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I feel very much like I'm talking about the things that don't matter, but the things that matter very much are private and inward and delicate, and to share such things widely would not be the done thing.

So: life bits, in passing.

The freezer (the thinner, left, door of the two-doored refrigerator) has had ice on the bottom -- at first just a little bit, and a few cubes that had fallen out of the ice maker -- for a while. We've had "de-glacier the freezer" on the to-do list for a while.

This morning (I think?) it hit critical, while I was -- ah, yes, it was this morning, because I was retrieving the frozen vegetables that I'd use in lunch -- searching around for something that turned out to be in the bottom drawer.

The drawers in this freezer are wire baskets with snap-on (and fall-off) plastic fronts. The bottom drawer was blocked from pulling out because the ice on the bottom was too high.

I grumbled, laid down the kitchen utility towel (one of the old ones with fraying and maybe a hole or two) and grabbed a knife for ice-pick duty. (My partner was unavailable for help, on some other unspecifiable but definitely important mission of internet mercy. Godspeed, friend.) Anyway, it would probably not have benefitted from two people. So I whacked at the ice for a while, and got it mostly on the towel. I tugged at the drawer.

The drawer shot out with surprising ease, given the big chunk of ice still attached to the bottom. I had words. I went for the cooler-bag.

It turned out that the ice sheet was attached to the basket by only a few wires, and once I figured out how to get it in the sink at the right angle, I was able to use hot water to get the ice off those wires. I left the larger sheet in the sink to thaw and drop its inclusions all over the sink, like boulders on a cleanly carved valley.

The ice had come out in one piece. There was still a little coming down the slanted surface of the bottom back, and a little more below the vent that disperses cold air or something. I swiped it out with a different kitchen towel that was due to be washed soon anyway, and reported back to my partner (after they emerged from their task).

The stuff went back in, a little more organized than it had come out, with a few things put in the fridge to thaw.

A generous double handful of the frozen mixed vegetables went in the frying pan, along with some bacon and potato. It would be slowly cooked into glorious lunch with cheese. A proper weekend brunch sort of item.

I found the strawberries I'd put aside when I got the big thing of them, frozen into a sullen frisbee sort of shape in the bottom of the round container. I pondered, tried chopping into it with a not-big-enough knife, then the brainstorm hit. I retrieved the largest of the melamine bowls (the ones with the lids) and popped the disc in.

Then I shook it.

A whole bunch of frozen strawberries make some gawdawful noise, being rattled like rocks against a hard surface, but it does tend to break them apart quite handily. I liberated a few to chuck in the food processor (an attachment for my stick blender, which I finally found at some late point in the packing, so it went in my Bachelor Kitchen Box) to turn into dust to grace the top of the lemon jelly. (Lemon jello plus shreds of frozen strawberry? RECOMMENDED.)

I also got some mending done this morning. There are some shirts that need their necks re-hemmed, plus under-layer shorts that had started blowing out at the crotch but were still otherwise in good shape. I had found one of the dismangled (a typo, but I'm keeping it) pairs of shorts, and sacrificed it for patches.

I will need to either repair my sewing machine (I dropped it while trying to get it set up) or locate the Sidewinder. The sewing machine still lights up and stitches, but something is awry in the bobbin winder. This is the second sewing machine that I've jacked up such that it won't wind bobbins anymore. Additionally, something else is wrong with the actual bobbin nest -- I believe some plate fell out. So it's harder to load, but at least it does still sew.

Kitten has decided that I am an acceptable surface to sleep on/against, and has started doing just that. It's cute, until I need to move, at which point she meows accusingly. Sometimes she settles back against me, and sometimes she stalks off and sits in her accustomed place on Partner. (Partner sleeps on their back, face up, sometimes guarding their bladder area with their hands against kitten massage even as they sleep.)
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(this started life as a comment on Captain Awkward, but may have gone to moderation because I included a link. However, I felt I should keep a copy here too...)

