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4:51 PM 4/22/2010
Have succeeded at Farmers' Market: tasty tasty strawberries, tasty tasty peas, tasty tasty kettle corn. THEY'RE BACK GUYS. :D :D :D

(There was this tedious saga involving something like zoning regulations being enforced unevenly and not entirely sanely ((do not have all details and the ones I was told went ZIP in-one-ear-out-the-other)), and the kettle corn guys got told that they couldn't make their kettle corn on site. Which was more than half the appeal. And they could do it at every other market just not this one. Finally shit got cleared up. Dude said that people were so very excited, and one lady was jumping up and down. Upon getting my kettle corn, I skipped away, cane and all.)

[ profile] novembersmith wrote a shiny fusion of Temeraire and Generation Kill, putting some of the marines from GK in the Temeraire universe on dragons. <3_<3 (link is in my Delicious and I'm feeling lazy)

Soon: walk with aunt
Then: TV night yay!

1:32 AM 4/23/2010
Even the least-important, simplest changes are necessary from an organizational standpoint as long as there are trainee developers who need an introduction to working on the code. Or experienced people who need to do something productive but mindless.

3:05 AM 4/23/2010
Very happy to say that aunt reported that she heard back from the vet, and it was not the malignant growth they thought it might have been in the poodle's mouth. So once the poodle recovers from the indignity of having patches of his mouth surgically removed, the poodle should enjoy many more years of being offended about this and that.

TV, with spoily stuff )

Speaky-cat was a bit bitey! He also was not Mr. Nice-Smelling for a while. Asterix managed to total a pair of headphones by running through them. I crocheted on the black-and-white project, which attracted all sorts of feline attention. Yarn will do that. Speaky-cat is so soft and pretty, so we love him anyway. (Ditto Asterix. Oh Basement Cat. <3)

I invented a new way to cause myself accidental and oh-god-I-am-never-doing-that-again pain! Attempt to mimic the hand positions of cartoon characters. I moved my thumb. I think I feel it in my *shoulder*. OH GOD OW, DO NOT DO THAT, I DID IT, AND I'M TELLING YOU, DON'T.

11:37 AM 4/23/2010
Dreamwidth stuff: [personal profile] yvi has a poll on features people are using:

1:34 AM 4/24/2010
Powered through a good number of suggestions today. Had difficulties until I figured out how to fix them.

It was all kinds of happy windy out! Went with a walk with my aunt and Deacon down by the pier. Drewface called to chew me out for contaminating his dreams with mythbuster!Glambert. Then the LF called, and I talked to him for a bit, and Sis. I'll try and call tomorrow and just chatter.

Had dinner with my aunt, watched Scotland, PA, which was completely bizarre.

Came home and chattered with Drewface about stuff.

11:01 AM 4/24/2010
There is a Glee drinking game:

4:43 PM 4/24/2010
Signal-boost: Get Mathsie Home.
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It's been the sort of day that it's been. It's been a busy week, actually. Came home from the con, caught up on stuff. Work. )

Wednesday, the parts that weren't work )

Today I had to pry myself out of bed in something approaching a timely fashion. There was an IKEA raid planned to get a new bed frame for [ profile] hcolleen! This was not just any bed frame: this was a bed loft! How do you save space? Install shelves. And what better thing to shelve is there than the bed? Morning. )

IKEA was fun. I displayed a certain amount of restraint (and not much more than that). Unfortunately, I do not know if the solution I thought would be perfect for all my shoes will actually work as planned. Ah well, something will. The bed frame was acquired, and we hightailed it back home.

