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So yesterday's medical woe was all down to Kaiser (insurance company) shenanigans with Apria (CPAP provider). The name Kaiser transmitted is different from the name on my ID. Because I am heartily tired of being called *Miss* $WALLETNAME, I have asked Kaiser to stop calling me that, and start calling me Reverend. I didn't get ordained for nothing. Because Kaiser's computer system has no place for honorific, the way they treat it when it's causing the patient distress is to shove it in front of the first name. Therefore, I get prescriptions written to Rev $WALLETFIRSTNAME $WALLETLASTNAME. Clusterfuck.

Hopefully my new insurance card will be in the new name, for less confusion, when I hand it to people. My Top has grumbled about the insurance company making their Sub cry. My Top would like the insurance company to be better equipped to handle people with particular honorifics and atypical genders, please.

I would really like an iOS Dreamwidth client, one that was offline friendly, so I could compose while offline and waiting somewhere, and it would post automatically when I connected.

The morning started with some leisurely chatting with my partner, then progressed to Skype the instant it was helpful to do so. The connection was crappy, but sufficient, and I am coming to know my partner's face and body well enough that I can reconstruct the general visual from even a pixellated blur. (A misspent youth that didn't include enough anime to get *quite* that good...) Upon heading off for errands, we swapped over to phone as soon as I got out of the signal-eating garage. There we stayed, with a few intermissions, until their ex's arrival was imminent.

No two introverts can talk that long uninterrupted. Fortunately, that's not what we were doing. They were enjoying some well-earned video game time. I was doing various housework and re-arrangement of the bedside ecosystem to accommodate the new machinery and its power hookups. In addition to the CPAP I also now have a daylight lamp, one of the sorts that turns itself on at whatever hour you tell it to simulate dawn.

I am honestly not expecting the CPAP to rock my world and change my life. I know it must be doing some good, because after the first night I was even remotely willing to put the thing up my face again. The week I had the loaner did have some improvement in sleep, but it also had a steep drop in outdoor temperature. Post-surgery, I've been getting hot flashes; overheating was already a major cause of bad sleep, and hot flashes have not helped that. Previously I was able to make do with a fan pointed at me. Prior to the temperature drop, I've had to snuggle ice packs. There were a few other things that changed. I also have a very mild case (enough that the insurance does not cover the equipment, although I still got their rate in purchasing it). So I don't expect that this will change my life or rock my world.

I do expect that if I *still* have terrible sleep with great CPAP compliance data, they might take me seriously. Also, the lack of CPAP kept me from going home after surgery that could (technically) have been outpatient. The surgeon said that with a CPAP he'd have been okay with letting me go home once I was okay enough, but without that, he wanted to keep an eye on me and make sure I got enough oxygen and didn't stop breathing.

(My medication change last September did in fact change my life and rock my world; prior to that I was falling asleep in meetings and similar, regularly.)

Ev went back to New York today, which gets her out of range of her terrible mother. Though not before her mother imposed home cooking on her, with the expectation that she would take it back with her and eat it. This is one of the perils of being the American child of immigrants: if your parent is a *terrible* cook of their original culture, it's at least doubly terrible on account of the part where that perhaps isn't even food in the American paradigm. Her mother is a terrible cook. I gave her permission to throw it out. (Also, it delights me that she's got to the point where she often knows the best course of action on her own, and merely needs my validation to go ahead and proceed with that action.)

I will remember her stay here for weeks, if only by the fact that her hair has gotten all over everything. I know it's hers because it's pink. Mine is blue.
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  • Fri, 14:19: RT @seupo: he eat
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  • Fri, 17:18: RT @HoratioCorn2: All of us to Carrie Fisher: "We love you" Carrie: "I know."
  • Sat, 00:18: RT @ChuckTingle: tonight is EVE of christmas EVE traditional time to LAY AWAKE thinking of all other timelines where you are still prebirth…
  • Sat, 08:11: RT @wnwagner: I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices cried out for 2016 to leave Carrie Fisher the fuck alone.
  • Sat, 08:24: RT @SirEviscerate: Oh, damn, maybe it's time to start reading Doonesbury again.
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  • Sat, 08:44: Netdaughter update: with family of origin: worse wifi, broken space heater, avoiding mom, can't use phone in bed while also charging.
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Ev is applying to All The Internships, at a very sensible and sustainable rate. This week's applications includes a little company whose product I was ... privileged ... to have been introduced to during my time at Virtual Hammer.

