4/6/17 09:39
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It's been a long strange trip, but I'm safely(?) in Seattle. (Westlake, for those who care about neighborhood. Same building as my sister, shared kitchen, bath, laundry, common room. It is officially Bohemia, due to the recording studio in the same building. A state of the art, digital, virtual interactive studio. Probably. I hear rapping out of it of an evening, which is a comforting sound.)

The vagaries of Seattle parking are making me feel very insecure (thus the parenthetical note on the safety), but I have my room, I have my temporary license (helpfully stapled to my punched-out California license, and carefully folded to not crease the scannable bit), and the majority of the stuff from my car is in the room and starting to be unpacked or put away.

I have reunited with my partner, and they and Tay helped unload the car swiftly.

I woke up this morning to find that my sister had left a birthday gift -- a lovely blue glass charm against the evil eye, a rose quartz bracelet, a finger reflexology ring, a cookie, and a small bag of what I first thought might be square green buttons in a kind of mossy quartz color, but upon examination turned out to most likely be chewing gum, possibly from the shop up the street.

After I finish breakfast, it'll be time to shower, dress, and head over to see the metamour. We're to be wandering about the mall getting pedicures and such, followed by a Wonder Woman date with our partner.

Right now the charm against the Evil Eye is on my phone, but upon reflection, perhaps it needs to go on Vash.

(Vash is the car, named for Vash the Stampede. His original Arizona license plate had the letters VSH, so it was inevitable.)
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21:42 Saturday, 14 February, 2015
Cleaning for packing prep and inspection on Tuesday.

13:40 Sunday, 15 February, 2015
Every time I get space cleared on the bookshelf via packing, it seems like I find more hidden books.

01:55 Thursday, 19 February, 2015
Did the kitchen floor, so that'll be Different And Cleaner when inspection-time today-afternoon. Hrmf.

22:50 Thursday, 19 February, 2015
So today was second-scheduled-inspection (the scheduling was posted before first-inspection). No notes related to that, and things are Visibly More Tidy from Tuesday.

However, related I think to the "investor" part of the Investor Inspections, I did get an email saying that HEY GUESS WHAAAAAT, rent goes up in May.

Therefore I submitted my application for the place I toured tonight, via internet, with a follow-up note to the lady I toured with, saying that even though I don't have the raise I was hoping for just yet, I'm applying anyway because rent here for a fucking studio is going to be more than rent there for a one-bedroom. Fuck-a-doodle-doo.

I was planning to get in early to help the guy who's organizing the content for my team's little conference. Sleep did not work out so well in the "early" part of this description. I got in a little earlier than usual, though.

The task was to send out the call for proposals. First was the email; I suggested a few extra people who should know, and helped locate some guy with a fearfully WASP first name who was in charge of a department and pretty much unsearchable unless you already knew who he was. Then we did not!Facebook. I tweaked some settings, showed him what to pick and where to put it, and weeee're off! I got to lunch only 5 minutes after I planned.

The person doing the sandwich station was also the person doing salad, and gave me a green salad without red peppers. Score! I sat down with my team. Half of the group left after a bit. After another bit, I joined Purple's group, who had settled at the next table over.

We both had Things to Do after lunch. Purple's was a bit after mine. Both involved going uphill. I took a shuttle there. He, apparently, walked.

Met with the lady from Events, the Commandant, and Madam Standards to look over the venue again. We exchanged various information and had a lot of questions. A return visit with better maps and my tape measure will doubtless ensue. My teammates and I walked back together. I pointed out somewhat firmly that I Could Not Do Those Stairs, and we took the elevator.

By that time it was nigh unto Milkshake O'Clock. radius met me at the Near Site. It was in fact not milkshake o'clock, as there was a Large Management Event going on in the cafeteria, and it was not a time for blender-related operations. So we took our unblended ice cream outside to the fire pit, where we chilled happily.

Just as I was busily filing a ticket from my phone, a looming shape carrying a laptop bag and a red shirt approached and plopped down in a chair across the fire pit from me. Purple had seen us hanging around and decided to join. I filed my own ticket, then started filing radius's ticket about lights out in a downstairs men's room. radius then got up and went into the building to confirm that it wasn't just a case of the lights being switched off. Purple promptly informed me that I was helpful like a ferret in a bowlful of packing peanuts.

Purple's day had included not one round trip up the hill, but two: the computer situation there had been dire, so he zoomed back to fetch his laptop. He was Somewhat Put Out at the reality of two trips, as he is not used to this. (Meanwhile, my stamina is building up to the point where that might actually not completely destroy me. Yay, stamina!)

After some nice chat, we split back to our respective desks.

