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21:42 Saturday, 14 February, 2015
Cleaning for packing prep and inspection on Tuesday.

13:40 Sunday, 15 February, 2015
Every time I get space cleared on the bookshelf via packing, it seems like I find more hidden books.

01:55 Thursday, 19 February, 2015
Did the kitchen floor, so that'll be Different And Cleaner when inspection-time today-afternoon. Hrmf.

22:50 Thursday, 19 February, 2015
So today was second-scheduled-inspection (the scheduling was posted before first-inspection). No notes related to that, and things are Visibly More Tidy from Tuesday.

However, related I think to the "investor" part of the Investor Inspections, I did get an email saying that HEY GUESS WHAAAAAT, rent goes up in May.

Therefore I submitted my application for the place I toured tonight, via internet, with a follow-up note to the lady I toured with, saying that even though I don't have the raise I was hoping for just yet, I'm applying anyway because rent here for a fucking studio is going to be more than rent there for a one-bedroom. Fuck-a-doodle-doo.

I was planning to get in early to help the guy who's organizing the content for my team's little conference. Sleep did not work out so well in the "early" part of this description. I got in a little earlier than usual, though.

The task was to send out the call for proposals. First was the email; I suggested a few extra people who should know, and helped locate some guy with a fearfully WASP first name who was in charge of a department and pretty much unsearchable unless you already knew who he was. Then we did not!Facebook. I tweaked some settings, showed him what to pick and where to put it, and weeee're off! I got to lunch only 5 minutes after I planned.

The person doing the sandwich station was also the person doing salad, and gave me a green salad without red peppers. Score! I sat down with my team. Half of the group left after a bit. After another bit, I joined Purple's group, who had settled at the next table over.

We both had Things to Do after lunch. Purple's was a bit after mine. Both involved going uphill. I took a shuttle there. He, apparently, walked.

Met with the lady from Events, the Commandant, and Madam Standards to look over the venue again. We exchanged various information and had a lot of questions. A return visit with better maps and my tape measure will doubtless ensue. My teammates and I walked back together. I pointed out somewhat firmly that I Could Not Do Those Stairs, and we took the elevator.

By that time it was nigh unto Milkshake O'Clock. radius met me at the Near Site. It was in fact not milkshake o'clock, as there was a Large Management Event going on in the cafeteria, and it was not a time for blender-related operations. So we took our unblended ice cream outside to the fire pit, where we chilled happily.

Just as I was busily filing a ticket from my phone, a looming shape carrying a laptop bag and a red shirt approached and plopped down in a chair across the fire pit from me. Purple had seen us hanging around and decided to join. I filed my own ticket, then started filing radius's ticket about lights out in a downstairs men's room. radius then got up and went into the building to confirm that it wasn't just a case of the lights being switched off. Purple promptly informed me that I was helpful like a ferret in a bowlful of packing peanuts.

Purple's day had included not one round trip up the hill, but two: the computer situation there had been dire, so he zoomed back to fetch his laptop. He was Somewhat Put Out at the reality of two trips, as he is not used to this. (Meanwhile, my stamina is building up to the point where that might actually not completely destroy me. Yay, stamina!)

After some nice chat, we split back to our respective desks.

There was some good news about Borderlands Books. Why yes, I do enjoy the concept of a reserved seat at various [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire events!! I became happy that I have taken to carrying my checkbook around.

Purple pinged me while I was almost still going strong. We walked out and Purple dumped his laptop in his trunk and then escorted me to Vash. I told him a mildly explicit story about the time Shawn almost kissed me. And I put the pieces together about how I wasn't allowed opinions around Shawn, and how despite our chemistry in other respects, also mildly explicit ). Subsequent lovers demonstrated that The Problem Was Not Exactly Me. Apparently it works better when I'm allowed opinions.

I nearly started crying in the parking lot.

Before that happened, though, we were hailed, and The Other Guy barged across the parking lot, and we spent some enjoyable minutes cursing about the travails of trying to maintain php created by Those Guys (as opposed to Us).

