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Aug. 2nd, 2017 02:34 pm
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Space Needle)
So stuff keeps happening.

The temp gig was in Redmond, helping people who might sing a certain Barenaked Ladies song at this particular big-Borg workplace for the duration of a several-day event. The task was: helping them sort their garbage into the recycle bin, compost, or landfill. (You would think that members of *this* Borg would not have trouble with the proper use of the recycle bin, but you would think wrong. Liquid does not recycle. I ended up bodily guarding the recycle bin against mostly-full cups of some sort of weird lavender-colored, and perhaps flavored, iced beverage.)

Apparently last year the waste streams got super jacked up, so this year the janitorial contractor hired subcontractors from various temp agencies to help out. I really enjoyed the task -- I can play an extrovert, and since I got put on the magical sleep meds, I am getting enough rest on a regular basis. (Re: sleep meds, a chunk of people apparently get hangovers from trazodone. I am one of the lucky ones who shrugged off the hangover within a week.) The main supervisor was a delight, one of those people who has the gift of making everyone she interacts with feel like the most special person in the room. (Slytherpuff, I think, with Hufflepuff ascending.)

In terms of physical location, I am no longer even pretending to live at Bohemia.

Partner regained possession of their house about two weeks after I arrived, and I spent that weekend helping them return it to a habitable state. Open Source Bridge followed. I spent a good chunk of the time after OSB helping, when I wasn't making sure my post-move paperwork (car and such) was sorted.

The parking situation at Bohemia was both dire and pretty typical of Seattle -- 2 hour parking between the hours of 7am and 6pm except on Sunday, which practically meant that I had to leave by 9am and couldn't re-park until 4pm. (I could have spent the day moving the car around, but having been moved to an active anxiety attack at having spent 20 minutes looking for a parking space, I ... did not find this to be a suitable hobby.) Instead I took to spending my days at a public library. That was nice, but also ergonomic hell.

After my partner got their house back, I did wind up sleeping over a lot. They live in Suburbia; aside from what would be a walk that I would struggle with when my mobility is bad if I needed to take the bus somewhere, I like it.

Assorted neighbors have met both me and the metamour. Daddy Neighbor supervised as Smol Neighbor waved around a sparkler, and then decided that this had been enough for Daddy's nerves this glorious 4th. (There is a Mommy Neighbor and a very friendly Pibble Neighbor; these are the ones to the immediate north.)

After some discussion, I am now their lease-signed, rent-paying, month-to-month tenant. When the work situation stabilizes, we both expect me to find somewhere less with them, so we can get used to being in proximity without actually being in each other's pockets all the time. (Frequent sleepovers are still anticipated.)

The cat likes me, and has identified me as a food-bringer. Thus I also get the mewing and head-butts when Miss Kittan thinks it's time for food. (She is food-insecure, and cannot be left with more than one serving of cat food at a time, or she will eat all of it.) She of course starts to think it's nearly food o'clock about an hour to an hour and a half before it's that time.

Hacker-kitty has defeated two different automatic feeders so far. We may go with one of those puzzle-feeders; she'll hate it but it may provide her some occupation.

Names used besides her name include:

Kitten (she is a full grown cat)
Loud Child
Miss Air Raid Siren
Miss Fire Siren

Last night I took a fly away from her. Unfortunately, between the time I went "Drop it!" and got a tissue to clean up, the fly realized it was still alive and started buzzing the carpet; it quickly recovered. No word as to whether the Mighty Hunter, Slayer of the Fearsome Red Dot actually caught and ate it afterwards, but I did catch her staring at a shelf with unnerving intensity. Because cats.

Things are still weird and unsettled and needing adjustment, but it's no longer the full-on frantic "OMGWTFBBQ" every day.

And I am so happy to be sufficiently geographically convenient with my partner that when someone has had a terrible day -- or a wonderful one, or has a stubborn itch *right back there on the shoulder, no, lower!" -- that we can be there to console, commiserate, congratulate, or scratch.
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So yesterday I went down to the office to pick up my package and sort things out. I had emailed about 3-day package hold thing, in context with my mobility problems, and how a strict 3 days is just not going to work for me. The ensuing conversation ("Are you the one who just emailed?") was enlightening and in the good way.