Unfortunate construction led to a little detour. Such fun! Then [ profile] kilarneyblarney zipped off again, and [ profile] hcolleen began with the bed stuff. I assisted when she needed another couple pairs of hands. There was one really bad moment with the bed frame -- a little piece of metal stuck out too far, and wouldn't let the nifty screw-thing in. This was completely unintentional. The hole was supposed to be like ( ). Instead it was like (| ), which just sucked. Fortunately, there was a spare thingy, and the spare thingy and the hammer proved to be tools that could be used to bludgeon the overhanging bit of metal into getting the hell out of the way. Not having safety goggles, I left my glasses on, squinched my eyes shut, and pounded away blind, reasoning that a banged thumb or finger would be far easier to recover from than something bouncing or shattering and hitting my eye. Eventually the bed was assembled. I took photos of the re-arrangement carnage, complete with the random stuff piled up in the kitchen on the floor, especially the mattress. If we still have downstairs neighbors, they got to hear all many movements of the Bed Assembly Symphony, which is scored for hammers on metal, metal on rug, metal on metal, a moving crew, several screwdrivers, and a pair of vocalists (soprano and alto or tenor, and the alto/tenor part climbing well into the soprano range). I'm not sure if we still will have downstairs neighbors after this performance.

There is really not much clearance up in the bed. There is a very nice and cozy little room down below. Assembly of the shelves that were purchased to go in there is going to have to wait for tomorrow (or some other day) because we are both exhausted and she is asleep like totally. I did laundry and assembled some RÖNNSKÄR (of the series, the version with three wide shelves, two being metal and the third being glass, then three narrow shelves all of glass, topped off with curls & swirls in fae-unfriendly metal). I took out a lot of trash, given that there were boxes and plastic bags all over from the whole bed thing.

I can get to my shelves with my books now! I'm also spending some educational moments in the pantry/coat closet. That teal windbreaker that fit me when I was at CTY is NOT a keeper, unless [ profile] hcolleen is really in need of a rain jacket. I have a perfectly good scary!pink one in Vash's trunk.

Friday will be all kinds of fun at work. I may even attempt some time spent with Darkside!
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Sis called yesterday morning as we were leaving. I talked to the LF at length about Scrooge. Tay-Tay called later.
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Sis sent me some Moshie photos. Nice long chat
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Sis called this morning, way too early. (I went to sleep way too late, and had to get up slightly less early than she called.) She perpetually worries me. She sounds reasonably happy, though, and Moshie was doing his usual morning "feed me feed me feed me" routine, mobbing her ankles.

I miss the Mosh.
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First: Happy Anniversary, [ profile] templeravenmoon. Rest in peace.

It was four years ago today that Sis and I collapsed on the couches in our two-bedroom apartment, the home we'd decided to share with each other (and perhaps someday Darkside) until we were through school and could go off in our separate directions. We'd spent all day loading up stuff from her parents' house, stuff that had survived years upon years of her moving around, and we laughed about the ant bite that was making her lip swell up so her mouth resembled Mick Jagger's, and we gossiped far too long into the night about anything and everything.

It was a good four years.

It was four years ago that Sis took Darkside off into a corner and solemnly told him that it just wasn't going to work out, early in the morning before she drove me way out into BFE to pick up the U-Haul and pack up her stuff. She quietly let me know that he was a nice guy, a wonderful guy, a sweet guy, but they were at two different places in their lives, and she was ready to settle down with a family while he had his whole life ahead of him, and would probably want, someday, a wife who would want to commingle genes with him, rather than a built-in stepson and no children of his blood. And she let me know that while in some friendships it would be an utter disaster to date the same guy right after your friend had, for us, it would be OK.

It was one year ago that I carefully considered things, and decided to spend a year focused on maintaining and strengthening the relationship I have with my best friend Darkside rather than looking for and maintaining new potential relationships with people who are not so tried and true. It's been an immense savings of time and energy, let me tell you. Until Figment came along and threw the proverbial monkey wrench into the works, I'd felt so very liberated. I still do, but it's different now. I'm becoming aware that no matter how much I may attempt to resist it, there are plans for me, and I can either come along quietly, or else make things really interesting for myself.

I tend to prefer to make things interesting.

Work also proved to be interesting...
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Oh, I fucking did not. Except I bloody well fucking did.


When my bondmate had to make a very important choice, back in January of 2001. I fiddled with probability. Swung the scales. Made sure the choice would be a free one. Diverted attention from my own goddamn self.


Figment has chastised me thoroughly.

...ok, he says "slightly."

Day 3

27/2/05 14:37
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Figment came over last night to help move stuff. This was a good thing, because I started majorly freaking out. I tend to do that.