I speak, of course, of the "new" (July '14) helldesk software.

Ev: "how did you hear about our company?" "my godmother wants to stab the hci designers"
Azz: not *just* the HCI designers
Azz: also the API designers
Ev: "my godmother wants to stab everyone"

I have asked Ev to ask some mutual friends about their impressions of the place, based on the words I've emitted about it over my 1.5 years of experience with the thing. So far the timing hasn't worked out so well.
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00:12 Friday, 07 November, 2014
Wednesday morning was not super good. iTunes vs. my Wallet Name rant is forthcoming. After I stomped back to bed after that, the banging and drilling started up. My building is within easy rusting distance of the ocean. Management has had various repair crews through to replace rusted-out metal and crumbling bits of wood. Tuesday, they were working on the apartment above mine first thing in the morning. Wednesday, it was my patio's turn. The banging and drilling was very structurally close, but I did sleep through a lot of it.

22:50 Friday, 07 November, 2014
Every now and then I look at my forearms and go "damn, that's nice!" at my muscles.

00:07 Monday, 17 November, 2014
I am seasoning the new frying pan. I am also doing some tidying of my kitchen closet.

Housekeeping. )

22:54 Monday, 17 November, 2014
Lunch involved a nice debate about multitasking, personal projects, and the workplace, with the Rollercoaster Tycoon and Purple. Good times!

First I disappeared into my email, then I got together some of the stuff for the second round of contact sheet updates. Quite understandably, several of the team don't know their desk phone numbers, and reading the display and writing it down sounds like work. And then there was some of the hardware questions, as some of the team is updating their computers and they need the bells and whistles also. And then it was time for a coffee refill, so I cruised into the kitchen, noticed what R was drinking, and then we chatted about the document she was writing. She had to run when she realized the time.

I am becoming the de-facto hub of information on the team's registered software, such that the Randomizer feels that I hold all such information. (This is a dangerous assumption, but it's a thing which I can start doing.) There were some questions from the Polka-Dot Researcher, and the Dogesitter came to our mutual rescue. I located the information and put it in my all-containing document.

Purple swung by at this point: R had pinged him while we were having tea, but he had arrived a bit too late. I introduced him (as my partner-in-crime, $NAME the Purple) to the polka-dot researcher. (My team has enough $NAMEs that I am okay with letting my teammates know that I label them.)

I worked on transcription and fielded fishquestions. To fishie's slight surprise, she has got done most of the major work of the semester. Because fishie always has to be working on something, her current for-fun class is an introductory course in Python. Fishmum is going to have to install Python on a home machine to attempt to keep up. Purple seems pleased with Fishie's initiative. Fishie has sussed out that many non-software-engineer fields involve coding-in-self-defense when you have to build your own tools (and at this juncture I mentioned [personal profile] kaberett's Geology Code, which pleased Fishie as a real-world example) and therefore she would like to be prepared to have a job in the real world, which means picking up dev stuff is an advantage.

Purple walked me out. The third Hunger Games movie is out. I have not yet seen the second. Purple will let me borrow it. My player does do blu-ray. I may proposition him to accompany me to see the third one, since it sounds like we're both interested.

Vash needs to see the mechanic soonish again. Woe.

Instead of doing things which might have been more productive, I alphabetized my BPAL. I could have also done a few loads of laundry, since I think the laundry room has been returned to vague functionality.
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11:27 Tuesday, 23 September, 2014
Woke up this morning well before my alarm, which was in accordance with the plan. Promptly went downstairs with the laundry, since the bra situation had already passed super-critical, and I was feeling too lazy to find another cardigan in the closet (the one in current rotation was in critical need of a wash after having both been washed by Sharkface and had a close encounter with butter chicken -- butter chicken can be rinsed off, but Purple is allergic to dogs).

While waiting for the laundry, I have attended to dishes and done some cleaning of my inbox.