There was some good news about Borderlands Books. Why yes, I do enjoy the concept of a reserved seat at various [ profile] seanan_mcguire events!! I became happy that I have taken to carrying my checkbook around.

Purple pinged me while I was almost still going strong. We walked out and Purple dumped his laptop in his trunk and then escorted me to Vash. I told him a mildly explicit story about the time Shawn almost kissed me. And I put the pieces together about how I wasn't allowed opinions around Shawn, and how despite our chemistry in other respects, also mildly explicit ). Subsequent lovers demonstrated that The Problem Was Not Exactly Me. Apparently it works better when I'm allowed opinions.

I nearly started crying in the parking lot.

Before that happened, though, we were hailed, and The Other Guy barged across the parking lot, and we spent some enjoyable minutes cursing about the travails of trying to maintain php created by Those Guys (as opposed to Us).

I got my hug and came home, via Costco gas. Now I am trying to increment my step count via my abs. I have filed that ticket about my launderizer, and told Purple. His turn to address that tire. <3
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I have trouble getting up early when it's raining, because the air is so nice and soft and I could just go on sleeping. However, up I got, and then I was pleased to have gotten up, because my fireplace had its pilot light blow out again, as apparently the chimney has no damper. I aggressively ventilate for just this reason. My doubled-and-then-some step count on top of an increased step count did not incapacitate me today, and in fact I exceeded step count today as well.

When I was about to leave for work, I had been considering taking not-the-back-way, but then there was a tweet about a road blockage, and the back way was better. Yay, twitter!

Lunch was a little noisy, and I wound up mostly in reading-my-phone world, occasionally chatting with the dudes at my table -- I pointed out that chocolate cigars are an acceptable substitute for nonsmokers at a baby celebration, and speculated that the tradition came about because in a smoking society, cigars tend to be expensive and saved for celebrations unless you're rich, and a baby is certainly worthy of celebration -- and occasionally chatting with Purple's side of the table. Eventually the noise died down and it was just Lennon Glasses Guy, Purple, and me.

It was impressively windy out. My wing got a wood chipper out front, which made for some interesting tangents in conversation.

lb and radius and I walked up to the milkshake bunker. It was impressively windy. I carried an umbrella, and spent more than half the walk pointing it like a shield into the wind. radius had to run back shortly. lb and I chatted more, then spotted the predicted lull in the wind and rain, and walked down during that.

That would have been the window of opportunity for radius to bike home, but it was a missed window because of reasons.

Finally got the I-9 stuff completed with my manager. The whole exercise involved the terrible web design of the new contractor management company, one which had previously failed to load the required state list in a way which resulted in swearing, screencaps, and a super pissy voicemail. My manager and I did get a giggle in about the concept of a birth certificate with an expiration date. Further establishing said manager's awesomeness, she is in fact acquainted with Flight of the Conchords and "The Humans are Dead", which Purple and I have been earworming back and forth for the past week or two.

Purple had brought in his brand-new LinnStrument, which is a fancy MIDI controller, and set up camp in his building's atrium next to the "fuseball" table, which is near the former break room in which someone has installed Windows XP. (If I happen on an appropriate frame, I may well make a nice error message to hang on the wall. There are talks about how to arrange for a bootup noise.) So I wandered through the beer bash, put in an appearance at my team's table, then wandered off with something calling itself king cake to Purple's building.

I poked at the LinnStrument a bit. radius appeared. The Tennis-Playing Manager appeared (a fellow from Purple's old team who's been a manager for maybe a year now). Lennon Glasses Guy appeared. There was much tomfoolery with the thing. It was great. radius fetched better speakers. At one point Tennis Manager and Lennon Glasses Guy were playing what sort of turned into a march with hilarious effect. I located the highest note on the keyboard and applied vibrato. Purple got into the settings and reprogrammed the controller to lock out the high notes. :-P

radius managed to crash some part of the setup on Purple's laptop by trying to play Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. I suggested that since someone had said earlier that it looked like a super 1337 hacking keyboard, and Purple had made some (fond) crack about our security group, that it would be super awesome to bring the setup to the internal security convention and have someone bust out the Toccata, slightly evilly.

And speaking of hacking, Purple had to brave the rain to get to the local chapter of 2600. So he hugged me goodnight and headed off. I went back to my desk and got some more work done, including discovering yet another place where the helldesk software was underperforming. Can't a user just email in something with an attachment? (The reason I was emailing with an attachment is because PREVIOUSLY that was the most reliable way to get a picture uploaded from mobile, and certainly the way with the fewest moving parts. The reason I had to do that was because the power outlets the guys were trying to use seemed to have a problem with the ground part of the outlet.)

