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Somewhere, somewhen, there was chatter with MissKat, phonewise. Perhaps also with Drew? I am not entirely sure when, however.

The Consultation about the Backstabbing Baggage )

I did laundry.

I typed up old poetry.

There were the type of BLT sandwiches that also have pickles and turkey meat. Also sourdough bread. Hooray for San Francisco!

I put my blankie (actually a comforter) and my nightgown in to wash before leaving for happy fun TV night.

There was agoraphobia.

There was discovering that the lost BART card was indeed in my pocket -- freshly washed! I will see later if it's still good.

Chatter with Dawn; Deacon injured. )

Loud people on BART. )

Firefly! )

There was discovering how bad the elevator at 16 & Mission down to the BART station really smells. >_<

There were no BART weirdoes on the return trip.

This was made up for by the drivethrough experience -- CRAZY PEOPLE and cursing. )

I came home to a washing machine claiming its load was not all up ons. I re-balanced it, and set it to dry. (It is not loud, unlike washing, with its spin cycle and such as.)

Hello, morning. Now my nightgown is dry.
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Rude end-user vs. tech. Great punchline; membership required.

When you're signing up for some online service or other, please take care to enter your own correct e-mail address. I say this because of the strange case of one young man whose profile is now scrolling the message "I cannot be bothered to enter my own correct e-mail address, so someone has hacked my page and told the world what an idiot I am."

Shrubbery. NSFW. Via [ profile] karlita.

"My last word on Deathly Hallows" -- [ profile] mistful is love.

GreatestJournal has recently reduced icon-space to 100 per person, down from 2,000. I'm not following along too closely with GJ, since that's merely a popular place to have a horcrux-journal (propz to [ profile] mctabby for coining/popularizing the phrasing) and I'm keeping mine there for namespace and in case of downtime, but this seems both like it's going to be an unpopular move, and also like it was sort of inevitable now that there are more people there and their servers will be feeling the strain.

Last night was great fun. [ profile] hcolleen and I wandered about Mill for a while, stopping in a few places before winding up at Coffee Plantation for internet and tea. It's great fun to have a quick exchange with someone and not speak or hear. I need to expand my vocabulary beyond the alphabet and approximately two words I know.

We hit the Melting Pot at the time of the reservation, and spent a while decompressing at the bar, waiting for the rest of the party. [ profile] myrrhianna and [ profile] gameboyguy13 were already there. I took a good healthy sip of [ profile] myrrhianna's pomegranate martini-thing, and mmmmmmmm, delicious. I will have to try one of those all by myself sometime when I won't have to worry about alcohol intake. We were escorted to our table after a while, perfectly timed, as [ profile] stevieg, [ profile] elyssa, and [ profile] luminairex arrived approximately 30 seconds later. There were introductions all around, and we got down to the Serious Business of fondue.

This was my first time there, and [ profile] hcolleen's. Our waiter was a whole lot of fun. He remembered some of the party from previous visits. Evidently we, collectively, are memorable (even though I wasn't part of that earlier party). Evidently this makes two Melting Pot waiters who recognize the party. There were negotiations about the cheese plan, and we eventually settled on how to arrange dinner. The waiter give a tour of the menu. JD got presents! Presents were hilarious.

Shop talk is inevitable when it's this crowd, though it did take 45 minutes for the conversation to steer around to that. Fortunately, everyone is near enough to the same side on the political issues of the day. Nothing exploded, except for possibly our waiter's head, and that was mostly over overhearing the word "furry" and needing a definition. We are an education!

Wall Mushroom was a bizarrity. Somehow, a mushroom had escaped from the vegetable platter and wound up on the floor. It was somehow the most logical choice that one of the menfolks would then place the escaped fungal cap on top of one of the semi-walls dividing the table/booth/nook from the rest of the world. Even though it was right at eye level, our waiter missed it repeatedly. I whipped out the camera phone to record Wall Mushroom for some insane kind of posterity. This led to other cameras being brandished. There were many hilarious and semi-incriminating photos, including a spectacular unexpected upside-down one taken by Ecchi-chan.

Potstickers fall apart, unless you're very careful. That broccoli was not sufficient. No one is allowed to roast their marshmallows over the flaming turtle anymore since that one Baltimoron spoiled it for the rest of us. There was curry! A good time sense is required for cooking these things. Mmm, chocolate. Nothing below the waist counts (for wearing color). Chocolate loves my boobs more than my boobs love chocolate. DO NOT DIP THE POUND CAKE LIKE THAT. There was the required one strawberry-free plate. People got cherries. OMG cheesecake.