Last night I was glancing at the subject lines of my work emails just to make sure that there was nothing that urgently needed my attention before I went to bed, and I saw something from not!Facebook which involved the incomprehensible twit. I immediately started to panic about having said the Wrong Thing In Public, and how I was Hopeless and Horrible and someone should really tell me this every time I opened my mouth and something terrible came out In Public.

... And then I realized that there is such a person. When I start making a fool out of myself at work in a bad way, not a class-clown way, Purple will say the equivalent of "Azure Jane Lunatic, you are making less sense than a kilogram of bee dick!" And then I felt better. Also my Overlady would say something tactful if I went way too far, but generally she does feel like there are some mistakes I should make for myself.

(There is no reason whatsoever for anyone outside of specialized types of biology and friends to have a kilogram of refined bee dick. That said, my friends will probably proceed to give me reasons.)

00:33 Wednesday, 24 September, 2014
Post-dentist Purple and "Sleep schedule? What sleep schedule?" Azz made a coherent duo at lunch.

There were two things on not!Facebook from the incoherent twit. One was actually pretty nice, as she was thanking me for my helpfulness and going on at a bit more precision about how things were. The other was ... less explicable. A few people and I have subscribed to every new update on the Page about helldesk. And there was a new update from her, detailing some of Friday's release and the docs on same. Said post quietly went away. A few of the usual suspects and I -- well. Gramp forwarded it to the cousin-team including the great-grandmanager and his right hand assistant. I quietly documented on the wiki. The Angry Man linked it from not!Facebook. :D

I have identified the person connected to the helldesk who I least enjoy dealing with. It's not the buck-passer-in-chief or the incoherent twit, it's High-Priv McMansplain (distinct from Racist McMansplain). This is the guy who has previously come to the negative attention of me and everyone within yelling distance for assuming that everyone else has the same privileges within the system that he does. (To the best of my knowledge, his privs are actually fairly low helpdesk.)

R&D End-User: How do I file a new ticket?
High-Priv McMansplain: [menu item which doesn't appear for end-users] > [child of that menu] :)
AzureJaneL: @R&D End-User: So I'm assuming you're in the [terrible portal] which looks like [baby poo]? [utterly baroque drilldown process] and whatever you do, if you click the blue button at the bottom right, you've just introduced several hours of delay into the process whilst they triage your shit manually. @High-Priv McMansplain: AND AS FOR YOU, GUY, please remember that the vast majority of the poor saps who find themselves asking questions in this forum are R&D, and are subjected to a super-weak read-only view, and the shit to which you refer does not exist in our circumscribed little world. Unless you can impersonate an account with our priv level [I suspect he does not have that access] then we may have no reference for whatever the fuck you're talking about. Peace.

Except I managed it without swearing within the hearing of either of those two, though I did disturb a passing manager and offices at least as far back as my Overlady's, who heard the "...HAT!!" part of "I'M WEARING THE TACT HAT!"

In the course of my chocolate-based diplomacy tour, neither Mr. Zune nor my great-grandmanager's right hand were at their desks, but I did discover that our local desktop helpdesk is now composed of Sir Only Occasionally Appearing In This Film, and Chip!!! Chip from our old building!!!!!!! Chip who occasionally I run into and say, "I've missed you!" with great and heartfelt intensity. Competent and effective helpdesk are a boon to us as end-users. I expect the company to award them with decent pay, good benefits, and reasonable job satisfaction. I will do my part by trying to not be a terrible user, and opening my candy dish to them.

Fishlet is settling in at school. It is good to have other fish come by chat for a bit, also! It is a mark of the sort of community we have that nearly every conversation has the ability to devolve into homework.

Procurement has switched to a whole new system. I have thrown myself upon their mercy in asking what the fuck sort of category to shove such and such a requested purchase in, because of the terrible adventures I had in trying to find out on my own.

Purple and I were not late in getting out: it was still somewhat light outside! Which quickly went the other way. A mutual acquaintance came through the parking lot and showed us cat pictures. (She was the one with the rampant mint.) There are two strays who have claimed her. She's joking about naming the flame point ragdoll "iPhone 6", because it's very difficult to tell a "best of cat pictures" ooh-and-aah session from a "shiny new phone" one. We had a jolly good chat. (I agree: cat poop font would look great on a wedding announcement.)

