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Early in the morning of the 11th, I decided that it was time to stop faffing about. I'd cleared up most of the things, or put them where they could be done, and it was time to draft up my post of resignation. I cried. Then I realized that oh dear, I had also hit the hormonal pit. That made it funny again. I made a locked emo post.

The 11th was not all woefulness. The LF turned 14! I helped my aunt out with what I've been referring to as "dog shenanigans". And I went shopping with Tif, as our previous shopping expedition had not completed properly, due to FUCKING OW. We coordinated, and I swung by to pick her up.

We proceeded to wander about hither and yon. This included IKEA, and searching about for a Wal-Mart, going from the East Bay IKEA to a Wal-Mart in Silicon Valley in search of some random thing, and then going back to the East Bay, and caffeine, and a hilariously good time being had by all, and Denny's. We stayed out ... far too late.

5:17 AM 9/12/2010
did shopping with tif. hilarious funtimes. her android phone is nice. got cute mini ikea bag. tired. fall on face.
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Assorted. )

2:16 PM 5/11/2010
Chatter in Syne's journal about modesty, skill, and the difference between applied skill and teaching; my meta is starting to go off here

5:23 PM 5/11/2010
Yay chatted with the LF in between cleaning. (OMG EV, he's *younger than you*.)

1:05 AM 5/12/2010
Yay Glee was fun. Picked up Tif from work, ran by Trader Joe's, had dinner with the boys, watched Glee (oh, Puck, you embody the fail sometimes; oh, Finn, you do too), took Tif home.

Someone stumbled into my journal a year later and asked in comments for some updates to the Differences between LJ and DW entry; I made with the wall-o'-txt. There were a whole lot of great LJ feature upgrades during the last year, not the least of which was the a la carte userpics. I didn't go through the code tours in dw_dev as much as I might have in the process of making same. Maybe I can later.

1:45 AM 5/12/2010
Got in an argument with Mike last night about zombies. He thinks that I have not issued him sufficient zombies, after he read Feed. I think he may be ON FUCKING CRACK. Pleh. HOW IS THIS MY LIFE. (This is, by the way, the Mike who exists in my head and in the Cracked Phoenix trilogy. The fictional one.)

3:55 PM 5/12/2010
If you are out drinking with your friends, if your friends let you drink enough so that you pass out, you may need a better class of friends. (I recognize that opinions differ on this portion.)
Pranking drunken/sleeping/passed out friends is an old and noble tradition, but these pranks really ought to be basically harmless, or you need a better class of friends. (Opinions may differ here too, but I'm not actually listening to anyone's arguments from here on down.)
It gets worse, and potentially triggery, fast. )

9:49 PM 5/12/2010
Perhaps Wednesdays are now down on my biological datebook as "let's sleep the better part of 12 hours today". I curl up with a book, and WHAM.

4:08 AM 5/13/2010
Spoily for song )

4:45 AM 5/13/2010

3:35 AM 5/14/2010
Perhaps I have not mentioned it lately, but [personal profile] jd is effectively my little brother. I mention this because Drewface hadn't realized it.

10:19 AM 5/14/2010
Last night: first there was the season finale for SPN, then there was Iron Man 2.
Read more... )

Iron Man 2:
It still thrills me that I can see Russian in the wild and sometimes pick out a word or two. (Now to see if I can ever level that up...) Whenever there was Russian text onscreen I was peering at it to see if I could sound it out or read it.
Read more... )
Should probably send email to best friend inquiring about how he actually let me go on this long without watching the first Iron Man movie.

11:43 am Saturday 15th May
http://community.livejournal.com/note_to_self/1085398.html (remote to what now?)

5:30am, 17th May 2010, Monday
Been dogsitting. Yay dogsitting. Yay dogs. Sleep schedule = kerblooie. Those what follow Suggestions can see that I was entertaining myself. Those what follow my Twitter updates (on Twitter or the LJ archives of same) will see random dog pictures. Been afk of my primary computer & therefore not in IRC much.

