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The places formerly known as 'work1' and 'work2' have been re-tagged as 'workplace: domain shop' and 'workplace: survey hell', respectively, on the Dreamwidth side; I've sort of given up on tag maintenance on LJ.
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Once upon a time I got into a screaming argument with a crazy lady at a bus stop, who was screaming over her shoulder about some "fucking faggot". I took umbrage at this and proceeded to tell her about her inappropriate word choice (the words "homophobic bitch" may have been involved). She didn't take kindly to this; I didn't take kindly to that. Fortunately someone's bus came before the incident escalated further.

When she was hired on at my workplace a week later, we did have a chance to talk about that incident. After we cleared up our differences, we got along pretty well.

This moment of bizarre reminiscence was brought to you courtesy of a discussion about when and how to voluntarily purge ableist language from one's own vocabulary (after one has come to the reasoned conclusion that a certain word must go) by replacing it with words that more clearly convey the intent without the skeevy ableist overtones. (Link via [livejournal.com profile] boojum)
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PSA: Please consider what is on top of your altar and your own habits when choosing an altarcloth, if you use them. I would be ill-advised to pick anything expensive or that would be ruined by ash or wax spilling on it, especially colorful waxy fingerprints. I know someone who has switched to an altar topped in either stone or heavy tile, because they are somewhat apt to setting theirs on actual fire.

This public service announcement is brought to you apropos of me having to wash that piece of cloth I keep on top of mine.

Yesterday I managed to stay up for about 23.5 hours, and then collapse and sleep for a full 8 hours. Today is going to be first housework and moving preparations and writing and then probably time with the best friend, after which I will collapse. Or write.

On Thursday, some of the notables from my old workplace (tagged as "work2") met up at China Chili downtown. The discerning will recognize what it is that I find so very hilarious about their website. I was very late, and came in just as the party was finishing up. There was a good gossip, however. I wound up sitting between Management (whom I adore) and the Queen Bee (my nemesis). The Queen Bee's daughter was there, and the lady from the back who I saw at Trader Joe's on a regular basis, and Lobot, and the Guru, and the Office Lady with the Braid, and Traveling Manager, and someone else I didn't recognize at all, and probably more.

The Guru was talking about the shocking stuff you can find on the internet (I mentioned goatse; no one had heard of it; I had to describe it; the Guru said that he would have his wife, his internet guinea pig, Google it for him) and the stuff they show on TV these days, and how the content of the Cartoon Network really differs based on what time of day it was. He mentioned that he'd wound up watching a bit of something (Metalocalypse), wherein the animated bass player plays his bass with his penis. Google and I got together later, and it turns out that the sequence in question is the opening of "Birthdayface". Another 5-minute Google search. He also mentioned some puppet sex, where he said that just when you thought that they'd done too much and it could not possibly get worse, then it did. I tracked that down as well, and ... well, cue me not being shocked. Am I hopelessly jaded? At any rate, Traveling Manager said that I could probably find it on YouTube, and that the SouthPark guys probably wouldn't mind it being up there. Given the description, I frowned and said that while they might not mind it being on YouTube, YouTube might mind it being on them; perhaps I should try with xTube or PornoTube.

No one at the table with me had heard of either of these.

Later on, the Guru said something about Goat Tube, conflating the two. (I was reminded of the hysterical laughter I got in response to the proposal that LJ put in a dev-cam, to be called "Goat See".)

I conveyed [livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13's greetings; Management said hi back.

Link Soup:
http://failblog.wordpress.com/?p=8296 - something that should never happen
http://seanan-mcguire.livejournal.com/54964.html -- dictionaries
http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/11/images/20081112_d-0077-5-515h.jpg -- what a shocker.
http://vtwopointoh.livejournal.com/1541.html -- a dictionary of Cammie
http://filthspigot.livejournal.com/18308.html -- Goldendoodles, and why they are hazardous. My aunt needs to see this.
http://marta.livejournal.com/30121.html -- secure your LJ account.

Apropos of something in IRC: when [livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13 and I say "Oh dear" in that tone of voice, half the time it means "pass the popcorn".

I can moderate some areas. I entirely refuse to consider moderating others. For the record.
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This was easily a year and a half ago, but I'm cleaning out old papers.