Sis and the gang came over a little earlier this morning, and she found that there had been a hole punched out of her wall. Punched, because it's fist-shaped. She did not do that. I did not do that. The Little Fayoumis did not do that (it's at the wrong height, he lacks the arm strength, and it's too big to be his). It had been covered over with a picture, the one picture that [ profile] marxdarx had not taken down. She called him about it, and he denied having done it.

And that, of course, has severed ties between him and us entirely. It could have been no one else.

Most of everything is moved, except for a few little odds and ends here and there, and the last of the essential stuff that involves the phone line and the shower. I'm exhausted, dead on my feet, but still moving things and myself. It'll get done.

Darkside is excused from It's Your Duty As A Best Friend To Help Move; What Kind Of Friend Are You?? because of his help last weekend above and beyond the call of duty at the expense of my cordless phone's battery.
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There were four of us, back in college. Almost a full elemental circle. We had a slender quick-witted Fire with a caustic sense of humor, a large and solid Earth who could not be startled by anything, and two giggly gossipy Airs. We had an excellent time.

Only the three of us are still in the state. I'm the communications link. I keep in touch with all the other three...

Microsoft Paint is fun. I have drawn three of us standing together, 100x100, 28 color. The Earth, being taller, is standing in back rolling his eyes. The Fire and I are giving each other bunny ears, and will probably have started wrestling by the time the observer starts glancing away. We're all smiling. Well, the Earth is smiling, the Fire is smirking, and I'm looking goofy. Both of them need to shave, and I need a glasses upgrade.

I love Paint.

Before that, there were three of us, Fire, Air, and Water. I drew us, too. That was larger, took longer. Just as fun.
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Dreamed that I was here, in the apartment, and that Mama was calling from Sis's cellphone to say that [ profile] hot_chocolate's successor was sick and we had to take him to the vet. At this same time, I was moving my stuff out of the living room, and FatherSir and [ profile] swallowtayle were teasing each other and me and FatherSir was doing his usual running commentary on the things (regarding a book, on its political strategy, "That's how it gets its hooks into you.") I was quietly freaking out in my room with the door closed, because I just could not take it any more. [ profile] swallowtayle had been remixing something she'd recorded with some music from some rap song, sampling the intro and layering that over a song that was already decent and making it pretty damn awesome.

There was something going on at work. I was wandering around, and it was the [ profile] freshstartwrite ladies there, having a sort of get-together in the bathroom, and I was trying to figure out how to work on P's papers that needed grading. It was sort of like my job, only we were all gaming or reading in the booths instead of being on the phone with people. Hee.

But I was stressing trying to find the papers, and not knowing what they looked like nor how I was supposed to mark them...

It was a relief when the phone rang and woke me up from more job stress while sleeping.
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Today was Hairdye Day at [ profile] templeravenmoon. [ profile] marxdarx dyed his hair black again, including beard. [ profile] votania went from blonde-with-roots to RED! The Little Fayoumis saw all this fun & happy hairdye action and wanted his done too, and got sprayed blue.

Next up: the nail polishing. [ profile] votania wanted to do her nails. [ profile] marxdarx wanted his nails black, but all my black polish had glitter. I did mine black-with-glitter. Marx took a Sharpie. Little Fayoumis wanted his blue. I told him he had to get his nails cut first. [ profile] marxdarx took care of that, and is now doing the blue polish.

[ profile] votania and I looked at each other and imagined the first day of first grade, and snickered.
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Called Mama, and we had a comfortable gossip about stuff. I talked about cats, job, Cello the rooster (he's sadly dead), the Little Fayoumis, and so forth.

[ profile] votania is home from the hospital. They're still not altogether certain what's going on with the Viking, but he's finally in, after 9 hours in the waiting room. (!!)

I re-arranged the hall cupboard with the cans in it, and am consequently brewing up a batch of chili. User-defined spice, in this case.

It'll be a good week, I hope.


1/11/02 12:03
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All in all, I think the party was a success.

Clover got to have a bit of fun before going to work.

[ profile] digitalambience went home drunk.

[ profile] jedi_rezboy went home escorting him, although the crowd may have been a bit much.

Chris the random guy got to do jello shots and hang with interesting people.