- Ask for both dietary requirements/restrictions and preferences. You can't always please everybody, but asking for preferences as well increases the odds that you'll be able to delight them on purpose.
- Asking for preferences does mean that the guy who likes to eat nearly an entire cow as rare as possible will tell you about it. You will also hear from people who wouldn't have otherwise felt comfortable sharing their strong aversions, non-life-threatening medical issues, and other awkward food stuff. Those are the people you're asking this question to make life easier for.
- Take people at their word. Don't badger them for details. If you need to ask clarifying questions, be respectful. "Can't you just pick them out" is not respectful.
- Don't take any requirement, restriction, or preference personally.
- Ask for dietary requirements/preferences ahead of time and keep them on file, so if there's a last-minute thing you can order with reasonable confidence.
- Ask for dietary requirements/preferences fairly shortly before finalizing each order, with a deadline, so people know when they have to get their information to you.
- Cross-check and update your file every time someone gives you new information. Stuff changes all the time -- new diagnosis, new medicine interaction, change in tastes, burned out on that thing after having it for 5 straight years in grad school.
- Treat the dietary requirements/preferences as somewhat confidential information unless you learn otherwise.
- Prepare a high-level summary of your team's dietary needs that you can give to catering. This protects your team's privacy (the catering crew doesn't generally need to know by name who goes with what preference) and makes things easier on the caterers who honestly probably don't care as long as nobody's getting something they shouldn't have. For example: group of 40, 30% vegetarian, 3 gluten-free omnivores, 1 lactose-intolerant omnivore, 2 shellfish allergies, 1 tree nut allergy (peanuts ok).
- Not everyone is going to want to eat the same thing. That's OK. Not everyone has to eat the same thing! If the group is large enough, you can order smaller amounts of a larger variety of things.
- Be on the alert for intersecting requirements. If the same person is dairy intolerant and gluten intolerant, it does them no good if all the gluten-free dishes have dairy and all the dairy-free dishes have gluten. The plight of the mushroom-allergic vegan is a sad one. I address this with a spreadsheet and a lot of swearing.
- Be on the alert for requirements that can be collapsed together. The main dish which will serve the uncomplicated vegan will also serve the person with lactose intolerance who can't have pork. I also address this with the spreadsheet.
- My spreadsheet is a matrix of people going down, and dietary restrictions going across. I like conditional formatting that highlights red and green to help me visualize. I also have a separate text document with their original phrasing because sometimes that's important. (Sometimes this is when I find I need to ask clarifying questions, such as if someone said "vegan, nut allergy" and the caterer is proposing coconut in the vegan stir-fry, does that nut allergy include coconut?)
- I assume that at least another 10% of people will like the look of the vegetarian entree than who are vegetarian as a restriction. When my group is 20% vegetarian I order for 30% vegetarian.
- Throw yourself on the caterer's mercy if that's a practical option. I tend to give them the restrictions summary and order "chef's special" which results in cost-effective, seasonal dishes which meet the requirements and surprise my team who are used to cafeteria food (plus) although it's a surprise what they're going to be (minus).
- Demand ingredients labels as a matter of course, with special attention for the dietary requirements in your summary. The mashed potatoes might be: Potatoes, olive oil, salt. VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE
- My workplace cafeteria is so fucking sick of hearing "the stir fry has bell peppers and the menu doesn't say that it had bell peppers in it", but someday the fuckers will learn that they've got to list all their nightshades.
- Prepare a contingency plan for what to do if the catering falls through or somebody can't eat what's there.
- The best $REQUIREMENT-compliant dishes are not the ones that have a substandard substitution for the forbidden ingredient, but ones which were never intended to have any in the first place.
- I have been using as a guideline on diversifying the menu for a while.
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Some snippets from today in which I am both wise and witty, and so are people around me

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Reasonably tasty food, badly behaved equipment. )

Concert was good, though. Am suddenly and madly in audience-to-performer love with Alexander James Adams; did not actually buy the duet-with-Heather Alexander album, but it is on my List. "He of the Sidhe" (which was presented without the same introduction, but the lyrics did enough with the context) did not quite make the tears spill over, but it was close. "Creature" ... ohhhh yeah. SEX IN BOOTS. Also the Beltane fire song. <3

1:53 AM 2/27/2010
It did me good to hear some good old-fashioned pagan music. My life needs more of that.

2:01 AM 2/27/2010
Hilariously, the Tantus Vamp came up in pre-song patter for a werewolf song.