I got my hug and came home, via Costco gas. Now I am trying to increment my step count via my abs. I have filed that ticket about my launderizer, and told Purple. His turn to address that tire. <3
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Saturday, I drove down to Sunnyvale and toured an apartment complex. I liked it. We'll see if/when my raise comes through. (Purple says that on this one, I'm a dude.)

Vash gave me a bit of trouble on the way back, so I should see about getting him checked out.

So on Saturday, everybody got a note through the door that "investor inspections" were imminent. So much of the rest of my long weekend was either housework, or fervently ignoring housework. I am not Actively Displeased with the current state of the apartment, however I am not Pleased either. The packing has been making this easier, and I suppose the cleaning has helped the packing.

Got a message from the Commandant that she was out sick, and I should take point on this morning's meeting. Okay! So I did some last laundry-roundup and vacuuming, and went off to work in good time to walk up to the secret milkshake bunker, saying hi to Purple on my way as he was coming in. He was in search of Beldorion. I thought I vaguely knew where he sat, but I was at the wrong end of the wrong floor of the wrong building. (Purple was able to find him okay, though.) The heavy equipment I'd seen at the end of the parking lot turned out to be unloading a whole bunch of trees; they looked like small redwoods in large wooden planters.

The Dean is ringleading the playing of a cricket tournament on the big screen. It turns out that none of the cable networks that we get seem to be running it, but there's an online thing. Some of the guys waxed enthusiastic. Yay for them.

The meeting went well! We have a better idea of what we're looking for this year, and some of last year's cracktastic experiments won't be repeated. I mentioned some of the constraints, like gluten-free, and that cut out Hawaiian as a theme, as all their soy sauce has lurking wheat. Partway through the meeting, the lady from catering spluttered and pointed out the window. For all the world like a tall ship under full sail, the top half of a redwood cruised by smoothly. For a brief fantastic moment I thought: Wow, it must be windy out today. Then, as the forklift emerged from behind the wall, the absurdity of the thought struck me. Another two redwoods followed it, to our collective giggles. We called our attention back to the task at hand, and got into logistics and table rental. We shall inquire to see whether there are cafe tables which can be pulled from storage before we see about rentals. From around the corner coming the other direction scuttled one of those same redwoods, beating a hasty retreat from who knows what ent-eater.

On the way back, I wound up telling Madam Standards about the time Shawn tried to make mac-and-cheese.

Purple sent out the lunch ping. Just then, one of the engineers who had through main force of will not screamed about the helldesk software on the You Must Be At Least This High In The Org Chart For This Ride field trip, had a question about how one shipped things. I had answers! I wound up creating a shipping ticket for him, and he jumped through the hoops to get his own login, as he sees himself shipping in the future. This did render me a bit on the late side to lunch, but that was all right.

Mr. Zune: "Is someone else about to be introduced to the Sticky Box?"

I left the shipping ticket on top of the Sticky Box for the engineer to find if he came back before I did.

My choice of food includes prep/waiting time as well as content, so it was the wok for me, even though that would result in picking out hot and cold peppers. There was a seat next to Purple, which I happily claimed. I grumbled about the housecleaning and apartment search some. I had a fantastic headache by that time. Purple told tales of one apartment he'd moved out of, where the place was going to be demolished after he left. The guys had told him he could "have fun", but he'd been too exhausted from moving to do anything entertaining like write on the wall in something that looked like human blood. Somehow this resulted in escalating jokes, with a live goat tethered (with food and water) in the middle of a salt pentagram ("Oh, I would have thought the sacrifice would have been accepted by now!"). Purple joked about using glitter in spells, and I started giggling. That made my head pound. "Oh god, I shouldn't be laughing," I said. Purple patted me on the back and allowed how he possibly shouldn't have been joking about that either. "No no, it's that I have a headache," I wheezed. Then I told him about a certain infamous writer of spellbooks who suggested glitter as a substitute for candles. Not to represent fire, but as a focus object. "So that's why you have a disco ball!" he declared. I mentioned that I might have possibly unnerved people in the past with the giant Christmas light pentagram on my ceiling in college. Heh.

The engineer had picked up the shipping ticket by the time I got back, and mentioned that my cube is certainly unique.

Lunch and lack of sleep and stress and dehydration seem to have been the headache, because post-lunch, caffeine, hydration, and giggles put me pretty much right.