Read more... )
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  • 10:20 hColleen and I have just made people die of hilarity, with her awesome photoshop skillz and my silly put-things-together skillz. Win. #
  • 13:08 Oh, eff you, you phonespamming political twit. I was the fuck asleep, and that is my motherfucking cellphone. DIE. #
  • 14:38 LOL: "An example has been the use of gopher URLs to cause a rude message to be sent via a SMTP server." Oh, RFC 1738. #
  • 14:49 OK, presence of Nemesis has been mitigated by presence of secret crush. HELLO TURBO. #
  • 18:47 Feeling better after nap at Alternatives. And whoever's phone is beeping ... oi? #
  • 19:08 Told azwriter that using Word for HTML was the computer version of putting the tampon in the wrong hole. #
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  • 08:08 omfg my sleep schedule is messed up. It is bedtime. I just woke up. Clearly this is not good for a workday. I sense a nap in my future. #
  • 10:13 There are now five of you with the default Twitter pic. This is confusing. #
  • 10:23 Bizarre moments from work from the past several weeks: acid-free almonds! (apropos of some of the tripped-out customer emails.) #
  • 13:03 @llbbooks you there? ZOMG PLOTTING #
  • 14:01 OK! Aunt has been emailed. Contemplating taking an extra 2 days for the family thing, even, maybe. Will check with work. I have the time. #
  • 19:11 Dear Congressman Shadegg: your "telephone town hall" is my unwanted automated call, to my cellphone, while I'm asleep. DO NOT WANT. #
  • 19:29 Oh gods. My Nemesis a) is going to be at a social event at which I will be, and b) uses inappropriate reply-all. Rethinking event. #
  • 20:06 @tangowildheart see, if Twitter were Facebook, one of them *could* smack you with something. #
  • 20:06 Which leads me to imagine that a Twitter pillowfight would be an altogether obnoxious meme for observers, but hilarious for participants. #
  • 20:11 @llbbooks *lobs a hot pink and very fluffy pillow at you* #
  • 20:12 @tangowildheart *counters with a navy blue body pillow, wielded like a bat* #
  • 20:22 @llbooks I have 2 pillows like that. One is fuzzy and one is not. #
  • 20:33 bad spam offers to "upsize [my] sex pen1s today" ... yes, because I would have separate ones for sex vs. other were I male. Detachable, see. #
  • 20:35 @gameboyguy13 Hooray for lemons! Are the flowers pretty too? #
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I seem to have both acquired a new friend and be cooler on the internet than I am to offline people. My elder clone's oldest daughter looks exactly like Sparkie
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  • 14:12 hooray for equinox. hooray for work2. can has sleep tiem now. #

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http://community.livejournal.com/techsupport/1597911.html -- powder!
http://www.randsinrepose.com/archives/2007/11/11/the_nerd_handbook.html -- lots of it is applicable.
http://www.deadondemand.com/products/enhancedhdd/ -- dude.
http://17catherines.livejournal.com/631567.html?thread=2559503#t2559503 -- That should be retro-phrenology :) Much more interesting.
Phrenology is merely reading the bumps on peoples heads.
Retro-phrenology is correcting people by giving them a bump on the head (theoretically done with precision to achieve particular personality changes, this is often practiced far less precisely but still effectively during bar brawls.)

Went to Work2 the whole day, then went to hang out with the House of SPINK! We did dinner. That was fun. There was gaming silliness. ZOMG big TV! It was good to see them again. Still awake.

I have a little box with all sorts of delightful-smelling things in it! Miskatonic University has a whole lot of Irish in its coffee.

I think sleep is a good plan.
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  • 18:03 Leaving work2, laptop in tow, data on thumb drive, heading for hangtime with the House & dinner or something. & probably working more too... #

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A better application for said hammer would be the dude who is under the mistaken impression that Darkside's cellphone is the number he needs to call to check his voicemail. NO. Darkside was v. apologetic that he had ignored my calls yesterday. (He was mostly ignoring dude, since that is 90% of the calls he gets.) (My dear best friend needs to get a separate ringtone thing going on.)

Work is having a holiday party. I am bringing [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna to it, as Darkside is Not Going. Hooray rspv by Friday. Tuesday is paperwork. Thursday is shots. I feel like a carefully kept pet.

Scary Old Desk Guy at work2 is to be learning my database. I am to be getting the laptop to borrow tomorrow.