Drew a Ravens In The Library sketch, because my mind very clearly saw all the havoc.

2:11 AM 2/27/2010
I suddenly find myself in need of a userpic from the cover of The Rowan, for use regarding psychic powers, the relevant era of my life, and that particular avenue of fashion choice.

8:14 AM 2/27/2010
My cellphone makes a cute little chime when unplugged or plugged in. So very charming to hear it when I'm on the other side of the room. (Hi, California unstable power. Nice to meet you.)

I have an abundance of cat-5. In the absence of the wirelessness of my cablemodem/wireless router behaving properly this morning, I have broken out some of it.

8:18 AM 2/27/2010
If someone has said a hilarious but slightly awkward turn of phrase to me once, I may wrap my brain's tentacles around it and never let it go. I list "imperfect English" as an interest for a reason. It is an interest, and not just a like: sometimes the crazy things people say make me run and hide, but nevertheless I can often figure out what was trying to be conveyed. My brain spins on "why on Earth" and "what the fuck".

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2:02 AM 2/28/2010

I have a bad habit of answering questions of the form "How did X happen?", "How do you do X?" or "How did it get to be X?" with "Carefully." -- even when this makes absolutely no sense.

Makes sense:
"How do you get an iguana into your carry-on baggage, anyway?"

Does not make sense:
"How did it get to be 2 in the morning?"

This does not stop me from thinking it is hilarious.

3:13 AM 2/28/2010
"...WEARING CLOTHES, OKAY?" Depression is hard. Disability is hard. Other assorted things can be hard. Sometimes, I'M WEARING CLOTHES, OKAY!? is what one has got. They are clothes. My face may not look like I want to talk to humans, I may have no lipstick and my Impossible Hair may have decided to colonize its immediate surroundings, but I'M WEARING CLOTHES. WHAT THE HELL ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO ASK FOR. (Shorthand between me and MissKat for those scenarios where, well. WEARING CLOTHES.) Useful for one's own self, and one's expectations of others. ("Yes, he has no sense of style and his sweatpants are backwards, BUT HE IS WEARING CLOTHES, OKAY?")

9:58 AM 2/28/2010
(from a comment elsejournal, a realization:) A worldview with "X is the Right Thing and cannot be wrong, and if signs of damage are present and correlated with X, well, that means we are just not doing X enough/hard enough/long enough" is pathological. One must at least, if X is correlated with damage, examine the premise that perhaps X is the wrong thing, or being applied incorrectly, in this particular case, even if that premise is later rejected. (Inhaling the cough syrup does not help, in other words, and g-d help you if you have an allergy.)

5:58 PM 2/28/2010
Best friend was at D&D game when I called earlier, and apparently had not taken over the world with a zombie army, or some such thing. The peanut gallery (the other gamers) had commentary, in the form of "Today! He hasn't done that *today*!" Ahh, my dear sweet fiendishly-scheming best friend. :D

Juicy mediumish steak. )
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I have so far left two messages for the random place that is advertising on Craigslist. They have not yet gotten back to me. This may be a Sign. Either that or they're crazy busy. But in either case :(

Thursday involved the Farmers' Market. My haul includes: two quarts of blueberries, many peaches, many nectarines, strawberries, raspberries, and corn. Actually, I think that was my whole haul, except for the pastries, which are not fruit exactly, but were very good. (One was a straightforward blueberry and cheese Danish, and one was something complicated that turned out to be a square of coconut macaroon with a pineapple ring and a candied cherry on top, and also sugar syrup on top, and also with one half dipped in chocolate ganache.) I took the fact that the resident yellowjackets were basically having an orgy on the pineapple things as a ringing endorsement, and got a (wasp-free) one, even though I'd only intended to get a Danish.

Another one of Madman's fans died Wednesday, leaving him with two case fans. Note: the sound of a fan failing is not one that you ever want to hear. There is this scraping grinding thudding noise, and then freakish silence. This was fodder for today's Wacky Adventures.

One for the "You might be an Alaskan if..." list: you are surprised to find out that in other states, "To Build a Fire" is college-level literature, and not supplemental language-arts tie-in for the 2nd through 4th grade Outdoor Survival units.

