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My priorities at work are: get the participant database in reasonable working order (including the yelling at vendors), and get the process for the yearly conference in as well-documented order as I can get it.

There has been database WTF-ery. The response from the vendor is sort of shaped like "yes Reverend thank you Reverend" as I tell them that this is unexpected and not in the good way. Purple is amused.

I'm starting to apply places, and collecting my references and paperworks.

More people continue to find out and/or ask me about the status of the contractor deadline. I feel somewhat socially obligated to put a good face on it, at least to people who aren't #VirtualH, #dreamwidth, #cupcake, #adventuresofstnono, or closer. This results in scenarios like:

ajl: I've heard vague rumors to the effect that people are talking about getting us a paid Slack, but only rumors. In the future, you should probably ask [R&D IT Flashlight Guy] about that, he might be best placed to know.
MrBlueHair: Wait, "in the future" ARE YOU LEAVING US
ajl: Well, there's that contractor policy, and my team wasn't able to get me converted to full time before the deadline, barring a miracle.
MrBlueHair: ... !!! D:
ajl: :( :( :(


R2, the guy on my team not my else-team friend: Well, I'm headed to India to get married, see you when I get back!
AzureJ: Congratulations, and it's been a pleasure working with you.
R2: Oh, I'm coming back! At the end of February!
AzureJ: When in February?
R2: The end ... omg, you won't ... ? Where are you ... ?
AzureJ: The 16th. I don't know yet.
R2: Oh. It's been good working with you too. :(

When that happens, I tend to IM Purple with the gist of the conversation and try to not let it go from tears leaking out my eyes to actual audible sobbing. He says that long notice in situations like this is kind of torture. I'm inclined to agree, though I also appreciate it so I can prepare.

One of the things helping me keep it together is the way that I know I am cared-for and well-regarded, on my team and off, and especially amongst #VirtualH and #cupcake. Purple hugs me goodnight, shoulder-bumps me, occasionally pets my arm, and lets me take shelter next to him. I keep rediscovering that undemanding sustained physical contact with folks who don't set off my alarm bells is a thing that does me great amounts of good. (Even while the same amount of proximity to people *not* cleared for unmonitored access to my blind spots would leave me worse off.) Mr. Zune has joined #adventuresofstnono, which goes a long way towards keeping the people I cherish most from #cupcake in places I will see them regularly. (We have yet to coax radius in there.)

Recently, #adventuresofstnono have been talking about the reverse of popular internet emotional signifiers. What is the opposite of LOL? Throwing up? Crying inside? The simple D: ? This inevitably led to 8===D and its opposite, 8===D: the aghast ascii penis.

I have Scrivener set up, and have embarked upon a project which is intended to be a tropey tropey paper bag which may contain a magician's bird of definite fjord-pining status, and might also possibly -- well. So the other day on Twitter...

Naturally I hunted down the reference (like a good fishmum) and while the story was sweet and hot and I was happy to have spent a fancy coffee's worth on it, the writing quality was not what I'm accustomed to. In fact...

"I can write better than that," I groused to myself. "In fact, I've half a mind to..."

[personal profile] norabombay and [personal profile] sithjawa promptly started incorriging me.

I now have:
* working title (terrible, terrible pun)
* a possibly viable pen name
* a main pairing, several supporting couples, and some names
* a terribly on the nose pen name for the bad fanfic written by a supporting couple
* tons of incorrigement
Pray for me.

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Nov. 5th, 2014 12:04 pm
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Sexual orientation vs. the MythBusters

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Located the appropriate pliers. Fixed my star necklace. Hooray!

Hauled laundry down from car.