Today at work featured One of Those Calls; I think my supervisor was wishing he'd taken it at his desk. He was on it at least as long as I was, and turned colors at points, and after getting off it, grimly reminded himself that he loved his job, and our customers. I managed to find an Atomic Fireball for him, and then he was happy and skipping around again.

Oh, and Red Cube Badge Guy thinks NaNo is insane and some things should not be written; he only knows of one person who can write that fast, and she writes like a woman possessed. And of course work being work, I wound up knowing her too. She's in my writing group, of course! :D I shall ask our mutual friend if she can be convinced to put in a good word for my ability to write coherent first draft at speed. Some things touch upon a woman's honor.

I miss my hens. I shared "Calico and Velvet" with [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna yesterday; she shared a YouTube clip involving her brother. I want to have a few hours curled up with a book and a warm feathery friend sitting next to me sharing bits of apple and talking about the weather or whatever it is that friendly hens chatter about when they're not doing much in particular.

I have got to find some time in our mutual schedules that is not tied up, and get out to Mesa and allow myself to absolutely just drop the whole façade for a few precious minutes. I'm not social with him because I don't have to be social. I don't have to be lit up. I just have to be me.
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Verily, stats have been pulled, and sent to Management and my trainee-the-Office-Lady (to be distinguished from my Trainee, who is computer-literate).

I found August. August was hiding because my lowercase-t-trainee put in 7 out of 8 job numbers (part of a primary key, and a foreign key in another table) in wrong. And I don't have the sort of data integrity validation that catches stuff like this by itself. I did not shoot anyone, largely because she was out of the office by then, and I'd the presence of mind to call Darkside before I exploded. Darkside is a sweetheart, and although it was right before supper and his dad was expecting a call, he comforted me, mostly by telling me to hurry it up, because of same. It. Just. Sheesh.

And then let's not get in to the matter of the calls-per-hour on the one job being set to the calls-per-hour on the other job. This after I'd re-pulled. So I had to clear out the offending tables, correct the data in the source tables, and re-run everything that made things happen. Sheesh.

But. It's pulled. The stats are to Management, the spreadsheet with people and bonuses are to the Office Lady, and that little sheet telling who was a Bad Boy and got onto the wrong screen are with Management also, to distribute as she sees fit. And the stats for release are to the Office Lady, both the copy to distribute and the copy to file. Glee!

The next part is training the Office Lady some more in the data-crunching end of things. I backed up the DB at the point where we halted, so we can take right up. Errors and all.


Oct. 14th, 2007 11:24 pm
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The Target on the corner has the right brand of tea. See refrigerator.

Pie does not have tentacles.

August has gone missing. Alert the cops. (The month, not an entity of that name.)

I will have a good day tomorrow, because I had one today at work1, right?

Escaping out your movie embedding script is not a good plan. Still not entirely sure how she thought she was doing that.

Ran into first instance of user uploading entire Windows directory to hosting account. Plus side: hosting account is generously sized.

Beware rising ICANN fee.

I have been using the huggy-iced-water-bottle as a sleep aid.

8 hours at work1 followed by 5.5 (which was actually 8.5 and 5.75 due to lunch and poor estimating, respectively) hours at work2 does not make a cheerful Lunatic, especially as time at work2 was extended by alarums & exceptions.

I am made unhappy if attempting to shower without bar soap. Thus, hello Mr. Bar Soap.

There was a manhunt on the freeways on the drive home. Srsly, three distinct freeways had their overhead signs lit up with the vehicle's description and instructions to push the panic button if you saw the vehicle. One hopes the driver was stupid enough to stay on the lit-up freeway with hundreds of people taking their eyes off the road in an attempt to scope out whatever sort of fugitive it was.
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Today's notes, which I didn't save, featured me swearing in the name of nougat, and then describing a particular customer's speed at getting his password reset as at not quite the speed at which glaciers reshaped Alaska.

I got lunch a little early. I did all right on the phones today. There's a fellow who was sitting next to me today, in the cube of the guy who throws the ball. His phone manner isn't one that I really need to have in my ear; he's a little loud. I take solace in the fact that it's not his permanent cube.

Supper was bagels. Lox! Cream cheese! Capers! Tomato! Glee!

After supper was work2. I hit my head against Null-to-Zero, and now have an attractive placard on my wall to remind myself of it.

The prodigal son has returned!