Mid-afternoon, I looked out the window at just the right moment and saw two heads, one golden and one dark-with-a-bald-patch, walking past. It was clearly lb and Purple, going in the general direction of the milkshake bunker, walking fast. I had a quiet Moment -- a pang of left-out, and a swell of happiness that they were getting friend-time that they clearly needed to have. The happiness won, but not without a little bittersweet thread. But I don't have to be part of everything. In fact, I probably have more than my fair share of Purple's time. I can't begrudge another of his good friends some alone-time, in context of that.

Lennon Glasses Guy showed up for the speakers just as I was heading into my research meeting. I directed him where to find it: loon head, fridge, right next to the fridge. In the research meeting, Researcher Carmageddon picked my brain about things we'd like to know that I collected as a matter of course when they came up. They will come up with a list and cross-check. It is the time of year that Researcher Sweatervest has become chilly again, so he was wearing one of his namesake sweatervests. This one looked nicer, and new. Polka-Dot is out sick, and Haystack seems to be out of state due to a death in the family, but had called in.

In conference-driven development news, the Dreamwidth development activity makes me happy, and sometime when my hair is not trying to catch figurative fire I need to sit down and go through code tours looking for docs bugs.

Things in the helldesk software keep getting fixed from time to time. Apparently broken attachments had been un-broken. I cruised into the quiet room to assess the state of the stain, which was non-crusty, probably a drink spill. Then I went into my own building's relaxation room, took a picture of the sad little room with its foosball table, and emailed in a ticket suggesting that if an unloved but unbroken couch could be found in storage, this would make the room a little less sad -- both answering an actual need and testing the attachment situation, which seems indeed to have been remedied. (Trust, but verify.)

In clearing through my inbox, I paused and actually read one of the [off-topic] posts that I'd skimmed earlier in the day, and then paused again.

ajl: from [off-topic], regarding a cricket tournament: "We could always streak it from the laptop."
ajl: does some gentleman on [off-topic] feel like making a private reply including https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streaking ? I feel this is a disambiguation vs. "streaming" which should not come from a lady.
Upon which statement, several corners inquired whether "lady" really applied in this instance.

Purple had a programming situation which eventually turned out to be an unexpected NULL instead of the nice little object the program was expecting. Mommas, don't let your variables grow up to be un-initialized.

I wanted to get one last email finished before going home. It was quick, but Purple still arrived while I was wrapping up, and put out the Beacon and curled up on the nearby couch with his iPad for a few moments. "I should have waited for a reply instead of just coming over, huh," he smiled.

The parking lot saw terrible stories of dudes setting fire to their packages on video, plus other tales of fire and nether regions. (Hint: "I just got a new high-speed camera!" is not a good reason to light a fart. Sometimes, Purple's friends can pull dumbass stunts too.) We chatted through The Aristocrats, my lack of balance and the attendant jazzhands, and that time that I was the person doing the crazy religious ranting on the bus. I'm okay with informational embargo while a hole gets patched, but er. Ahem. Purple was understanding. My knees were not so understanding. His tire still has a nail in it. There was an owl, but only one this time. Perhaps it's in the owl-house, and not a cardboard box? Or perhaps it's in a redwood.

Purple got roped into doing a thing tomorrow and Thursday, so his lunch availability is low. My team probably gets custody of me, then, or maybe I shall join lb's table.

I chatted with Amber on the way home. Home included a relieving lack of paper stuffed in my doorframe.

Tomorrow will be another day. Thursday will be another inspection (announced Monday morning). Bluh.
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Saturday: sleep, errands, and eventually hauling out garbage. And it was during the latter process that I heard the faint but distinct sputtering sound and saw the vapor rolling away from the corner of the fence around my neighbor's patio.

I put my garbage in the dumpster, used the bathroom so I wouldn't have to during the ensuing events, grabbed flashlight and cellphone, and went back outside.

The sputtering and vapor were coming from a pair of wires which were apparently associated with the lamp mounted on the outside of the patio fence.