[personal profile] vass encouraged me to hunt down and read "BLIT", "comp.basilisk FAQ", and "Different Kinds of Darkness". (I gave "What Happened at Cambridge IV" a skip after reading http://kasmana.people.cofc.edu/MATHFICT/mfview.php?callnumber=mf853 because I'm pretty sure I would leave yelling about stereotypes and representation.) As a result, I have no idea which character of mine has the blackwork tattoo of an almost-parrot with fractal bits, but somebody does, and I don't think they're a particularly nice person. It takes a special kind of person to read a short story about an extreme memetic hazard, and go "You know, I think I want that on my body. Permanently." Only some of those sorts of people are ones I'd like to hang out with.

I hadn't set up xkit properly on Bell. I just reinstalled the blocky thing, and blacklisted Guardians of the Galaxy, and I'm so much happier. Icon for this entry came up on the first click of the random button. Unpopular fannish opinion, including disability, abuse, and Bucky ) Combine that with the stuff about women, and you know? I don't have to see it in the theatre, and when I do hit up Tumblr, I don't have to see it there either. Yay xkit.

Oh god. It's Lovie who has the Parrot tattoo. As a tramp-stamp.

I am a grown adult, and don't need to pout over cafeteria table shenanigans. Invisible Purple was invisible; I had a pleasant lunch with part of Purple's usual table (quietly, in the corner, because I am in fact kind of shy in addition to being introverted).

Various things converged such as I was thinking about some of my youthful shenanigans and the list of people who I trust more than I trust (That Idiot) Shawn. Previous thoughts on the multi-factor slider-bar mixing board of trustedness. The various emotional fuckery, the general shenanigans, and gross physical unsafety, done unto me; no one was actually hurt ) means that actually, a hell of a lot of people are on that list. Purple happened to mention some of his weekend's entertainments. So there was a bit of chatter about trust and such.

I'm doing better with shoes than I was a few years ago. Regularly wearing shoes that were terrible for me basically destroyed my feet, such that walking barefoot on a hard surface like my somewhat springy vinyl kitchen flooring was painful and I could feel damage happening. (And the terrible shoes were the best shoes I had at the time -- I had worse ones, which accelerated the damage.) Being able to afford better shoes (and fix my really good ones) gave my feet the chance to heal. Healed feet means that I can actually sometimes wear thin foam salon sandals while walking down the concrete sidewalk and across the brick courtyard, and while I can tell I shouldn't do it all day, it's not actually unpleasant or dangerous.

Purple noticed that my fingernails were blue and sparkly! He mentioned that he'd already noticed the fingernails when I was showing off my toes. I am very pleased by being blue and sparkly. I noticed in the bathroom mirror that my bangs are starting to glitter a bit. The family genes are starting to kick in. Guide Dog Aunt is a very elegant salt-and-pepper. Aunt-Fayoumis has mostly white hair that's going rusty from her water. My dad is basically Biker Santa. So it's just been a matter of time before it's notable on me. And I'm so very happy that it's coming in silver and glittery. Silver and glittery means that my hair is its own glitter. This is the best, and it's even Kat-safe!

Connie and Mike are teasing me with something involving Mike in some sort of magically altered state of consciousness, which is weird because Mike is kind of a control freak. Which is what makes me super curious.
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Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor babbling within.

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In other news, one of my friends' teams at work is moving buildings. Today they had a small party in order to drink their way through some of the team-owned boozes so that they would not have to actually move them all. Having been invited, I went over there and partook of some hard, hard lemonade. Then I came back and did not stuff M&Ms up my nose.

I chatted with Purple. At one point I reached out a finger to poke him. He reached back. Then I was en garde and we fenced about his office, me standing and him in his office chair, rolling handily across the floor. He said something witty once he eventually did break through my guard. "Good fences make good neighbors," I said, and then we were giggling once more.
azurelunatic: Scissors cutting film. NaNoWriMo 2004 (Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor)
22:24 2014-03-16
Laundry has been accomplished. This includes actually hanging up the tops and skirts. I'm impressed with myself.

There is coffee in the refrigerator. I'm attempting to cold-brew. We'll see how that goes.

I have polished my nails. This time I used black, then a glitter with big silver chunks, little light blue bits, and a sort of blue jelly liquid. Then the top coat. Once the weird edge spills come off in the shower, I might take a picture.