We retrieved Wall Mushroom, put it on one of the emptied dessert plates, and drizzled it with chocolate, because it would have been impolite to leave Wall Mushroom on the wall, in case it was not noticed. There was an attempt at taking a group picture. It turned out to be a timed video, which was hysterical. We did get a group picture. We have to do this again!

Today was not a good day for me going out to do anything. I stayed inside, read, and slept. I needed some recharge-by-self time, which is hard to get in the schedule. Fortunately, Heather does not count as People. This is very fortunate indeed. Madman is having booting up properly issues. I may want to get him a new case, since this one is not working well. I called Darkside (bad timing) and we spent a few minutes giggling over assorted random things. Always must have best friend. Tomorrow, Organ Stop Pizza is planned. Doom! Hilarity! Next weekend is Road Trip to Return JD!
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Via [ profile] metaquotes: Freezer-burned roast. Cat. (hysterical)
Slut. (disturbing)

It's a vocation. I can't always sit down with my fictional people and write about their fictional lives, but I do have to sit down at least once a day and write out how it happened. What I did. Where I was. Who I was doing things with. It can be long, it can be short, but it has to happen. It can be e-mail, IM, paper and pen, or LJ, but it has to happen. Other people don't get a choice about their fiction. I don't get a choice about this. I look at my assorted friends who are compelled to write fiction on a regular basis, or who may not be literally compelled but sit down and write their words regularly, and I think, They're real writers. Will I ever be a real writer someday? But what am I doing in LJ, chopping liver? They may not be words in the direction of any one given project, but they are words, they are real, and I should not discount them. I may eventually apprentice at the feet of essayists rather than mistresses of fiction, but I am writing. Any day I update LJ, I am writing. I should not forget this.

[ profile] hcolleen was almost out of Pepsi. I have been craving chicken. (Why?) Chicken and bread. (Too much fruit?) And to get the chicken home safely, I needed something frozen. So, a bag of berries. And that was $29.51; I paid all my plasma money and a penny and got two quarters back. (It's a lot of chicken, a lot of Pepsi, and a lot of berries. With rice like I'm thinking, two chicken breasts might stretch a week, and that's a lot of weeks in that package.) There's an orientation session on Wednesday for the new job, and I'm excited and scared all at once. I'm so very lucky at my current job; I'm so very well-loved and they're willing to work with me on this. I'd be a fool to throw that away, so I'm not going to. [ profile] gameboyguy13 was here when I got in. [ profile] myrrhianna was working late. I gave him a ride home. I left Dawn a message; we've been out of touch. Alas.

My adventure with gender recognition. (amusing)
It's our loss too. (heartbreaking)
Glad it ent in my state. (*pear*)
Whose law? (hilarious)
Invasion of the Carrot People! (lovely!)
Beware the Fish! (unsettling)
Korman Kissing -- a mixed bag of Korman ficlets with kisses. (fun)

I realized something about my participation in [ profile] suggestions. I sometimes have to label my comments as me playing Devil's Advocate, because not only am I determined to get something useful out of any given unintentionally hilarious, and socially and technically dubious suggestion, I also try to absolutely shred any request I actually do like. I want to find all the flaws in it, all the ways it could be perverted or misused or done wrong, and I want to jump up and down on them and figure out what to do with them until no more can be done, or at least until my ability to troubleshoot goes dead for lack of experience. I'll be harder on a suggestion that I love than on a suggestion that I hate. It occurs to me that some of the people suggesting things that I love might think that I'm not liking their suggestion very much, from the way I dive right in and tear enthusiastic holes in it. That's not it at all. I love it, and I love LJ, and it's my duty to find every potential problem I can before it even hits the developers so they can discuss it.
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Spoilers ahoy!