Nora called just as I was punching in my hours. Nora's battery died shortly after I got my coffee mug scrubbed out.

radius is spending the night at work, due to bike and rain. (I did offer car and rope, but that was not a super viable solution particularly as Vash has no roof rack.)

Then I went home, still in the rain. I went to bed before finishing up all my internet last night, so I'm making up for it tonight. I discovered that iTunes had fucked everything up in terms of my podcast subscriptions, and then in the process of trying to re-subscribe to everything, realized that I had logged out or something? and logging back in got me back the stuff but a lot had to be re-downloaded and really I'm in this state of YOU BASTARDS I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU TO AT LEAST NOT FUCK THIS UP and I'm really not amused. Perhaps it's revenge for me watching TV last night? Or (more likely) an update and reboot fucking shit.

#bloodcannon is mild and intermittent, barely worthy of the "cannon" at all, until it is.
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I put in laundry this evening, my poor much-dripped-upon tam htab, and didn't think much of it until I heard some clunking and then dripping and pouring from the kitchen. It was raining outside, but this was some inside noise.

Warm soapy water was pouring up out of my kitchen sink and all over the everything. I grabbed for towels, then hit the button on the launderizer to shut that thing down.

I had been writing, too, on a nice groove.

I called maintenance, then continued my damage control. The water stopped, and started to recede, which meant that it was in fact my washer. The nice maintenance guy called back and then showed up, and told me that my upstairs neighbors also would need to refrain from using their kitchen drains (no dishwasher, no sink, no laundry) until he could get it fixed in the morning, but there'd been no response when he knocked upstairs. And if I heard them, I should maybe pop upstairs to tell them.

I decided that in case they were up and going outside with the dog before I was actually awake, I should leave a note. There is thus a note on their door, in a ziploc bag, with some bonus M&M packs from Halloween, rubber-banded to the handle. I hope they get the note before doing something that will cause further flooding.

The maintenance dude will be back in the morning, so I'd better be awake in the morning. Fun for the whole family, let me tell you.
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10:03 PM 3/31/2010
Since it's technically personal information, I keep a Gmail label now for people who have my address. Then I found myself adding a store where I'd registered for a rewards program to it, and blinked at the mental collision.

10:15 PM 3/31/2010
I've been having One of Those Evenings in #dreamwidth. Observe:
In which Azz screws on something so tightly she can't get it off, then gets an impromptu shower, then gets a rain of balls. Also, how to scare the Castro, and an earworm chain. )

12:44 AM 4/1/2010
Oh god, it keeps getting worse.
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1:40 AM 4/1/2010
That was bad physics. This is crackfic.
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2:04 AM 4/1/2010
So yeah, what did I do today?
Random inside tasks.
Went to the office, paid rent, confirmed electronic key was working on the clubhouse door, confirmed physical key was not working on hot tub door, got new physical key for hot tub door.
Checked mail.
Went back to the office to pick up AWESOME Obama '08 shirt from [ profile] norabombay (a T-shirt sale is fun for the whole family, thanks!)
Since I had already braved my door and was on the wrong side of it, shopping time.
Stopped at "I love this bakery". Stopped at Walgreens. Stopped at Cost Plus. Stopped at Trader Joe's. Stopped at Papa Murphy's.
Had a Bad Physics moment or two.
Commenced with the long-procrastinated Moving of the Refrigerator Shelves.
More Bad Physics.
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9:09 AM 3/25/2010
IT WON'T BE A DULL DAY!! (my head is playing music at me again.)

1:26 PM 3/25/2010
Current contents of my fruit bowl:
3 v. large mandarin oranges
3 avocadoes, still softening
5 jars (3 large & homemade, 2 small Harry & David sample size, all from aunt) jam/other preserves
1 (partial) package candied (not crystallized) ginger
1 bag bread (sourdough, 2 slices remaining)

I may have to re-think this "fruit bowl" concept.

3:17 PM 3/25/2010
All OMG HOW MANY!?!? cans of soup have been put on their designated shelf. If a moderately large earthquake hits and I'm washing dishes, I'll have a) more than that to worry about, but b) probably an assault with a determined torrent of soup cans.

Later tonight: dinner with both paternal-line aunts! Glee! (Emotion, not show.)

2:14 AM 3/26/2010
This morning's fun: farmers market, Target, some mild housecleaning, and the rediscovery that HEY, even 10% bleach water and black clothing REALLY DON'T MIX.
Tonight's fun: crocheting with aunts, dinner with aunts, YouTube with aunts, the tail end of tonight's SPN with Tif, JD, Teshi, and Ase, an introduction to why JD's hard drive and Tif's notoriously cranky TV-box-thing hate each other and don't want to talk, followed by Weeds. I am pleased to see that there is at least one functional and loving family on the show as an antidote to the many "these are horrible people and I really want the hitting to commence" suburbanites.
Then I called Drewface on my way home to whine about the HORRIBLE TRAUMA of Mike and Connie being Mike and Connie (circa Sunday) at me.