I did not attend the usual Thursday night festivities due to sleep schedule woes. I crashed at 9 (which is around when I usually show up) and woke at a refreshing 5:30am. Shortly thereafter Madman unbooted himself, and then attempted to reboot but he hung on Windows startup. I declared that that was Enough of This Noise, and shut him down until such time as I procured additional fans. Some Googling later, I was lured into the seductive confines of a local Radio Shack (it being very close), and had an instructive chat with the nice lady about hardware. Given that she had some of the desired part, I went on down -- well, got lost due to the bad address on the website, then went on down -- oh, and I'd forgotten my phone at home so I couldn't call -- and checked out their fans.

The inexpensive fans were sleeve bearing and also somewhat high-priced, and light-up. I was dubious, but he was in need. I came back (with the only two they had in stock) and tried them on -- but the unnerving whining noise when I hit the power switch unnerved me, so it was off to the land of Fry's Electronics, JD in tow (with blueberries and strawberries and a traffic jam and scurrilous gossip).

(I had lunch with JD and Temeraire, and I must say that I giggled quite immensely over the mental image of some of the, er, Naismithery.)

Geekery. )

Tonight I made pasta salad. Yay pasta salad. Blueberries, while tasty, are not actually supper.
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(from [ profile] theferrett's What is the best cake you've ever had? post, expanded somewhat)

Mama made almost all our cakes, from scratch. I wasn't even particularly aware that they sold cake mixes until much later. For the longest time, the traditional birthday cake was golden layer cake with white buttercream frosting, and/or whipped cream, and strawberries, until I expressed a preference for chocolate. Then it became chocolate cake (from the recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa powder box) with chocolate buttercream frosting.

Mama's relationship with baking cakes was complex. They were always delicious, but sometimes they fell apart. There were superstitions about how to get a cake to come out right, including "It's just a home cake," said in the cake's presence before turning it out of the pan, as a home cake was almost always perfect, and a cake to take somewhere else often came out with craters. (One frosted them back together, put the nicest layer on top, and took it anyway.)

For one of the birthdays of my teenage years (this may have been 1996), Mama had the standard two-layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing. As a joke, she had frosted it with white buttercream chicken tracks and a Hershey's kiss, because we had chickens (the batch of four Egyptian Fayoumi, teenaged) in the bathroom at the time.

We had been out all day at Suzuki Institute, and came home to see that the entryway was *trashed*, with chicken droppings all over, and the chickens sitting innocently in their box in the bathroom, with the netting pushed to the side. Who, them?

The wreckage proved to be mostly confined to the square of light from the bathroom door and a bit up the stairs. The cake was untouched, and was now doubly hilarious.

Another excellent cake was the Enterprise. It was huge, and kind of weird-shaped, and lumpy, and blueish where it should have been grey, but it was nonetheless awesome. My virtual aunt made it, although for whose event I can't recall anymore.

Mama made the wedding cake for my virtual uncle and his (now ex) wife. It was some lovely golden cake with wild Alaskan cranberries in it, the sour kind that leave you spoiled for any domestic cranberries ever, with cream cheese frosting and little garnishes of fresh cranberries. I decided then and there that screw bakery cakes, I wanted this at my own wedding.

Then there was The Year of the Two Birthday Cakes (2005, in point of fact).

Grandma was going to the nursing home, so we were cleaning out the ancestral home. This was around the same time as my birthday, and my family decided that a late celebration was in order. I went out with Dawn for breakfast the day that the celebration was planned, and while we were out, I decided I might as well pick up a cake.

Now, Guide Dog Aunt is notorious about health food fads and general clean living, so I decided that I'd go for as healthy as possible a cake, and picked a gorgeous tart covered with fresh fruit (and glistening with sugar syrup, as it turned out). We returned, cake borne proudly, just as my aunt returned, proudly bearing a swanky bakery box.

We looked at each other, looked at our own parcels, and busted up laughing, then compared cakes. She'd got something that looked truly decadent, with a very smoothly frosted chocolate top with a chocolate fan garnish, and sides that had been browned in a checkerboard pattern. She'd been thinking of my tastes while I was thinking of hers.