  • I have no reason to worry

  • I am not the problem

  • The email was sent to everybody and was very this-means-you, but it didn't mean me

  • The lady who doesn't pick up her packages for a month, and after being called about it twice neither picks them up nor makes arrangements, is the problem

  • Some people can only come in one day a week due to job schedule (she brought this up, not me) and that's totally cool

  • They will call me if I have a package I haven't picked up for about a week

  • They call before sending things back

  • The maintenance dude will check out those stairs

The Wicked Girls t-shirt is wonderful; if you're into displaying "Wicked Girl Saving Myself" on your shirt, go and see when [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire is doing the next shirt run. (This is done through a specialty printer and somewhat by hand rather than an online POD place because the printing quality of POD prices often suck, and are far more limited in size/quality of the substrate shirts.)
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10:09 PM 8/22/2010
Josh offered to have the Johns' children, hollered from our Ewok perch. "Mpreg?" I asked.
Josh has short hair now! Not the shortest ever, but conventional-male short. I asked; it wasn't a can of worms, just one of those time-for-a-change things.

Josh and JD both know @tiger -- JD from college, Josh because they're roommates.

7:05 PM 8/23/2010
The troll next door seems to no longer be there. This is the second one who was involved in a screaming fight with his girlfriend, the fellow who would often be out smoking at late hours when I was either venturing forth or coming home from social events or shopping. I refer to him as a troll because when we were chatting once about what we did, he mentioned (apropos of me mentioning that I did Online Stuff) that he was not much of an internet person, but he would occasionally (for entertainment) go and start shit on random message boards. Thus, troll next door.

I know he's no longer there because the door was open and they were ripping up the floor.

8:19 PM 8/24/2010
It's been a bit hot in the Bay Area.

11:08 PM 8/24/2010
How is it that I've never encountered this song before?

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6:35 AM 8/29/2010
Apropos of the Eternal Chat, I am reminded that I've got a few rather strict values about relationships.

If you're in a long-term relationship, you should be able to either trust that the other party in the relationship will not cheat on you, or that if the other party in the relationship is having happysexyfuntimes outside the relationship, that they are going to come back to you. (Also included in that last: having your permission to be doing that.) If you cannot trust them this far, why are you in a relationship with them, anyway?

Related: the trope that all friendships or acquaintanceships between people of compatible sexual preference are inherently fucking waiting to happen, is really messed up. Really amazingly messed up.

I have sketched up the approximate problem with my cellphone reception.
Three concrete bunkers of buildings with their bottom storeys set into the side of a descending hill. At the top of the hill, cellphone towers. At the bottom of the hill, ocean. Cellphone signal shadows shown inside and behind the buildings, and below the cliff, on the ocean/downhill side of the buildings. An unhappy blue star representing Azz is in the second (ground level) floor of the middle building on the uphill side, with not much signal at all. Sole window: uphill side. Concrete with rebar. Fun times.

10:03 AM 8/29/2010
I ... may be unaccustomed to caffeine again. On the bright side, I have re-located my St. John's Wort bottle.

I think I've also figured out some of my problems with People. If I've slept enough, I love the whole world. If I've not slept enough, I'm a complete misanthrope.

Also, my aunts think Dad's depression is a side effect of OCD, which actually slots in really really well with one of the things I've learned about mine. I wind up in a lovely hate spiral where all the major things I've done wrong in X number of years will circle around in my head and remind me how much I suck. At least I don't think anything from elementary school is in the hate parade, but stuff from high school still is. And when I'm on meds, I can break out of it in a way I can't when I'm not.

Also it is entirely possibly time for a round of anger mismanagement classes (apropos of a friend's horrifying experience with an unexpected evangelist who got too inappropriately attached too soon) involving shrieking, stomping, hitting people with one's cane, fleeing vigorously, and avoiding being alone with anyone who makes one feel dodgy, even otherwise friends.
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3:12 PM 2/18/2010
Have abused position to put my Suggestions-maintainer influence behind expedited (for values of "expedited" that equal "huh, it's been not quite a year") handling for a bug that doesn't affect me personally, but affects those within my man'chi (notably, the other half of my brain and an ex). Am notably reveling in my lack of guilt. (I'm supposed to save this influence for things that have come in through suggestions, see.) (I'm not going to make a habit of abusing it, which is the other reason I've no guilt.)

4:13 PM 2/18/2010
I cannot read "UTF-8" correctly on the first try. It always parses as "WTF-8" in my head, even though I can see the difference between the shapes of the words when they're written out. I handle words in chunks, not letter by letter.