9:24 AM 3/26/2010
Re: Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman: [this turned into a Long Thing about how my brain works with trust, and deserved a separate entry.]

[15:26] [ profile] sithjawa: IS LUBE LUBE?
[15:26] AzureLunatic: maybe.
[15:43] [ profile] sithjawa: THAT IS NOT TRULY ALL-PURPOSE
[15:43] [ profile] sithjawa: COCK IS A PURPOSE

10:52 PM 3/26/2010
Surreal things about today: watching Weeds with my uncle. (Aunt-Fayoumis was having a crafting crisis, I was looking up help for her, and he was watching something familiar-looking on Netflix.)

2:09 AM 3/27/2010
A good time was had by all.
Went over to aunt's. Guide Dog Aunt, Aunt-Fayoumis, the poodle, and I all went for a walk (down to the first bench). Deacon is getting very creaky, and my aunt doesn't trust that he'll be able to hold his own if dogs there get rowdy with him. She is not sure how many more walks there he has left in him. He's eleven, and she's getting increasingly aware of his mortality and his quality of life.
Poodle-farts can be *deadly*. Just so you know.
Dinner followed. I crocheted, and Aunt-Fayoumis worked on a camera project of hers. I declared to [ profile] raranax that avocadoes were NOT LUBE.
The Thursday night funtimes featured Tif sharing Weeds with us, to see what we thought of it; I thought it was hilarious but JD was not as amused (the PTA moms are horrible people, and it had a lot of suburbia). When I wandered into the computer room to look something up for Aunt-Fayoumis, I vaguely recognized some actors on whatever it was that Guide Dog Uncle was watching. I wandered back in, and recognized more. Yep. Weeds. Highly amused.
Stopped by Safeway on the way home for bread. Realized when I popped out of the car that I'd not grabbed my cane. Opted to do the quick little shopping trip without cane. Success! (I sometimes don't use it at Trader Joe's as well.)
MissKat called sometime after I got home. I did not fail the football field today! (Uh, that means that I successfully answered the phone when it rang. Also, that the phone successfully rang.)

8:14 AM 3/27/2010
Not officially awake yet.

12:48 PM 3/27/2010
Officially awake (been so for a couple hours). Got River Lies in my head. (the album, Stars Fall Home, at CD Baby.) No idea why.

3:05 PM 3/27/2010
Mary-Louise Parker is very pretty.

11:24 PM 3/27/2010
Went on walk with aunt after she got back from tango, with both dogs. Deacon was looking very sad so she brought him along, and she worried about him the whole walk, and after he started to look like he was limping we turned around, lacking maybe 20 yards to the water fountain. Then Dazzle looked like he was going to hork up something, but didn't. She dropped me off so I could grab my car in case things went too late, then we had dinner and watched a movie. This time it was Saving Grace, which makes two destitute-widow-tries-to-support-herself-by-selling-weed plots I've watched in as many days. Then we went online and watched some Bill Bailey comedy, given that he was in the movie and I enjoyed him.

Tomorrow there will be *ominous music* THE POTTING OF SUCCULENTS II: SUCC MORE. Also it will be time for my weekly call to the best friend, and perhaps this time I can avoid giggling in my sleeve about mistaken assumptions.

1:02 AM 3/28/2010
Have belatedly got the plan of my apartment grabbed and uploaded.
Pic and description. )
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6:20 PM 3/3/2010
"Found Breaker had bad contact. Replaced Breaker." (Woohoo! No flickering!!!!)

Assorted rage, my day )

12:26 AM 3/4/2010
More identities used in the same method of operations that yesterday's featured sexual harrassment troll uses:

Assorted computer & networking woes, swearing, extreme self-loathing )
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8:59 PM 3/2/2010
GlaDOS voice now on Riddle. Sorry, Rich, but your properly-speaking voice has been bumped off. ;-P

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11:46 PM 3/2/2010
[from a comment elsejournal]
On good days, I can go to something crowded like the Folsom St. Fair, which has crowds large enough it's difficult to move more than two steps at a time in some places, and only have the casual worry that means I need to check to make sure that I still have my handbag in my shoulder tote every fifteen minutes to half-hour, and be secure in the knowledge that if someone tries something, I can turn around and deck them.

On bad days, I do not make it out of the apartment to the car or dumpster or mailbox, never mind actually to the fair.

