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When your friends can look at something that's going on, and go "uh friend. FRIEND. This current thing. If it becomes a pattern, that's going to be a problem later on."

And you go "... uh. Oh. Crap. Yeah. Thanks. Shit." and then you busily get about the business of making it not be a pattern.

In related news: I am certainly not my worst enemy. Nor am I their direct opposite. And I should stop compulsively contrasting myself with them, except as contrasting myself with them is helpful. Which it won't always be. In fact, it might not often be. I'll need to check with the other stakeholders.
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Friday -

Turned my alarm back on for the weekday. Got coffee, went to Costco, renewed my membership, grabbed pizza because I knew I'd be late for lunch and Purple would be Out, refueled.

Purple was Out because he'd given his backstage pass to Murraya, and she'd said that she owed him lunch somewhere nice. Then she'd rejected a reasonably nice place he'd had his eye on as insufficiently Nice. Apparently the lunch they did have was pretty fantastic.

Later in the afternoon, lb grabbed me for a hot chocolate run. We chatted helldesk among other things. He'd tried to prepare his gutters for the onslaught, but the corner of his roof where one angle met another turned into a waterslide with water flying down and missing the gutter entirely. Not much of his garage got soaked though.

I ran across some photos from workplace events past. There was in fact a picture from the Halloween party where I stood and talked to Purple for a couple hours despite how much it hurt to stand at that point, which was one of the first times I did that. It would be far from the last. There's lens flare, so we're standing under a rainbow, near a Princess Leia and a pair of Organa-Solo twins.

Purple negotiated dinner with Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly, then asked whether I was up for that. Dinner. )

I stopped by Sprouts on my way home to see if their brownies were as good as I remembered them being. Yes. Possibly better.

18:55 Sunday, 14 December, 2014
Fruitcake, which I may or may not make this year:

Read more... )

23:03 Monday, 15 December, 2014
Today I fucked up. It was relatively minor and the situation is resolved. And I'm feeling secure about not continuing to fuck up going forward, and that it was minor and stopped before it got to be a big thing. But still I'm feeling like I ought to do some form of penance. Read more... )

In contrast, the rest of my workday felt like unexpected competence, with intermittent chocolate. Unless, of course, it felt like screaming frustration -- I did brave the helldesk training videos for the new features, and they were kind of fucking useless on the front of exactly how you duplicate the one thing in the other method. Also they broke direct linking, which is just great.

Tonight's iteration in the department of things which retail workers have mistaken for my name: Anne. (Don't call me Shirley. :-P )

Everyone involved has a bit of a busy week lined up.

There is a fuck o'clock meeting for my greater department tomorrow, followed by a "thank you for being awesome" lunch for the emergency response people.

Wednesday is Purple's team's lunch-and-Hobbitry excursion.

Thursday is a conference committee tour of some on-campus facilities, followed by my A-Team lunch-and-White-Elephant.

I haven't fully assessed Friday yet.
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In the search to make my perhaps not-so-humble abode more pleasing to me, I hit upon the adding of glitter to the inside of my translucent yoga ball computer seat as a capital plan. I could just pull out the plug and pour glitter in!

One problem with this did not become immediately apparent to me at my late-night clue-deficient state of brain: the inside of the ball is at significantly higher pressure than the inside. Cheerfully idiotic, I prepared the glitter to pour, and pulled out the plastic plug ... and spat glitter as the escaping stream of air scattered the fine metallic squares all over my face, my nightgown, the beanbag chair, the rug, and anything else within range.

Undaunted, I found the little hand-pump that had come with the exercise ball. I studied the parts, then unscrewed the plastic tip, and poured it full of the fine green glitter, then screwed the pump back together. I pulled out the exercise ball's plastic plug again, and stuck the hand-pump in, and proceeded to pump in what I fondly hoped to be be-glittered air.

Sadly, I could feel an obstruction in the flow of air, and I saw the shadow of stuck glitter in the white plastic of the pump's nozzle. I pulled the pump free of the ball, put the plug back in, then turned the business end of the pump towards my face and gave the thing a good hefty pump to see if I could dislodge the glitter.

This time, the stream of green and sparkly air hit me square in the forehead, instead of square in the mouth.

...After a few more rounds with the exercise ball and the green glitter, I elected to unpack that box of dishes that was sitting on one of my pantry shelves. This went much more smoothly and at least somewhat according to plan. I found that I had a lot more bowls than I counted on, as well as more shotglasses than someone like me can make use of under any normal circumstances.

Perhaps fortunately, I've been plotting about what I'm going to pack for the upcoming cons, with a mind towards clothing of equal utility and beauty, and I've decided that I'm probably going to bring some of the Blood Cordial, mode of transit permitting.
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Errands went smoothly.
Headed out late to pick up V from the airport.
Airport is very confusing to drive in. I drove out by accident.
Finally found the right combination of streets to get back in. Picked her up. Had trouble getting out of airport again. Promptly got lost in Paradise Valley. Clonked the curb pulling a U to get un-lost. Tire flattened within 1/2 mile. Baka Loony. General exhaustion, prompt rescue by USAA-sent tow truck tire change gurus. Yay cellphones. Back home. V crashed on my floor. Yay futons. Yay floor.

Animation Acolyte is coming over tomorrow to inspire me to plug in and properly install crapness for the *$*#(*$ scanner.


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