I dialed the apartment complex number, then changed my mind and called 911 first. Once that was done, I had to unlock my phone out of emergency mode to call the apartment complex number. I ordered the information for the voicemail approximately like:

The fire department is on its way.
#[apt] is about to have an electrical fire.
I don't know where the breaker is.
This is [Azure], from [my apt]. My phone number is [#].

The callback from the maintenance guy was very quick. He said something about throwing clothes on and he was [6 units down].

Having discharged my duty, I kept the flashlight trained on the hissing wires, and told Twitter.

The maintenance guy arrived nearly simultaneously with the fire department. Maglights are also useful as a "hey here I am" tool. I showed them the place. Apparently this was not the first time they have come out for *exactly this problem*. (I recommend pausing to contemplate this fact. I am still musing on it some hours later.) It was still steam and not smoke.

Last time they were unsure of which breaker was the one. The maintenance guy went down to the garage to throw breakers until he got the right one.

That concluded the shenanigans for tonight as far as I was concerned, as the fire department went into standing down.

I went back inside and told IRC.
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Drove down 101 (my favorite) to see a possible place.

I have had a certain amount of impostor syndrome over Being A Grown-Up. This was ... well. I didn't feel like I was the incompetent one.

Really, my mind was made up after I drove around in search of a parking spot, found none, wound up at the management office and not the leasing office, and saw the shabbiness (no, Android, not stabbings) and breathed the sadness. There was no street parking left. Once I found the leasing office, the contrast between its shininess and the dingy look of the other grated.

Plus I was parked super illegally in the driveway. There were four other cars also parked badly, but they weren't blocking the handicapped spot as badly. (Based on the way my mobility is improving, I have not tried to apply for the hang tag or plates.)

I explained that no, the one I was interested in was not the 2nd floor studio as stairs are a Bad Idea (and I waved my cane) and I'm coming from a studio. Despite having clicked on the thing, apparently it came through wrong.

So we went to look at the 1st floor studio.

The architecture is unfriendly. One door was chained open across the edge of a portal. I cleared it but with some misgivings.

She unlocked the apartment and switched on the bathroom lights.

I poked my face in.

The bathroom was long and galley-style, combining the worst parts of tiny bathrooms with the worst parts of galley kitchens.

"No," I decided out loud.

"...Would you like to see the rest of the apartment?" she ventured.

I might as well. I liked the kitchen, though I was dubious about whether the 2/3 size fridge could pass the shelf removal test.

On the way back (to get the keys to the van to drive to the 1-bedroom) I asked about the laundry situation.

7-7? "That's a dealbreaker."

We didn't see any other apartments.

I wound up at work.
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OMG, Fire of Love is a perfect wild rose. So happy. It was an extra from [personal profile] synecdochic in the combined shipping for the Gaiman/Metamorphosis circle, and her taste is impeccable. It's not quiiiite a match for the original formula Evelyn Rose, but it's close enough to make me think it might be. The wets mismatch, but on me the tail end of Evelyn Rose smells like the beginning of Fire of Love. Which is kind of awesome.

I have been tidying all day. I have not yet done actual laundry, but I did do some laundry prep, which totally counts. Also, pulling out stuff from places results in finding more laundry, and dusting results in making laundry. So.

Read more... )

One of the random bits out of yesterday included one of the moments when I needed to express symbolic violence at Purple. We found it hilarious, but the backstory is NSFW with a side of possible embarrassment squick. ) That resulted in laughter and a high-five. R: "Do I want to know?" Purple and me simultaneously: "NO."

Universal sysadmin stories: you know how it is when you have people you used to be super close to years ago, and they have stuff on your server, because of course, you were super close at the time. In the interim, life has happened. You really never talk these days, even though you always mean to. But every time your server goes down, you do have a bit of a chat...

This bit of slang was new to me over the past six months or so, thus I share:

"Consider the optics" = this looks bad.
"Consider the optics of the situation" = this looks super bad.


Aug. 17th, 2014 01:48 am
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Week before last, there was a little problem with the laundry room. Not the laundry room in my building, but, crucially, the laundry room with the card machine. Our laundry machines use cards instead of coins, which is a different kind of inconvenience.