My left knee is angry with me, for some reason. I got out to the parking lot with Purple, and it threatened to go out. I recovered by means of a very quick adjustment with my right foot, which involved a stomp. Purple eyed me and asked whether that meant something in chicken language. "It means, my knee hates me." Heh.

Beardwatch 2014: so it turns out that you can't actually usefully say "there's been some manscaping done on the beard" because apparently by definition manscaping is below the waist. This conversation involved Purple, Steph, me, and me going very pink. "Wait, who's pretending to not be gay?"

And now I am home!
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Stopped in at auto shop this morning for the new tires. Got some quality podcasts-and-games time in. Also a large chunk of the emails that just needed reading and filing for work. Then I headed back home because I had forgotten The Bag, despite my reminder to myself about it.

Arrived at work in time for lunch. Didn't see Purple at the table, so I grabbed a sandwich and headed back to my desk, in time to see Purple make a super-late call for lunch. *grin* (I stayed at my desk because there were Things to be done.)

Outlook was being a pain in the ass, so I rebooted while I installed the network cable and switch for the collaboration table. I left it powered off, because there's no need to bleed power that nobody's using when the power switch is right the fuck there.

[ profile] apraxial showed up after getting a bit (very, but she un-lost herself by the time I got to reception) lost, and we went back to my cube. She poked around it and asked questions while I cross-checked the seat assignments. I explained the easter bunny and reverse easter bunny situation with the peanut butter eggs when she found the first bag. In all she found six. She was very happy with the game.

Various co-workers stopped by; I introduced [ profile] apraxial as my goddaughter. She got some practice using her new chosen in-person nickname.

We went back to the front desk to get her phone, which she'd forgotten in the hasty dash for the ladies' room.

Eventually it was movie time. We went by Purple's office to retrieve him, but he wasn't retrievable at that time. ([ profile] apraxial seemed slightly startled to realize that the reason for our detour had been to see him, since the movie was the other way.) He mentioned that he might show up later, and that if I got a text with just one digit, to text him back with our location, as he migh have trouble finding us. I offered to text him back with just one digit, and demonstrated. ([ profile] apraxial giggled in a slightly scandalized way.) Which of course would not help him find us unless I was waving it, he was correct.

The movie was cute. The lines for refreshments were less cute. The picnic blanket was useful. Purple showed up partway through, and sat almost out of poking range. (But that's why we have umbrellas.)

We headed back, and stopped by R's cube to say hi and introduce [ profile] apraxial. Then I shepherded us off to the kitchen for water. R and Purple lingered a bit to chat while [ profile] apraxial and I headed to my cube to make sure we had all the things ready. Purple came by to see us off.

There was a weird plastic thingy on my cabinets. I had wondered if it was a part of the thing, or whether it was just some thing. Purple thought it looked like a screw from a toddler's toy toolkit, and wondered if it was a signal that meant "You screw-up!" He carefully placed it on the edge of my cube.

"[Purple] darling," I said, with my eyebrows.
"Azure darling," he said, matching me tone for tone.
(many giggles)

So then I took [ profile] apraxial home, with The Bag.

Despite flunking out of Chinese school, [ profile] apraxial knows all the terrible words. Why? Well, because her mother has always used them while yelling at her...

Vash actually died on me while I was in the parking lot, which is new and somewhat worrying. I got him re-started fine, but I'm thinking we're going back to the mechanic's at some point soonish.

After dropping [ profile] apraxial off, I headed back to work (chatting with [personal profile] norabombay all the way), where I did a few more things, corrected two errors I'd made (one not-updated email address, one thinking something was this week instead of next week), yelled at Outlook a bit, and then went over to help Purple yell at his Outlook installation. At which point he declared it quitting time, when everything was still terrible.

And now I'm home, and now it should be bedtime, but I should also probably brush my hair, because I'll regret it if I don't.
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Happily, some swearing at Google and also fiddling and rebooting seems to have fixed it.

I'm starting to get myself hauled out from under backlog at work. Today's stuff involved going through my email box, measuring the things that I didn't get measured through yesterday's headache, and wrestling with Outlook. I suspect that the Stage Manager may have obliterated his room reservations accidentally by doing something else on purpose.