If it becomes a bad day while somewhere out in public, I go null-state as much as possible (sensory overload, dull all senses as much as possible, don't-react to any stimulus, don't attempt to process stimuli); I will have lost words some minutes previous. If I am lucky enough to have someone with me, I hope that they will know what to do (get me to a quiet place, get me some water, check my blood sugar). If I am not, I go the last place I was programmed to go, or maybe have the presence of mind to find a place.

[You] have a more paranoid agoraphobia than I do. I have a more sensory overload and aphasia one.

2:32 AM 3/3/2010
"Wireless" router/cablemodem has been duly moved and duly plugged into the bleedin' UPS. Shall see if the wirelessness of it is still on strike -- later. Though perhaps I could even visit it directly, provided I still remember its IP. (Though I can look that up.) (Darlings, it is a good idea sometimes to affix a piece of masking tape or something to the router and write its current IP on it, and occasionally its other vital information like passwords, given that the thing is physically secure.)

2:57 AM 3/3/2010
Mark is now at least occasionally "starfish". Make a note of it. (There is no context for this.)

3:11 AM 3/3/2010
A Rule of the Internet: Content not under your control is ephemeral. Except when it's content you wish was not on the internet, then it is eternal.

3:34 AM 3/3/2010
Fun discovery of the month: the apartment complex expects me to keep the apartment at 60°F or warmer, to cut down on the chance for mold and mildew and general damp. They also pay for fireplace gas. (Previously I'd thought that that was on me.) I will probably be using the fireplace more often, and being the happier and warmer for it.

3:51 AM 3/3/2010
So we're eccentric, right. Just emailed best friend, playing oneupmanship games with Floor (he and I have similar untidy-bachelor habits when left without contact with our respective mothers for too long); asked him to convey my greetings to gaming group (as they hailed me when I called Sunday evening) and my love to his usual cranky necromancer D&D character.

Writing (good); power (bad). )

12:09 PM 3/3/2010
There is a certain sort of predator about on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth: when "Can I talk to you?" is the start of a bad, bad conversation:

Fic links and such. )

1:08 PM 3/3/2010
Oh, [personal profile] rb, I haven't put it in the thing because Google Docs is not nice with slow computers, but the other night my brain started revising a particular bit of Circle of Fire, the Introduction of Distributed Computing bit, to something that made more sense, and I'm getting it written down!

Writing commentary, and new characters )

3:15 PM 3/3/2010
Dude is going to get electrical problems checked out. (The simultaneous flickering from bedroom and desk lamps with bathroom lights means something other than a faulty ballast. Plus, the bathroom lights are incandescent, and the fan speed drops simultaneously with the flickering. The main building breaker may in fact be b0rked.) Meanwhile, I am in the apartment complex common room, having monopolized the comfy chair and the little glass side table as a laptop desk, headphones in ears and music on. We'll see if the on-a-roll continues.
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Got off to a late start as I wasn't sure whether my procrastination had screwed absolutely everything up this time. (I put off calling the renters insurance place until late, and the guy said on Friday that the policy had been switched over, but I should call back tomorrow to get the number over the phone. Tomorrow. Ha. "Tomorrow" was Saturday, on which they were not open, as I discovered early Saturday morning when I tried calling. I'd gotten the PG&E account OK, I'd arranged for an ISP, but ... argh.) Thankfully, it hadn't screwed everything up, so long as I could get stuff in on Monday.

I had been dipping strawberries when the apartment complex called back. My aunt took over dipping strawberries and I zipped off to the bank. I started in on the paperwork while my aunt got cleaned up. I got some plotting for Book 1 done, excellent news. The dude in the office advised me that the spot that was assigned to me had been previously temporarily assigned to someone else.

Boxes are heavy. My internet redefines flaky. I hurt all over. )
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So SCO is bankrupt?

I'd only read 1/3 of this poem aloud before Heather made me stop. Via [ profile] sraun.

That career meme:
My results. )

TMBG is going to be in Tucson! Hmm... Except that's right in the middle of Prime Moving Time, dammit.

Wednesday: Took a look at the place that M found. Whatever the woman's motivations in picking out the spot, her instincts were dead on. The place seems fabulous, and a great fit. It's a coffeehouse/gym/art haven/stuff-shop/retreat kind of place, by and for the LBGTQ population. It's well-lit, well laid-out, has wi-fi (keyed), and has the most comfortable and sheltering aura of any place I've walked in to short of my best friend's room on a day when he's feeling especially protective of me. I'd be comfortable moving right the hell over there next time, but this is something for the group to decide. Group was small that night; I wound up half in IRC, half ripping Circle of Fire into shreds and rewriting it tighter and better, and half present for the plotting, gossip, and medical woes catchup session. Fruitz is a blessing -- I can be listening to my music without stressing out my laptop even more.

Happy New Year, by the way, for those celebrating.