Best friend's response to my perfectly sane query re: movies: "I AM IRON MAN:P" Never change, dearheart.
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4:51 PM 4/22/2010
Have succeeded at Farmers' Market: tasty tasty strawberries, tasty tasty peas, tasty tasty kettle corn. THEY'RE BACK GUYS. :D :D :D

(There was this tedious saga involving something like zoning regulations being enforced unevenly and not entirely sanely ((do not have all details and the ones I was told went ZIP in-one-ear-out-the-other)), and the kettle corn guys got told that they couldn't make their kettle corn on site. Which was more than half the appeal. And they could do it at every other market just not this one. Finally shit got cleared up. Dude said that people were so very excited, and one lady was jumping up and down. Upon getting my kettle corn, I skipped away, cane and all.)

[livejournal.com profile] novembersmith wrote a shiny fusion of Temeraire and Generation Kill, putting some of the marines from GK in the Temeraire universe on dragons. <3_<3 (link is in my Delicious and I'm feeling lazy)

Soon: walk with aunt
Then: TV night yay!

1:32 AM 4/23/2010
Even the least-important, simplest changes are necessary from an organizational standpoint as long as there are trainee developers who need an introduction to working on the code. Or experienced people who need to do something productive but mindless.

3:05 AM 4/23/2010
Very happy to say that aunt reported that she heard back from the vet, and it was not the malignant growth they thought it might have been in the poodle's mouth. So once the poodle recovers from the indignity of having patches of his mouth surgically removed, the poodle should enjoy many more years of being offended about this and that.

TV, with spoily stuff )

Speaky-cat was a bit bitey! He also was not Mr. Nice-Smelling for a while. Asterix managed to total a pair of headphones by running through them. I crocheted on the black-and-white project, which attracted all sorts of feline attention. Yarn will do that. Speaky-cat is so soft and pretty, so we love him anyway. (Ditto Asterix. Oh Basement Cat. <3)

I invented a new way to cause myself accidental and oh-god-I-am-never-doing-that-again pain! Attempt to mimic the hand positions of cartoon characters. I moved my thumb. I think I feel it in my *shoulder*. OH GOD OW, DO NOT DO THAT, I DID IT, AND I'M TELLING YOU, DON'T.

11:37 AM 4/23/2010
Dreamwidth stuff: [personal profile] yvi has a poll on features people are using: http://yvi.dreamwidth.org/134597.html

1:34 AM 4/24/2010
Powered through a good number of suggestions today. Had difficulties until I figured out how to fix them.

It was all kinds of happy windy out! Went with a walk with my aunt and Deacon down by the pier. Drewface called to chew me out for contaminating his dreams with mythbuster!Glambert. Then the LF called, and I talked to him for a bit, and Sis. I'll try and call tomorrow and just chatter.

Had dinner with my aunt, watched Scotland, PA, which was completely bizarre.

Came home and chattered with Drewface about stuff.

11:01 AM 4/24/2010
There is a Glee drinking game: http://flavorwire.com/83330/flavorpills-official-glee-drinking-game

4:43 PM 4/24/2010
Signal-boost: Get Mathsie Home.
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Backstory for the new kids: Multiplicity. )

Second portion of backstory for the new kids: From 2001 to 2005, I lived with a college friend and her small son (known as the Little Fayoumis). For many of those years, I shared child-rearing responsibilities, having approximately the authority of an aunt. A strict aunt. This was his ages four to eight.

Inevitably, the LF started making reference to an imaginary friend. That was all well and good, until he started misbehaving and blaming it on his imaginary friend.

I was about to take him to task for just that, doing stuff and blaming it on his imaginary friend, when I ran smack into a contradiction in my chain of logic. How could I be internally consistent if I had multiple personalities myself while scolding the LF for doing something himself and blaming it on his imaginary friend when he might either merely have an imaginary friend or he might have an additional self-facet or other form of multiple inside his head? I had no way of knowing for sure without having way too deep and possibly leading of a conversation with him, and in any case I was presenting myself to him with once face only (no matter which facet was operating at the time). I was fairly convinced that he just had an imaginary friend who was the product of a lively imagination, but I couldn't be an ethical multiple myself without considering the possibility.