I do have a launderizer in my apartment. Sadly, the last time I used it, it made a terrible grinding noise and didn't drain. (I drained it manually with the little hose and a bowl.) I do need to call maintenance on it; I'm waiting until I have the mental wherewithal to make sure things are tidied to my satisfaction.

They'd said that the laundry room in building 4 would be closed until further notice. Further notice having not arrived, and the laundry situation growing critical, I chose to hope that maybe they'd just forgotten to give further notice. I wandered over. The room was locked up tight and still very much looking like a construction zone. The card machine had been taken off the wall.

I contemplated the possibility that they'd moved it to the functioning laundry room, but looked at the time and figured that my window of opportunity for the nearby laundromat was about to close. So I hustled, grabbed all the easily grabbable laundry and a book, and went exploring.

I am pleased to report that modern laundromats often choose to have wifi these days. Wifi! In a laundromat! I dumped all the laundry into one of the big machines and settled in with some trance music and Cyteen, since I have gone a few years without taking tape. I didn't actually use the wifi.

Having done the math, the price difference is on the order of six and a fraction cents between the laundromat and the number of washers/dryers I would have used in the on-site laundry room. My car app thingy claims the cost of gas was $0.29. My knees are happy that I didn't have to haul two large IKEA bags full of laundry up and down stairs with a dodgy handrail.

I may pop downstairs tomorrow to see whether they've put the card machine in the open laundry room.
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I was prancing spritefully out the door this morning when I caught sight of a FedEx delivery notice lying on my doormat. With wind, salt fog, and blowing sand, nothing sticky stays stuck unless it's stuck securely to something clean and dry (a door is neither). The smart delivery folks stick the notifications to themselves, wrapped around door handles, if the door handles are the nice accessible horizontal kind.

The message said it had been left at the apartment complex office, so I tramped down there (not at all as excited as I should have been, because I wasn't expecting anything) to find --

-- that there were packages a-plenty, but none for me.

"Didn't you pick up your package on Friday?" the lady asked.

No, no I had not. (Also, I was there Wednesday, not Friday.) I indicated that the delivery date was Saturday, so double no. (Triple, because I hadn't remembered the Wednesday bit.)

After another go-round, she indicated that I should go call FedEx, and so up to the internet I tramped, there to look up the door tag number.

The door tag said, confusingly, that it was a two-part package, one of which had been delivered (and signed for, with a name) and one had not been, but would be today. Sometime. Afternoonish.

The office had no one even there with that last name, though the first initial might have matched.

I called FedEx, and after a few very confusing go-rounds with the very helpful automated system, I got a human. There were a few go-rounds there.

Finally (as I was beginning to suspect) she mentioned a first name, one which was not mine, and not one I knew. And it transpired that the address was also not mine, and within falling-and-blowing distance. I went to stick the sticky on the correct door, and called the office to let them know that there had been a mixup with the door tag, but we were all good now.

At least my pedometer registered the fucking stairs.
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... because it makes the risk of having unadvised neighbor sex a whole hell of a lot lower.

1st email, sometime last week:

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10:27 AM 3/11/2010
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It's reassuring to know that the dulcet sounds of what seems to be guys with crowbars and hammers (and hammering on the crowbars) ripping up the roof of an adjacent building are in fact guys with crowbars and hammers (and hammering on the crowbars) ripping up the roof of an adjacent building.

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10:37 AM 3/11/2010
Dear tired eyes: "render farm" != "reindeer farm", even though Brain thinks this is *hilarious*, and will be repeating it for possibly *weeks*.

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2:06 AM 3/12/2010
Have not only returned from Generalized Hilarity At Tif's Night, but have also taken in my Problematic Shorts to account for the string that the washing machine ate.

Tonight featured Were the World Mine (conservative high school does A Midsummer Night's Dream with the gay guy as Puck, and Wacky Hijinks Ensue; at one point Tif and I chorused together, "That's the wrong play!" as the boys quoted something from R&J), which was good times. Then came Tom Brown's Schooldays, which has Joseph Beattie (the significance of whom means little to people who aren't in the same RPG as me), Alex Pettyfer (the significance of whom may be lost on those who are not on the same ever-loving email list I am on), and Stephen Fry (thou shalt not question him). (Oh dear, I just earwormed myself.)