Thursday night was again minus the traditional dinner, because that night has become not the best night. Negotiations are in progress about a good replacement night. I'm reluctant to suggest a work night, because of how early we have to get up in the morning. That'll become a little better once we get moved out thattaway, but it's still not an easy timing.

I wound up with the His Dark Materials trilogy in omnibus form, and commenced reading that as soon as I finished off Born to Rock. In the bookstore, I had found the books in shiny new release form, in connection with the movie coming out soon. I wandered over in search of Born to Rock. In the YA section, I observed an employee letting an older couple know that the book down there had the book that they wanted, but it was an omnibus with the rest of the trilogy. My ears perked up, and I wound up swapping the omnibus they were holding for the trilogy I was holding, and we all walked away happy.

[ profile] hcolleen and I went to the little Turkish restaurant in the same plaza as Changing Hands. Their hummus is tasty. It's a great place to unwind from work.

As we were getting settled into Vash in the parking lot outside Changing Hands, [ profile] hcolleen commented about the magnetic sign on the side of a nearby car. I took a look. [ profile] hcolleen was curious about the domain name, of course. I took a look, and something about that domain name struck me as familiar - - and suddenly I was leaping out of the car, flying across the parking lot, and shouting. I was right! It was [ profile] karlita. After exchanging a hug and doing a happy little dance around, she wanted to know who I was. And then there was more hugging and giggling! There were introductions all around. [ profile] warrior_priest got a picture with my cellphone, and I posted it immediately. It was the sort of event that someone of V's generation might describe as "cosmic", and I agree profoundly!

Friday: Morning: checking email, answering comments, reading. Afternoon: getting [ profile] hcolleen's banking done, hitting IKEA to take a look at furniture (Myrrh's dad is going to be pitching in on a couch, especially given that relatives will be descending upon her soon and will need a place to sleep), hitting Lee Lee's for tea, LJ, shower, and now bed.

At IKEA, we started looking at couches. It started out subtly -- none of us was really feeling that there were three people involved in the process -- there was a silent fourth. When we started bounce-testing couches with [ profile] gameboyguy13 in mind, we knew why. One of the things that IKEA does not necessarily test the happy raw pine basic futon frames for is the ability to be repeatedly bounced on, and the one that [ profile] myrrhianna had is well-nigh totaled (a group effort, actually -- I helped). It'll be all right just sitting there, but it'll have to be used gently and with a mind to how it's fragile, and it won't survive the move. So the next couch we get is going to have to survive far more bouncing. (It wasn't as bad as the CLIMB-IT episode* with Dad, because that was a single moment of pure bad idea. This was just constant heavy use involving flopping and ROCKETBOY and some injudicious leaning.) We're planning as if JD will definitely be coming back this summer (and coming for Thanksgiving), because while it's still up in the air on his end, it won't cause any difficulty to be prepared and have JD make other plans, it would be inconvenient if we needed to prepare but didn't, and ... well, he's sort of like a little brother now, and he'll always have a place with us.

We had a great old conversation with an IKEA co-worker in the couch section. We wound up on the topic of Kitchen Disasters We Have Known, at some length. I thought we were going to try to take him home with us.

Curtains in the living room are going to be the next big debate. I like the leafy ones! I like blue, of course, but my taste in blue doesn't get to dominate the public areas. [ profile] myrrhianna gets the master bedroom, because otherwise [ profile] hcolleen and I would fight and be disgruntled no matter who got it -- we know we're too much like sisters, but we can agree that [ profile] myrrhianna gets it, on the condition that we get to use her bathroom too, as necessary. The couch color coordination problem was solved, at length -- neutral/white couch stuff, and then COLORFUL FABRICS to make things work. Hooray fabrics!

I nearly got lost at Lee Lee's, because I wandered off. It turned out to be in search of pickled sushi ginger slices (mmm) and more vinegar-based dressing, and a few other random things. Perhaps they should leash me, as if I were an errant toddler?

I still need to make sure that HR got that paperwork faxed to the apartment complex.

* Mama was reading a book on (I think) Woolly Mammoths to Tay-Tay and me. She had finished with the book-part, and had moved on to the glossary. "Climate," she started reading. "Climb it?" said Dad, in that bright and cheerful tone that our clan (especially the male members of our clan) substitutes for the phrase 'Y'all watch this!' Dad proceeded to plant his great booted foot on the arm of the couch, and pushed off from the ground with his other foot, intending to climb the couch as we children (I think we were four and two) did. Instead of the desired effect, of Dad standing on the arm of the couch, there was the sickening sound of a 2x4 cracking. When the catastrophe was over, Dad stood there, looking very silly and no little ashamed, with one foot on the floor, and his other leg up to the thigh inside the newly broken arm of the hideous orange burlap couch. The couch was broken like that for years before it finally was thrown out.