I had to sit down with myself and think about it for a while before I came up with a solution that I found acceptable. In the end, I couldn't fault him for having and talking about an imaginary friend, whether it was solely an imaginary friend or something more integral to his own identity. That was not the problem. The problem was that no matter whose idea it was, he was physically carrying out actions that he had been instructed not to do.

So that's what I addressed. I can't remember the details of how I did it, but I made it pretty clear that when anyone told the LF to not do something, or that he must do something, that any and all of his invisible friends were included in that directive. Furthermore, as the party in charge of body operation, the LF was responsible for making sure that nothing was done that was not supposed to be done, by anybody; if he failed to keep his friends in check and they did something that he wasn't supposed to do, they would all be in the time-out together.

Things worked out after that.
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Roger McGough - The Way Things Are -- I have to say that I do miss some aspects of quasi-parenthood.

Teacher accused of burning cross on student's arm ... what. (The thing about being a major religion? Large population = whole lot of crackpots.)

I am a Fashonista (Tasteful/Original/Deliberate/Prissy). Though, since the middle two are very close, I could also be a Brainy Student (original/random), an Office Master (conventional/deliberate), or a Librarian (conventional/random). I think I'm closer to the Office Master, because I got extra random points for being able to grab anything in my closet (the fact that everything matches is deceptive)

Happy birthday, best friend in the universe.


Dec. 22nd, 2007 09:54 pm
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suggestions bunny: if you're already in that school, make a note of it on the schools directory page that prompts you to add the school. Should note it for logged in personal journal, minimally, though it would be nice if comms showed.

There's this moment between when I am aware that I am awake and when I am actually able to pass the "are you oriented" quiz they give you in case of head injury and all. There's a little internal litany that I go through upon waking up, an orientation. "Today is $DAY_OF_WEEK, and it is $TIME. I [do/do not] have to go to work today. [I have $TIME (expressed either in hours or alarm clock snooze cycles) before I must get out of bed in order to be on time.] " This litany is necessary to get me properly running. I don't really know how long it takes to accomplish, because I don't have a good sense of things or full command of language until it's completed. Unlike [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen, it only takes a short time (she takes about two hours, and can communicate coherently in text at some points during the process), but very much like her, if I am interrupted in the middle, I am incoherent. This morning, I hopped directly from bed to the computer chair without bothering to go through the intermediate steps. It was disorienting, watching myself wake up. My boot process is pretty fast when I've had enough sleep, but I felt the ability to translate myself into English slip on. I think in a bizarre internal jargon, under the English. It's English-based, of course, because that's what I was raised in, but there are a lot of single-concept thoughtshapes that get tagged with a single English word for retrieval purposes, and then they have to be expanded to describe the whole thing if I'm going to share what it is with someone else. But without booting my brain properly, I don't have that translation going, and there's this feeling of naked helplessness, like I know what I mean but I don't speak the language. I can mostly understand what's being said to me, but there's a struggle for words that doesn't happen when I'm all the way awake. Dream-brain speaks in fragments of words that are attached to full-sensory concepts, and when I try (or when I'm lucky) they'll hold still long enough for me to pin them down and paint them out.

Need to get a deck of Naruto cards for the LF, looks like. Sis called. Chatted with her a while, then chatted with the LF. He's learning the hard way about bad friends vs. good friends. He wants to be a "computer genius" like me when he grows up. (His mom has an exaggerated idea of my tech skills, I think.) Gave him the cautionary tale of "someone your mom used to know" cracking into a wireless network he wasn't supposed to be on and getting himself kicked out of college. I'll see if I can't get him started on basic HTML and computer admin stuff; if I play things right he'll a) be a caution later, and b) have the moral training to go with.

One of the Monkeys looked me up on MySpace. Yay! It's been too long.

http://byblythe.livejournal.com/17131.html -- Draco and Harry, in Muggle government.
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Made fudge. Fudge did not work as well as it should have; it crystallized. Alas. Dad explained how you had to be very careful with that, but I did it wrong. I'll try again sometime.

When I was leaving, there was a skinny little cat on top of the car next to mine. It licked me and rubbed my hand. I don't know if it was stray or just out and friendly.