4:18 PM 2/18/2010
Conveyed the "harness the power of your crankiness" thing to my aunt, who suffers from anxiety-related problems in staying up at night. She considers that some of the things she worries about at night are not actually problems during the day. I pointed out that they are generally just *very small* problems but still problems that just don't bother one under normal circumstances, and if one burns through the problems that one worries about, then one is often reduced to worrying about things that are patently ridiculous and dismissable even during bad moments.

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1:29 AM 2/19/2010
I bring the ants to every picnic and the rain to every parade. (Considering this as a new displayed name, given my function in Suggestions.)

2:19 AM 2/19/2010
Ran into my neighbor, who was out smoking, when coming back in from a delightful evening involving Twin Peaks (first two episodes) and pizza (cheese, sausage, mushroom, the Hut). Am in love with Twin Peaks. Not so much in love with the neighbor, though he's all right. A bit appalled by his absolute dearth of vocabulary that I consider basic. (From previous conversations, it's fairly well established that he is a native and perhaps sole speaker of English, and college-educated or equivalent.) It did lead into how I seem to be a writer (now, if only I wrote more! and got published!) and since I was thinking about it the other day, I have just *got* to dig up the scene where the First Officer and the Science Officer (and oh jeeze, racial stereotypes *abound*, man, I had the Vulcan as the science officer...) are making love, and the line that still has me hooting and hollering is the thing about the Starfleet-issue underwear... (I can't even recall the exact phrase, but OH GOD apparently it put one of my betas in mind of this TOTALLY LOGICAL UNDERWEAR WITH A LITTLE STARFLEET INSIGNIA SOMEWHERE, and in context it was just howlingly hysterical. I wonder if it's still as funny as I remember it, or if the context of our hilarity then is the only thing that makes it funny now.)
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My sleep patterns are all out of wack, which is why I was asleep at 8pm and am awake now. I woke up to the sound of shouting and a touch of thumping, here and there. It was a man and a woman yelling at the top of their lungs at each other.

I considered calling the police. There was my phone. I grabbed my phone. My computer screen was in front of my face. This was what the thousand essays had mentioned. This was time to put my body where my mouth was and follow through. I grabbed a jacket to throw on over my lurid pink nightgown. I stuffed my feet in my fluffy black slippers. I fished my 3 D-cell Maglite from under the heap of cloak and scarf and sweater on the floor across from the front door. I stepped outside and scanned around with my ears. I thought it would be the troll and his girlfriend yelling at each other again, but it wasn't; it was coming from the next apartment: across the way and to the west. "GET OUT OF MY FACE!" she was screaming. He screamed back.

I marched up to the door (as well as you can in fluffy slippers) and knocked firmly, aware of the phone in my fist and the flashlight cradled in the crook of my arm. The yelling stopped. He opened the door, wearing a backpack. Average build, short (not registering as taller than me (which means he could have been by at least three inches, as I'll consider myself the height of a six foot man)).

It was dark inside; I spied her, standing, upset and apparently unhurt, shorter than both me and him. "Are you all right, ma'am?" I asked.

She said something that indicated that she was.

"Maybe you'd better go cool down a bit," I told him then, firm and cool and implacable, as if there was a Vulcan standing in my awkward body and absurd slippers. "Go for a walk or something."

Perhaps he'd already been leaving, but he walked out as I stood by, and she shut the door firmly.

"Sorry for disturbing you," he said as he disappeared into the night.

I popped back in my apartment and started shaking. They have police for these things. I could have put her in worse danger by noticing. He could have had a gun. I should have paused to offer her comfort. I should perhaps make a police report in case there's a history. I have no idea if there's a history, and if so, who's inflicting more hurt and who has more power. I came to IRC for comfort. They took a few moments to listen and counsel me, then went straight back to the boards, dragging me with them. The night's been nearly silent since then, though I kept my ear out for any sound that might have been his return.
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  • 04:49 I'm in Chandler, AZ. Right now my water is NASTY. Brown = bad. #
  • 10:36 Water seems to have improved. Good. #
  • 10:57 Oh, now 36 is a much, much better number. :D <3 @coffeechica #
  • 12:05 @asloudasmyheart Ooo, graphic novel? #
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There is a gorgeous patch of spiky stuff in bloom near home. I keep meaning to bring the camera.
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I type in the community name as if it were a personal journal name, knowing LJ will redirect to community.livejournal.com/exampleusername from that.

http://community.livejournal.com/note_to_cat/2302512.html is painful and hilarious, and involves tea.