[ profile] evealone got to kick butt on the skateboarding game.

Bald Guy got to hang out with people, which he hadn't gotten to do for a while.

[ profile] ralmathon had fun and got to spend time with his good friends. And he got fed!

Dawn had fun and got to talk to friends.

[ profile] votania got to dress up in an exceptionally cool costume and hang out with people.

Nephew got to go trick-or-treating and hang out with lots of friends.

[ profile] marxdarx I think got to catch the tail end of the anime? and unfortunately got more of the loud part of the party than the cozy-just-friends-hanging bit, which was about par for the course for most friends-hanging stuff, only with better food. Wish he'd been less stressed over non-party-related factors and more able to enjoy it.

Shamash was washed and kept in the bathroom as punishment for the beginning of the party before anyone got there for jumping on the altar and knocking over a glass bottle which spilled oil and left shards of glass in Votania's closet, then slept through much of the party, and enjoyed that of it which he did get to interact with, except for the part about eating the balloon ribbon and barfing.

Darkside got to hang with his best friends, share good food, play video games, geek-talk, get a backrub, teach his best friend about the playing of fighting games, watch anime, and watch other people getting drunk. He went home far too late, grinning.

I got to spend time with my best friend, have all of the above fun, learn some of the basic Street Fighter moves, and have the satisfaction that the party went off well. Oh, and I got Darkside's cellphone number, thanks indirectly to [ profile] ralmathon's conception of the Alaska version of the Civil War, and the good offices of Caller ID.
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Evidently I know Darkside's middle name and Votania doesn't. I might be getting to know him better than she does. That's a little eerie. They were dating.

I probably know her better than he knew her. I probably know him better than she knew him.

...I can read his expressions, even the ones he tries to hide from the rest of the world, about 90% of the time. He talks with me. We're friends. ... still blows me away that I know him this well, and he knows me.
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"Let me get this," Votania yells at me. "You call the office. Get Maintenance here."

I decide that this is a good idea, and ransack the phone lists. Nothing on the paper list on the wall. Nothing on the paper list on the other wall. Nothing in the directory in the telephone.

"Dammit!" I say, and go skittering through the living room, moving more potentially water-damageable things out of harm's way.

"Did you call them?" Votania asks.

"I'm still looking for the number!" I yell. I finally find it in the caller ID log of incoming calls. I dial, and it rings forever. I get the machine, and write down the emergency pager number from the message, and dial.

I leave the apartment number on the pager, then dial again, and leave our phone number and the apartment number as well.

"I paged!" I say, and take another full bucket of water from Votania. The bathtub is not draining as fast as I would like; there's brown rusty water everywhere.

"It's too damn hot in here," Votania grouses. I open the patio door and close the screen. "Woman, go and put some clothes on," Votania adds.

I run to my room and pull on a pair of shorts and the first t-shirt I can find, then continue transferring water from the apartment complex's A/C to the sewer system, via our floor, a couple buckets, and the toilet.
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Having gotten the flood more or less under control, we began to think of things other than the immediate danger of having our living room and bedrooms thoroughly swamped by noxious water.

I lugged buckets. "It's the fucking air conditioner again!" I shouted above the splashing roar of the downpour. "The pipe must have blown, and now all the hot water from the A/C for the entire fucking apartment complex is draining into our apartment!"

"Dammit!" Votania said. "What should I do?"

"How about a fucking anti-rain spell for just this bloody apartment?" I said, stomping and splashing, still wearing only my glasses and my underpants.

Votania collapsed in laughter.

"What?" I demanded, schlepping the next bucket, a tiny three-gallon one about to overflow.

"Oh gods," she said. "It's my fault. It's my fucking fault. I knew I shouldn't have done that ritual. Shamash spilling the water on the VCR was a warning, and I completely missed it!"

"You low-down, no-good, bow-legged, bald-headed, two-bit daughter of a bleep bubble out of your bleeping mother's bleep-infected bleep during Bitchy Witchy Week," I cursed at her good-naturedly, mindful of the eagerly listening ears of Nephew, who was perched safely out of harm's way on the top bunk of the bed in Votania's room, cheering and clapping. "Bleep you!"


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