Tired. Stiff from too much floor internet. Moody and slightly sorrowful that there are things that many people have that I probably won't wind up having full-time. But I had what I had, and it was beautiful, and now it's time for me to see what else I can be.

And a nice shower has improved my mood. It'll do things like that, you know?

I've been in love. I've been a secondary parent for a while. I've been deeply depressed, and I still have to keep vigilant that I don't return there, because I never want to be there again. V said to me once that I've already had so many adventures that if I stopped right now, I'd still have enough to write about for the rest of my life. I know that. But I want to see what else there is. Cordelia listed off her litany of roles she had played in her life to Elena, and perhaps I'll take Elena's part.

I've had the brilliant happiness that some people will never, ever know in a relationship -- and I managed it without even quite the relationship. That's what I'm taking from this. It would be too easy to get annoyed and bitter and try to bury all traces of what once might have been, but I still have two solid things that came out of this: I have my memories of the sheer joy and brilliance that happens when I'm madly in love, and I have a best friend who's seen me through all kinds of crazy situations (and I've seen him through a few too). Those are both treasures, and they're freely mine to keep and cherish.
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10:53 AM 2/13/2007
Vash is with the repair d00d. My whole day is thrown off balance.

11:03 AM 2/13/2007
Instead of braving the bus system again, they had a shuttle. Hooray shuttle! I got dropped right off at work, and that makes me happy.

And it was raining. That also makes me happy. (If I ever re-locate, rain is going to be a priority.)

11:32 AM 2/13/2007
In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense that the LF is ADHD. I was trying to work with his limitations, even though I didn't understand them. Marx was trying to punish the ADHD out of him. Ha. No wonder it didn't work.

12:24 PM 2/13/2007
It already feels like a Thursday. (Never could get the hang of Thursdays.)

1:24 PM 2/13/2007
Estimate so far is under my deductible. I let the guy know that I would like to retain the broken pieces from the other vehicle as trophies. *snerk* Vash's driver is ... not nice. Not when things like this are concerned.

1:31 PM 2/13/2007
Waiting for upload to finish. Bah humbug. This stuff is taking up my morning when I should have been doing other fun stuff.

1:37 PM 2/13/2007
Still waiting for things to do things. Cleaning out my e-mail.

2:24 PM 2/13/2007
More things doing things; updating things that needed things updating. Scary things.

Silly dental lab didn't get the crown right. The fit was perfect. The color, not so much so.

3:43 PM 2/13/2007
wtf. Estimate OMG ESTIMATE.

4:25 PM 2/13/2007
OK. All the cracktastic part of the paperwork should be over, and I should get into the good bits now, the parts where I do not have to scream, cry, and beat people. Ms. < Apples was visiting me earlier this afternoon, and had to be told that she needed to bring a job number with her when she was coming to ask me a question about something, and that the two job numbers she wanted me to add to the chart were already there, which could have been prevented if she had BROUGHT THE JOB NUMBERS WITH HER BLOODY FRICKIN' HELL. (Snarky Lady likes her. This is because she is sweet and invades people's personal spaces, and Snarky Lady does not have to actually work with her.)

4:31 PM 2/13/2007
Management said in that meeting the other day that we might just be able to get parent/child job numbers. GLEE.
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It's been the sort of day that it's been. It's been a busy week, actually. Came home from the con, caught up on stuff. Work. )

Wednesday, the parts that weren't work )

Today I had to pry myself out of bed in something approaching a timely fashion. There was an IKEA raid planned to get a new bed frame for [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen! This was not just any bed frame: this was a bed loft! How do you save space? Install shelves. And what better thing to shelve is there than the bed? Morning. )

IKEA was fun. I displayed a certain amount of restraint (and not much more than that). Unfortunately, I do not know if the solution I thought would be perfect for all my shoes will actually work as planned. Ah well, something will. The bed frame was acquired, and we hightailed it back home.