My sleeping habits have not been so good lately, but I'm working on that.

At the writers dinner on Wednesday night, I managed to completely win at whipped cream. We were sharing desserts, and I wound up putting some whipped cream on M's finger, and licking it off. Now, [livejournal.com profile] rhea_windrider had just done essentially the same. I am a competitive type, and if I have skills in an area, I do want to be able to showcase them. So, I wound up doing a very skilled job at removing the whipped cream from the finger.

The rest of the people at the table tell me that M was about one step from needing some private time.

I win at whipped cream.

The grocery store on the corner is evidently closing. Alas! This means bad things for the household. It's not screamingly horrid, but it is not good either. If I did not have a car, it would suck hardcore. There are enough people in this apartment complex who do not have cars that it will really suck being them.
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IRC log (edited for relevance), 'cause I don't have the energy to sum it up properly tonight:

[00:32] You are now known as Azz
[00:32] Azz: omg wtf.
[00:32] Azz: guy wandering around my apartment complex saying he's going to kill the two serial killers upstairs about two hours from now.
[00:32] JD|gw: ...
[00:32] JD|gw: .........
[00:32] Azz is on hold with the fucking police.
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Five bangs, one right after the other so close that I had to replay the sound in my head to count them. I got down pretty fast. When I looked at my alarm clock, which is 2 minutes slower than my computer clock, it was 1:10.

I don't remember if I heard cars. It's one in the morning. There aren't many. No voices. Just bangs.
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If anyone wants to know who knocked down the ribbon taping off the fresh asphalt by under wraps, try the peddlar's son produce truck. One set of tracks & him.
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That apartment complex that always had the back gate damaged went from some fence bars intentionally missing to a real human gate. Amusing progression to see.
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I walk past a sign every day when I go to work.


Perhaps the only thing I can say to enhance the experience of the sign itself is that when I read it, I always hear Strongbad narrating the words that I see.

It's very probably using the grammatical structure of a language that is not English. However, in English ... yeah.
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I need to get a picture of the sign for the audio place. It has to be read to be believed. The random formatting only adds.
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Dear Addicted Asshat,

My friends-who-smoke and I have a little agreement. They smoke in their Personal Spaces (cars, houses, whatever) or outside. I don't visit rooms they smoke in, don't ride with them, or stand upwind of them. I try not to give them too much grief, since it's their lungs and not mine. They somehow manage to avoid being asshatted with this.

You were smoking in the common laundry room of the apartment complex. Inside. Inside a not entirely well-ventilated quasi-public space.

It's not like this is winter in Alaska or summer here in Phoenix. The average temperature inside the laundry room is now approximately the same as the average outside temperature. There is no excuse for smoking inside the laundry room that everyone is supposed to be able to use.

the Lunatic

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] note_to_asshat
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I summarize [livejournal.com profile] tygerr's Theory of Midlife Crisis: "It takes a certain amount of throwing-self-at-walls before adulthood is achieved. If it doesn't happen in youth when it should have happened, it keeps trying to happen until it does."

To do: write up the most recent [livejournal.com profile] news post.

Fic Rec: "Black Widow" (Pansy/Tom) NC-17 I want this to be canon so badly. Not JKR's version of this, but this.

Must pick up load of (probably bad) romance novels research material from [livejournal.com profile] easalle, any time she's ready for that.

Management at my apartment complex has changed again. No news about what happened to the Red-Haired Maintenance Witch. I hope she's OK. I have no connection to these new people. I should probably make some, because I'm decent at connecting with people and getting to be liked, if thought of as totally wacked.

My teeth are not happy with me. The lower left side of my mouth, it hurts. I suspect this is related to the Filling that Fate Hated.
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There were the sounds of meowling from without. After it kept on for a while, I popped out to see what was up. Downstairs popped out. Turns out that Thomas, the cat of next door, had gotten off the (upstairs) balcony and down onto the lawn. (There are conveniently-placed trees so a flying leap and then a climb down is not out of the question.) Downstairs's next door neighbor popped out. I went out the front and around.

So there were the three of us in our pajamas trying to herd this cat...
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Figured I'd be living upstairs and downwind of the fecking stoners.

Closing window now.
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There are some very upset people on this bus. I have been remiss in my duties as local witch to work. Someone has to.


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