Darkside was just headed to lunch when I called him on break. Let's see if he's actually collapsed in bed yet. (This is what slumber party phone conversations are for.)

Speaking of slumber parties, Heather told me about an awesome Japanese slumber party game. You light 100 candles. You tell ghost stories. You blow out one candle for each ghost story you tell. You can imagine the effect this has. I love it! (We'll have to play that sometime.)
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2007.08.12 One of those Monday things a day early.


Because I am too lazy to want to copy and paste, I'm writing a macro that will do my dirty work for me. I feel somehow like I'm cheating, even though Management will regard it as some supernatural effort.


Pink Shirt Guy was "right-sized" away from the company. *flail* OMG I am going to miss him. So much. He's Pink Shirt Guy. Insanity!


Darkside and I would make very good co-workers. We've been best friends for how many years? I'm plotting devious things now. I have to have a few words with him before I get too devious, though.

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0430: wake up.
(breakfast, commute)
0600: work.
1430: end work.
(commute, find supper)
1530: 2nd job start.
2000: flee 2nd job for home.
2030: bed.

0430: wake up.
(breakfast, commute)
0600: work.
1430: end work.
(commute, find supper)
1530: 2nd job start.
2000: flee 2nd job for home.
2030: bed.

0430: wake up.
(breakfast, commute)
0600: work.
1430: end work.
(commute, find supper)
1530: collapse with general exhaustion.
Perhaps seek recreational activities.
Catch up on LJ.

0430: wake up.
(breakfast, commute)
0600: work.
1430: end work.
(commute, find supper)
1800: writers group start.
2000: writers group end.
Bed as soon as home and showered.

0430: wake up.
(breakfast, commute)
0600: work.
1430: end work.
1530: job #2 (as needed)
2000 or so: dinner with the House of No Pants (subject to rescheduling based on Life Happens)

Possible reprise of job #2.

Anime! Errands! Insanity!
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This was the infamous 1-day weekend. Saturday was primarily anime, with the aforementioned Target and Home Depot runs. Sunday was work; I hyperventilated on the way in and was OK coming out, if exhausted. Then I went straight to my secondary job. Then I came home and went to bed. (I'd shut down my computer Saturday night, since she was sounding tired and she needed rebooting.) Monday I was a little better before work, and again went straight to the secondary job, where I uncovered all the insanity with that bloody 11mb spreadsheet. ELEVEN MEGABYTES, PEOPLE.

I tagged & tracked the latest round of suggestions in between the 11mb stuff doing its crazy thing. I am on the verge of refusing to work with it anymore, which is terribly selfish but they are not paying me half enough to contend with that piece of crap. If I quit that job now, it will be because of that spreadsheet (and because I can now afford to quit over something like that).

Today was a little calmer at work; less 60 in queue going on. I went almost straight home, though a detour for refueling Vash was in order. I spent three solid hours trying to catch up with Sunday and Monday on LJ. I'm right smack dab in the middle of this thing. I volunteer for LJ, and I'm fannish (though not in the middle of fandom). I know I'm not the only support/fan crossover person, and I know I'm not the only person looking at both sides of this and watching in dismay as two of my closest groups of friends square off to start hitting. I know if I try to intervene I'll get caught in the crossfire. I think we all know that.

Dinner tonight was Mongolian Barbecue, [livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13's first official exposure to it (that I know of). It was delicious!

[livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13's last day at his summer job is Friday; after that he will have about a week off before we return him to the general area of school for more happy school. He gets the week to loaf around and do touristy things.

I got some grocery shopping done. The disturbing part was where I drove past on my way to the store and I saw someone lying in the middle of the street. There were people clustered around and one guy was waving traffic past, so I didn't stop. I'm not trained, and there was someone who looked like (s)he knew what (s)he was doing looking the person over. There were police cars all over when I drove back past that way.

