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Klutzy start - the GPS suction cup mount went flying & I took a wrong turn with the GPS next to me on the seat (missed the exit).

I love the Hayward Bridge. All that gorgeous bay. I am not a
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What is the sound of one mage shoving reality? What is the sound of three shoving not quite together? This time, it is the sound of two apartments opening up, weeks before scheduled.

I could never be bound against my will, so I must have given consent sometime in the shadows of my mind.

Decaf coffee, good wine, and an air of confident authority pulled me through the first week. Bosslady wrapped words around me and dragged me forward, bracing herself upright in the classic manner of the very, very drunk.

All this came through in pictures. Bosslady, a few hundred miles remote, patched me in through video chat, sitting at two sides of a desk far separated. We couldn't actually shove papers, but the twin whiteboards with their own cameras and screens helped.

I was made project manager, really, in the absence of anyone else available to take it on. It was my ex who dragged me in.

"Come to the dark side, I mean, California," she said. "We need you."

"What the hell kind of crack are you on?" I asked her, but found some vacation time and came out to what she swore was just a weekend getaway for a little sand and sun, not that I needed much more of either of those in Phoenix.

She swore, but she lied. There I was in my cute bathing suit, flip-flops, and wrap-around towel sarong tied at the hip. We took a detour just as I saw the glint of sea, and California roads are so weird that I didn't suspect a thing until she pulled up in the parking lot beside a low, glassy building.

"All out!" she chirruped.

"The hell?" I said.

"Just gotta grab something. Come on. Let me show you around."

She dragged me through a few hallways. She waved a hand at rooms as we passed. "That's Billy -- the one with the Harley. Marlene -- coffee fetish -- oh, she's not there. And -- my desk!" She pirouetted and delivered the last with a grand flourish of her slender dark hand.

I stared. The room was a pit. Jenny's desk was heaped high with papers, but relatively clear of trash. It was an oasis in the room, which would have been a spacious corner office if only five desks and seven chairs hadn't been crammed inside. I had no idea how many fire codes this was violating. Given that this was California, probably more than ten, which was approximately how many power strips I saw draped over assorted pieces of relatively immobile furniture.

"You work here?" I managed.

"Isn't it grand?" Jenny enthused. "You can just feel the creativity."

I was feeling something, all right. "Have you ever considered finding some kind of ... project manager?" I asked, looking around. Was that actually a pizza box on the seat of that chair, under the colorful cushion?

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[livejournal.com profile] coffeechica

(this is actually where the husband from “Cup of Time” works.)
Cup of Time -- she starts off small but soon finds herself living backwards.

As Jenny shuffled through the piles of paper on her desk, I couldn't help myself. I darted over to that chair, plucked the pizza box -- easily a week old, if I could believe the receipt on it -- from under the cushion. I glanced around and located the industrial-sized trash can. It was conspicuously empty. I plunked the ancient box inside and went on a rampage.

Jenny yelped, but I ignored her. She was babbling something about not throwing away anything, there were important development notes in those piles, but I wasn't doing anything of the sort.

"This is an empty bag of jelly babies!" I said, dangling the piece of trash under Jenny's nose. "You mean to tell me that these lunatics you work with take notes on plastic bags now? In Sharpie?"

Jenny grabbed the bag from me and examined it on all sides. "Well..."

"Now this!" I said, and picked up a torn-off scrap of paper that had been junk mail. "This is written on, and I have no idea what it is, so I'm not touching it." I placed it back where I had found it. "But that! That! That is garbage!"

Jenny spluttered and flailed, clearly aware that she was wrong, but not about to admit it.
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Lots of fun with molding in my mouth. Connie flipped out a bit while they were dating. She did not win the sanity prize. So they are not living together until (17:26)

she is sure that this relationship is what she really wants. We shall gloss over the intervening 2 years of courtship & psychosis. Kinder & more interesting. (17:30)
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A decent book makes the difference between a decent appointment and a tedious one. But now Connie is packing to move in with Mike. Or something.
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I do not like the taste of the numbing goo. This is because my nerves say it is bad news. I do not like to have to ignore that. I spy more dental putty.
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I do not react well to telephone based advertisement. I am waiting for dentist. Now with more tasty impression goo. Stuck in my mouth for a bit & prying.
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From 1/03:
Metal can be so unintentionally hilarious by virtue of cheese. Metalocalypse exploits this; random songs that take themselves seriously provide the source material to be giggled at.