21/5/07 15:26
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11:30 AM 5/21/2007
It's like I'm operating through a wall of fuzz.

11:50 AM 5/21/2007
We have a new faucet. Yay! I have "Don't Go Back to Rockville" stuck in my head,
probably because I heard it yesterday and it remained.

The phrase "may of" needs to die a horrible flaming death. Just because you
pronounce "have" the same way you pronounce "of", in whatever region it is that
swallows that bit of the word, does not mean that you should spell it the same way.

12:19 PM 5/21/2007
And I am thankful for new faucets, and new carpet at my workplace, and tea, and the
beautiful morning outside, and the light at my heart, and the fact that while I'm
not quite sane at least I won't be re-visiting the dreadful self-destructive agony
of spring 2005 ever again. (I was up tagging the cabinet saga,
and that had me re-reading the era, and ow. I recognize a lot of the stuff that I
didn't realize then, but ... still. Ow.)

2:38 PM 5/21/2007
YAAAAAAAAAY WE HAS A JD. (The AK-47 thing has spread over my workplace and Myrrh's
as well.) Snarky Lady came back in and said "He looks like he can read, write, and
chew gum at the same time." That was how she spotted him in the break room.


21/5/07 02:36
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It looks like the same people who installed my cabinets also picked out the faucet.

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Tomorrow, I wake up when I wake up, and not an instant sooner.

The escalation manager called. I was, for once, neither at work nor asleep. I did sound somewhat unexploded, and I remained that way. Will ship off Thalia when I am damn well ready and not before. Let the woman know that e-mail is the preferred way of contacting me. The message on the answering machine that says so will be remaining. Got her to re-send her information, as I had not gotten it earlier. Am still too angry to talk in any depth about the issue, so did not discuss it with her. Writing is much better. (And no, John, further lectures on the topic of proper treatment of tech support phone goons Will Not Help Matters. At all.)

Work is welcome, after dealing with BOfD.

Pink Shirt Guy called me into the office when I got there. He told me about my promotion. I was gleeful. I'd heard that this was in the works for a while, but it was nice to actually get promoted! Homie G, Trendy Chick, and few other people got promoted at the same time. I got my annual raise a few weeks ago; now I get a supervisor raise too! Glee!

I checked my e-mail, and found that our guru had modified one of the programs (the problematical one!) to spit up job number, ID number, and zeroes where appropriate, instead of no job number, no ID number, and blanks instead of zeroes. Oh, and drag up the job that gets stored in three-month blocks instead of one-month blocks as one-month blocks. Further glee!

The sheer glee was short-lived, as I holed myself up in the cavernous training room and buried my head in Queen Bee Monitor's spreadsheets, in hot pursuit of the numbers. I emerged two hours later, spitting, snarling, and ready to heave large and heavy objects at my predecessor's soon-to-be-pre-deceased head.

There are statistical obscenities in that thing. Obscenities. I plan to have words with and/or at Management and make it plain that they will not be repeated in the name of duplication. For that would be Bad.

I held an up-training class after we'd done the lunch thing. Apple sauce, as good as it is, is not a complete breakfast if I am going to be doing the brain thing. I had been expecting twelve people; only six were in and were able to be found. It was a rousing session, with discussion about what some people would like to do to some of the clients who provide rather unfortunate survey design.

I reviewed some individual stats after the session proper was over. I like being able to write ad hoc queries, and/or modify existing queries to get what I need out of the database. It was a delight! There was sarcastic commentary over my shoulder; the phone goons understand that this is a project under development. (I am gaining reputation points in this fashion.)

Talked with Stressy College Chick about the latest Leftover Leftovers Issue. Made the appropriate analogy involving the KKK; she allowed as how that sort of thing would be mighty disturbing. Communication? What's that? (My satellite manager had evidently not had words with his, so I had the words myself, see.)

Ikea later on today. [ profile] hcolleen says that [ profile] smmc needs to give me the hairy eyeball at each proposed purchase of mine and ask me, "So where are you going to put that?" Obscene answers are evidently not acceptable answers for these purposes.

I must remember to call Darkside, for he will surely want to hear about me vs. the spreadsheets. I can't wait until it's switchboard time.
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The new maintenance fellow stopped by with bits for the sink. I showed him the thermostat and explained the situation to him. He grokked. I showed him the shower. He grokked.

Things are getting fixed. Yay. He did not have kind words for the installers.
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I was thinking about bed when [ profile] figment0 called. When we converse, we converse -- and we stray all over the map of possible topics. Things wound up with me talking to a very worried half-twin sister about specific issues about our particular biology, and experimental cures for PMS. I'm not even sure I followed myself...