We cut into both cakes that evening, and we had enough people that it was good we had as much cake as we did. My tart turned out to be filled with gooey and delicious custard, and her expensive fancy cake turned out to be dry and disappointing aside from the lovely chocolatey bits.
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I got confirmation about the internet problems. With a judicious use of ipconfig /all, I noted the wireless appliance's IP address, popped that into my browser, and met the appliance's status/login page. The status helpfully gives the air quality and SSID of the connected network; it was one bar, connected to PacificaNet4. Moving the appliance around did not help much. Ugh. 1 bar. That about fit my mood, too.

I woke up groggy, and things did not really improve much over the morning. My brain was out of tune, what with the lack of internet, and I may not have eaten a proper breakfast. Moving hurt. Thinking about moving hurt. The closer we got to time to leave and go do things, the more I was aware that all was not right in the department of my brain. I could barely focus, and needed to do things very strictly one thing at a time, very strictly monofocus. I was also somewhat cranky from lack of sleep. That is really a bad combination. Despite all this and more, we made it to dinner. ) It seems that "It's Complicated" has attained an enviable status, as the linguistic semi-equivalent of "Um ... friends!" of the new generation of internet children. (It differs in that "um-friends" are often acknowledged relationships that one can explain without recourse to a whiteboard and a whole playbook full of characters, but just that this status should not really be conveyed to the present audience (or can be shared with the *present* present audience, but not your mom. (Not mine. Yours.) "It's Complicated" implies that while you might be happy to explain the scenario to present company, it would require a Long Story (or two), and perhaps the sort of diagrams that have to include yarn in various color-codes to model the full dynamics of the whole situation.)

[ profile] sithjawa. My trusty GPS delivered us to the correct hotel housing Consonance '09 (not without commentary at the GPS), and I spied [ profile] willskyfall and [ profile] sithjawa in the parking lot. Introductions were made all around, involving usernames.

We had not actually decided on a specific venue for supper, but JD had done some Googling and had found that there were many possibilities in the area. He put forth the idea of "drive until we find something that looks good"; [ profile] sithjawa and [ profile] willskyfall suggested that the closest four-star-reviewed thing they'd heard of in the area was right across the way.

My dietary requirements were merely that they have something available without any shrimp, bananas, and walnuts. This seemed entirely like it could happen. (I am thinking that the banana problem may have upgraded itself to an allergy, if one sip of smoothie containing bananas will make every part of my mouth that touches it start to sting even after it is hastily spat out.) So we were off! [ profile] willskyfall had shotgun on account of leg length, and [ profile] sithjawa was in the back with the giggling boys. (In the parking lot headed in, they declared that no, actually, it was not possible for them to let go of each other at this point in time.)

Hot Pot City was great fun. We did not have the spicy hot pot. I can take certain amounts of spice; Steph is not a spice person.

Upon learning that it was our first time, the fellow who seated us demonstrated what we were to do. There was a burner in the center of the table, which had an arrangement of a foil-covered platter and a pot in the center of it. He poured water in the pot and spread butter on the foiled tray. At his direction, we headed to the buffet to choose our ingredients, then put vegetables in the pot and spread meats on the tray.

We were a little unnerved at first, that all the vegetables were going in together, but that passed quickly in the debate about whether this was too many cooks for the soup, and then the resulting discussion of how many cooks are too many, anyway, and the concept of a successful multi-cook gestalt. There were mushrooms, assorted greens, bean sprouts, more mushrooms, a tomato, some zucchini, and goodness knows what else. The meats were delicious. I had picked a skewer with chicken gizzards, and [ profile] sithjawa and the Boy had some (after I explained to Steph what part of the chicken it was). There were ribs. There was some sausage. There were potstickers. There was crab in the soup, and there was IRC-related giggling on the Support side of the table. It's very good to be Out with fellow internet people. Things got alarmingly meta when "Live Your Life" came on as background music, as that samples O-Zone. Oh, internet. (Also, your mom.) Steph needs to write a filk of "500 Miles" involving a sex change rather further away than one would like to be driving. There was more general silliness than can be easily remembered.

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Day 1

I had a (small) slice of the Bacon Explosion with lunch today: on top of a hamburger. It's the same general principle as bacon on a hamburger, just with both bacon and sausage. Tasty!