90s Music Monday: 'Follow Me', Uncle Kracker )
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Got sleep. Woke up. Played online. Petted the cat. Read. Tried calling Dawn; she was at work. She called me back on her lunch break. Is it just me who's boggled by how people sound surprised that I don't hate Darkside's guts and/or am still (best) friends with him? Because, really, best-friend-in-the-universe is not something that I declare lightly, nor something that I give up lightly at the first sign of trouble. I may be a flake in all my other relationships, but that one is something special, and would take something more than my hurt feelings to destroy. (They'll need more than a crane.) m

Tried calling Darkside. No answer in the morning. Connected around 5pm, chatted briefly, though his headache won out eventually. Dawn is to be in town Septemberish; we will make plans. I'm still the communications hub of the old crowd. Touched base with [ profile] iroshi. (I hadn't known that the thing in my head did referrals too! Also: soulmates and their multiple functions.)

The space bar is going out on the laptop keyboard here. It's taken a beating, in the years I've had this thing. This laptop is still in better condition than my last one, though.

Started going through the queue. It wasn't as scary as the last few times, but I didn't get half as much done. I did get sidetracked, because while I was going searching for precedents to one thing, I discovered a category of things that hadn't been tagged at all. (Screening.) So I went through the comments tag list and pulled out all the screening ones and tagged them, and tagged some freezing ones that weren't tagged as well. And then I found some older ones that had been sneakily implemented coincidentally and the "oh this happened" hadn't gotten so far as to wind up getting them tagged. So they got tagged. Well, the one that got me started on that particular train was the one that didn't have any sort of status tag on it. So I had to figure out what it was, and it was the sort of thing where I could check really quickly to see if it had happened, and, well, it had! (Adding the recent comments page to the site map, to be specific.)

[ profile] gameboyguy13 got off work at some point in there, and came over. There was pie-related insanity.

JD: "It would be bad to have pie *and* cheesecake for dinner, right?"
Azz: "Right. Pick one. ...Or, have one for dinner and the other for dessert."

The cheesecake spawned more insanity. IRC tells the tale:
Read more... )

I dropped JD off and went off to pick up [ profile] hcolleen, who'd had a day at least from heck, if not hell. (She got my brain on the topic of poly vs. mono wiring, more about soulmates, and me. That's going to need some reflection, possibly under lock or filter.) I dropped her off at home and made tortillas, bread, and ice cream happen. (JD, you're welcome to some. It's in the freezer.)

Monday will be a Great Stats Crunch. I can hardly wait. I have prepared, with cherries, chocolate, and documentation.
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Via [ profile] cmwinters: -- the notable clichés of Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic. -- Star Wars! Hooray! -- Dinosaur-riding Jesus shirts.

It seems that I clean up best during social times. [ profile] myrrhianna and [ profile] gameboyguy13 were here last night, so while we were socializing, I started shuffling around papers and picking things up and putting them closer to a place where they might belong ... and I found the palmtop I've been looking for. I got myself a shiny refurbished palmtop over a year ago, because while AzureBlue is still working, I wanted a newer one ... and there were problems with getting it synced, and I just never got around to making it work. After the great disk crash, it disappeared. I found it under the coffee table. It's plugged in and charging. AzureBlue is plugged in and charging. It occurred to me that one of the solutions to [ profile] hcolleen needing to write and needing to have her story with her to write might in fact be AzureBlue. Palmtop. Does the palmtop thing. It won't surf or anything, but it is a small thing that can store writing and has a long battery life.

My day:
Saturday, I slept in. (Friday had insanity.) I lounged around in what was left of the morning, and only at the last minute did I go off to give plasma, taking City of Bones with me. (And lo, it is love so far.) A guy sitting next to me in the waiting room tried to engage me in conversation about the book. He was sketchy, so I did not converse more than terse comments; he did not get the hint. We didn't intersect after I got screened, fortunately. Then, while actually giving the plasma, there was a noisy guy with no conception of internal monologue sitting two beds over from me. It seemed like if it went through his head, he had it coming out his mouth. That can't have been true, because he didn't say anything about sex, but he was talking nonstop, shouting out the name of a basketball player every time the player showed up on the TV screen, and saying that the person operating the plasma center's TV must be a woman, because it had been tuned away from sports, and that everyone should be watching this game; every woman should be watching it to be with her man. He was the one who was howling and flailing when stuck and un-stuck. I have no desire to be anywhere near that guy ever again, even more so than with the sketchy guy. The sketchy guy I had no problems with the concept of rebuffing; this guy is just ... being himself. Very loudly himself.

After that, I called Darkside's mom. I tried calling for Darkside, but he was Out with his dad. She gave unto me some News! We chatted for a while. Then I went shopping and very wisely blew all the plasma money on groceries. I called Mama when I got home; there was news-sharing and stuff. Tay-Tay has a job that starts at 6am now, and is operating on chronic sleep-dep. Poor little sister.

