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So I went to Tacoma for a week, to visit my primary partner. It was a very nice visit and everyone had fun!

I flew out Monday the 10th, marred by some lateness from the previous plane arriving, but I had a very lovely chat with my seatmate and gave her some info on self-taught programming for her teenage son who is very good with computers and might be interested in programming if he doesn't go the heart surgeon route. (He is whip-smart, autistic, and interested in planes. And computers. And being a heart surgeon.) Upon seeing my partner, I kissed them hello straight off and then we loaded everything into the car and headed for the next stop (taking time to update the local branch of the polycule on what was up).

My partner met my sister, yay!

There were cheesecake-related shenanigans.

I got to meet my partner's co-workers, and see them at work in one of the more rewarding aspects of their job -- plus some of the stuff that goes into making that happen.

I got to meet some long-time internet friends in person ([ profile] tygerr & wife), see Ex Mrs. Shawn #1, see [personal profile] vlion and wife and kid. Stories were told. I got to meet [personal profile] rynia and their wife and another friend, plus my metamour, and the people whose couch my partner will be occupying for the next little bit. And I got to meet the people whose spare room my partner and their cat are currently in. Plus see a few bandmates. And a few of my sister's bandmates. And my metamour's mother and brothers. SO MANY PEOPLE.

Very good times were had by all. We listen to some of the same podcasts, and our philosophies of laundry are compatible. The food choices worked out. [personal profile] norabombay and I bat around some thoughts on alpha/beta/omega dynamics as they are seen in fanfic, and basically you'd need some hardcore preparation for an omega heat. You'd want frozen burritos or something that are super quick to fix, a room with a nice comfortable bed, and a fuckton of lube and such. Water bottles for bed. You know.


Despite some concerns, we did not get told that we were disturbing other guests. We may have been doing it wrong.


I left on Monday. I did most of my weeping and clinging on Sunday night. I'm adjusting to life back home, but with a part of my head that I didn't realize had been quite so on-edge now purring quietly to itself.

We'd sort of wanted an oasis of calm with just the two of us. Instead, we got the edge of a crisis, as my partner's hosts had been told that it was renovation time and they needed to find a new place. And my partner had various things at work on four of the weekdays. Plus I wanted to meet people while I was there, and show off my partner. So it wasn't just the two of us alone with no worries, it was commuting and work and locating moving boxes and all sorts of little things.

Our emotions and our physical interactions had been growing wildly out of step. It's one thing to spend comfortable time in each other's virtual presence, swearing at traffic or grumbling about an essay or something. It's another to actually touch each other. I had been a little worried: would I push them away in the middle of the night? Would I be able to fall asleep with their skin touching me? As it turned out, if I tiptoed out of bed in the middle of the night to pee, they'd wrap back around me when I came in, and when they got out of bed with their alarm on a workday, I'd grumble something sleepy at the loss of their touch.

When I was an impressionable teenager, I read some MSR portal fantasy with soulbonding, where some form of magic had bound Mulder and Scully tightly to each other; in the early bits of the fic, the space between them decreased, so they needed to be in physical contact at all times. (This was down to some malfunction, and the bond was fixed later on.) But in the beginning, as the bond strengthened, the physical distance decreased.

But that's ... kind of not where things go.

Given the opportunity, my partner and I will snuggle up into each other. We're both a little short on skin-to-skin contact, so I will likely as not have my hand grasping their shirt collar, fingers tucked against their neck. But it doesn't hurt to let go. It's not a problem of scarcity. If they let go, they will come back and hold me again. If I let go, I will come back and curl around them. There's a security. They are a fixed point. My anchor. My love.
Parted from me and never parted; never and always touching and touched.
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Today I discovered what lurks in [personal profile] norabombay's building's laundry room: really, not much of anything, but it's chilly. Also, stairs. Ow. I also discovered coffee or something that had been sticky before it dried splashed on the corner of my lovely black wool trenchcoat. Alas! It did wash right out, though, and I hung it up to dry over the bathroom radiator. (Mmm, radiators. So lovely.)

Nora got home from work and we got ready to go out on the town. I got dolled up in my performative femininity (for me, this involves eyeshadow and glitter; skirts are just standard) and Nora described the way that Tucker will get in arguments with people over electric blankets. (Tucktuck wants the electric blanket ON, tyvm, and will let you know this.)

There was a parking spot within a block and a half of the restaurant (Tapas Barcelona). It would have been a pleasant little walk if it hadn't been so chilly out; it was ~23 and kept dropping.

[personal profile] domtheknight and [ profile] daydreamer were there! Hooray! We started out at one of the tall tables, but that wasn't working out so well; a short table cleared up and we wound up there instead. Dom told hilarious tales of how [personal profile] zarhooie had ordered the snails the last time they were there, and no one else wanted to share them, so Kat ate all the snails. Octopus was right out, as several people did not eat tentacles as a rule.

