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You Get the Tickets -- the perfect song lyrics to think of just after declaring to Darkside that I would be a willing partner for all watching-of-movie events, so long as there was not too much in the way of gross blood and guts. Only, um... right. Perhaps the only persuasion that would get me watching that kind of movie, so long as I had warning when I needed to close my eyes.

I had impeccable timing for once. The old man was hanging out watching an old Hong Kong action flick with Darkside, so when the phone rang: "This might be your cue to leave." He picked up; it was me; "Yes, this is your cue." And Oldus Geezius departed. Darkside congratulated me on the timing.

Next weekend is probably out.

We did have a nice half-hour of just random babbling and him watching the movie and me being entertained and us being happy. Yay for happiness. Yay for the phone.
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Darkside is bad at UI. I know I consider his Web Design class web page an instant loser in design. Apparently he does too.

Darkside's father, Malfoy Senior, is worse at UI, given that Darkside immediately called his page to my memory, and then dismissed it as the lesser of two evils.

Darkside is designing a database. The client is his father.
The client insists that
  1. the thing look professional
  2. and that
  3. he pick the color scream scheme himself

Now. We can have one of these things, but not both. Darkside has said this. Repeatedly. But. The old man insists "The client is always right!"

The designer, meanwhile, has developed notable strands of white in his dreadful haircut. (Given that UI is a major source of debate now, instead of just a minor one, looks like the actual operating issues have been solved.)
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I was supposed to have gone to bed an hour and a half ago. I've been running on not enough sleep.

Instead, I got started adding household tasks to my electronic calendar. I used this before with some success, until the household schedule fell apart, and so did the palmtop's screen.

I'm hoping this will work to keep me at least semi-motivated to keep house a little better. What I want is an efficient system that I run without really even thinking about it, because rote tasks are best done on automatic for me. It's gotten so that I have to actively resist taking a shower at night to go to bed without showering, because it's just what I do. Take off the clothes, and before putting on the nightgown, take a shower. (I am capable of going without showering while depressed. It's far best to have it become automatic so it takes more energy than I have while depressed to resist.)

With any luck, I'll be able to make housework automatic.

The end goal of all this is naturally to have a clean and tidy apartment, but also to have the apartment in a state where I know that it'll only take a few moments (well, fifteen minutes of whirlwind pickup) to have the place in a state where I'd feel comfortable about at least Lady Malfoy giving it a look over, if not Malfoy Senior.

... why yes, I feel like I'm preparing for a job interview, a little. I don't think they're going to stop by any time soon, but I'd be far more comfortable with them and with myself if I could invite them in for a cup of tea with a clear housekeeping conscience. I want to establish that I can too take good care of their son if he moved in with me, and I want to make that care automatic.
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Called Darkside. Wound up with Darkside's mom. Inquired after Darkside's dad. There is steady recovery. There is incessant grouching. Much improvement over the lack thereof.

Lady Malfoy tried not to fuss at me when I mentioned that I'd just completed hour 45 of a 60-hour work week. *grin*

I had previously told the other junior check-in girl that I'd have to see about pulling a double next Sunday to cover for her. Now I'm thinking that it's right out. I need a few moments with Darkside.
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Father and son are too much alike. So I have beyond-the-norm understanding of why Lady Malfoy and Malfoy Senior are so close. I'm going wildly back and forth between two polar opposite emotions. I'm skating the edge of so frantically worried that I'm about to slip into shock. (It's probably bad that I know the symptoms of shock so well from the inside.) I'm also skating the edge of wildly elated that Darkside is letting me in, and that Lady Malfoy has me on her list of people who get the full medical details rather than just the correct-but-incomplete-and-far-less-worrying wave-off. I'm not even sure if Darkside heard one of the things she's told me. But. The circumstances. So I'm actually in the numb-and-strong response, mostly, which is my typical Functional response to disaster. I'm awfully good at being Functional. And I think they do need someone about who is used to being a pillar of strength through a disaster. If I can survive that thing with Sis relatively whole, I can survive this.

So I think I need to write an essay on Observing Grief, for group tonight. I don't have enough coherent in me to work on anything lighter. And maybe I can re-work some of my "Love letters from a prickly bitch to a sarcastic bastard" to be something I can show in public. Maybe. Someday.
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When I called on Saturday, Darkside's mom told me that the top two things I could do to help were come and take Darkside out for tea or something, and pray.

Praying, we have a handle on. Visiting him, that's a little more complex when there's a situation like the existing one... )
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My disturbing dream from this morning that didn't get described in the morning walking-to-work posting? Some kind of illness involving Darkside.

Assorted prayers for Darkside's dad's health and continued improvement would probably be appreciated. (Yes, what is wrong is a Known Thing; no, I'm not sharing it in public; yes, we're concerned; no, I have not commenced with making casseroles, because I have not the transportation to get there.)

So. Yeah. Scary dreams.
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Hip still aches. I do not want to move. But off to work anyway. Never enough sleep. Odd dreams must be attended to.


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