23:58 2014-03-19
The nail polish has shattered and is peeling.

Tuesday had some heavy conversation in the late evening. It turned out that something fairly random at work rebooted my brain straight into some really bad state from October. I walloped it a bit, and then Purple cheered me up some too. I thanked him again tonight, and made sure that he knew that in the excessively unlikely event that he should see me in a worse state, that wasn't something that he was expected to deal with, and should call someone. That kicked off a moderately deep and meta conversation.

Naturally it didn't stay that deep for excessively long, because the concept of attempting to get to sleep while there are two people over in the next bed and one of them is giggling ensued. We unleashed a veritable staircase of witticisms; I won with "I'm trying to sleep! Can you make your penis a little less funny?"

Not being a one to waste a line like that, I started tweeting. "It's going in a book?" "... Yes. And we know just the one, too! Aww hell, I didn't know there was a third part!"

Various bits, resulting in Cutting Room Floor babbling, including a whole-cast rename. The only one to keep her name is Beatrice. )
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So there I was in the shower, pondering over refinements to the section of the NaNo that had entitled itself "Episode 19" (no, I have no idea of the significance of the number, other than it's not early in the season); it did have its own unique title, but I'm going to gloss over that bit.

So then I sat down at the keyboard to get it in there while I drip-dried.

FOOM. Out came five hundred words of outline-and-dialogue. It turns out that taking some of the themes that are currently weighing heavily on my mind and exploring them in fictional format in ways entirely unrelated to the actual situation -- right. FOOM.

So now two more characters have joined the cast. Hi, Lake. And then Mithi decides that due to the stuff, she's going to have a little chat with someone who's been hiding right in plain sight the whole time. And another. aaaa. WHERE DO THEY ALL COME FROM.
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I wasn't sure I could even start writing Darkside Knightmares as a book, but eventually I got my head in the right place.

It has always been anime to me. Eventually it became anime from the Cracked Phoenix universe. Sometime in the past three days, it started to be the original novel that the anime is based on. (The anime may whitewash Mithi though I hope it will not; the images from the anime in my head have yet to catch up with Mithi taking on a life of her own. The first vision of her was light skinned and slender; Mithi is actually brown skinned and sturdy enough to bludgeon and block with her body. Also she is short. Miri was one of those waifish blue-haired anime ladies. No resemblance except face and maybe hair.) After the anime, there is a manga series.

Our universe may have to content itself with the book. But that is how I got my head into it.
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Dear writers of fiction, we need to talk. Specifically, about use of mental illness language in a figurative fashion, such as:

Elly had a depressing job.

a rant. )

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Oct. 4th, 2013 12:00 pm
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This is for a fictional situation.

I am attempting to come up with a bunch of neurological functions that are important, but not actually necessary to life, such that someone could get along without them without too much in the way of day to day medical intervention, but that they/those around them would have to make regular accommodations for the lack.

Bonus points for it being plausibly caused by having got in the way of some electricity.

I have some initial ideas, and I've opened a few tabs for wheatgoogling. Oh, my unfortunate characters.
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In which I rediscover something about The Girl Who Owned a City, by O.T. Nelson, that failed to stick in my head from 2009, in #yuletide:

[22:42] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> ... oh dear god.
[22:42] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> I think I hate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Girl_Who_Owned_a_City even more now.

[22:43] <strixus> and why Azz?