Figured out what has to happen before Connie tells Mike the whole story on her ex. Poor Connie. Poor Mike.

I think it is time to go see whether the apartment complex gym has specified hours, and whether my little electronic key is good on that door.

3:15 AM 3/12/2010
Apparently either my key is no good, or my key does not work during certain hours. Undaunted, I went on a walk that turned out to be 45 minutes or so round trip, and only had to use my cane a little. (My left knee is annoyed, though.)

3:39 AM 3/12/2010
My love language scores are warped by the fact that there are some things that I actually cannot imagine certain parties doing, when I read through the assessment: to have them do this would seem completely strange and unnatural. So I don't mark that, because it wouldn't make sense in context. My scores for the one I took, though probably only I will care. )
http://www.afo.net/hftw-lovetest.asp is less cloyingly heteronormative and inescapably romantic than the thing on the official site.

4:03 AM 3/12/2010
Much like Bren, I had a little tea and now I cannot stop tasting it or smelling it (even after drinking coca-cola after the tea). Unlike Bren, it was non-toxic to my species. :D

5:57 AM 3/12/2010
Reminder to self: no matter how funny it seems, any hobby depicted in an XKCD comic is entirely possibly not a good idea to pick up.

8:05 AM 3/12/2010
Goggles, yes. Zeppelins with wifi. But more with the brown trenchcoats these days, rather than red capes. (re: http://xkcd.com/239/ )

10:16 AM 3/12/2010
Have started to get commentary from Mike about the Current Book Scene that just started writing itself all out of continuity, so I'm going to have to look for a place for it when I go back through with the timetable, the calendar, and the pruning shears. Mike is perhaps tending toward the mildly-pornographic this morning.
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6:20 PM 3/3/2010
"Found Breaker had bad contact. Replaced Breaker." (Woohoo! No flickering!!!!)

Assorted rage, my day )

12:26 AM 3/4/2010
More identities used in the same method of operations that yesterday's featured sexual harrassment troll uses: http://thedivinegoat.dreamwidth.org/15930.html

Assorted computer & networking woes, swearing, extreme self-loathing )
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Music, writing, LJ-meta, agoraphobia, apartment complexities. )

5:56 PM 3/2/2010
Reading fic, and that got me stopped on the fic and started reading up on the different types and applications of safewords.
Safewords. )

Housecleaning with a roomba. )
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It turns out that normal residents of this apartment complex occasionally come out of their caves during daylight hours and socialize with other residents, or walk their dogs, or smoke, or something besides quick and furtive trips to get mail, take care of rubbish and recycling, and head to and from the car.

After meaning to for some time, I finally took a trip in the direction of the complex's small hot tub. I am happy to report that the disastrously ripped blue sports bra does its new assigned job excellently. (See, if you want a swimsuit that's not ordered from some obscure catalog or a custom job, you can either be my size or have tits the size of cantaloupes, but not both at the same time.) Now, instead of having my rack supported by a noose tied around my neck, the aforementioned sports bra provides support while the bathing suit supplies coverage and style, and the built-in bra-like-substance does none of the above.

An artist's conception of Miss Lunatic in bathing costume: Sketch of Azz, rendered in gel-pen and highlighters on the back of an envelope, of Azz wearing a bathing costume with a short skirt, sneakers, with a checked towel wrapped around her and draped over her forearms.

I had meant to go earlier in the day, even, but dawdled on my way out. Thus, I arrived ten minutes short of the posted closing time.

There were already several people there when I arrived. ...feeling more and more like an Islander in the middle of a Mainlander party... (language, drugs, booze, rock-and-roll, and groping) )
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Got off to a late start as I wasn't sure whether my procrastination had screwed absolutely everything up this time. (I put off calling the renters insurance place until late, and the guy said on Friday that the policy had been switched over, but I should call back tomorrow to get the number over the phone. Tomorrow. Ha. "Tomorrow" was Saturday, on which they were not open, as I discovered early Saturday morning when I tried calling. I'd gotten the PG&E account OK, I'd arranged for an ISP, but ... argh.) Thankfully, it hadn't screwed everything up, so long as I could get stuff in on Monday.