As evening wore on, I tiptoed across the courtyard, and spent some very pleasant minutes in Purple's nice warm office, curled up in the guest chair that's somehow made its way in there (it looks like a stray from a conference room, and I wasn't the one who put it there) looking at funny hot sauce listings. He sat sprawled out in his chair, feet up on a cabinet, web page zoomed a few sizes up so I could see clearly; I leaned forward into his armrest, arm along arm, coexisting peaceably in the little bubble of screen light in the gathering dusk.

He is soft and sweet and warm in a genuine and uncomplicated way that I wish I could emulate but I suspect I know the toll it takes to maintain (and I don't often have the energy budget to keep up). Go go team Sociable Introvert.

I often feel like I'm babbling around Purple; yesterday, I was kind of the opposite. I went home earlier than usual because headache (I suspect new glasses and low sleep over the weekend contributed, also the jump in temperature) and spent a little while waiting for traffic to die down, hiding out in Purple's office where it was nice and dark. He made up for both of us in chatter.

The spiders have slowed down. He hasn't seen any today.

There's a thing, and my little fishie is planning on coming to it, and it should be fun! Purple asked if he'd get to meet her. I said that yes, he was one of the people I'd been planning on introducing her to. He was pleased.

Today I found some unexpected peanut butter eggs in my box of transcription shoes. I think I know where they came from. ♥

Apparently my party hat is some sort of landmark in the building, as Madam Standards has seen passing crews of interns be pointed to it.

I had a chat with a person about a thing, and I'm vaguely superstitious about not putting hopes down in writing, so maybe I'm not going to say anything more about the thing and what I hope regarding it, but I had a chat, about the thing, and it was not a terrible chat. So. Lots of dependencies, lots of things out of my control and that person's control, but I'm not being consumed with pessimism.

One of my co-workers said that she had no idea that I was also involved in open source, and between the one thing and the other, I forwarded her the email with the extra link in it, the one that also named my talk in addition to fhocutt's amazing keynote. So now she knows who I am!

I need to remember to point out to the Stage Manager that the downstairs room is plenty big enough, but doesn't have the all-important remote hookup for our Cambridge crew.
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I find it interesting what I will say in front of acquaintances and what I won't. Often enough I avoid things that require extra explanation when I don't want to get into it.

"Goddaughter" is pretty well understood. The young person whose moral and spiritual education I have the honor and responsibility of guiding. Not actually biological.

"Fishdaughter" is really nonstandard. Why fish? What is entailed in a fish relationship? How did you come by your responsibilities?

Sometimes I will explain: book club, internet, accidentally a whole family. (Is that bad?) Sometimes I say "goddaughter", and let people make assumptions that are not all that far off.
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Oh, the internet has reminded me that I'd like you to have the contact info for some 24 hour transportation on you. Particularly if you start going to places outside of walking distance with friends at all hours.

I don't expect that you would get into a sticky situation knowingly, but since shit can get weird pretty fast sometimes, and I would like to spare you the awkwardness of trying to share a one person bed with Shawn and his new fuckbuddy while he bangs her and you have just used your coat for a pillow and got chocolate covered cherry all over the inside of the pockets and it's -30 F and you really just want your nice, quiet, not being banged in, dorm room. This is an example of a very awkward situation and also abuse of dependent clauses.

Not that I imagine you will acquire a Shawn, but I think you get my drift.



2/7/13 02:35
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Friday afternoon, I met up with the babyfish (who is technically less than a year away from being a legally-grown-up fish) for coffee.

"You look like a wizard!" she said.

She was all smiles and we had an excellent chat about what's been going on lately. She's been able to spend some time with her English teacher, who has kittens (and in full accordance with the relevant XKCD comic, Ev is reduced to "Soft! Pretty! Fluffy!" vocabulary level). The English teacher will also be taking her (already 100%) college essay through revision boot camp. I approve.

[personal profile] rb sent both of us a little package, containing lovely crocheted rainbow hearts. Mine is pinned up at work near the large metal rooster now.

I hope things continue to go smoothly.
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Fishmumly wibbling )

And the Fishmum often (but not always) wins the Gosh, That Was A Soap Operatic High School competition. I have been told that I need to make a diagram in order for that relationship progression to be even vaguely understandable. (I have been told this many times.)