11:01 AM 1/25/2007
I'm waiting for stuff to get done by the office. While I'm doing this, I'm cleaning out my e-mail, updating a spreadsheet that needs a massive amount of search-and-replace (thus making it impossible to do while doing other Excel tasks), and trying to figure out what else I need to do today. Dentist appointment is later on. The LF, my virtual nephew, used to say "dense" for "Dentist", but in such a way that it was clear that the "sss" part was a slur-together of the sounds that were supposed to be there.

1:14 PM 1/25/2007
I should probably go to lunch at some point, but I'm hacking through some of this stuff by hand (where "this stuff" is something Management has me doing) to see what's up with it, because there's something that isn't quite lining up about it, and I think I'm seeing some patterns, and it's going to require a whole new adaptation of the stuff to make it happen, and OMG it's going to be both dire and vile, because I'm not sure yet what needs doing. But as soon as I do, I'll make it happen, though it will be evil and ugly. Right now I'm seeing a lack of people who are no longer with us, and also a lack of some other people for some obscure reason that I am not sure what is. But that should be able to be solved with proper infrastructure. This is just drafting, really.
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The internet is for corn? Aww shucks. Don't stalk me.
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Nice coconut glaze. Well, they are spoiled already. Death by weasel. English wants a Note.
(Except it was posted when I got home.)
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Anime night commences with the usual technical fun. OMG I miss Darkside at times like this. This place is within proximity of ASU. Closer to Mesa too.
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9:39 AM 1/23/2007
Let's try this again. This time I save to HD and delete after the day is over.

10:24 AM 1/23/2007
Ooo, Anime Night!

*fierce, evil grin* Management wants to make sure that phone goons pulled to assist and run jobs are on the phones at least a few times a month, unlike actual supervisors.

11:03 AM 1/23/2007
Belatedly realized that I should probably turn the NIN *down*, even though I was rocking out heartily. "Only (Richard X Mix)" is not good work material...

12:28 PM 1/23/2007
Found a bloody typo causing all sorts of problems. I need a supplementary accounting class or something, I think. My ankle's still hurting. At least tonight is anime night.

1:45 PM 1/23/2007
I just heard "Wreck of the 'John B'" for the first time, and having heard Voltaire's version first, I can't keep a straight face.

2:10 PM 1/23/2007
Bloody paperwork. I have the stuff from Sunday recovered; I should see if some of the other management-types need what I have, except I'm going to be putting it on file anyway, and I don't have the good stuff.
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1:10 pm
If I'm left alone with this thing too long, I may be tempted to create a DB that will crunch things and then spit it out into spreadsheets that are all ugly like these are.

Evidently it's all cute and stuff when I gasp in shock, "But that violates the black box principle!" Although that's only somewhat true. Linked spreadsheets doing the job of a database are scary on general principle, and I shudder in fear. Management isn't fond of these either.

This morning I had to make a new Pandora station: "Makes Me Cry". I have no idea what the mix is going to be like, but for now I'm just adding songs that have a habit of prickling my eyes in that special way. I spun it off of Fastball's "The Way", since that one's gotten me since it came out. I added in "Free Falling" and "The Freshmen". (I never even knew her, but she
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(noonish) Trying to get the $wayuppermanager Sheets set up for 2007. Not feeling the love here. The sheets do not love me, and I'm not so sure that I love their programmer.

I am pushing my machine's processing capabilities to the max again. Query that I started immediately I got in this morning is still running. That tells me things that are bad.

1:36pm -- Still running.

I use death metal as a threat to my co-workers. It amuses me to do so. Pandora gives me a nigh-unlimited supply of music. I should really tune a station to "Fucking Obnoxious Tunes", for use as a deterrent should anyone such as LLG invade my sanctuary.

1:52 -- The head Site Services guy, Lobot, is setting up for a meeting here. There is no internet. Nondescript Geek just trotted off to fix that. Not all of the outlets provide us with the internets, and Lobot was confused momentarily by this until the Nondescript Geek explained.

I have a meeting with Sampling, momentarily. I get to help with the thing with the thing, or something like that.

Ah, they have the internets now. They've got a good set of tubes.

I am curious about this meeting. I always want to know everything around here.
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Quite profoundly drunk. Rum & coke. Cat in heat. Guitar hero. There are games and I am drunk. All sorts of people. Drum game now. Magic geeking too. Explanation.

(Drum game = Donkey Konga, for the record.)
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Going to Ikea to check out futons. Then maybe visit a blonder half.
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My foot hurts because it has a very nasty-looking bruise on the bottom. Good to know it is not just me falling apart.
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SQL is my friend. Hooray for the database. Working on this next week too.
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Smart to give people a chance to eat before checking out. I am again becoming accustomed to children. Babies scare me.


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