When the sangria arrived, we toasted: to the Internet! All such gatherings should be greeted with this toast, I am determined.

Hilarity and good fun was had by all. The especial favorite of Dom and Susan is the bacon-wrapped dates (Datiles Con Tocino), and lo, they were good (even the sauce). Other dishes included: Patatas Alioli, Tortilla (omelet, not corn pancake), Salmon Ahumado, something with meat and little bow-tie noodles (one of the specials), Mejillones Plancha, Queso De Cabra Con Tomate. So good.

I pulled out my phone to see that Kat had called. As I was preparing to text back saying that we were having dinner and what was up, Dom's phone rang. One of the professors from Kat's old college had died horribly. Kat told me that I should finish dinner and have fun, and also have the snails because they were delicious.

Thus, I ordered snails (Cabrillas Barcelona). The rest of the table told me that I was eating all of them. I took my serving, and then Dom decided to try the tomato-sauced bread under the snail (also delicious). I reached out with my fork and snagged the snail off the top of the piece of bread. Susan elected to try the baked potato beside the bread under the snail, this being as close to snail as she was getting that night. I wound up eating at least three of the snails. General hilarity.

Dessert: they didn't have one of the things we contemplated, so we wound up with Pitisu Con Helado and Tarrina De Chocolate. Om nom nom.

We stayed pretty late gossiping. Good times. I had a bit of a moment identifying which long black wool trenchcoat on the hooks near the table was mine. Fortunately I remembered the label name. I directly produced my Sharpie and added my sigil and initials.

Nora gave Dom and Susan a lift home. We took the scenic route after that.

Kat didn't answer when I called, so I am pretty sure that she fell asleep. Nora went through her closets for things that she doesn't/can't wear, and played fashion show upon me. There is now this pile of assorted clothing on the other chair that may well take up quite a bit of the spare room in my suitcase, which is going to make it that much easier to handle on the way back. There is this badass brown linen jacket, which goes with a pair of pants that probably won't work for me, but they go with me anyway on the grounds that the set should stay together. Hooray fannish pass-clothes-along time!

Tomorrow's plans are still being hammered out but involve sleeping in, and dinner (if that turns out to work with the other people involved, as it's a bit last-minute). (Other random friendly Chicago locals, feel free to holler; this totally isn't the Do All The Things time, so I'm not going to try for ALL the things, and I will have to come out here again, but I'm still open to suggestions.)
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We're making good time. 53 miles to go. Two rest stops. Dark brown afghan stripe finished with a little yarn to spare.
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Rest stop. I was up way late watching The X-Files way too late last night. I got about 5 hours of sleep in consequence.
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We're there yet. 3.5 hours, a new record for her. I shall be in The Cupboard Under The Stairs. I picked this from 3 options.
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Guide dog aunt was playing radio station roulette from before Donner pass to Truckee. She just gave up @ squaw valley.
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Driving to Tahoe. Crocheting. KQED is fading out. I am amazingly content. Could I really be a California girl?
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We leave for Tahoe tomorrow morning at eight. I pack tonight. The connectivity should be better. We return tuesday.
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Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: Guide Dog Aunt found me in the baggage claim, waited with me, showed off The Poodle to random passerby (actually, random passerby came up and started squeeing over The Poodle without talking to my aunt first, much the way some people come up, coo at babies and try to pat them, and only then encounter the Death Glare of the Parent. Except my aunt was much more amenable to poodle-based glee than that.), picked up my bag, wandered through a maze of twisty confusion to the parking lot, drove through more twisty confusion, then hilly confusion, and -- here we are!

The cousins are home. The cousins are gaming. This surprises no one. I'm not sure where Guide Dog Uncle is.

My cough hurts.
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Not half as miserable as I expected to be. The blowing trick I do with the ears to pop them does it on ground or off.
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I got to Sky Harbor way early. I figured I would; I figured I'd rather be early than late. I brought Thalia with me this time (hooray Thalia!) and I'm taking advantage of the Sky Harbor wireless LAN. I'd been planning to read my new Duane, since I'm not sure if I'll be able to do much of that on the plane, what with takeoff and descent and all.

Best wishes to my New York friends. The transit strike looks to be sucking for everyone. Here's hoping it resolves soon!

I am to be boarding soon. I am hard-pressed to not stick my tongue out at the television when Bush is on there saying some very stupid things. He is such a disagreeable man.

The gate area is filling up. I have been sitting here for an hour and a quarter without feeling the passage of time particularly strongly.

There was a geekboy on the bus. I spotted him the moment he got on. He might have been checking me out. I was trying to show signs of "Hi, I'm a geek chick!" to keep myself in practice. Mostly this involved the Baen logo on the spine of A Civil Campaign; that effort got abandoned when reading made me dizzy with a few lurching turns.

