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Jul. 18th, 2018


Jul. 18th, 2018 07:20 am
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
I am a mighty huntress, and have proudly deposited a catch in front of my surprised monkey. Mew.

Or, in slightly less metaphorical terms, while my closest work friend was busy getting laid off (alas, but morale is good), one of the companies downstairs from my floor was also frantically preparing for departure. They had a number of things to offload if possible (fewer things to pay to have hauled away), including a microwave, a fancy coffee brewer, monitors, mini-fridge, and large gong. (I think it's a sales department thing. There was one at GoDaddy.)

When my beloved's abusive and also petty shitwad ex left, there was an agreement that they could take the bar fridge. They didn't, however, *have* to leave the contents of that fridge on top of the bar in the mid-June heat. But they did.

Belovedest has had their eye out since then, with the intent of making the basement a hospitable and habitable place, instead of the hoarder hell of craft supplies it once was. Every now and then one of us goes poking. I keep looking at prices. On Sunday there were some at Costco, $10 off the usual (which was itself pretty reasonable). The sale ran through next weekend, so there was time to think about it.

The fridge here was available for the low low price of free.

I showed up on the indicated floor with a cart. I indicated my interest in the fridge and some monitors. The fridge was larger than the one I had been looking at. Score. (I revised my thoughts: fold down back seat.) I got to inherit the contents of the fridge as well: beer, sparkling water, condiments, a small glacier. I sorted through those. Neither one of us likes beer, and the rest also seemed more suited to leave at work. (Work started out as a Silly Valley tech company, so there are beer bashes. Work has matured, so they're tipping towards wine, cheese, and delivery from one of Seattle's many good food places, and some folks skip the wine. But there's still beer on offer.)

I stuffed the thing discreetly in an otherwise locked room.

What day this week can you pick up the mini fridge from Seattle?
Mon 11:09 AM

Btw claimed a mini fridge
Mon 11:09 AM

We worked out details, and agreed that the best thing was to pick it up after they got out of work Tuesday. (I wanted to severely limit the amount of time it was taking up space at work.) I packed a change of clothes, and after work yesterday I loaded the thing back on the cart and took my evening shower in the building's little gym.

We got it loaded up, then we went to take the cart back and haul in the vinegar for descaling the hell out of the old coffee brewer. Of course, the garage elevator is exit-only at that hour. Taking the stairs was not our wisest choice. But we got down into the lobby safely. The interior elevator was still running, of course. I showed my partner the view from the office, my desk, the conference room I'd named.

It's Seattle, so parking for even that short a time had a price. But as fridge prices go, parking and gas is still daaaaang cheap.

We drove home to the sound of Symphony Sanders cracking up over a Tingler.

My partner got the fridge in a workable place.

Partner: [swearing at surge protector] *mutter mutter mutter NAIL mutter mutter*
Me: ... I'll go grab the bag of hammers.
Partner: ... ...
Partner: Of *course* it's a bag of hammers.
Me, brightly: Where else would I keep them?

The fridge was situated. They have a bar fridge again. We left it with some soda to think about. Hooray.


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