[22:43] <strixus> i can think of plenty of reasons why to hate that book

[22:44] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> Okay, so there's this really juicy post-apocalyptic story about a girl who manages to craft a well-armed civilization out of the wreckage.
[22:45] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> And I'm 12, very invested, and then she discovers this WONDEROUS BOOK THAT CONTAINS ALL THE LESSONS THAT SHE WILL NEED TO SOLVE HER PROBLEMS, and of course I'm very curious what it is, and then it never says and I become furious.
[22:45] <shati> i liked the girl who owned a city when i was a young girl who knew nothing of ayn rand
[22:46] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> I re-read it as a 20-something, and fly into a pagan-agnostic rage, because clearly it's the Bible.
[22:46] <shati> ...IT IS?
[22:46] <strixus> oh god
[22:46] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> AND NOW I LEARN THAT IT IS AYN RAND WHICH IS WORSE
In which alternate books are suggested and discussed. )

All this talk of books results in yet another cracky title that gets dropped into my NaNo to get it out of my head:

[23:12] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> so there's "The Dangerous Book for Boys", and "The Daring Book for Girls" --
[23:12] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> They were hanging out in Chad's room again, Max sprawled out on Chad's bed, and Chad kicked back in the desk chair reading "The Poorly-Behaved Book for Tiny Psychopaths".
[23:13] <[personal profile] alexseanchai> hee
[23:13] <Chokolatte-1955> lol
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Our players, most of whom have already been introduced earlier in the story:

Max, a Fire Mage college student
Chad, His Friend (not special friend though)
Neil, His Roommate (Max's, not Chad's)
Thomas, a Resident Assistant and a Douchebag
Various Firefighters

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I spent the better part of the weekend dogsitting at my aunt's. Deacon is getting old, deaf, and incontinent, so it's best not to leave him alone for more than two hours.

He wakes up at 2am and barks needing to be let out. This ... did not do good things for my sleep schedule, given that I'd not remembered to bring the bare minimum of the pillows required for me to sleep comfortably.

There was a nasty twitter-account-compromise wandering around. The compromise was easy to spot amongst the people I read there, as very few of them would voluntarily tweet in support of a fad diet. I thought the first one might have been legit as I was expecting a scathing takedown of the latest fad diet, in fact, but unfortunately that was also a compromise.

On Sunday, I wound up with a migraine, so I was in excellent condition to meet my Infamous Cousin's new girlfriend (who works as a stripper). I wasn't having a good time actually locating my words, I was still half asleep, and fucking headaches. I did wind up discovering a fascinating item. In my search for the shower of a thousand tentacles, I found the Vado "Sculpture" tentacle shower, which she also approved of. (I think I like this one. Also the handcuff earrings.) And what hazing of the new girlfriend would be complete without sharing the Chocolate Penis Saga?

So I came home and basically slept for the remainder of Sunday and a good chunk of Monday, though I was awake to ask some salient questions in e-mail; there was less swearing than you'd think under the circumstances, although some of this was replaced by locutions such as "Also the previous query, [redacted], except louder, with a dance number and maracas."

I was in fact awake enough to go to a NaNo kickoff, which was fun. I recognized one of the people there on sight, not from previous NaNo stuff, and the shirt confirmed it. "Hello, co-worker!" I greeted him. There may be a sufficient number of $WORKPLACE folks doing NaNo to sort of club together.

Jennifer Christine Marie Elizabeth (fictional) spoke up at one point during all this, declaring that her name was in fact Lydia. GOOD TO KNOW. ... Oh god, she's got one of those alphabet names, doesn't she. Anna Bethany Christine Dagny Elizabeth Francine Gilda Heloise Isa Jennifer Kathryn Lydia Marie. Jesus christ that's a mouthful. Happily they ran out of steam halfway through. (It would have been Glinda had her mother not been too stoned on pain meds to remember how it was supposed to be spelled.) Poor Lydia.

The recent fad in "color blocking" makes me think of one thing, and I was fortunate enough to find a shirt illustrating this. I have plans for Wednesday.

I came home to find out that the promised changes to LiveJournal friends pages are in previewable state. I am so opposite of thrilled. I should really get around to RSSing-on-DW all the public journals I'd like to follow, and subscribing-to-notifications for the friends who post locked. Now that Carrie's clear, I just want to say that I hope the company reaps the benefits of its brilliant user research and customer service, and that the highest-up management gets to share in their full share of that result.


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