Somehow my spare time got slapped down to near zero. I didn't start the laundry that I was intending to do. I did get groceries, though, so that's a good thing. This weekend will have two days. I can get things done then. There is still glass in my garbage disposal.
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As item #4 or so of a list of reasons why we can't fill out the $MORNINGSTAR_REPORT daily:

The need for replacement of the $MORNINGSTAR_REPORT itself. The $MORNINGSTAR_REPORT spreadsheet itself is an incredible piece of work, (Note here the ambiguous but expressive phrase) but it betrays the hallmarks of a simple spreadsheet that has flown wildly out of scope to encompass features that it was not originally designed to handle. The $MORNINGSTAR_REPORT is a spreadsheet trying to do the job of a database, and it unfortunately does look, feel, and run like one. The rule of thumb that I was taught is that once a spreadsheet starts tracking any more than three different things, it is time to think about using a database instead. Once more than three spreadsheets are linked together, it is time to start thinking about a database. I highly recommend that the series of sheets be passed along to an actual database designer, who could create a database to take similar inputs and produce similar outputs, but without having to deal with a huge series of very fragile spreadsheets. This is the most important reason. As it stands now, the $MORNINGSTAR_REPORT is nightmarish to deal with, and I go out of my way to deal with it as little as humanly possible. Dealing with it in any capacity on a daily basis would be intolerable.

Said report was intractable today. I couldn't make it behave. In my e-mail to the manager in question, telling him so, I asked, "What is the timeframe on replacing the $MORNINGSTAR_REPORT with a database?" Not "Will we", but "WHEN will we." I'm about to the point where I'm considering quitting this job over that bleeding spreadsheet. Kludge. Whatever.

His auto-reply? This is the thing that makes me feel like I'm being petty.

Thank you for your email. I am on vacation this week [dates]. I will return your correspondents on Monday [date].

Thanks and have a good day...

Correspondents. *snerk*
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2007.08.05 Strawberry Sunday

5:12 Traveling Manager, the woman who needs to be badgered to get her expense sheets turned in anything close to on time, is evidently a vice-president. Who knew?

7:23 Whee, it is a night.

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There is something outside that is chirping. I think it is a road sign. They do that. I think it is a capacitor problem. It annoys me.

http://adamcadre.ac/content/brown/ -- Wikipedia Brown!

http://seferin.livejournal.com/295943.html -- via metaquotes. Trust me on the spellcheck. ;)

http://community.livejournal.com/lj_releases/22857.html -- more releases, nothing jumped out at me this time except for the shirts.

The chirping has stopped.

[livejournal.com profile] elyssa answered the phone when I really needed to hear a friendly human voice. This is a good thing.

This weekend is our highly-anticipated one-day weekend. Benefits: overtime.

Barking Phone Goon would be invited to kiss parts of me that she wouldn't like to kiss, except that I reserve those sorts of invitations for people I actually do like. She had a complaint about something she felt was unfair. I researched it. Hahahaha no. She's only considering 40% of the metric, and she is doing either average or very poorly in the other 60%. I clearly need to create a report that spits out some stuff on that front. This thing is to reward people who are doing above and beyond as balanced across all three parts of the scoring metric. Barking Phone Goon may be good at the one thing, but she's evidently not at the other two.

In semi-related news, the Older Office Lady is pulling stuff for my database. My docs are becoming more solid, and omg it is such a pleasure to not be the one doing all of it. She wants to sort things and take out records that she knows are irrelevant. I say no, because I'd rather include three hundred irrelevant records than take out one relevant one. She can sort all she wants, as long as the sorting doesn't break anything.

Today I was huffing off on a much-needed break when the Tech Guy from our training class flagged me down. He looked lost, confused, and very small in his mini-cube. He asked me if I knew of another way to get the name of a server when it can't be found through the My Network Places route.
"Punch the network admin until a name falls out?" I answered flippantly, then started to zoom off. A tech power greater than my general level of frustration brought me up short, and right around back to him. I thought through a few ways that I might try it, but came up short. "...I think I was right the first time. Ask the network admin? ... Don't tell me he's the network admin."
Fortunately, the customer wasn't. Unfortunately, the customer couldn't get in touch with same, and going over to the box and getting the name directly off the box was not an option either.

But that's not the sort of question you ask someone who's below you in the tech pecking order. I'm very sensitive to the tech pecking order. Right now the guy with the red cube badge is treating me like a Promising Youth, which is making me roll over and show my unsecured vulnerabilities. (That is a bizarre crossover of my submissive nature and my geek nature. I don't 100% understand it myself, but that's a good response. Just not a safe one.) But my classmate there, someone whose geek cred I respect, treated me as an equal. That really helps make me feel like I'm not just faking it.

The training supervisor said there's something about Thursdays. I'm feeling it. I'm so feeling it.


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