I called her just after [ profile] gameboyguy13 and [ profile] myrrhianna poked me about dinner; I got off the phone just before they showed up on my doorstep. Perfect timing! I wandered off with them in search of dinner. There was a Mishap at Popeye's (they didn't have spicy chicken strips) so we wound up in the iHop near [ profile] easalle's (in retrospect, we should have called, but I don't think any of us were braining that well at that time) and had a rousing discussion about the job stress inherent in high-level network operations centre work. JD: are some of the less-alarming pictures I was talking about. I'm sure someone who knows what to Google for (or has them bookmarked) can show some real horror racks.

There was silliness with cheese straws (as illustrated) and all sorts of fun. We wound up back at the Asylum; there was gossip, iPod fun with katamari earworms, and more talking about stuff. We de-convened sometime after 2am; I went to bed by 4.

Hooray for weekends. Today maybe I'll catch up with Darkside.
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Whole lot of randomness that didn't belong in the last post.

Stopped crying after the videos all stopped working and I closed the site. It took a while, though. Lunatic owner's manual says that aftercare for a sobbing, crying Lunatic involves serious decongestant love, or else the Lunatic will be sick for a week.

Work today was certain forms of chaos. Was scheduled to monitor, but the Check-In Princess went home before the shift started. I muddled along in blissful ignorance of this and Obso1337 Super did check-in stuff, but when I emerged around 5 to pick up a minus report, they spied me and shanghaied me into doing check-in stuff.

I checked my work e-mail and discovered that the big long epic e-mail I'd written about the Dendarii Brewing Company Survey (problems therewith) got summarized almost in its entirety and sent on to the client, along with suggested actions to fix same. The same list got distributed to the entire field staff with suggestions to write up something to fix two of the front-of-the-survey issues. I was instructed to hold down the phones in the bullpen while everybody else took lunch. I skimmed through that message, and proceeded to decide that, well, since Stressy College Chick was probably going to delegate it to me anyway, so I might as well write an addition to the intro pre-emptively, and just submit it to her for approval when she came off lunch.

Week before last, I won a pair of bus tickets from the women's center. Last week I evidently won another pair. I didn't put my name in the drawing this week. I should next week, just to see what happens. That's a rather lot of good bus karma I've built up there!

I have a meeting with some member of Management tomorrow half an hour after I get in. My opposite and Homie G Super are going to be there as well. I have no idea what it's about. I hope it's a good-to-neutral thing. It should be, because I'm not aware of screwing anything up lately.

Have fallen in love with the J-Pop band Two-Mix. I fell in love with their music sometime back in 2001, but this makes it official. I've been happily bopping around to everything I've found so far, and my abdominal muscles are not thanking me at the moment, but I'm keeping going, because stopping shaking my hips around would mean going against inertia. A Lunatic in motion tends to remain in motion.

Really Long Forwarded Messages with cute little graphics and inspirational stuff? So. Annoying. Made a point of replying to a "forward this back to me if you think I deserve a hug" with not the forward, but a nethug.

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and Homie G Super are plotting something together. It involves making homemade gelatin out of skanky fingernail clippings. I printed out the Snopes article on jello content for them; this cheered them both immensely and made them decide that I was part of the conspiracy. That's fine with me -- this way, they won't be serving me any. I seem to have become the Research Queen of the bullpen. Now with bonus glitter graphics tool via [ profile] nalidoll, who greatly amused me by glitzing up the word "Jello", thus reminding me of the Conspiracy.

[ profile] clarinetkid4eve has invited me to be part of her wedding! Glee! Girlie stuff! Whee!

Am considering writing a regular feature doing "translations" of Official LJ Admin-Type Posts into LJ-style slangy sarcasm. Sounds like it could be a brilliant concept, but also very easy to do very badly, and easy for me to get bored with. Hmm. Worth consideration, though.

A day

16/8/05 22:13
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She has never been out of the country, broken a bone, or smoked a cigarette; she plans to someday visit Japan. This is [[ profile] azurelunatic]. (introductory notecard from Speech class some years ago)

I'm hoping that my currently unhappy sleep schedule normalizes some. I think I have it on the brink of behaving, but I'm never quite sure until I actually find myself in bed waking up the next morning.