I forgot to eat breakfast before I left. I will have ten-day-old pizza to dispose of when I return. Ooops. At least it's in the refrigerator. (Dinner Sunday night is lunch Monday and breakfast Tuesday, it seems...)

I become more and more intimidated the closer we get to flight time: my ears are not going to like the pressure changes.

I'd better close down the client and the browser, as I board soon, and board in the first group. (Yay upgrades at check-in!)
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Right, then. I'm off. Updates coming soon from a much-abused cellphone near you, as I grow immensely bored with the realities of travel! (ack. Where did I put the Emergency Chocolate?)
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Laundry is done. Dishes are not. Packing is not.

Going to catch a nap now. Alarm's set for 5:30, in case I don't wake up in the middle of the night perfectly perky as per the usual.

Travel get-together plans? The only reasonably firm one is, oh crap, I need to e-mail 'Shua my number. For the 22nd. And the 29th. I think. I'm not sure. Aunt-Fayoumis and her Trailer of Doom are cruising the state on Fayoumis-Clan Standard Time, which means "whenever the fuck she feels like it". Aunt-Fayoumis is a lot like me. Guide Dog Aunt is also a lot like me. Tay-Tay is a lot like all of us. We are family, we are nuts, and we are clannish.

...annnnd he's paid. So. Easy e-mail solutions for great justice!

I sleep while I can breathe.
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I knew I was saving the dark chocolate with cacao nibs for something. It turned out to be an existential crisis of some sort, the type that often results in crying jags and the refusal to come out of my apartment for anything save retail therapy at inconvenient hours of the night. These things are not a good thing to have at midnight.

I'm feeling a lot better now that I've had my chocolate and a bagel. I'd been thinking about coming in for an extra shift tomorrow, but since I'm up late tonight, that's probably not going to be happening. I have too much to do around the apartment.

My earlier dreadful mood's worn off, and I'm feeling positively cheerful. It's three in the morning, and I'm wondering whether I should play around with the GIMP and a few favorite photos now, or later. (Oh, goodness. He was 22 in that photo.)

Ahh, birds.

The jello hasn't gelled all the way as yet, but I think it would be very silly of me to stay up later to watch it do so. (Mmm. Strawberry.)

I remembered just now what I was planning to put in the poll but forgot to due to issues of brains breaking and so forth. People in other bits of California, there is the chance that I would be able to go places at certain points. Road trips. The-Sith, timing?
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I'm planning to be in San Francisco, in zip code 94044, over the winter break. (I'm staying with Guide Dog Aunt and her family, so [ profile] raranax is exempt from voting, unless he wants to poke the poll with a stick.) Last confirmed day of work is the 18th. I'm not sure exactly when I'm leaving yet, due to not having bought tickets yet, but I should be getting there sometime either on the 19th or after that. [ profile] pyrogenic has claim to a slice of time sometime before the 23rd. The 24th through 26th will probably be busy, as there's a road trip and family stuff will probably be happening. I'm not sure, at this point, if I'm going to be there for the New Year or not, because of work and travel and suchlike things.

As things start to fall into place, I'll be working up one of my signature Scheduling Goddess calendars.
(Darkside hasn't responded yet to my ping about claiming holiday time with me. No clue if/when he will.)

[Poll #630126]
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... jalape├▒o mead. Dude. That is ... extreme brewing. (This WTF moment brought to you courtesy of the Academy.)

I'm going to be visiting Guide Dog Aunt over the holidays. Guide Dog Aunt lives just outside of San Francisco, and she thinks my plan of letting myself loose on the public transit and meeting up with friends for a day is a capital one. I'll also be in & around Lake Tahoe for Christmas.

I'm plotting exactly which days I'll be going as we speak -- locals around that neck of the woods, input?
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Airplane seats and I have reached a treaty of mutual loathing. Both of us are vexed. Airline safety videos can be unintentionally funny. It would be utterly hilarious to, say on an appropriate day such as April 01, replace an airline safety video with something with the same safety information content but more ... creatively ... presented. Also, boozin' is evidently for pilots on the airline I just flew!

I packed fewer sets of clothes than I had days away, and I still overpacked, but as some of them were used as packing, it was all for the good.

I come by my temper honestly, both from Grandma's side of the paternal line and GrandfatherSir's side of the paternal line. Grandma is my only surviving grandparent.

One of the aunts dug up a pamphlet on V.D. from 1971. Several copies, in fact. Once the scanner is operational, a copy will be shared. I was of the opinion that it would be a good thing to print up and distribute on college campuses as if serious -- novelty vintage sex-ed!

Even when I am not trying to, I accumulate books. I was vexed that Dad took the local copy of East of the Sun, West of the Moon. I wound up reading that cover to cover, then reading the story about the Mother of the Bride from It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It to Aunt-Fayoumis.

Geezerite. Everything's more funny with volcanic eruptions.
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Panic button. Trained professional. Temple of doom. Pit of no return ( alas
free) acrylic juggling ball lens burning


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