Also, breaking up by text message is bad; breaking up by answering machine is awkward as fuck (don't be Ted Mosby); I once broke up with a dude by postcard, but to be fair, he deserved it and we weren't really dating anyway.
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[23:28] <@Azz> ho w many mililetersa re in this bottle of pornt
[23:28] <@Azz> port
[23:28] <@Azz> not porn
[23:28] <@Azz> you cannot buy that at the trader joe
[23:28] <@Azz> 750
[00:05] <Eveandriss> lol
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After years of being dubious that any "no daughter of mine" comment would ever pass my lips, I've finally found a thing where I simply have to put my foot down.

No (fish)daughter of mine who eats rice has any business starting up housekeeping without a rice cooker.
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The "I" here is the "I" currently filling out the poll (that is to say, "you").
Poll #8588 Magical Items
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 49

I am familiar with the following magical item(s)

View Answers

The Sword of Godric Gryffindor
43 (100.0%)

The Cup of Helga Hufflepuff
36 (83.7%)

The Locket of Salazar Slytherin
39 (90.7%)

The Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw
37 (86.0%)

The Bullhorn of Viola Swamp
11 (25.6%)

I would prefer to have:

View Answers

The Sword of Godric Gryffindor
5 (12.2%)

The Cup of Helga Hufflepuff
3 (7.3%)

The Locket of Salazar Slytherin
5 (12.2%)

The Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw
17 (41.5%)

The Bullhorn of Viola Swamp
11 (26.8%)

I am the Fishmum

View Answers

1 (2.2%)

Well, maybe not *the* Fishmum, but *a* fishmum?
4 (8.9%)

...I ... have fish?
16 (35.6%)

24 (53.3%)

I would like to complain about this poll.

View Answers

11 (23.9%)

44 (95.7%)

Once upon a time, [ profile] sarahtales said something very silly. Then she wrote a book. Because of the silly thing she said, her fan community was named [ profile] marmalade_fish. And it came to pass that there was a very ambitious live readthrough of her book in a chatroom. The chat took over 12 hours. When it was over, some of the chatters stayed. That was 2009. Today, they are the chatfish, and I am the Fishmum.

"I would like to complain about this poll" is shamelessly swiped from [ profile] james_nicoll
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I woke up still plot-stuck, and commenced various forms of to-do-list activity, included but not limited to sorting papers and dealing with the patio.

I live within wind-blowing-sand distance of sandy cliffs, if not the beach itself. There's a lot of sand loose around. A lot of that sand winds up in the wind-shadow of my building. Guess which side my patio is on. Multiply this by leaves, rain, and how the fence keeps that guy with the leafblower on the outside, and there you have it. So I have a repeating-item task to go sweep the mofo. This is one of the tasks that I blow off until it becomes enormous, and then it's all soggy too. I finally got myself a shovel, which is the correct tool. I will eventually have a usable patio that I use.

Talking with [personal profile] sithjawa eventually unstuck the stuck plot: Plottiness. )

IRC shenanigans are amazing. Bec was relating the antics of her boyfriend vs. dinner.

Tonight was a write-in, and omg traffic, so close and yet so far away. OMG traffic. But I made it there in something like time, and good fun was had by all. There was some bouncing-of-ideas back and forth, and I added some of the people on the NaNo forums. Good times.

Then I came back home and there was more writing and also a lot of Solitaire. And now it is past bedtime.
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[16:35] <Eveandriss> BOT
[16:35] <Botfish> Just, y'know, ballroom dancing heroine, and a can of beans on the news is basically 1.500 words, right? I don't know.
[16:35] <Play> ...
[16:35] <Azz> I hate it when my pasta boils the fuck over
[16:35] <Play> can that be my next 1500 words?
[16:35] <Azz> YES
[16:35] <Play> I NEED THESE WORDS
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[personal profile] sophie has a Markov-chaining MegaHAL bot which she's named Botfish (name courtesy of [profile] eternal_vows) and trained on the chatfish IRC logs. This results in much hilarity. Some samples:

Read more... )
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Tuesday 2/15
A long commute during rush hour means that I don't always have a friend with spare time to call and chat with during it, which tends to wind up listening to commercial radio. This means getting to know the commercials. This means punching the radio (to change the channel or turn it off) when one of those goddamn smug bottled water commercials comes on. Guys, if tap water does not CATCH ON FIRE or contain contamination sufficient to make one sick, you're better off than fucktons of people.