My cousin is making pizza tonight, and has laid claim to the rest of the Bacon Explosion for pizza toppings. I expect this will be delicious.

I gave my Bacon Explosion Report to the guy in the meat department. It was actually his boss's bright idea, as his boss saw it on the internet and immediately had to try it. We were the only ones to have bought it so far. There's one lonely Bacon Explosion in the meat case still. [ profile] androshd, it may have your name on it. ♥
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My aunt and I were in the grocery store seeking ground turkey for supper when I saw it: a log of what appeared to be woven bacon. "Omigod!" I cried. "A Bacon Explosion! ... I didn't think those existed except for with hobbyists on the internet!"

"That's where I saw it," said the meat department guy, a fellow perhaps my age, with a lot of piercings. He looked proud of his accomplishment.

"Should we get some?" asked my aunt, eying it dubiously.

"Yes!" I said.

"What is that?" some random guy asked.

"Woven bacon, wrapped around sausage," I said at about the same time as the meat department guy did.

The meat department guy wrapped it up for us. "Please tell me how it turns out," the meat department guy said. I got the feeling he was slightly surprised that someone had bought it, and perhaps was scheming about the next crazy meat-related experiment he could see if people bought, and was probably going to cheerfully tell his boss that see, someone bought it, he was right, it would too sell.

"Why did I let you talk me into getting this?" my aunt asked as we were walking for the car. "People could DIE from this!"

"From trichinosis or a heart attack?" I asked cheekily.

"Nice having known you," my cousin put in from upstairs, as I announced myself and the Grand Purchase upon our return. (He, too, is a denizen of the internets, and knows what a Bacon Explosion is without me having to define it.)

I put it in the oven below the hamburgers while they were grilling, with the temperature probe stuck in and set to 170°F.

a woven log of bacon, uncooked

Eventually, the hamburgers were done. I switched to cooking it at 330°F. The top started to look done after a while, and the internal temperature hit. However, the lower half of the bacon was not yet done. I turned it over and continued to cook it. After the internal temperature was well above where it had to be, I turned the broiler back on low again.

Ten minutes later, it was done! (Well, eight and some. My aunt smelled something suspiciously like overdone bacon. Some of the edges were blackened.)

a woven log of bacon, cooked

My aunt and I took slices. Yum! I forewent the barbecue sauce. My aunt nibbled off the bacon from hers, then started tossing pieces of sausage to the dogs. (She is not a fan of Italian sausage.) I was still eating my tasty sausagey slice. One of the tosses went wild, and the sausage chunk ricocheted off my laptop's power cord and slithered under the couch I was sitting on. The poodle dove after it, upsetting me, causing me to drop my table knife on his head and also my skirt. He paid that no mind, and kept rooting about under the hem of my skirt and under the couch. I abandoned my position. My aunt grabbed the abandoned knife and fished the sausage back out from under the couch.

I repaired to IRC to soothe my ruffled composure.

The Random Word hEll bot got involved. )

I tried another, thinner, slice, this time with barbecue sauce. I am not much of a barbecue sauce fan, however, and it didn't taste quite like I thought it should. Maybe it should be glazed in the last few minutes of baking.

The rest of it is in the refrigerator. I may have a slice of it with breakfast. A very thin slice.

(Cross-posted to [ profile] trashy_eats.)

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In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:

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Today I got some stuff done that I'd been procrastinating. We're not going to do the ice cream today -- it'll be Friday or over the weekend. I did get some supplies for it today, though. I also got supplies for fudge.

This involved a trip to the local Trader Joe's. This marks the first time I've ventured out not in the company of a relative, and was thus interesting and exciting. I managed to miss my exit, and therefore wound up taking an interesting tour of neighboring streets until I blundered onto the correct freeway and got excitingly lost going the wrong direction, but at least then I knew where I was. I eventually got to Trader Joe's after getting turned around.

I hope that accomplishing most of what I set out to get done is a good omen for next year. 2008 was a bit of a rollercoaster, but so much better than some of the hell from 2007.

[ profile] raranax is making bacon bagels. He has on tango music, and that's making me want to dance. Later, fudge. My aunt is bringing home the shelter dog that she's training, so he'll have a happy new year too.