Cleaning is a waltz, and I'm never sure whether I'm taking steps forward or backward, and which side I'm going. Worse, I'm the one leading, and I don't have a partner. Granted, the last time I waltzed where both of us knew what we were doing, I nearly got danced off the stage (thanks, Fuzzy) ... maybe leading without a partner is not so bad? But I do love waltzing. (Did you know that Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" is a waltz?)

The kitchen is its usual state of disaster area. I'm trying to get my coffee in shape to share with my co-workers. I almost never drink coffee at home, but I will drink coffee at work. This means that I have coffee I'll probably never touch unless I take it to work. Some of it is regular-ground, some of it is espresso-ground, and some of it is Turkish-ground. I decided to actually prepare some of the Turkish-ground. The proper method involves the stovetop, as I looked the recipe up. I was delighted by the scent, and I dropped some chocolate chips in, just on impulse, and the results are decent enough, if not exactly traditional.

If you're a barista, and your customer is supposed to be on decaf, but you give them wildly strong thoroughly caffeinated Turkish coffee ... would that be grounds for dismissal?

It's the ten-year anniversary of my last year at CTY, and the angsty CTY-deprivation posts on [ profile] cty_therapy and similar communities are inspiring me -- I've been over the angst for a while, since LJ is my new CTY (sort of ... no few of the CTY folks are here) and I have enough mobility and free time to meet up with people should things really get lonely -- but the posts about canon music are making me want to compile my own personal canon playlists. So I've been working at that, which means listening to a lot of music and trying to weed out the ones that don't go on the canon list so I can narrow things down better. There are some songs that aren't official canon, but are personal canon. There are some songs that I never heard while I was there, but fit so well after the fact that they need to be included. And it doesn't do any good just as audio. There are the explanations of why each song fits, there should be photos ... all of these things I need to hunt down to do proper homage to that very pivotal point in my life. Better to celebrate it than to mourn it.

Gratuitous Lyrics: ''Won't Give In'' )
I'm also trying to work on a caffeine icon for myself. I've been working on scraps of "A Cup of Time" here and there between the cracks. I've been working on Crossover a bit. I've been getting stuff typed up for my magicgeeking document. (That's something that dreadfully needs editing and putting together into coherent order as well as more content and focus. Geeze.) There's stuff that wants hole-punching. The Little Fayoumis still has an afghan that isn't even half-made. (I need to poke Sis for a good mailing address.) I have some fabric, some elastic, a sewing machine, thread, and scissors. I have grand ideas involving skirts, but somehow none of them have shown up on my actual "I'm doing this right now" schedule. I need to fix that.

Meanwhile, things like dishes and sorting papers and getting shoes put away are getting done. Tomorrow will be insane, but I can live with that...
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In my lofty position as the Captain of the carpet ship, I celebrate ... with Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream and peppermint schnapps.

The peppermint schnapps is really a crucial part of this equation. It's sort of like a float, because the ice-cream is now floating. I am less tactful than usual when deleting spammers. Note the following: Drunken and tactless reporting of spammer )

The grocery store does not have the high-lighters that I require for work. I pout, even though I will survive a few days without yellow in that particular style. I pout mightily.

It seems that somewhere between this morning and tonight, I just got hit with "A Cup of Time" bunnies again. I'm not entirely sure what-all is going on with that universe, but Dolores (the Original Character who is in no way Prof. Umbraige) is back in my head, insisting somewhat hysterically that it is not fair to leave her with undone errands for this length of time. Her husband is surely a Gary Stu, except I think I can get away with it because he does not steal the stage and he is sufficiently mild-mannered and harmless and stereotypical that he is almost a cardboard character. "Buggy colds" indeed! The only way I risk breaking character is violating the Limited 3rd Person and having Dolores (she does not get a shorter nickname as most of my characters do, because she will never be anything but Dolores; she will never be Dee, she will never be Do or Doll or even Dodo or Dolly) know too much about her husband's line of work would violate her character with the Gary Stu nature of her husband.

My nail polish is all chipped. I should renew it before work tomorrow.

The first writing group meeting that I ran, officially, went surprisingly smoothly. (Or maybe that was the peppermint schnapps poured liberally over, onto, and into my pint of the ice cream? Because that was excellently smooth; I recommend it with all good cheer!)