Unfortunate construction led to a little detour. Such fun! Then [livejournal.com profile] kilarneyblarney zipped off again, and [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen began with the bed stuff. I assisted when she needed another couple pairs of hands. There was one really bad moment with the bed frame -- a little piece of metal stuck out too far, and wouldn't let the nifty screw-thing in. This was completely unintentional. The hole was supposed to be like ( ). Instead it was like (| ), which just sucked. Fortunately, there was a spare thingy, and the spare thingy and the hammer proved to be tools that could be used to bludgeon the overhanging bit of metal into getting the hell out of the way. Not having safety goggles, I left my glasses on, squinched my eyes shut, and pounded away blind, reasoning that a banged thumb or finger would be far easier to recover from than something bouncing or shattering and hitting my eye. Eventually the bed was assembled. I took photos of the re-arrangement carnage, complete with the random stuff piled up in the kitchen on the floor, especially the mattress. If we still have downstairs neighbors, they got to hear all many movements of the Bed Assembly Symphony, which is scored for hammers on metal, metal on rug, metal on metal, a moving crew, several screwdrivers, and a pair of vocalists (soprano and alto or tenor, and the alto/tenor part climbing well into the soprano range). I'm not sure if we still will have downstairs neighbors after this performance.

There is really not much clearance up in the bed. There is a very nice and cozy little room down below. Assembly of the shelves that were purchased to go in there is going to have to wait for tomorrow (or some other day) because we are both exhausted and she is asleep like totally. I did laundry and assembled some RÖNNSKÄR (of the series, the version with three wide shelves, two being metal and the third being glass, then three narrow shelves all of glass, topped off with curls & swirls in fae-unfriendly metal). I took out a lot of trash, given that there were boxes and plastic bags all over from the whole bed thing.

I can get to my shelves with my books now! I'm also spending some educational moments in the pantry/coat closet. That teal windbreaker that fit me when I was at CTY is NOT a keeper, unless [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen is really in need of a rain jacket. I have a perfectly good scary!pink one in Vash's trunk.

Friday will be all kinds of fun at work. I may even attempt some time spent with Darkside!
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I shared this one with the aunts, and they found it disturbing and then funny.

Once upon a time, when a little boy wasn't doing as he should, the Parent-in-Charge (more or less) finally threatened the boy that either he should do as told, or the Parent-in-Charge would cut off the head of the boy's teddy bear.

The boy screamed back that he didn't care, and he still wouldn't do as told.

The Parent-in-Charge perhaps wisely didn't follow through on the threat.

... This was perhaps one of said Parent-in-Charge's last actions as parent of the child, as the child's biological parent summarily ended the relationship and revoked all quasi-parental rights (which had been given him by custom, not by law) and left post-haste with child in tow, within the next week.
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Sis called yesterday morning as we were leaving. I talked to the LF at length about Scrooge. Tay-Tay called later.


Sep. 20th, 2005 04:40 pm
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The Politics of Housework

I recognize too much of this from when Marxdarx was living with us. Unfortunately. I think part of the problem stemmed from the fact that the line between "working on 3D stuff at home" and "playing around on the computer all day" is rather ambiguous to the untrained observer, especially when 80% of the time when the untrained observer pokes her head in, there's a game or some random internet site open rather than the 3D program.

That is not a current issue, though, and it's still too recent for me to talk about the time period without bitterness. Honestly, he'd not have been more than a dubious roommate if not for the conflicts over the Little Fayoumis. I took my duties as a full-time aunt seriously, and I keep wanting to have been more.
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Got to talk to the LF too. He is into The core and hackers. I should have Beta point him at The jargon file. Good geek.
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The LF keeps forgetting to bring his spelling list home. Bad Little Fayoumis. I suggested a fiendish penalty: x+5 harder words.
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The idea of a salad course first, before the main course, is incredibly helpful in getting small picky eaters who are not accustomed to fresh vegetables to eat same. They can see, smell, and psychically sense the mac & cheese with hot dogs waiting in the wings ... after they finish the carrots.

Carrots with ketchup.

... I miss the Little Fayoumis.


Jun. 20th, 2005 03:59 am
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I've finally developed, picked up, and uploaded some of the rolls of film that had been sitting around [livejournal.com profile] templeravenmoon forever.