Everything I was awesome at in 2008, I want to stay awesome at. Everything that needs improving, I want to improve.
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My cousin and I are toying with the idea of making bacon ice cream. Possible limiting factors include:

My aunt will not be all about that
There is no ice-cream maker
There is not much room in the freezer
The original recipe my cousin was thinking of has vanished from the forum it was in
I have never made ice cream before as one of the cooks

However, there is bacon, we have recipes, and we are resourceful.

If bacon ice cream happens, there will be pictures, and since I suspect [ profile] tupshin would take a dim view of these things happening in his jurisdiction without sharing in the bounties, we'd have to save some and schedule a visit to LJ Central.
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Bacon ice cream may or may not occur.
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  • 08:00 @ursamajor My tomatoes hath a vine; they are thus not recalled; I recalled them to my memory. NOM NOM NOM. #
  • 15:59 'k. I think I have identified the crazy fangirl, & by crazy I mean phrases plot wishes for already written book as demands ... to author ... #
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Dinner was excellent in both company and food. I had never before considered mongolian beef, mashed potatoes, wasabi, broccoli, and asparagus before. Good times
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I experimented with tea last night. I got myself some tapioca balls on one of our shopping runs, and last night I boiled some up and put them in tea. My undermind wants them in chai. Nice sweet spiced milky chai with tapioca bits in. I got the straws, too.

Unfortunately, what I had last night was not spiced, and was only made milky with a healthy shot of "lite" whipped cream. It was still pretty good.

I have been fairly reliably informed that the boba is all mine, with no need to share.
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  • Mormons are not supposed to gamble.

  • The Figment is known as "Dilbert" to the rest of the bullpen staff.

  • Current plan of eating stuff is the "two meals a day" version, because I learned my lesson with previous restrictive attempts at diet planning that did not allow for "OMG HUNGRY" and the whole dizzy/weak/braingoboom thing, which leads to uncontrolled diet-breaking and then feeling lousy. Allowing for OMG HUNGRY and random snacking on stuff (carrots are a primo snack food, actually) it'll round out to three-ish actual meals a day. Breakfast is sorta mandatory.

  • Airzooka. Bright pink airzooka. ♥ my aunt. Date of planned roll-out: April 01. This will coincide with the new crap going down. Not a coincidence.

  • Am in on Wednesday for client call. Pizza afterward supplied by client. Is not a break; is a Business Lunch, and therefore is charged as Meeting time. (Yes. I'm going in on my day off to get paid to eat their pizza. And do surveys, but hey. Client call. Score.)

  • Supervisor uptraining. Running jobs and stuff. Stressy College Chick asked to see if I could be on the $OTHER_SIDE_JOB team. I firmly declined.

  • The fellow whose name reminds me of the band "7 Seconds of Love" is going to be a supervisor. Ph34r. (I actually don't know him, but since he hasn't come to my negative attention on the phones, I'm all for it.)

  • Wrist-strap flash drive: I want one.

  • Flash Disc: Inexpensive enough so that you can give one to your mom, and they're big enough so she might not lose it.

  • Sad: Cryogenics would-be survivors partially thawed through hardware failure, and reluctantly laid to rest.

  • I am on a romantic high from the progress of two separate-but-related relationships: the way Naomi is courting Darkside, and the stuff that's progressing between the (fictional) Mike and Colleen.

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So yesterday I first slept in, then got caught up on the doings on the internet, then ran out to go get a blasted microphone for the computer, since it was clear that the built-in one was nonfunctional. So. I have that.

I also have a little bit of hardware who wanted to be named after a guest at [ profile] elance and [ profile] wibbble's wedding, but when I refused, would have settled to be named Red, but jumped at the chance to be named Lake. (Is it going to go after the gory news stories and hurt/comfort fic?)

I stopped by Trader Joe's, and experimented a little more with the chicken. The addition of chopped carrots to the chicken and actual orange juice concentrate to the sauce made it palatable, but not extraordinary.

Today may well be a nuttily busy day. I'm trying to get out the door, but not before eating breakfast, reading e-mail, and getting Lake set up on Thalia.


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