The ##chatfish have taken the Jamie-and-Mae-dance thing very seriously.
[17:21] <Eveandriss> I don't dance.
[17:21] <Eveandriss> :)
[17:21] <Eveandriss> it is a widely known and accepted fact.
[17:21] <Caecandy> But we know so many places you could learn!
[17:21] <Eveandriss> ...I've always wanted to learn how to waltz though.
[17:21] <Eveandriss> Come to think of it.
[17:22] <Eveandriss> anyway, never mind that.
[17:22] <Eveandriss> I am a sidelines person.
[17:25] <Play> I learned to waltz to a three four beat/ The perfect rhythm for dancing feet/ Danced through the corridors, danced down the street/ And that's where I learned to dance
[17:29] <Caecandy> I learn to dance with my friend Cae/ She proved me wrong from when I would say/ I'm never dancing, there's no way/ and that's where I learned to dance.

A long-standing LiveJournal community problem had been that any one maintainer of a community could decide to kick out any and all other maintainers. To resolve this, LiveJournal rolled out an "owner" status, to make the original (or nearest approximation, if that information hadn't been saved) maintainer unable to get booted.

I went over to my aunt's. She showed me a book that an acquaintance of hers had written. She'd been at the library, and the acquaintance was there, and the acquaintance proudly showed off the book she'd written, so my aunt checked it out. I looked at it and determined that it was terrible, and furthermore it was published by an outfit that had been listed by "Writer, Beware". My aunt had been afraid that it was going to be terrible, and admitted that the acquaintance had given her a card and offered to email her the sequel. I "lost" the card, because my aunt wants to maintain friendly relations with this woman.

Wednesday 2/16
Twitter informed me that Justin Beiber does not support abortion for any reason whatsoever, with the "everything happens for a reason" platitude. I can't bring myself to care when bunches of teenagers go gaga over a performer with horribly insipid music, but I do not take it well when people in positions of social power deny c'thia.

It was also a day of work productivity. Yay work productivity!

Evening was spent shopping with Tif.

Thursday 2/17
I misheard lyrics as "I want a wiki for your dreams", and yes. Yes, I do.

The Decemberists have a song, Down By The Water, with Peter Buck (from R.E.M.) as a guest on guitar. So good. That and a conversation with [ profile] nadyne about The Decemberists covering R.E.M. resulted in me getting earwormed with (an entirely nonexistent) R.E.M. cover of "It's Raining Men". [personal profile] jld and [personal profile] amalnahurriyeh were both sadly disappointed that it was only inside my head.

One of the local Targets had a Red Ring of Death. It was awesome.

I did get the holiday box from my parents. It had packages labeled for almost every late-December holiday that I celebrate, and some I don't. One of the things in the package was a very nice pair of long black stretchy silky thermal pants. Nice.

And a bit of woo. )

Friday 2/18
I wore the slinky thermal pants to work, under one of the slinky black skirts. In the parking lot, as I walked vigorously in the direction of the door, there was a sudden breeze and my feet became entangled. I noticed with some chagrin that the skirt was in a puddle around my ankles (and the nice treads on my sneakers had caught up in them, so it was a bit of work to get it pulled up again), as there was not sufficient friction between the skirt and the thermal pants to keep the no-really-the-skirt-waistband-was-not-designed-for-your-keychain elastic from slipping down over my hips.

It was the sort of absolutely hilarious humiliation that I couldn't wait to share with the internet, and I did have to roll a will save to keep from sharing it with my department, because it was just so goddamned funny.
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Since it's still a fairly new book, I was chattering on [ profile] squeemachine, on account of anyone who follows that account should be braced for possible high-volume spoilers. I was using the hashtag #TheDemonsSurrender. Some of the reactions didn't wind up getting saved on account of poor signal, so there are gaps in the readthrough.

A vague spoiler warning is no-one's friend. )


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