I had been dipping strawberries when the apartment complex called back. My aunt took over dipping strawberries and I zipped off to the bank. I started in on the paperwork while my aunt got cleaned up. I got some plotting for Book 1 done, excellent news. The dude in the office advised me that the spot that was assigned to me had been previously temporarily assigned to someone else.

Boxes are heavy. My internet redefines flaky. I hurt all over. )
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  • 00:00 Oh, crap. Email from Mama, in inbox of address I check only rarely, 15 days old. Ooops. #
  • 00:02 They have entrance #1 blocked off, and the bridge between entrance #2 and my section of the parking lot also blocked off. NO BRAINS THERE. #
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Last night they had my section of the parking lot blocked unnecessarily.
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  • 05:15 There is a shipping notice! Whee, BPAL!!! #
  • 05:21 They are resurfacing our parking lot, so I get to play "let's find my car". This is why I'm up early this morning. #
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http://cadhla.livejournal.com/1297088.html?#cutid1 -- The muffin top. Let me tell you how much I loathe it.

http://politics.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/07/31/0018241&from=rss -- Ted Stevens gets the Feds all up ins his place.

Hee hee hee. Occasionally, good financial karma hits me, in the form of how I often forget the exact setting between one ten-dollar increment and the next as it's supposed to appear on the rent check, and therefore I write it down for the next ten-dollar increment up. Sooner or later, this catches up with me, and someone points out that I have $whatever overpaid and I only need pay $whatever_else more. That's what happened today. :D You never know when you're going to need that little grace amount. I (knock wood) don't seem to need it need it this month, but it's that much more that I didn't have to come up with.

Next week I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning. You can imagine how much this thrills me.

Things I do not want: easy post emoticons on LJ. Getting up way too early. Many things. But easy post emoticons makes me snarly. A mood theme is good enough. Easy emoticons discourage one from attempting to paint the mood in words or original art. I like words and original art.

You know you have a good manager when you can discuss JKR's latest work in an adult and literate fashion, with an undertone of giggly fangirliness. Management has a thing for Legolas, also. :D (Secondary workplace.)

Boys from Canada are often cute, from the sampling I've seen. (There seem to be two in our class at work. The other lead geek in the back of the room is one of them. He is also married, so I'll keep my admiration to myself.) The guy with the red cube badge over thattaway is also cute. It doesn't hurt that he's in a position to be having a red cube badge.

The IRC channel that I frequent live in sometimes has impromptu nick theme nights. As a result of one of those, http status codes started creeping their way into nicks as short, content-rich away messages. Tonight there's a http status/area code mix theme going on. Insanity is being had. I am Azz|408 at the moment, because I am unlikely to respond within a timeframe that anyone would be willing to wait, but if they care to poke me when I am available, they're welcome to repeat whatever thing they wanted to ask me or tell me. :D I'm often Azz|503 when I'm having some scheduled downtime.

Test part 1 of that one thing that I promised to test is done; I'll have to wait until later for test part 2. Noting right now that the "join us" thing is not showing up at this time on my Cox; it's also showing a bright red message about nightly updates, though the timing is a good several hours off for what it claims to be.


Jul. 29th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Saturday was for anime. We watched the remainder of Gravitation, and the beginning of Weiß Kreuz. Then we went home.

Without me noticing, somehow the Relationship Status indicator in my head has changed from "Involved monogamously; that would be cheating" through "Not Fucking Interested (in any of you)" to "On the rebound -- not fair to any of us", still with a side of "still not interested unless you in fact are all that and a bundle of cat macroes".

Today is Laundry Day. [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen is finishing up The Book. She is folded up on the living room floor (we have living room floor! and it's not set aside for a JD!) using the two new Clue Bat 2.1s as a stand for the book. She has about 60 pages to go. She mentioned $CHAPTER_TITLE; I told her that $CHAPTER_TITLE made a lot of people reaction ). (It is the last chapter. I expect that I will be hit for that. Possibly with both clue bats at once.)