There was a rather potentially creepy incident in the parking lot of the supermarket. In the supermarket, I'd seen someone wearing a Star Wars T-shirt, a man the mid-to-late 30s/early-to-mid 40s range. I nodded cheerily to him as we passed on separate shopping errands. No words exchanged. Fast-forward some minutes, and I'm out in the parking lot headed home. A truck pulls close enough to make me nervous. "Would you give me your phone number?" this same fellow inquires.
I gape. "...No," I say, because there's really no other answer that a sensible girl gives at this juncture.
I manage to utter some sort of negative, and the rather stymied fanboy and his truck go off about their business. I watch the vehicle drive away and make sure it doesn't lurk somewhere nearby before going actually home. On the one hand, I'm flattered that people find me attractive on the strength of my appearance. On the other hand ... um? On the gripping hand, the sanctity of my phone number remains intact, and I wasn't followed home.

It might have been different had he asked me for an e-mail address, and had the circumstances been better-lit and better-chaperoned. Even though I'm very, very bonded, and very, very not interested in creating new relationships.
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I got up reasonably on time, but I gave myself a major scheduling malfunction when I turned my alarm clock OFF rather than hitting snooze again when I was going to "just check a few things, honest" on the computer. Heh. I was nearly late; as it was, I skidded in at 1:02 (within the grace period), without half the stuff done that I should have gotten accomplished before I left. (Most of these involved lunch.)

Work... )

I was going to attempt to go bleed, even after work, but I was 30 seconds (approximately) too late to catch the appropriately timed 19 southbound, and (disgruntled), I waited for the Red Line to take me to writing group with no detours. On the way, I managed some work on [ profile] crossovercomic. Not much, but enough to make me feel productive and get the mental juices flowing again after stalling out.

I was late to [ profile] freshstartwrite by half an hour as it was. I read two things today -- "I Have a Friend" (which is a compilation of horror stories based on how I tend to start comments on some of the threads over at [ profile] ginmar's) and "My Brother, the Storm" (much lighter, a LF story). [ profile] hcolleen had a bizarre fictional salad (that she'd actually made, and it was tasty). I must introduce her to [ profile] cadhla's idea of a salad.

[ profile] meacu1pa was having car troubles. What is it with our gang and car troubles? There's been a rash of them of late! We all went to Cafe Fiat afterwards. [ profile] easalle has the good kind of relatives in, and couldn't make it to either group or dinner.

Cafe Fiat is great, and has the kind of service, rapport with customers, and food that makes the place collect loyalty. Today, there was a cheesecake shortage (causing a disruption in the if only/alas balance of the universe, as I said the latter without saying the former, and did so twice) and an avocado shortage (causing free pieces of cheesecake to be distributed to those who were shorted in the avocado department). Nonetheless, service, while not always prompt, is personal, cheerful, and a joy forever. It does not hurt that the food is highly tasty.

It is much of a weirdness to be having an enthusiastic conversation about slash and smut with [ profile] hcolleen (around [ profile] azwriter) at Cafe Fiat, of all places.

J provided two of us currently carless ones with rides -- me to a convenient bus stop, and [ profile] meacu1pa home. I caught the Red Line with no problems.

I have photos from Tuesday and Monday to upload, including a lot of rather blurry and dark ones (that will probably have to be binned) that were supposed to be of the local kittens.
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One of the mysterious and only slightly translucent ice-cream tubs of random stuff that had been stuffed under the sink in the bathroom proved to contain essentials such as

  • my watch
  • my Circle ring, given to me at the same time as the star I wear 24/7
  • the toothpaste I was using until I packed it
  • a spare head for my toothbrush
  • my favorite eyeshadow
  • shower curtain rings
  • glasses screwdriver
  • pencil sharpener
  • watch that makes my wrist break out in allergy-nast
  • marker
  • hex wrenches
  • ballpoint pen
  • clear ink uniball fusion pen (black)
  • antibiotic cream
  • the other pc card slot placeholder for Tigereye (I should mail that to V in an amusingly labeled package)

This has led, through the sort of weirdly complex mental steps that comprise my life, to me putting random things away (in no particular order, with a lot of weird stops in between that lead to things like tampons sitting on the stove in the kitchen) in random order, listening to happy loud music and sipping cheap bubbly orange wine from a navy blue mug that proclaims my astrological orientation in glittery golden glaze. If it had a lid, I'd leave it at work for coffee.