My apartment complex is doing the annual apartment maintenance budget planning inspection Monday and Tuesday (that's later today and tomorrow), so I've given the place a bit of a once-over as far as cleaning is concerned. Still somewhat messy, but that's unavoidable. It seems as if just as soon as I've gotten things reasonably tidy, something happens to make not enough space to store things again. (I suppose the next thing is unpacking books.)

In any case, I am seeing floor. Well, rugs on top of carpet, but still.

I went down to the office after getting home from work. I left a maintenance request, or tried to. The person in the office was an ancient woman with too much eyeliner in a color that did not match, complement, or enhance her existing eyelashes. She looks (in my memory) to have greying ginger hair, and correspondingly pale eyelashes. The darkest one would sensibly use would be a brown of some sort, and that sparingly. This woman? Black. Unevenly. It looks like a five-year-old took a Sharpie to her face in a sort of reverse red squirrel effect. I would probably not harsh her makeup choices so severely if she were in fact effective at what she was supposed to be doing. Unfortunately, she got lost at "double pole double throw", and told me that I would have to make an appointment to speak with the maintenance staff so I could tell them myself. (And she couldn't just take down my words, even if she didn't understand them?)

That was frustrating, but maybe I'll get results. I have left sticky-notes stuck to the thermostat and the bathroom door, explaining the two major problems, should the maintenance people come by when I'm out (yay Murphy).

I called V and checked in that she was still alive. She was on her way to her first destination, and having a lot of fun. The yard sale last weekend disposed of almost all her worldly possessions, and the rest are in her car, or something. She set out Sunday morning.

When I went to take out the trash, the sky was utterly clear, but I could taste the water in the air. Monsoon season is fun for those of us who have working climate control and do not have to be out in the heat for any great time. (It's been causing deaths for those who don't have working climate control and/or don't have anywhere to come out of the heat.)

The late-night hour and my general sleep-deprived state conspire to make me feel drunk.

Mama called earlier in the afternoon, waking me up from a short nap in a nicely timely fashion. The blueberries have been epic this year. They were at Virtual Aunt's bog-meadow picking some just recently. Dad combined blueberries with the good vanilla ice cream and had too much fun distributing it to friends and associates at the Farmers Market on Saturday.

I haven't seen the little white kitten with the black trim for a while. I hope it found a home with a suitable human. The dark cat who lounges by the pool was presiding over the Game there when I went down with the trash. I'm human and therefore don't understand the rules of play very well, but it seems as if s/he is master enough of the Game that s/he can choose an obvious central spot and still play effectively.
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The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door and turned on the lights was the rose in its little pot. "Hey, didn't I leave that somewhere else?" my tired mind fuzzily observed.

Next, I noticed that the light from the kitchen was illuminating too much of the living room. "What gives?" I asked myself.

Then, I noticed the kitchen cabinets. Instead of cheerfully ensconced on the ceiling between the kitchen and the living room areas of this reasonably-sized studio apartment, they were on the kitchen floor amidst the scattered and spilled remains of their former contents.

I shall be notifying the office in the morning that implementation is observing a few bugs.


4/1/02 18:52
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Had a nice chat with Rana, the constructor of Votania's all-too-shocking walking stick. He's thinking of moving into this area.

I'm thinking that I need to find a TV to set up my room so that I can have anime in there with the grown-ups, so that Nephew need not be exposed to tits, tentacles, and excess bloodshed.
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The carpet stinks. It's partially dried now, and it's stinking severely. My brain has taken Godsmack's "Voodoo" and is trying to filk it into something called "Mildew."

My back hurts like fuck from yanking the buckets of water the wrong way. Neighbor owes me a backrub. I think I'll hit him up for it soon.

Nephew, upon going to school this morning, announced to the world at large, "It rained in my house yesterday!" He's going to have a story for a lifetime with this. I don't begrudge him the experience.

They say they'll be doing the cleaning relatively soon. I hope so. We have company coming on Friday.
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I gained the presence of mind somewhere in there to turn the climate control to off so if anything worse happened, it might not be so bad.

The guy from maintenance showed up on our doorstep a few minutes later. We welcomed him in, and he swiftly unscrewed the access panel and yanked the shutoff valve.

The outpouring trickled to a halt and stopped, with just a few drip - drip - drips here and there, where not all of the water had poured out of the ventilation system yet.

The chick the guy had brought with him looked around. "Yuck," she said, at the brown water soaking everything.

"No shit," Votania said.

We moved Nephew out of the bedroom and sat him down on the couch, out of harm's way.

"I'll go get the steam-cleaner to suck up the water with," the guy said, and he and the chick left. They returned with a great huge machine. Votania and I tidied the floor as best we could.


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