There was a flying beetle of Not Insignificant Size in the apartment last night. After it startled me the first three times it showed up, I resolved to lie in wait for it with a bottle of dusting spray and a fistful of paper napkins. Alas, it foiled me still by failing to start flying around when I was waiting for it. Perhaps Hermione-cat will have gotten it.

The laundry room featured approximately four small children. Perhaps it was three, as I only actually saw three of them, but I think there may have been four. I think the oldest was about eight. The oldest one was keeping the rest of them in line, more or less. They were indulging in creative activities such as leaping off the counter, accidentally dropping things in the trash, figuring out whose turn it was to leap off the counter, and making deals involving the rest of the kids not tattling about the accidentally dropping things in the trash part. There was no parent in sight. They sounded almost exactly like Tay-Tay and me when we were small. I remember being a kid too vividly sometimes. There's part of me that still wants to go and play when there are a bunch of kids having a good time, even though I can't get away with leaping off the counters and playing stupid kid social games. They left to go do something more interesting somewhere else, but they were back in the laundry room when I went in to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer. There were four of them, after all. The boy was actually possibly older than the girls, maybe nine. He was mostly staying out of their conversation, occupied as he was with playing a virulently pink keyboard (without benefit of headphones). The girls sat and chattered about topics of extreme deep interest as they perched on the row of washers.

[livejournal.com profile] hcolleen has finished the book. [livejournal.com profile] the_ass_ship.

I have a glass of Vile Purple Mixture. It's actually very tasty -- mixed berries, chocolate, and cold. I pulled out the blender last night, and I think I will be enjoying Experimental Beverages for a while again. This morning's version is made without alcohol.

The new TMBG album, The Else, is a nice solid effort. It's worth getting it now for the bonus disk. I especially liked "Upside Down Frown" and "Bee of the Bird of the Moth". There aren't any immediate must-listen-to-over-and-over earworms/super-hits, but I get the idea that it will grow on me. "Climbing the Walls" is old-school TMBG, and should be combined with "Minimum Wage", "Someone Keeps Moving My Chair", "Don't Go Back to Rockville", and "Code Monkey" in an IHTFP playlist for work. (And on the bonus disk? "Sketchy Galore" is such a Strongbad song. "We Live in a Dump" is one of my new theme songs, if only for the line about friends.)
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Today, Miss Lunatic was completely insane. How, you ask?

First, she stayed up until nearly midnight, writing a review of her current apartment complex, after reading reviews of the potential new apartment complex, and coming to the conclusion that the main problems there are: insufficient maintenance staff, potentially mold, and the presence of a passive-aggressive bitch in the office staff who has discovered apartmentratings.com and the Anonymous Coward feature there, plus the concept of sockpuppets. And when people come in expecting to have obsequious service and instead get the kind of service you get at a semi-crappy apartment complex, there is going to be whining to start with. We're coming in expecting semi-crappy service, so we should be just fine, should we ultimately choose to go there.

[livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13 and I saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday. I bopped him on the back of the head a few times for general filthymindedness. I came down with the beginnings of a splitting headache from all the whatever the hell it was that we were doing yesterday. Potential culprits could include sun, heat, possible dehydration, not-soon-enough supper, overstimulation, too much crash and boom and movie, and general insanity.

Today, I slept happily in. There was an incident with Hermione-cat missing the litterbox. I tried calling, and wound up leaving a message.

I did laundry. I did some cleaning, both of my desk area and the kitchen. I laid out my entire outfit for tomorrow. I thought about laying out my entire outfit for the whole week, but didn't get that far. I had two cups of hot chocolate with a bit of coffee as well. I had lots of iced tea. The result was complete mania with babbling and creating what was intended to be a moving checklist but has evolved into some sort of organizational nightmare document, involving the household items that we are all bringing to the party. There is somewhat unnecessary pasta salad. The next iteration of dishes is being loaded into the dishwasher. I got a decent amount of tagging done, though not all of what I needed to get done, and no research whatsoever (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] coffeechica). I kept seeing things that I wanted to do, and started actually writing them down somewhere so I might get them done before we move. We're planning to move in either October or December (November is right out for the obvious reason that almost all of the people who would be helping us move will also be doing NaNoWriMo)

Current lipstick color: blue glitter.


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