Perhaps the cutest photo of them all:

That's the Little Fayoumis, with [livejournal.com profile] shammash sharing the bathtub. That's a very well-behaved cat, I must say. He doesn't scratch or bite, even when provoked. He doesn't like being washed, but he's become resigned to the process. This is an old photo, before the "Don't see me naked!" phase, and before Moshie's ear got beat-up. The Little Fayoumis wasn't in the habit of bathing with his cat-brother very often, but this time they were both dirty at the same time, so ... washing!
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This was something I did with the Little Fayoumis when the toybox began overflowing to a point where toys were not being put away.

He and I sat down on the floor, and we dumped the entire toybox out on the floor. (Lunatic's parental recommendation? Put a tarp or something under the toybox if it's been a while. There's likely to be all sorts of crudulous junk in the bottom.)

I explained the rules: I knew that he had a lot of toys, and I knew that there were some toys that he never played with anymore, that he didn't like anymore, that were just no fun, and I knew that there was not enough room in the toybox for all of them anymore, and I knew he was having a lot of trouble finding the toys he wanted with all the stuff he didn't play with in there. So, he should sort the toys into three piles: one pile, in the toybox, of the toys he knew for sure he wanted to keep, the "Yes" pile; one pile, over there, for the stuff that he knew he did not want, for throwing out, giving away to someone who needed it more, or something like that, but definitely stuff that was going, the "No" pile; and a third pile, in the middle, the stuff he wasn't sure about, the "Maybe" pile. He could always take stuff from the "Maybe" pile and put it somewhere else later, but maybe he needed a little more time to think about it.

When the Little Fayoumis and his mom had sorted toys into Yes and No a while previous, there'd been a precious few "No" toys, and a lot of loud and intense wrangling. I was happy, but not entirely surprised, to see that the "No" pile was about 15%, the "Yes" pile was about 60%, and the "Maybe" pile took up the remaining 25%, versus the previous sorting of 90% "Yes" and 10% loudly disputed "No".

I had to rescue a few items that I know he played with a lot from the "No" and "Maybe", after it was all over, but it was accomplished without any yelling. He did go off task a fair deal, but a simple "Is that Yes, No, or Maybe?" got him right back to it.

We sorted the "No" pile into trash and charity/re-use, and I packed up the "Maybe" pile quietly out of sight, to go through later. (In practice, the "Maybe" items were generally "No"s in disguise.)

Active toybox volume was reduced by 40%. Mess on the floor was reduced. Dirt in the toybox was eliminated. Kid frustration at inability to find a specific desired toy was reduced by a few decibels. Success!
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http://www.livejournal.com/users/azurelunatic/1861967.html: The Little Fayoumis does the "getting fish into the boat" dance, and calls himself "Strong Good".


Mar. 16th, 2005 03:14 pm
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Even though I was up until the usual obscene hours because Figment came over, I was up bright and early this morning. Clover and the Little Fayoumis stopped by to pick up some of the empty cardboard boxes I had lying about. They were in bad need of boxes, and I was in bad need of storage closet space, but still loath to throw the boxes out, actually.

We had a nice chat. The Little Fayoumis's front teeth, which had come in stained due to a childhood accident, had been cleaned up and now look just as shiny and white as his other teeth. He's happy about that. All the cats -- [livejournal.com profile] shammash, [livejournal.com profile] eris_raven, and Clover's husband's big ginger cat Thomas -- are getting along with each other, the dogs, the turtles, and the hen.

The Little Fayoumis has a good family now. I don't have to worry about him. I don't even feel the need to keep stressing my offer to Sis -- if the Little Fayoumis becomes sufficiently rowdy as a teen that she feels that a change of location (change of local friends, change of authority, removal from people he might have had conflicts with) would be good, I'd be happy to take him on for a while. Earlier, it was a very strong worry of mine. He and Marx just kept clashing and clashing. Now, he's got enough loving family with experience with headstrong teens around to lower the wall, evade conflict. If ever everybody wants, I would be happy to have him spend time with me when he's in high school some time -- but I don't really anticipate that there would be a real need.

I'm so happy.


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