I feel very teenage right now. I've been writing on my hands -- the current inscription features "I love", followed by Darkside's full name, and a lot of hearts. If I had my array of high-lighters with me, it would be colored in too.

I have to be a grown-up at work most of the time, and I have to be generally responsible as far as household and emotional stuff go, but it's really starting to hit home that I can do whatever I want as long as I meet all of my responsibilities. That feeling is more intoxicating than the wine.

General fandom reminder: Harry Potter is not a reliable narrator. Ever. Well, he can be relied upon to report things as he sees them, and to share the conclusions that he comes to, but there is absolutely no reason that he comes to conclusions that reflect c'thia. Dumbledore speaks in parables and around corners.

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Morning was me calling Qwest and complaining about their IVR, and suggesting a few solutions for it. I was good: very few of them involved reprogramming with a chainsaw. There are a lot of people upset with it.

V came over this afternoon, and I played hard-to-get with the wireless card a friend had given her and my old laptop. Or it played that with me. Or the wireless router played that with us both. We lose track of these things, ultimately.

After intermittent screaming, she took me to Fry's Electronics, where I got equipment to make the bloody thing work. I had a hard time making one of the decorative geeks understand that yes, I did indeed want both a wireless network adapter AND a regular wired NIC for the same goddamn laptop. Is there a communications blockup somewhere?

V wandered off to wherever it was that she was headed, after making plans with me for Wednesday. I beat on the wireless cards until I was to the point of tears, then (at [ profile] wibbble's pointed suggestion) got something to eat before resuming. For whatever scary reason, installing the wired NIC made things work.

After this, random image-geeking and the slurping of things off Tigereye that don't need to be there (chat logs filed away safely), and setting things up properly for V. I have decided that since she operates better not knowing how things work, just knowing that they work and how to use them (more than that scares her, and she prefers to be patted on the head and told it's too geeky for her to understand), I can go ahead and just play with things so that she'll be almost in touch with the Information Age. *giggle* Yay Information Age. And I've got things almost set up for her to be in the writers' group e-mail list, too; I just need a few pokes-at-things from her.

Time's started moving oddly for me.
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Woke up on time, or thereabouts. Packed for work and for the Changing Hands Potter release party. Walked off to work.

Discovered at work that they had me as both check-in and as on the phones. Um, hello logic? I cannot be in two places at once. The person I could ask to be me? Leaving in fifteen minutes. Not going to happen.

Work was good, though, with attempts to cast the supervisory team as Animaniacs. (Stressy College Chick was calling Rev. Nice Super and Cute Geek Super "Tweedledum" and "Tweedledee", and occasionally slipping a "Tweedledumber" in there. This led to silliness.) I haven't seen [ profile] figment0 laugh that hard in a long time.

[ profile] easalle said that having [ profile] trystan_laryssa along on the Potter expedition would be all right by her, so there was much rejoicing. There was wackiness in the bullpen, and I did not feel entirely on-task.

[ profile] easalle and two lost boys were waiting when I got out. Everything was proceeding happily until the car died and had to be rebooted after a full shutdown when we were just out of the driveway of work. We picked up [ profile] trystan_laryssa on Gamer Standard Time and I produced my fortuitously-printed map to the bookstore, complete with address and freeway directions. We were on the 10 when the car bluescreened again; [ profile] wamphyri pulled as neat a feat of driving as I've ever seen and coasted it across two lanes of traffic to the edge where we waited for the thing to reboot again.

The mission to the party was officially scrubbed, and we started taking surface streets back. The vehicle stalled in the middle of the intersection of 16th street and McDowell (ready to make a left turn), and then again in the middle of somethingth ave and McDowell; there, fortunately, we were in motion, and [ profile] wamphyri coasted us into the gas station where we sat to let the car cool down and to call in for aid in the form of Zeke's dad, to make sure everyone got where they were going safely.

As we waited for getting-people-home aid to arrive, the car geeks discovered that the distributor cap was way, way, way loose. Upon fixing this, the vehicle had no troubles at all, but the mission was still officially scrubbed, quite understandably.

[ profile] trystan_laryssa and I had been planning to attend the party at the local Bookmans, but when we arrived, there was no such creature. Undaunted, we got back to her place and proceeded to have one of our infamous slumber parties. I coaxed the Mad Scientist's computer (the computer belonging in [ profile] dustraven's son's room) to talk to my digital camera, and thus there are blurry photos of me, badly overexposed pictures of trystan_laryssa, and photos involving car-geekage that don't make much sense without context.

