

[livejournal.com profile] hcolleen and I went to the little Turkish restaurant in the same plaza as Changing Hands. Their hummus is tasty. It's a great place to unwind from work.

As we were getting settled into Vash in the parking lot outside Changing Hands, [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen commented about the magnetic sign on the side of a nearby car. I took a look. [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen was curious about the domain name, of course. I took a look, and something about that domain name struck me as familiar - www.masterpiecemassage.com - and suddenly I was leaping out of the car, flying across the parking lot, and shouting. I was right! It was [livejournal.com profile] karlita. After exchanging a hug and doing a happy little dance around, she wanted to know who I was. And then there was more hugging and giggling! There were introductions all around. [livejournal.com profile] warrior_priest got a picture with my cellphone, and I posted it immediately. It was the sort of event that someone of V's generation might describe as "cosmic", and I agree profoundly!

Friday: Morning: checking email, answering comments, reading. Afternoon: getting [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen's banking done, hitting IKEA to take a look at furniture (Myrrh's dad is going to be pitching in on a couch, especially given that relatives will be descending upon her soon and will need a place to sleep), hitting Lee Lee's for tea, LJ, shower, and now bed.

At IKEA, we started looking at couches. It started out subtly -- none of us was really feeling that there were three people involved in the process -- there was a silent fourth. When we started bounce-testing couches with [livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13 in mind, we knew why. One of the things that IKEA does not necessarily test the happy raw pine basic futon frames for is the ability to be repeatedly bounced on, and the one that [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna had is well-nigh totaled (a group effort, actually -- I helped). It'll be all right just sitting there, but it'll have to be used gently and with a mind to how it's fragile, and it won't survive the move. So the next couch we get is going to have to survive far more bouncing. (It wasn't as bad as the CLIMB-IT episode* with Dad, because that was a single moment of pure bad idea. This was just constant heavy use involving flopping and ROCKETBOY and some injudicious leaning.) We're planning as if JD will definitely be coming back this summer (and coming for Thanksgiving), because while it's still up in the air on his end, it won't cause any difficulty to be prepared and have JD make other plans, it would be inconvenient if we needed to prepare but didn't, and ... well, he's sort of like a little brother now, and he'll always have a place with us.

We had a great old conversation with an IKEA co-worker in the couch section. We wound up on the topic of Kitchen Disasters We Have Known, at some length. I thought we were going to try to take him home with us.

Curtains in the living room are going to be the next big debate. I like the leafy ones! I like blue, of course, but my taste in blue doesn't get to dominate the public areas. [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna gets the master bedroom, because otherwise [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen and I would fight and be disgruntled no matter who got it -- we know we're too much like sisters, but we can agree that [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna gets it, on the condition that we get to use her bathroom too, as necessary. The couch color coordination problem was solved, at length -- neutral/white couch stuff, and then COLORFUL FABRICS to make things work. Hooray fabrics!

I nearly got lost at Lee Lee's, because I wandered off. It turned out to be in search of pickled sushi ginger slices (mmm) and more vinegar-based dressing, and a few other random things. Perhaps they should leash me, as if I were an errant toddler?

I still need to make sure that HR got that paperwork faxed to the apartment complex.

* Mama was reading a book on (I think) Woolly Mammoths to Tay-Tay and me. She had finished with the book-part, and had moved on to the glossary. "Climate," she started reading. "Climb it?" said Dad, in that bright and cheerful tone that our clan (especially the male members of our clan) substitutes for the phrase 'Y'all watch this!' Dad proceeded to plant his great booted foot on the arm of the couch, and pushed off from the ground with his other foot, intending to climb the couch as we children (I think we were four and two) did. Instead of the desired effect, of Dad standing on the arm of the couch, there was the sickening sound of a 2x4 cracking. When the catastrophe was over, Dad stood there, looking very silly and no little ashamed, with one foot on the floor, and his other leg up to the thigh inside the newly broken arm of the hideous orange burlap couch. The couch was broken like that for years before it finally was thrown out.
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Things that need doing:

Banking issues. Whee! This means I should take a wander down to the office when it opens and talk about the Lack of Cat in the apartment. Which means I should also clean the hell up. Dishes are already migrating from sink to washer; I need to just tidy and do a bit of actual cleaning.

Ice chest: should be readied for use. We get the ice on our way out at ass AM tomorrow.

"A much-needed vacation will bring a great deal of enjoyment." (Fortune cookie I just opened now.)

and now! Stuff! Things!


More fun!

Aug. 14th, 2007 11:11 pm
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Have changed the answering machine message to something far more passive-aggressive, aimed at she who leaves five-minute rambling messages that repeat the same thing ten times and are out of date before we get home to listen to them. I think most of the people who have reason to have the cellphone number have it -- if there's a local who needs it for something, poke me, 'k? It begins with (480), it's prepaid, and there are approximately two people who get to call me on it just to BS about stuff, not that they do. Everyone else gets to use the landline for random babbling. Urgent contact is one thing, random babbling is another. That's what text messages are for! Not that I can play with those at work.

Ikea run today. Laundry basket, handles, flour and sugar jars, things to keep me from tracking dirt on the carpets again, and looking at bed/chair pricing. I totally want to get that chair *now*, never mind that we don't have anywhere to put it.

The Mountain Dew machine was b0rked again today, not accepting bills. Advantages to being the cute guy with the red cube badge: random phone goons want to know if you need change. AM NOT EMBARKING ON A WORKPLACE FLIRTATION OH I AM SO NOT. NOT NOT NOT.

On end-of-training-Thursday, I bought myself a new star necklace. It's very close in design to the old one, the one that's in a little box by the working altar. This one is pewter instead of silver, cast a little more crudely, with a different ringy-thing (bail? is that the word?) and a different (pinker, faker) stone.

It might look nearly the same to someone who sees it around my neck. For nearly two months, my neck was naked. I've not taken this one off since I put it on, and it could be mistaken for the old one. It's not the same. It never will be the same. No one else* need know the difference.

(*Well, except for LJ, but that doesn't really make a dramatic exit line for a post.)


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