Life, it is good.

Today, Saturday, I shall endeavor to force the bus system to bow to my will, and I shall retrieve my book and V's friend's book. Then, the reading, and also the bellydance.
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Sleep did not happen until far too late. I think I'm going to try to chemically disable myself for sleep tonight, because this just cannot keep happening.

In the good news, I picked up some stuff, did some assorted paperwork, got a test strip hacked out with Fuzzy, unpacked some stuff, and started in on getting the usual magical activities started up again.

Life proceeds.


10/7/05 01:25
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Went to work on not enough sleep.

Work got out early -- it was a five hour shift. Yay! Not yay paycheck, but yay sleep.

Walked home. Called Darkside. Chatted. He was as tired as I was. We signed off to get naps right about when I got to the apartment. 14 minutes.

I slept hard. V picked me up and we did the Cafe Fiat Star Wars Episode II night. I didn't see any of the rest of the writing group there. The Father from Father's Flicks was presenting beforehand. I found it grin-worthy that he and I had both chosen to focus on the story as the story of Anakin Skywalker's fall and redemption -- him in the Catholic look at things, and me when telling the Star Wars story arc to the Little Fayoumis to give him the idea of the thing without spoiling the sub-plots. (I still find the sound of the Little Fayoumis saying passionately, as Luke, "I know what is behind the mask!" to be worthy of goosebumps.)

V couldn't get me all the way home, but she did drop me off at the bus stop. Alas, that the last bus had gone by two minutes before she dropped me off. I called Dawn to chat while waiting for the bus. We chatted about VetPal. She had to go break up a cat fight. I called [ profile] amberfox, who wound up looking up the bus schedule for me, and determined that yeah, I was in trouble. I called [ profile] trystan_laryssa's phone, which has crappy reception, to try to talk to [ profile] figment0 (it was game night). [ profile] figment0 came to rescue me, fortunately. I had to shout to be heard, and even so he was only getting one word in twenty. Fortunately, "stranded", and "central and McDowell" came through.

Next Saturday, a better exit strategy is in order. I wonder if the 17 and the 19 run later on Saturdays.
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I was late skidding out the door today. I just didn't want to wake up. The office says that the A/C people are coming here next Tuesday regardless. I hope they show up in the morning while I'm still here.

The movie of the day at the plasma place was Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which sounded interesting. (I wasn't watching much of it, just listening while writing.) I had a decent stick, without much of the weirdness that's been plaguing me of late.

After plasma was writing group/Cafe Fiat Star Wars marathon. The rest of the writing group besides V didn't wind up watching the movie. There was some confusion about dates, which I must admit was partially my fault for just putting it in the community calendar and not e-mailing in person to talk unambiguously about it.

Tonight's movie: The Phantom Menace. Much fun was had by all. V hasn't watched any of the later-produced trilogy. Somehow, knowing that Jar-Jar disappears in the next two movies makes him much more bearable.

I couldn't find my scissors to change colors, so I stopped knitting partway through The Phantom Menace. I suppose I could have just not cut off the green and started in with the white... good morning, genius.

It's been great having a mini-vacation. I hope I'll be able to get to bed early tonight, but I'm not entirely counting on it.

I intend to get right back on the comic tomorrow, probably while I'm between calls. If I'm on the phones. I really need the schedule for this next week. I hope I got my day off, otherwise I'll be very vexed.
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Today turned into a day that was a whole lot of not-very-much. I decided against giving plasma, based on their holiday hours, how much sleep I'd had, the fact that I need a vacation, and the fact that my arm is at least mildly annoyed with the entire process.

I did do dishes, and I did string cable, move the wireless router to support having a wired portion of the network on or near my bed, and install a secondary phone by the bed.

I feel guilty that I didn't get hardly anything writing-related done, but I do need some time to let my brain rest. On the other hand, the comic is a full-time job waiting to get started.

I'm actually starting the process of serious planning for conventions. I want to see if blood money will get me to all the conventions I want to go to. Currently, I have approximately train fare to the 2006 WorldCon in my spare change jar. That's a start, at least. (Hey, I wonder if Fuzzy will be up for WorldCon 2006.) I have assorted Cunning Plans, if only Real Life doesn't get in the way. But then, fandom is real life, to some point.


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